Saturday, October 31, 2015

Happy Halloween from ggsdolls!

Wishing all you beautiful dear friends, 
a great Happy Halloween! 
Be safe out there and enjoy! 
love, ggsdolls

artwork not mine. 
Sorry, unknown artist.

Friday, October 30, 2015

Tamura Setsuko Dolly and More!

Today, I received a rare dolly released by Takara probably around the 1970s from artwork by Tamura Setsuko! Her name is "Hello Happy Melanie". Hopefully, I got her name correct, as the translation from google said, "Mel-knee"...

 The front of her box and backside. Takara released about five dolls in the series. Melanie is a cute "Holly Hobbie" type dolly. She has curly golden blonde hair with a ribbon on top, and often wears patterned dresses with aprons. The dolls come with sewing kits with a different activity for each doll. The set I got, looks like beads to make a necklace. Along with the dolls, Takara also sold, wooden cut-out kits, that when completed are furniture pieces you can make for her! There's a shelf, a bench, a table, and chair. The wood kits I've seen often, but the doll, seldom through Yahoo Japan. -_-;

 Melanie on the side of the box above, Tamura's lovely artwork. The box opened on the right, and booklet.

 Inside, her booklet, her introduction. Below, the other Melanie dolls!

 Melanie is made in a unique way, her dress does not come off, and for good reason. Her hands are basically sewn onto the sleeves, with stuffing along the arms. If you look underneath her skirt, her body is separate from the arms, and her legs are also stuffed, with plastic socks and shoes.
 Here she is holding onto her sewing kit project above and below!
 Inside, I see beads, thread cards, a name tag? Not sure...

 Her hands are in a unique pose too! Looks like she is saying "A OKAY" LOL. She has the cutest face, and smile. I love her freckles too!

Just wanted to add too, my Liddle Kiddle and her mushroom house!
 Also, Tadie decided to take a walk with her doggie...
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Ggsdolls Premium Gacha Box is Here!

Hey my dear fellow bloggers, I've decided to create a ggsdolls Premium Gacha Box filled with 5 to 6 amazing popular and kawaii Gashapon or Blind Box set toys for you! Or you can choose to get the ggsdolls Lite Gacha Box with 2 to 3 Gashapon instead! Each box will include the latest Japan released toy along with older or previously released blind boxes. Check out my etsy shop for the latest box up for grabs! From time to time, I will create more boxes of hand picked Gacha goodness available for you! Be sure to check my shop often!

What is a Gashapon?

A Gachapon, is a vending machine-dispensed capsule consisting of various kinds of toys. Gachapon are very popular in Japan and are commonly referred to as "blind box sets". "Gashapon" is a Japanese onomatopoeia composed of two sounds: "gasha" (or "gacha") for the sound of a crank on a toy vending machine, and "pon" for the sound of the toy capsule dropping into the receptacle. Although you can choose a collection of toys, which toy you get in that collection is generally random. In Japan, their gachapon toys are of higher quality and great for collectors of most any age. - wikipedia

 Thanks for Looking! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, October 26, 2015

Today's lovelies!

I got a pink slip on Saturday, but decided to wait until Today to pick up the mail. A few major finds arrived today, and I will be adding a few of my vintage goodies from my collection to my shop through out this week and the month of November! So, be sure to look at my shop or my For Sale page here for some rare or hard to find things that need a new owner! Just downsizing a bit folks ha!

I found this amazing shop thru etsy that sells cute Studio Ghibli design miniature figures for your garden. I just couldn't resist and there were so many cutesy things one can not resist the price too!
 Kodamas in white and in clear! Even "Mae" from Totoro below! Okay, she doesn't really look like Mae, but she is cute with her "Oooh" face and raincoat...Hehe. Sadly, one of my clear Kodamas in the top right photo, fell out of my hands an onto the floor, and lost a leg... So, he's resting face down with some glue to dry! Yup, be careful these figures can break easily-_-;

While doing my searches for retro TVs this amazing Hallmark keepsake showed up! I love the TV design so retro and even the tapered legs! A must have folks, especially for a dollhouse or room box too! You can find it thru ebay, easily but be sure to look for a cheap one! It even plays the theme song to "Brady Bunch" one of my all time fave tv shows back in the day! Yup, I used to pretend I was Cindy Brady!  Heck, my first name is Cynthia... Hehe.

I was sure to make a video of the TV playing below! Enjoy...

I also got my pre-order of Yotsuba &! from AmiAmi in. Ten cute figures of Yotsuba being mischievous! What fun...
 The figures work nicely in the Nendoroid Japanese style room, and with the mini Danboard flavors too!
 Yotsuba is not sure about eating, the udon noodles!

 Having fun writing a Penpal... There are other figures you can have fun with in the set!

A wish list item came in, below! I have always like Jewelry Liddle Kiddles, but they are the most expensive to get, I think. I've tried to find the dolls loose or in any state... But recently, the one I was really searching for had pink hair...
 I don't really collect Liddle Kiddles... But the reason I've been wanting to find this particular gal, is because as a child, one of the memories, I can recall vividly, is shopping at our Local Department Store Ben Franklin's. In the mid 1975 to late 1979, and seeing those gumball or vending toy machines set up on almost every floor. There was one particular toy vending machine on the 2nd floor, where the Toy Department was located. This particular vending machine, had a teeny tiny Liddle Kiddle doll on the display packaging with the very same pink hair and dress, just like Kutie above and below!
 I would beg my Mom for a quarter to try to win her! Every time we went to Ben Franklin's that toy vending machine was there, with the same teeny tiny doll that seemed to wave at me, as if to say, "Try and win me Gigi!"

I recall trying probably about three times... but I also vaguely recall, that on the third try, she came out, I was going to open the ball casing, but my sister grabbed it from me to open it herself. I begged her to see, and when she handed me what was inside, it was a necklace charm. She said, "You didn't win it Gigi!" I was devastated, but I could have sworn she came rolling out of the vending machine?! I saw something pink come out? Must have been one of my fantasies? Who knows? I will have to ask my sister...
Sadly of course by the next time we went to shop there, the display card was changed to a new one and the teeny tiny doll was gone-_-; I was so sad, and life moved on... Fast forward to the present, she is finally mine and in my very own hands! Truly one of life serendipitous moments... She came with her Pop-up Soda parlor, a nice bonus! I found her for cheap via ebay! Yay meh!

 I finally took out the Macoto Washi tape and found a great place to put a piece of it for my collection. Inside a lovely vintage sketch notebook too...
 I also have Kutie in a clear acrylic dome pendant to take with me, and it will keep her from getting dusty or dirty from too much handling... Yay!

Lastly, here are some outdoor pics of the Kodamas in the yard... Enjoy!

 Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, October 25, 2015

Latest Goods in the Mail!

Sorry for not posting sooner, it was not that I was too busy or what not, but I've been really trying to avoid my usual love of searching, with the exception for those that I am searching items for thru my Finder's Services... Mostly, to save moolah myself! LOL

Here are a few items that came in...

These vintage lovely metal Ballerina figures thru etsy! What drew them to me was the one on the right! I have a similar one, from my childhood!!
 The seller even gave me some gifts below... a vintage girl postcard, girl with balloon card, and cute girl holding a key, key chain.

 The vintage ballerina from my childhood photo below, she is on the right, and the new vintage one on the left. I don't remember much about how I got the one from my childhood, except, that I think my sister gave it to me? I will have to ask her?
I remember keeping it because it was like a tiny award trophy for my dolls! I used to pretend that my Jenny doll won a trophy for her amazing ballet dance... ahhh, the memories!

Late last month, I was able to find a set thru ebay Germany the shelves that went to my Bodo Hennig Living room set here.
 The shelves came with a TV too.  I will try them out in Tadie's House soon.

This cute retro girl memo pad, I got cheap thru Yahoo Japan. My friend sent it fast to me in an envelope.
 It will be added to my collection. I was hoping it would fit a memo case I had. Sadly, it doesn't, but the anime girl is just so cute and sweet! A keeper^_~

 Then, I decided to try on some various dolly clothes on Tadie... Yes, I had a lot of time! LOL
 Tadie tried on this cute knit Momoko hat, Momoko tennis shoes, azone socks, and volks mittens... But I think the Volks red baret was nicer on her.

That's all for now... Hope you all have an awesome weekend and an even better week! Halloween is coming soon! Yippee!

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls