Thursday, August 31, 2017

Korean Doll Artist Bomulsung The Star Child Dolls

If you have fallen victim to loving Korean Dolls by artists like, Atomaru, Sunalee, jjorolri, and ChicaBi, just to name a few... You are not alone. I recently started following Bomulsung through instagram and she is always sharing photos of her lovely dolls. Ugh!

Yup, I fell for another one... Her dolls faces are often evolving. The one's that caught my eye, were very similar to the Vintage Nakajima's Sumire doll friend of Scarlet. I tried to find one, but sadly, they are even harder to find through the secondary market. So, I tried my usual outlets and sadly, a few of my fellow collectors in Korea, aren't able to help me. So, I did the next best thing, I went through etsy, searched for sellers of shops in South Korea, and on instagram.

After a few days, I was able to find someone, who was currently collecting the very same dolls I was trying to find. She was able to find me one of Bomulsung's latest releases and just within a few days time too. Then, she shipped out my doll lightening fast as well! Thank you dear friend, Sun Joo. You are my new Korean Dolly Finder!

Her name is Nana, she is blonde wearing a random dress, pink, with shoes, and accessories. Sun Joo was able to get me the color I wanted, pink. She also comes in yellow or a green dress, I believe.

 Inside, Sun even added a little cell strap gift! You are too kind dear, thank you!
I love Bomulsung's box design. Her art is just a adorable. Inside, is Nana, and her card certificate of authentication. A card, if you decide to put your doll into a clear baggie display on your wall or desk. I also received two hair clips, one with pearl shell design, and the other in yellow flower design. Yvely pink sandals, and a plastic doll stand (not shown).
 Look at her big eyes, just adorable! Her face paint is amazing, and so detailed too. The pink dress compliments her tan, and blonde hair, very nicely too, I might add. I can't wait to dress her up! More soon...
If you would like help in finding a Korean made doll. My friend, can help. Just email me and I will put you in contact with her! Please understand, that these are secondary market dolls, and there is a fee for her help. You will not regret it, that's for sure! Tee hee.

 I also got these magnetic dancing dolls in the mail, boy with his accordion and girl. Great additions to my ballerina dancing dolls collection. I found them through ebay.
 This lovely, vintage doll postcard of a bendable doll. I have a similar one, in a post here. Also from Germany, I won the postcard through ebay. A part of my postcard collection.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, August 28, 2017

Cutesy Kitsch Finds...

A lot of cutesy kitsch finds, came in the mail today!

This lovely flower anthropomorphic figurine, is my very first flower face girl, from Etsy. I've seen quite a few collectors have a huge collection of these flower face ladies... I would like just one or two please. She is quite tiny, but very sweet. Made in Japan.
 About 1940s, I believe, and I've seen yellow, and pink ladies so far. The seller, was so kind, he even made sure I received her safely. Checking the tracking daily. He is one of the best seller's I know. Not often do you get someone who, check in with you to make sure your merch arrives safely. Please check out his shop on etsy! John is very kind, you won't be sorry. Kudos to John C. thank you again for being so kind!
 This lovely vintage card of bobby pins, I just couldn't resist. I remember as a little girl, often getting a few we saw at Julale's Shopping Center. I had short hair growing up, but I still made sure to get bobby pins or clips to wear!
 I found this through ebay, and also on etsy, but the seller on ebay, was kind enough to give me the card too. You see, I love the cute Galaxy-Eyed girl on the card!
 I will definitely display this on my wall somehow... LOL

Oh my goodness, this kitsch find, was through etsy also. Miss Beaute, made in France badge pin. Perhaps, 1970s or so? Looking at the art of the lady, I've seen this art work before, just trying to remember where... I just realized, perhaps Fujita Mirano!

 A lovely addition to my collection of pins, badges.

 I saw through instagram that Stickymonger had a new pin released via My Plastic Heart website. I immediately went to check and sure enough she had the pins still available, but not long after I ordered one, they were sold out! Whew, just in time. I ordered the, "My Dignity on My Chair" pin.
 Now, I have two of her lovely pins!
 Last, I got this Lot of four small figurines, all from Japan, found on ebay. I mainly wanted the Lot for the cute arnart Owl!
 Yup, now, I got the owl figurine for my collection. He is in nice condition too.

 A lovely addition to my small figurine collection... I wonder what other animals I am missing?

My two terrarium kitsch decor... via instagram.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

I almost forgot, I also got this lovely pin dish, made in Italy. I love the artwork on it, reminds me of Cortendorf ladies. New kitsch mod addition to my collection!

Friday, August 25, 2017

Quite Possibly, the Most Interesting of Finds!

I received something later in the post, that made my husband say, Huh?! Quite, literally!

This cute deep blue flocked cutie, I won through Yahoo Japan. Love his apron and cute face.
 I used a stiff paint brush, to brush and dust him. He looks a lot better now. He still has his rubber stopper too. I will add him to the shop.
 He can hold little cuties like my arnart squirrel!

 I also won, this lovely shoujo anime small memo notepad with art by Masako Watanabe. Lovely lady in the front cover, with words, "Syouwa Lady".
 And, on the back side as well. I've always been smitten by Masako's art work. I have to decide to keep or not too?

Then, a highly anticipated box, from "ThisGirlsKitsch" etsy shop! 
 Custom painted doe magnets, these are actually reproduced kitsch figurine heads of the very same hard to find deer figurines. I've seen them before as shakers. Sadly, they are hard to find. So, it was nice of Ana to create the same heads from a mold and offer them as magnets for your fridge! She also has those lovely eye lash kitties in her shop! Be sure to check it out.
 She custom painted mine to the colors I wanted her to do. Aren't they amazing?! I wish I could find the figurines. Oh well, for now, these lovelies are awesome! I added some Daiso bows to mine as you can see...
 I told Ana, she needs to make them as brooches too. I'd wear em'! So, kitschy-cute!

Finally, this very odd piece, as I mentioned earlier, that my husband said, huh?! Yup, it's a pedestal ashtray terrarium. No, I don't smoke. But, I just had to win this retro ashtray for the look!
 You see it reminds me of my inflatable foot stool terrarium. Clear acrylic body, and inside, were plastic roses and grass. I took them out and replaced them with lovely pink cherry blossoms. Taby, helped me clean out the ashtray part. Now, I can use the top part for a succulent plant or cactus.

 I've seen it one other time, via flickr from a dear friend's stream. She had the very same ashtray decor in her house...
I may eventually sell it... Maybe? Ha.

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, August 24, 2017

More Upcycling Fun!

I recently won a Lot of shaker cuties...

On ebay, I found this lot. I've already listed the mod green pair. I didn't want to up-cycle them, they look amazing just as they are.

 There are four sets of shakers in the lot. Sadly, one was damaged in transit. The smaller ones I will use as gifts. The perfect ones to up-cycle will be these kitties below...

 Here they are...
 It took about 30 mins. to do each one, and this time I had other fur colors to use. I decided on yellow, and hot pink for these two. I also added bows. So very kitschy cute don't you think?

 I also received this lovely handmade? vintage trinket box with dried flowers. I found it through etsy and just couldn't resist getting it.

 The reason I say, hand made is because of the container. Looks to be a regular pill bottle or small container, and then, someone dressed it up with felt fabric and ribbon decor, with a lovely concave dome, at the top filled with dried flowers.
 Definitely, a keeper!
 I've always wanted to get some vintage ballerina cake toppers, and this set was on sale on Ebay. I am hoping to use them in scenic photos or as props...

 Then, I decided to take Carol outside for a quick photo shoot in the yard by the guest house!

I posted this one, on IG, and many said, she reminded them of "Children of the Corn" or "Village of the Damned." LOL, I know she looks eerie, but not evil. Haha. Still love her though!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls