Monday, July 30, 2018

Busy Creating Cuties...

I've listed a few new items in my Etsy shop, and now, have been busy playing around and creating other cute things...

I started on a new FuzBear Panda, like my first bear here! I had the fur before I left for our vacation, but sadly, I didn't have enough of the fur. So, I will just share the start of it, but the end product will have to wait until I get the fur in later this week, hopefully?! LOL
I took out the pattern and started working on him. Slowly but surely, he was all coming together and just a bit of playing around with the pattern to tweak it to fit the panda rubber face. Now, I know what to do this time around, and it works much better then the first one I made.
 Once I got to the legs and body done, that was when I realized I didn't have enough fur. Ugh. But, luckily, I was able to get more. More on this cutie soon! I may have to create pandas in other colors, sadly, white fur is scarce! What?! Yup!
 I can't wait to share how he looks... So, in the mean time, I took my pink FuzBear out into the yard for a photo shoot!

 Then, I found a project, that had been sitting for a few years, in my creations drawer, and I took him out to work on him while waiting to finish the panda...
 Back in 2016, I had gotten a few of these vintage mini rubber faces, I started working on the duck using felting mohair, but I didn't like the end result. So, I shelved the project... Fast forward to 2018, I decided to print the pattern for the Joyful Bear in a smaller scale, about 25% and I was able to create a better body for my cute little ducky!! I used felt instead of the fur. I had several colors on hand, and just didn't add ears, and used two colors on her. I made her tail, but it was too thick, so instead I just cut one pattern out and made it simple. I finished her within a day!
 How adorable is she?!! I added a bow, and cute fabric sticker of a bird from KawaiiandKawaii.

 Then, I put a floral fabric scarf hat on her. Just love her to bits. Now, to find the other heads I got...

Here she is with the tiny felt bear I got from etsy. She is about 5 inches tall. Not, a 1/12 scale miniature. but a nice size to carry with you in your purse! A lovely cutie if you have absolutely no space for large plushies!!

I hope to make more!

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, July 24, 2018


When, I got back home, there was a lot of mail waiting for me. Here's what came in!!
 I ordered these cuties before I left on vacation. Lapin and Me website, had these miniature Lapins available in blue and pink and for a great price too! They arrived safely and are just the sweetest!

 I won this Lotte Lenticular 3D TV clip on Yahoo Japan. I thought about changing out the lenticular. But, maybe not...

Then, while I was in San Diego, a fellow collector friend contacted me via instagram and told me about this cute handmade miniature. I made sure to snag one via etsy. When I came home he was patiently waiting for me!
Made by Lindsay Jaramillo, her shop on etsy here. He is a miniature size version of the cute sad Gund baby bear or Rushton bear. Made of felt, fabric, and painted clay. Lindsay has him in a cute pouch to keep him safe. He arrived in a pouch with lots of glitter, sequins, and a little thank you card. Aww...

 I wanted a different color combination, but I still love him. He will be a cutie I can take with me on trips!
 Also from Etsy, this anime eyes Tee. I got it in a large size and sadly, it took a long time to ship. I ordered it last month, but it was only shipped last week. Not happy about that. Still the tee is so cute, don't you think?!

 These silly pepper people shakers, I couldn't resist. I don't usually collect them. I may add them to my shop soon? Very unique I must say, and those expressions too! Haha.

 These sweet babies, are Ado Mizumori baby figurines, I acquired them from a fellow collector via instagram. In lovely condition, with some paint ware. I will add these to my shop soon!

 Same seller, I got this vintage dime store doll closet with accessories. Still in the closet too. Includes, a cute Koala, purse, and two pairs of shoes, Barbie size. Just loved the graphics too.

The same seller, I got these amazing and still in tack, Lotte Gum paper dolls. I've spoken of them before. These were paper dolls given when you buy the card pack of gum. When you open them up, you see an anime girl in her underwear, and a transfer sheet with fashions and accessories you could add to her.

 Note from the seller! Thanks dear Roz!!
 I also got these items from the goody store. I found more fabric swatches, and this cute Panda wallet.

I also want to share, what I got from the Gacha machines in Narita airport.
 This special addition features Fuchiko and Mamuang. Love the cute girl. But, this gacha was the most expensive, at 500yen. So, unfortunately, I only got one.

 My favorite by Epoch, Princess Twinkle Dress up dolls. There are five in a set. We played the machine and got, four of the five!!
 Basically, each princess, has a dress you can take off and her wig too. Underneath, she wears a form fitted dress and you can change her hair to be in a bun instead of the longer do!

 These are the latest series, I believe there are 3 in all.

 Last, a shaved ice charm. You can push the spoon inside and hear the toy ice slush around inside. A cute charm to hang on your bag!

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

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