Friday, August 31, 2018

Knickerbocker Sad Plush Cat!!

I was able to find an online shop selling vintage Japan items, etc. I looked through to see what the shop had and they even had some cute stuffed animals. While looking down the list, there were two plushies that just looked to adorable to me. I decided on one of them and here it is!
Knickerbocker sad cat in red. About 6 inches tall. I've never seen him before, so he is quite unique and I love his coloring. Has original tag. He lived in Japan for several years, and now lives with me here on Guam. He will be added to my collection. He looks adorable with the bear from the same company!

Then, I saw on IG, that Merrybee had released these cute meyercord doll stands with cute bears on them! I had my friend in Japan pick up 3 cuties. They are about 4 inches in height and have a round plastic stand to stand them up. These will be cute for photo props and decor. Sadly, they smell really strong of plastic. So, I will have to keep them in my cabinet until it wears out. Ugh!
 Last, I rescued this cute Algy vintage plush bear. She had some bow sewn into her ears and needed a bath. I washed her up and took off the bows. She looks and smell a lot better. About 11 inches long, with sleep eyes. Her face reminds me of Rushton, but she is not a Rushton.

 My small plush collection. These cuties are just adorable. I love em' to bits! Be sure to check out my shop this weekend!! For Labor Day, I'm offering 20 percent off for purchases of $35 or more!! Combined shipping is also available! Have a wonderful holiday weekend fellow collectors!!
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Thursday, August 30, 2018

Mini Rushton Type Bunny!!

I decided to buy some shorter faux fur fabric from a shop on Etsy, all the way in Russia. The fur arrived to me the past Monday and I started to work on a project, I wasn't sure would turn out?! Then, low and behold, it worked, a bit of tweaking here and there, but it worked!! The idea in my head seemed so much more simple, but in real life, it was a bit trying at some points.  Okay, back story, Taylor A. of wildgravity on IG, makes and sells these amazing Rushton type cat, skunk, and bunny brooches. I bought two from her, here and here. I realized, I had the faces in my possession and just needed the right faux fur to use to create a mini version. So, a bit reluctantly, I took my bunny brooch apart, her pin back, fur, and ears. Cleaned her up a bit. I didn't want to at first, but told myself I still have the skunk. Haha.

Then, as I was sewing together the fur fabric... just like I was making the mini felt bears... I began my project. Tweaking the head, to sew on extra fur under the chin, since it made it harder for the fabric to close off at that point. I also had to add sections of the fur on the tummy area. Well, you see, the clay face that Taylor made is a bit larger and heavy as well, duh it's clay! LOL So, I had to make some allowances for everything to work. In the end, here's how my mini Rushton Type Bunny turned out!!
 He is about 6 inches tall sitting. He can't stand up. I placed pipe cleaners inside his ears, so you can bend and put them into positions. That idea worked out really well. I love being able to control that part. I made him a little vest like the original Rushton Bunny shown, w rainbow background, NOT MY PHOTO. I used tiny buttons, but will change them out once the studs come in. His tail is just a pompom, since, it is too hard to sew on a fluff tail using the same fabric. He also turned out a bit chubby, but that's okay too. He is quite soft with the fur I used and just adorable, that he can sit in my hand as well!

Now, to try and see if I could make a bear or chick?! I also received some vintage goodies in the mail. This lovely elephant cake topper head. Always wanted one for photo props. I found him on Etsy. Then, a gift from the lovely Carrie, from our trade! She forgot to add this cute Miss Cutie Pie tea bag holder with the deer. She arrived safely and is a great addition to my other Miss Cutie Pie cuties.

 Last, I found this lovely Sankyo crib musical bear in blue. He works fine, just his eyes are a bit googley when they move. I need to photograph him with the doggy I have as well. Just so sweet. He will be added to my small collection.

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Friday, August 24, 2018

ISO Figurine Found!!!

Oh my goodness.... I can hardly sit still!!! A recent ISO, has been received from a trade with a dear sweet friend via IG, Carrie aka, vintageweenie. She adopted two of my rare vases, one with a deer and one with the infamous unicorn in blue. I had to let them go... Crazy!! I know right?!! But, when you see the photos below you might understand why....

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Todays Haul!!

Here are some amazing vintage goodies that came in today!
 I found these amazing artwork pieces on Etsy. A seller there had both up for grabs, without frames, but, look at how minty each of them are!! Vintage Art prints by Goddard, 1960s. One is Susie and the other is Candy. Susie looks like a younger version of Candy. I'm on the hunt for Goddard's Brunette art works, now. I'm so happy to have these two, now to find frames for them!
 Annnd, my various finds through Yahoo Japan and IG...
 First, my ultimate fave... Back story, a fellow collector and friend, Blaire via IG, "ComicKitsch", asked me about this large doll. She wanted some information on her to be able to sell her. I of course obliged, and after sharing photos with me, I told she had an Oike Co. doll named, "Vicki". She is a friend of Sun Chan also by Oike. You see in the late 70s and early 80s, Sun Chan heads were used to create a new doll, Vicki. She was hip and with the times, that were the 70s and 80s. She is made mostly like a plush or stuffed animal, with a soft plushy body, and vinyl head, and hands. She stands about 23 1/2 inches tall.
After giving her the info. and what she is generally priced at. I asked her if I could adopt her? Blaire, said, "Yes." and she arrived to me in a large box along with all these amazing gifts!!!
 Aside from adopting this cutie, she gave me vintage ephemera, cute cards, tags, a little photo frame, a wood deer, a craft doll head with hands, these were called, "Ice Cream Cone", dolls. I believe, because they had every shade of the rainbow for yarn hair, so 80s! Not to forget to mention a cute fluffy squeak baby chick! My favorite of all her gifts to me, is Blaire's hand painted in water color artwork of a vintage Japan bear squeak toy! I have been wanting to buy one of her artworks since seeing them sell via IG. She has the most amazing eye for painting vintage rare squeak toys, dolls, and figurines, that many of our fellow collector friends otherwise can't afford or find. So, next best thing is an art piece to remember their beauty and cuteness!!
 Just adorable, even the wood frame it is in, is painted cute! I will hang this cutie up on my wall!! Thank you sweet Blaire/ComicKitsch for an amazing trans! I love everything dear! Now, to try my luck and buy more of your cute artworks!! The other thing I almost forgot to share, Vicki, has writing on her back after I washed her hair... Here's what is written, "Mika Takemasa", dated 03/16/1985, her previous owner, perhaps named her, "Shizun"? Also, stamped, "F0284". No other tags. Just love her long legs and she fits right in too!

 Next, I was able to win this lovely vintage pink cabinet, probably about 1/12 scale, with accessories, 3 plates, 2 spoons, a coffee, a milk containers, and glass. I hope to use it in a dollhouse scene someday soon. LOL

 I also won these lovely retro puppy containers, in yellow and pink. I have a red one, so winning this set was a bit of a shocker. LOL You can place trinkets and other cute things inside of them. They both need some cleaning, but otherwise in good to great condition. Here they are all together on my cabinet. Just love em'!

 Last of today's find, these amazing vintage deer couple figurines in brown. I love their eyes. I have seen them once before, but lost out on adopting them. This time winning them was a bit of a surprise, but, I plan on adding them to my shop soon! So, be on the look out!

 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls