Wednesday, June 28, 2017

New Finds in My Etsy Shop!

Here's what came in the mail, and will add them to my etsy shop!

These amazing vintage large ceramic poodle dog figurine couple set with hats. I love their coloring so pastel and bright. The male has an original ribbon tie, and the female has a gold tone chain necklace. I was able to get them through Yahoo Japan.

 They are just lovely!

Then, this wee guy, I got from a trade on IG.
 I have some plans for him and will reveal that later on... Just need to purchase some items to make it work! He's a lovely small vintage polka dot dog with some yarn around his neck. He is definitely made in Japan. Just missing his partner.
 So, for now I will put him together with another figurine, who is also missing its partner...

This is my 2nd Swimmer Fawn Mirror found via Yahoo Japan. I will add it to the shop also. Since I already own one.
 In lovely condition and with Swimmer Japan closing its doors soon. I will treasure the first one I own...
 This is already added to my shop! Look for it!
Thank you so much for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, June 23, 2017

Kitschy Cute Finds!

Oh my gosh, one of my favorite posts to date. I was able to find these amazing items, through instagram and Yahoo Japan. Here's what they are...

First, a lovely friend via instagram was selling some gorgeous vintage steel key holders. She had 3 up for grabs. Sadly, I was only able to get one, but, it was one I wanted, so, yay me!
 Vintage steel black key holder with 1970s or maybe 60s big eyed girl art. It arrived so quickly to me from the states. Thank you Quimby's Mom on IG! I love it.
 She even added a card, just so sweet. The card reminds me of "The Last Unicorn" movie...

Sara took out her cute Sanrio toy Pompompurin. She forgot she had him in her backpack! A great friend to take with her on her slumber date with a friend!
 I also stopped by at the "Goody Store" and picked up a few things, that I had forgotten to take a photo, but I didn't forget to take a quick pic of the Japanese cookie snack, "Nishimura Boro" mini cookies. They are quite tasty and similar to our Chamorro, "Rosqueti" cookies. They just melt in your mouth! Yum!

My ultimate find via Yahoo Japan!! Finally,  my ISO... I actually, saw this up for auction last week. I found this very same figurine set last year and tried to bid. Sadly, I lost and thought I would never find them up for grabs again...
 To my surprise, they were! I bidded and won. I made sure to ship them to me quickly and they arrived in the mail. Vintage Swan figurine couple set. I think they may be Rune Naito, only because of the cute sticker eyes and definitely from her earlier works, perhaps.
 All original, with blue and pink polka dotted ribbons, suede bottoms to keep them from sliding off places. Sticker eyes. No markings on them, about early 70s, late 60s.

 I love the design and look. Definitely reminds me of "Swan Lake" by Toei Animation studios. They will be keepers!
Beautiful, slender and so elegant. Yay, my ISO found!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

My Finds Come In...

 Here are some unique finds that came in the past weekend...
It was a busy "Father's Day" weekend for me. So, I do hope you all had a great one too!

This quite unique find, I got through Yahoo Auctions. This cutie's face just scream, "You know you want me!" LOL
 A vintage bobble head flocked cat. Though the eyes are stickers, the big head is just too cute to resist...

 I've gotten so a lot of interest on her. I will need to decide either to sell or trade...?

The girls and I went to Kmart to pick up a few things for the beach BBQ, and we decided to look through the toy aisles. Here is a cute cheap toy, Sara liked and the price was nice too! So, I got her and Taby one.
 You are supposed to be able to create stop motion videos with it. How cool!

I bought these interesting vintage white doll flats made in Germany through ebay. I had it on my watch list for some time. I liked that they might fit Gigi. It was listed as Turtle marked Germany doll flats for Hansel & Gretel. Not sure, but that is what it said.

 As soon as I opened them up, and placed them on Gigi's feet, they were big, but I put on some white socks and sure enough they fit just right now! Yay.
 I need to get her longer socks. But don't they look just cute on her? Definitely, keepers...

 Then, I got this cute bunny egg cup, via an IG seller and have plans for it. I will show more soon. But, for now, definitely a keeper.

 Last, this cute Kabaya Sebon Stars necklace with a silhouette of a cute girl. I got these two items from an online Japan shop. I've always wanted to get one of the necklaces above for the cute girl. I believe they come in blue, pink, and yellow.
 This unique Echika cell phone strap, reminded me of another cute mascot. At the moment, I can't seem to remember its name. Ugh. LOL
 So cute anyways... That's all for today!
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, June 15, 2017

Large Bunny Coin Bank Found!

Yay! I finally, was able to find my large girl bunny coin bank, her man! LOL

While doing searches through ebay France, a seller put up for auction a large bunny coin bank. Sadly, the seller would not allow me to bid, after I inquired. Thank goodness for dear dolly friends that will! Hehe.

We won him last month and he arrived so quickly and safely to me. Yee haw!

 His coloring is not that great and honestly doesn't match my girl bunny at all, but that's okay. He came with his original stopper and did have some issues. No major cracks or markings, but he did have lots of glue residue, and I'm thinking its wax from a glue gun? His neck area might've had something furry around it, thus, the glue gun residue. Along with some rabbit fur that was left behind.
 He also had some sticker price residue on his front leg. I was able to remove most of it. He could use a touch up on his face paint, actually his whole body.
 Wear at the base. So, I added a polka dotted red n white ribbon to cover up his issues for now.

At least they have each other...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Rare Kogei Bito Figurines!

Here are two rare mint in box sets of Kogei Bito vintage ceramic spotted couple dog sets with their boxes! What? Yup!

 I found them in an online Japan shop, and they both come with their original gift boxes. One set still has the original cardboard, but the other does not. Still they have their lovely Ayumi Uyama type boxes with artwork from back then... I have seen these figurines up for grabs before, but, someone bought them before I could. So, it was nice to see more sets being added, and I was able to get them last week!

The first couple, have a deeper cream in color with black spots, lovely paint, nice, bright and no cracks or marks. This set, I will list in my shop.
 The girl has her pearl necklace.

 The second dog set below, much more slender. I may keep for my collection. Still trying to decide.
 Eyes are smaller, and face paint is not as bright.

 I also took comparison photos of them side by side. The set I will list, have larger eyes and darker paint.
 Believe it or not, but, both are similar in size or at least height. But, head size is slightly different as seen in photos.
 Find one set in my shop!

Then, I also finally took some photos of the two fashions, I got from a playmates doll for Gigi...
What do you think? I think they suit her nicely. Now, she looks more in style of the day and age she came from! I'm just in love with her.

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls