Thursday, July 28, 2011

Miele Refrigerator from Germany 1:12 Scale...

For some time now, since getting into dollhouses, I've been wanting a simple, yet not too modern looking fridge for my Vero or Moritz Dollhouses. Finally, I found a perfect style fridge via ebay Germany to fit into my small bungalow houses!

I've tried searching for the right era fridge, but was always outbidded on them. So, I thought maybe a Lundby sized fridge might work, but never found just the right color for the kitchen set I have. I looked and looked, and came across this Miele German brand fridge and wanted to see if it would work out? In person, it actually seems more like a 1:18 or 1:16 scale, but it was made for 1:12 scale! The sad part is that not all my rement can fit inside-_-; but it's definitely just right for the Vero and Moritz bungalows!

The fridge arrived safely to me. In it's original box and seemed very small!

It fits nicely next to the stove, and matches the kitchen set well, even for the era. At least I think so. I am happy with the little fridge. It is like having something very simple, for a simple person who lives there... - ggsdolls

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Re-ment is Amazing...

I received some rement Yesterday as well and took these photos last Nite. I just love how realistic it makes a dollhouse feel!

Just another I had to take...LOL! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lovely Miniature Magazines, Comics, and School Supplies!

I recently, found cheap well-made vintage magazines, comics, etc. on etsy! I wanted some more lovely magazines to add to the decor of the Vero, and sure enough, this amazing seller (LDelaney) has many lovely miniatures that are beautifully made and nice to your pocketbook too!

She makes them by recycling old actual magazines, to make the thickness of the mags, and the front covers are printed out with lovely vintage magazines from the 50's, 60's, etc.!

A closeup of a few of the mags I got, vintage cosmo, seventeen, and vogue!

Then, I also, wanted to get these cute tiny school supplies! I found them via ebay, a bit expensive, but worth it! The seller has tiny spiral notebooks, composition books, and binders!

When I was little I used to sit in front of the TV watching my favorite shows, and coloring or doing my homework! I most especially did this over the summer days, when it was too hot to be outdoors! The funny thing though, is that nowadays, I tell my kids no TV til' their homework is done!! Ahhh, the memories... - ggsdolls

PS I forgot to add these lovely Lundby? photographs I won thru ebay. I love the photos in each of them and the way the frame is made! A lovely addition to my Vero, and more of the magazines!

Thursday, July 21, 2011

Sofa Bed/Couch from the 50's or 60's??

I found this lovely yellow terry cloth covered sofa, with the stamp made in Germany. The backside is able to swivel down so that it turns into a sofa bed. I didn't know that this type of technology was even possible been back then? how cool is that!

Finally, I have a sofa in the living room, and not just chairs or a chaise lounger!

Pics above not mine.

Above view of the Vero garden, I just had to add. I also, received this lovely tulip bush in the yard! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

In the Vero Garden, It's Complete!

I received in the mail today, some long awaited miniature ivy vine garland from Germany. I bought two styles, one in a darker green, you will see growing up the pillars, and a lighter green on the trellis. I found a seller who had them selling really cheap and allowed me to purchase them...I've pretty much had the Vero garden complete, I just wanted to get these vines to place on the two pillars. Only cause I saw them in the diagram for another style Vero House. See below!
If you look at the left side of the house, the two pillars have vines growing! A look I wanted to achieve with these garlands!

The Vero garden is now complete. I have also added a few touches, a mail box, with mail, and today's paper. I finally decided on having the spiral bushes placed just to the right of the pillar, along with the cute gnome. Now, the backyard has so much lush greenery, it's truly amazing...I would've never been able to create something like this, back then! - ggsdolls

Friday, July 15, 2011

Resolution Center Via Ebay is a Joke!

I am so pissed off right now, ebay closed my case against the seller "faltbootfreund" for his carelessness of my dollhouse! I escalated since I did not receive the 10% promised refund. When I did Ebay closed the case in his favor and commented saying that I did not pay for this item...I was like WTH!!??

So, please anyone who tries to do business with this seller please be careful. Your item will not be packaged carefully! I am trying to appeal this with ebay, but who upsetting. In all my years of collecting, this happens!

- ggsdolls

Updated: 07/18/2011

I have not heard back from ebay, so I decided to file a dispute thru paypal. The sad news is I cannot do this thru paypal, because of the timeframe...

So, to make a long story short, there was an extra fee for s/h and Because this was paid at a later date. I was able to file a claim thru paypal and finally, got some justice, I was refunded at least the full amount! Thank you paypal, you are good for something!! ugh, this is finally over.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Mod 1960's Fish Shaped Coaster Set...

I've seen them via etsy, and had them stored in my faves for some time. Then, recently couldn't help but get them. They are quite unique and very mod to me. I like the mod floral design in them more so, and if I was to use them, I'd use them as wall decor instead of drink coasters! What do you think?

Sunny Coasters, Made by Gessner Products Company, Inc., Ambler, PA.

They have lovely mod print like that of 60's style wallpaper! I've seen one other style with bright orange background and yellow flowers drawn in. Most of the one's that show up when you google it, are one's made for Florida. Still I think this version is the best of the 3 I've seen!

If you place them in a certain pattern they look good as wall decor to me! LOL! - ggsdolls

Monday, July 11, 2011

Vintage Twilight Zone TV and Etsy Boomerang Table Set Arrive!

Oh my goodness, it was a very early morning for me and only because my youngest child had an appt. But on the ride home we stopped by the PO and these lovely items made it to me today!!

Whilst searching via flickr for vintage tv sets, I came across this lovely vintage looking "Twilight Zone" television set, made by Hallmark around 2009. I was amazed by the look of the set and it said that it could play the theme song too! So, of course I made sure to search, find one, get it if I could find it cheap...and I did!

I remember my Auntie having a television set like this in her home, ours was a more cheap version as we couldn't afford this fancy looking one!

Just play it and check it out! How cool is this TV?!!

Then, while doing my usual searches for vintage mid century modern items via etsy...I came across this! Mid-Century Modern Boomerang Table Set 3pcs. By a seller named Minisx2. I looked carefully at the tables and the way it was made, when I received them in the mail today, they were lovely and so delicately made. The craftsmanship was amazing, and simply put, the style and scale too! I will definitely be back to this shop for more of these beautifully made items!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Sunday, July 10, 2011

My Little Tomy Rooms are coming together nicely...

I started finding these rooms back in 2009 via YJA. Then, later found out they were called, "My Little Tomy Rooms". This year I found out the name of the doll that lives in these rooms. She is called, "Linda-chan" These little rooms remind me of a fellow blogger's Call-small's, "Rooms-in-Miniature" sets.

The Tomy rooms are also made in Japan and the set is not as complicated at the RIM's. Tomy rooms, are ready made, you just have to put the furniture in place and place the yellow acrylic ceilings on top or leave them off and connect all the rooms to form a house! The rooms themselves are made of a metal tin for the walls and thick cardboard on the floors. The windows and doors are a acrylic and can be opened or closed. I think these rooms were made back in the 1960's? Neither the box nor the pamphlets say. So, I'd have to do more research to find out.

I had all the other rooms in storage and took them out to show the rooms put together! Each room has two side doors and according to the diagram in the pamphlet you can place them on top of each other or side by side to create a living space or home. Above, shows the living rm, garden, bathrm, and studyrm at the top!

This photo shows another way to stack the rooms up. Like the bathrm set, I found the living rm set first mib, then, the garden set came loose, the studyrm was nice and mint, and finally the bathrm set. All I am missing is the bedrm and kitchen sets for the home.

As you can see all the furnishings for each room is made of a thick plastic and can be damaged easily if you are not careful. The living rm set above was partially damaged and I had to re-glued the coffee table and lamp.

The loose garden came with a few other extras that was not with the original set, but I was happy to find out that the garden set just came with the two lawn chairs and the table. So, this set was complete and I didn't have to find anything else that belonged to it! The gate to this set was broken and I re-glued it.

The study room above is one of my favorites because of the wall print and colors used in the furnishings! Reminds me a lot of the Ayumi U. rooms! This set was in lovely condition!

Then, my latest find, the bathroom set above. All the furnishings are nice and mint. Unfortunately, the floor is dirty and worn, and the tape left behind a lot of yellowing on the sides of the room, and the windows. I will have to clean up later. Still the rooms are amazing and I've been really lucky to find them and get them cheap too! - ggsdolls

Other things...

Yesterday, I also received a few new items from YJA! While waiting for the house parts to dry. I was able to open up the box...Here's what I got!

Rainbow Nana brooch. A new addition to my Licca and vintage Japanese dolls collection!

This set of hard to find rement for my dollhouse!

This lovely mint in box, Tomy rooms Bathroom set. To be added to the 3 sets I have so far! This one just happened to be on YJA when I was browsing one day. I was truly amazed and honestly shocked, with no bidders! Now, I have the living rm set, the study rm, garden set and this one! More pics of the whole house to come!

The furniture was still sealed inside their paper wrapping, and the roof covers where safely packed away. This house was never opened! Til' now...LOL! - ggsdolls

Saturday, July 9, 2011

Two Story Moritz Gottschalk Dollhouse from Germany...

I won this lovely house via ebay Germany for my daughter while I was in WA. The seller sent it two weeks after the sale date and late, after I asked for tracking info. Then to top it off, he sent it poorly packaged-_-; in only the original box it came with. I figured he would use a sturdier box or at least cover the outside of it with thicker cardboard-_-; I was devastated when it finally arrived to me after a month and 3 weeks since the auction ended. Just look at the pics below!

Ebay auction photo not mine above, before it was mailed out, showing original box.
The dollhouse above removed from all the bubble wrap and newspapers.The roof on the house caved in and parts of the 2nd floor walls cracked in several places, including parts of the roof. Many of the inside parts like windows, curtains, door, etc. were all off the house and in pieces!

Above you can see more detailed damage. I emailed the seller and sent him all the pics I took of the damage. I had to file with ebay because the house took so long to arrive and I honestly wasn't sure it was coming. After, the initial anger of seeing this house in ruins, I took all loose parts off and started to take out all the wiring. I figured it will be a "keep me busy" project while my family was away...So, I decided to keep the house and fix her up. I just hope my daughter is okay with it. I showed her the damage and told her I was gonna see what I could do to fix it up....

I have yet to hear back from the seller, I at least want partial refund, cause it was not packed properly? what do you think?? - ggsdolls

Updated: I worked on it all thru the early evening...LOL. Yup, just couldn't stop! Here's what it looks like so far...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Amazing Vintage 1970's Storage Stool from Japan!

I also received today from Japan this lovely mint and gorgeous 1970's storage cube! I was truly surprised how lovely it looked even from the seller's photos. The wild 70's stripes down the center just scream to me 70's! Just look at the photo's below...

Lovely jersey style fabric covering the entire stool, with no marks, tears or odors. A few specks of dust, but easily removable with your finger tips. The stripes are nice and bright, with a soft cushion center at the top to sit on, and black rubber parts at the bottom to keep the stool stationary where it sits. It has a clear flap for the snap button closure. Inside as shown below sits a pink tray for storing little bits, and bobs, sewing items what ever you can think of.

below showing the black rubber pegs and style number tag. Next photo a shot of the inside underneath the pink plastic tray is a lovely storage areas for larger items. The material inside is nice, soft and spongy pink foam?

Tray above can be removed. Lovely piece of 70's history! All the way from Japan too! It took me some time to receive this beauty, because of the size and costs from Japan-_-; So, now I can admire it beside my vintage inflatable stool. Both are amazing pieces of history^_~ I just hope my husband won't mind me keeping this one?!

We have space issues...LOL! - ggsdolls

Lovely Miniature Windchimes!

Oh my goodness, I didn't think anything like this was made, but they sure are! Of course I had to go back and shop some more at Mary's Miniatures online shop! I couldn't help but get a set of larger spiral tree's, some tiny mail boxes, and then these wind chime kits you put together yourself! Mary's service is amazing, but s/h is expensive even for Guam-_-; But I will not complain, because the items get here in less than a week!!

I bought two styles of chimes, "Seagulls" above and "Sand dollars" below!

The pieces come still on a cut out sheet and you just have to remove them carefully. Then, you need silk thread, which I didn't have, thread them to the desired length, and tie them. Took me some time, but they were done.

They don't actually chime, which is what I thought, but they do move just like chimes do when there's wind. Still lovely to look at and sorta comforting, at least to me...LOL!

This one I did second and gave more length in the string, it hangs well in this area of the garden.

The "Seagulls" was my first attempt, and the string ended up being shorter. It hangs in this area of the garden for now, but will be given to my daughter for her house, when it comes in.

See the tiny mail boxes! There are other style of chime sets I've seen, "Mushrooms", "Doves", "Whales", and "Dophins". How cool is that?!! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls