Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Yahoo Japan Goodies In!!

Here are some of the goodies I found via Yahoo Japan, that arrived to me today!

 I was able to find another Harumi Miniature Furniture set, sadly missing the tiny perfume bottles, and will be added to the shop, a Mermaid book with record, Macoto Takahashi round purse, a Lot of 4 plastic retro containers, and a mint ceramic flocked bear couple money bank.
 Unopened minty flocked bear money bank. I opened it up to take photos and also to decide if I will keep them or not?
 Cuteness overload...ugh! It will be hard to decide...
 I noticed the girl bear, is light weight, and not made of ceramic.
 They were are so nice & minty too!

Then, a lot of four plastic containers, I will add to the shop. Nice condition and unused.
 Two came with a box and two without.

This lovely Macoto Takahashi art round purse is so cute. The graphics even more so, of two little girls marching, as if they were in a parade. One playing the flute with the other holding balloons as a cat, dog, and bird follow them...
 In good to fair condition for its age.

Finally, another anime of "The Little Mermaid" book with record. This is not by Toei Animation, but by another company "ひかりのくに声のえほん/ Hikarinokuni voice of the picture book" series #9.
 Front and back of the book.
 Front page has slight wear along the spine. Record is still in its sleeve, and doesn't look to be scratched or cracked.

 Now, if only I had a phonograph to play it on... Maybe next time! So many rare items in today. It will be hard to decide what to keep or not keep?! LOL

Thank you for Reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, June 26, 2016

Arnval Meets the Swan Princess...

Arnval: "Please you must come with me! It's for your own safety, Princess Swan!"
 Princess Swan is reluctant to leave her people...
 Arnval: "It's the only way your people will be safe..."
 Princess Swan and Arnval quickly leave Fairy Tale Planet.
"To be continued..."

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, June 25, 2016

Goody Store and Mail!

Had lunch uptown with a good family friend of ours. Afterwards, we went over to the goody store to pick up a few things...

 The girls and I found cute fabric in cupcakes, strawberries and cute pink fabric, a curtain for the guest house, Glico Bisco snacks, an Awl, and wall hangers...
 The two kinds of Glico Bisco snacks. I've tried the red box, very yummy and creamy too. Now, to try the other!

Then, I received in the today's mail a box from my friend of items she ordered and won for me...
 Vintage retro fabric. I love the color and prints too!
 One can't resist its cuteness!!

Two SWIMMER Japan swan containers or trinket boxes.
 There are four colors, purple, pink, blue, and cream. I like cream best.
I was hoping they were larger, but these trinket boxes are small-_-; Oh well.
  The swan reminds me of the Toei Animation, "Swan Lake". I love her sweet face!

Around the same time I ordered the swan container, I found this Sankyo Swan Music toy?! Wow, like swan luck for real!
 Via Yahoo Japan, the seller stated it was broken and junk. But, upon inspection, it still plays, and does move, just not as quickly.

You just wind the top and she is suppose to go. Not quite sure the song she plays, but still lovely. See video below:

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Menard Cosmetic Mirror Stand.

Today, I received a very unique Mirror stand from Yahoo Japan. "レトロ★メナード化粧品/ Menard Cosmetics", is what was written in the title listing for the item. It's very unique and I have never seen this type before! Maybe, it was used on cosmetic counters at stores?

 It's basically a mirror with stand. You can easily remove the mirror from the stand.
The Mirror is in great condition for its age. I may put some type of sweet anime girl sticker on the other side of it?

  It has an area to hold cosmetics or jewelry with red felt on both the top side and bottom inside.

 The top half of the stand can swivel to open to another area for storage.

 I love it! Now, to find a spot to put it...

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

New Needle Felt Pets by Me!

I've added a few new needle felt pets in my shop! Two, I actually had done for some time, and added two others, Cats! See them below and you can also find them in my etsy shop!

 I actually made these two a while back. They are laying on their tummy retro pets. I was finally able to take photos of them and put them into their clear containers ready to travel to a new owner!
 Just like the other retro pets, they will also come with a little brush.
 Because they lay down I had to be creative and have them lay the length of the tube.

Then, last month I made two cats, in the sitting position. It was interesting and fun to try.

 Then, also a red and white cat.

It was fun to do and I am trying to make them in 1/6 scale or Licca and Blythe size Retro pets?! More on that later...

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls