Saturday, September 29, 2012

Lovely Fashions by Oayt in Korea!

Oh goodness, I love Oayt's fashions she creates for Doran Doran. So cute and quality is lovely too! She always packages her fashions with extra gifts for your Doran too! I recently received a green cardigan, I immediately fell for after seeing it on Atomaru's blog! Sadly, she sold out on that one style, but had another offered, thank goodness too! You have to check her out or you can message her via flickr too!

 I received in the mail Yesterday this lovely Teeny Tiny Tumbles doll in blue with cute ponytails. I couldn't resist a tiny soft bodied dolly!! On the right the packaged Oayt fashion that came in. Lovely green cardigan, necklace, and stockings. The latter two were gifts, how sweet is Oayt!!

This lovely cardigan dress above, is another fave I fell in love with. I received it back in August and Oayt gave me the yellow stockings and purse(not shown) as a gift!

The green cardigan above. So cute and i love how it goes with the Lati yellow top and repro Licca Club 67 pants! Lovely basket bags from my dear friend paperdolly!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Something I wanted to try...

Doing my usual searching and viewing flickr friends streams or latest pics and a dear friend paperdolly had these cute vintage plastic suitcases I just fell in love with! I realized that she had probably printed out and created these amazing sticker decorations on the suitcases! So, to try out what she had done, I created my own vintage shoujo anime versions on the same type of vintage suitcases I had in my collection!

The stickers on the cases are actually 2003 Macoto stickers I had acquired back in 2008!
The stickers are small and fit nicely on the suitcases. Sadly, I wish I could get more stickers-_-; They have been discontinued since back then... I had 3 sheets and have used up some here and there.

Still they turned out nicely and I can use them with my Doran doran dolls or just about any doll! I actually had the cases holding tiny clothes and shoes for the tiny kewpie doll I got recently.

Thanks for reading and I'd love to hear what you think of em'? - ggsdolls

Saturday, September 22, 2012

More on Picco Neemo!

Well, I decided to try some small dolls heads that I borrowed from Tomy/Takara dolls from the 80's. I really love the head from Saila's friend Yumi. Her cute hair style and anime eyes warms my heart. So, I ended up sticking with her head. Sweet Nonno is nice, but her neck won't fit over the knob of the picco bod-_-;
I still think a larger size head will be better, but I am happy with the Yumi head for now. So cute! The D body is able to fit Heidi by Remco clothing, some Mattel kelly fashions and Elfdoll tiny fashions as well!
The D body can fit similar shoe sizes for Lati yellow. The one's above are from Ruby Red Galleria.
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Checking out Picco Neemo Bods!

Oh my goodness!! I just had to spell it out. If you like pure neemo bodies then you will just love these 1/12 scale ones!! They were up via Hobby Search for pre-order last month, and I just caught the tail end of it before they sold out! They came in and now I just can't get enough of em'!

I know most of my dolly friends use them for their Blythe dolls or Licca! But instead I tried em' with Tiny Teen doll heads on the pure neemo xs bods and they fit just perfectly. How great is azone for making these if you like customizing your cuties!

Though sadly, pure neemo doesn't have heads you can get separately like the bods, at least I haven't seen any? Except in the secondary market and very expensive too-_-;  But these picco neemo bods are just so tiny and adorable. I love their posability and especially for their tininess!!

 Picco neemo body D on the left has cute large hands and feet. They remind me of anime cartoon characters! I can't wait to find a bid dolly head to put on it....any suggestions? On the right is the regular S body, cute just like the pure neemo M or L bods.
As you can see I am just loving the D bod. I tried out the peace hands too! Ugh, I need a head-_-; They are able to fit pukifee clothes, elfdoll tiny, and Heidi by Remco.

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Mail Loot Today!!

Okay, so for the past 2 mail days, nothing came in-_-; Even though I am expecting some items from ebay, etsy and online stores to show up. It's crazy that nothing comes in, til' today of course!! I really think it's my local village PO. Since they told us they don't accept international mail to go out, they've gotten really slow at putting the mail in our boxes in the mornings. Ugh! You'd think they'd have more time to get mail sorted on time...oh well, another story on another day...

Today, I did get my latest YJA box and also some goodies I pre-ordered from Hobby Search! Check it all out below!!

A small box, but still filled with amazing goodies. I won a lot of poseable posies 2 girls and 2 boys!! A cute anime chain purse, and another addition to my Himeko pin collection in green!!

These cuties, I wish I could keep, but will only keep the blue haired girl!! The others will be added to my shop later today, along with the pink purse!!

I pre-ordered the 1/12 size picco neemo bods, in S and D. I also got their extra hand sets, cute small pairs of boots, and another azone pair of shoes for my Aram dolls! It's nice to be able to snatch some of these items, knowing they'd cost more later on ebay-_-; I love getting my things directly from Japan, cause they ship asap and it comes into Guam with out a lot of hassle...Yay for me!! I can't wait to try out some heads and see what these body will look cute with!!

More pics tomorrow!! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Exciting News!!

Hello all,

I've been wanting to share some great news with you! A few months back, I was interviewed by the lovely Pamela Klaffke for her upcoming book, "Hello, Cutie Adventures in Cute Culture" So, starting Today and thru mid October, you have a chance to win a free copy of this lovely book, especially for my loyal blog readers here!!

I am truly excited and I know you are too! So, here's a bit of information about Pamela and her book yet to be released. I know you can preorder a copy thru many places, like! I am so excited for her and to be able to see the interviews from others and mine too!!

Okay, back to how one can win the free copy!! All you have to do is post a comment, from Today's post and on, I will be looking out for those that comment on my blog. Your name will go into a bin, and by mid October (I will announce the date a bit later), I will take those names print them out, place them into a hat and pull out a winner. The more you comment the more your name is printed and placed into the hat, giving you more chances!!

Good Luck to you all and make sure you check out Pamela's new book! Let's keep the Cute/Kawaii Culture alive!! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Monday, September 17, 2012

Look at This Cool Paper Doll House Kit!!

Well, there was no mail today-_-; So, my youngest daughter and I decided to download this cool "Free" paper doll room kit from The Paper Museum, an online website in Japan for all those cool things you can do with paper!! Did I mention, it was free!!

I only had regular xerox copy paper. But I know the next time I do print this out, I am going to use a thicker grade paper-_-; The pdf file has 15 pages and the last page being instructions, was in Japanese. I decided to only print out the parts for the room itself and kept the instructions page as preview on the Mac to use, while working, and saved on ink.

 The pieces are very easy to asemble using the diagram in the instructions. I must admit this kit was way easier to do, then the Sankei Paper kits, and a lot less elaborate in pieces! It was finished in less than a 4 hours. Now, my daughter has a doll room to play her Lalaloopsies in!!

Even the outside part of the room is nice with the colored roof, and sliding door and foliage. But like I mentioned earlier make sure you use a thicker grade printable paper. It makes for a sturdier house and decor.

The website has a lot of other rooms to create. Like a bedroom, kitchen, a Christmas themed living room, and a lot of store front shops, restaurants, etc.! Download away cause its free!! Have fun!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, September 15, 2012

Ugh, just feeling like crap today!!

But I did try something out. I wanted to try taking pics of my girls with some plastic flowers I got for bento boxes from the 100yen store here. So, this is what I came up with!!
This one above I took last week of Baekdan. I am trying to capture an image like you would see on those vintage shoujo anime bags, with the lovely retro girls surrounded by flowers...
 This one above is my second attempt. I think a bit better. I just need inspiration...ugh!

Hope you all are having a great weekend! Thanks for reading as usual! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

In the mail Today!

I was able to get this box of goodies in, from Japan. A few of the items I will add in my shop soon too!
A complete set of Hello Kitty Stationary one items! Cute Peko-chan doll, a Kurumi-chan baby doll, Yuko-chan flat doll anime series MIP, and a Lot of Star-doll cutsey items, with a compact ring you can carry tiny trinkets, and two sets of kewpie cell phone strap dolls you can dress and put shoes on!!
Lovely Yukochan Takemi Flat doll. I have one other and she is Maho no Makochan. This one, can be changed into 2 other shoujo anime characters! How cool is that!
This lovely Lot of 5 packaged goodies, I found with no bidders. I fell in love with the white doillies first, then realized that they were probably left over doll show goodies or purchases that someone didn't want anymore! My win, included two sets of cute trinket compact rings that can hold tiny things, two sets of kewpie cell strap dollies, one with other clothes and shoes to change into, and one that you can make her dress! Lastly, a set of bjd sized hair clip accessories. All just to adorable to open the packaging, but I did! LOL!
 A closer look at the newly opened miniature rement Hello Kitty Stationary sets. I've been wanting some of the items in it for some time, only because of the childhood memories they hold for me...but never really found them til' recently! I am glad to have to whole set, they will be added to the my rement collection and props cases!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls

Monday, September 10, 2012

More Vintage Rain Bonnets Arrive!

Oh goodness, I think I am a bit obsessed with these!! I was waiting for them to come in. Now, I have a small collection of these lovely vintage rain bonnets. I have seen 3 types of cases that hold the bonnets and I must admit I like them for their cases mostly...
The purses in the front I found thru ebay. Nice, simple and small, with metal handles and a single flower decor at the top. They sometimes have advertisement with company names at the back side. These were for Fuller Dealership. The Hat box purses in the back I got thru etsy. They have the usual barbie style hat box shape, with vase of red flowers and leaves on the front. The colors for both styles are generally the same, in pink, green, yellow, and blue. Though I have seen a red one in the hat box style. There is also a suitcase style, much more rare I guess, as I don't see them are readily available as the others. They do come a bit more pricey too. Still these cute kitschy items remind me of the old days when my grandmother wore rain bonnets!
Heukdan posing with them! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Sunday, September 9, 2012

We Finally Finish Ponyo's House!!

"Ponyo" house took us a lot longer than before, only because, we took breaks, and some days we didn't want to even try...Yup. This kit was just as hard as Kiki's hse, but this one also had more tiny things to put together. Luckily, my middle child was good at putting them together. She has better eyes that's for sure!! But we had fun and took our time and now, we are happy it's all done...whew!!
We had to put the brick stairsway piece by piece. The tiny mail box and light at the gate was hard, but Taby did it without any problems O.o! I'll admit I am good at cutting, and glueing the larger pieces and cutting glass windows, but she did most if not all the rest!
We enjoyed putting together the little green bucket on the gate too! The tree did not have a base to glue, so I improvised and made a tree using the left over paper cut outs! It turned out really nice too! I must say, this was the best one to work on with my girls!! I know now, not to try to do it all by myself! LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Lovely Vintage Mylene Pencil Case...

I found this lovely treasure from a great online store in Japan! I often check this shop from time to time for the latest vintage shoujo pencil cases they might have and I snag this one earlier this month and it arrived today!
Lovely shoujo style retro girl mylene pencil case. This one is a bit more modern, but still lovely that it showcases a retro girl surrounded by flowers. Inside it is a bit more modern too!

It has magnetic areas inside the case, and on the side where the magnet closes, there is a lock system. No dial to turn, instead you use the magnetic key to turn one way and it unlocks the case. So cool and ingenious! I am just loving the art on this case. I am also going to try to take more natural light photos for my pics, from now on...we'll see!?

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Baekdan wanted to create a Band!!

Here's what I had in mind, for the cute CharmyTwins keyboard set!! Enjoy! - ggsdolls
 The girls look amazing in this scene with keyboard, mic and guitar! Their band is called, "Atomaru" and they love playing together. Hopefully, one day they will have more band members too!

Some cute items in the mail today!

It's been really slow as of late, but, I've been able to buy just a few items to create scenes with the Doran Doran dolls I have! Here's what came in today's mail!
I found this amazing CharmyTwins keyboard, and mic set still mip! Also won a Lot of Licca accessories, which I only wanted the headbands and a few of the other items in it...Then, I also was looking for these cute miniature 1/3 size Glico Time Slip magazines. I won the whole set and I see the seller gave me two extra copies. I've been searching for them for some time to add to my collections and to find them in a Lot was big savings for me!
Then I also got in the mail from ebay, these cute Rain Bonnet purses, complete with bonnets! I had been thinking about getting them for some time now, just for the bags!!LOL! I have this version in, and am hoping to get another set in the coming weeks with the bags being more like hat boxes! I've also seen the suitcase styled one's...cute tiny and vintage! My fave!

Just see my next post on what I do with the keyboard!! Thanks for reading my posts! - ggsdolls

Saturday, September 1, 2012

Heukdan Opened a Flower Shop!

For some time since having the Candy Candy Snack Cart. I wanted to also do a Flower Shop Kiosk. I ordered a lot of vintage plastic baskets full of plastic flowers and cute tiny little charm flowers from vendors on etsy and Hey yo yo online. Most have come in and I just couldn't wait to create this cute scene. Sadly, our lawn wasn't manicured as of late-_-; So, I had to do the photo shoot indoors!
It turned out lovely! I did have a few more tiny charm flowers on back order, but still this is cute and Heukdan is happy to have it done!
Baekdan wants to buy some flowers...
 She also wants to show off her outfit for today!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls