Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Obsessing about Mermaids!

When I was a little girl, there was one summer I spent the entire summer swimming at our village's local natural salt water pools in Inarajan, here. At that point, I used to imagine or wish I was a mermaid. So, anything that dealt with mermaids, I used to collect. But then I grew up and even though things changed in life, etc. I've always loved mermaids...

Since photographing Mako-chan at our family beach, I've been obsessing about mermaids the past few days! More then usual and trying to find many toys or doll related items... Last night, I found a vintage anime TV show called, "Cutey Honey", that featured a mermaid in it!

 Here are some screen shots of the mermaid I found via google searches. (not mine).

She's a pretty blonde mermaid named, "Chiruru". Sadly, she dies in the episode and her sister Maruru tries to avenge her by killing humans. Cutey Honey stops her, and hopes that their spirits rest in piece in the end... A different take on most of the mermaid stories I've seen or known. Still a lovely mermaid memory to keep!

Here's is a short clip of Chiruru's story, below, But if you want the full episode, its called, "Cutey Honey: The Eternal Red Pearl, Episode 12."(Dec. 1973) I will add the link to it at the end of my post! Enjoy!

for full episode click here!
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Monday, July 28, 2014

Testing the Tall MMS Bod!

I decided to go with my gut instincts and try the MMS Tall body...

...and sure enough, it was more suitable! Well, I actually used the bathing suit bod, but still you get what I mean!! LOL

 Megu-chan comes to life!!

Luckily, the rain slowed down some and I took these cute outdoor shots of Megu-chan in her original figure glory...
  What bathing outside!? Why not and in the rain too!! LOL
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Sunday, July 27, 2014

Gloomy day...

It's been raining a lot the past two days and it just doesn't seem to end...So, I decided to get a few things done!
 I took my toy video camera key chain of Saban's Adventures of The Little Mermaid out and thought I didn't video the movie it holds, but I did already and its up on my flickr photostream! Okay, getting a bit forgetful now...LOL So, instead I took these two pics of the Mermaid kissing the prince... Ahhh, love!

Then, I wanted to see if Megu-chan's head could fit my MMS small body and sure enough she does! A bit large, so maybe she is better suited for an MMS Tall body? Still, she was just too cute not to take some pics of!!

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Saturday, July 26, 2014

Large Box from Japan!

Today, was a very rainy day, but I made sure to check the mail, because I knew I should have gotten a box from Yahoo Japan!! and I did!

A rather large box too! Even though there were only three items inside! LOL! Well, one of the items was large enough that they needed to use a big box for it!
 I won these goodies almost one month ago now...Sadly, its taking longer for things to be prepared for shipping, ugh! Oh well! Anywho, I got a new Glico character toy from Doraemon "Standy by Me" series, a Toei Animation Heroine Box set, and a Melody Bell Tree!!
 This cute little girl was too cute to pass up! Won her real cheap too!

 Toei Animation Heroine Box set was in good to fair condition, but all the figures inside were still in their packaging. Nice! I wanted them for some of the figure I didn't have, and also for the extra mermaid I would get! Because Sara has been bothering me for mine!! LOL
 Most of the figures displayed below... only one not shown, is Lunlun!

 Above and below just a few of my faves!! I actually love em' all! I want to see if the bathing Megu chan's head will fit my MMS bod?!

Now, the amazing Melody Tree!!
 I saw this up for auction in early June and it was really cheap! Amazing, and won it with no other bidders! But it was the s/h that made up for it in price, eeek!
 Inside, the box the melody is in good working order and even has the play sticks, stand, and booklet.
 There are several songs inside you can play a tune too!
 Sara and I had fun trying out the product too! The only reason I decided to bid on it, besides the fact that the price was nice, was that in one of my fave vintage Japan toy books by Shiba, "Little Friends", the melody tree is featured in it!!

Seeing this retro vintage toy in this condition and knowing it was one of the toys in a book filled with amazing Japan toys and dolls of that time, just makes it all the more precious to me!!
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LOL, trying to hold an Ipad, record my playing, and read the music sheet as well!! Yup multi-tasking like crazy here!

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Green Ara Arrives!

I received my new Doran Doran doll "Green Ara", who I think is Aram's sister?! Still a bit confused, but who cares, my new girl is here!!

As I mentioned you could order her during a certain period and Atomaru announces this thru her work blog and you can read more in my post here!

On with the pics...
 Yup, sadly, my box did not survive the travel from South Korea to Guam!! Just shows you that no matter what, sometimes people just don't care about something that is not theirs!! Ugh!
 The clerks at my PO are always so sweet and considerate and tell me when they received any of my boxes in this condition... But I always tell em' as long as the contents inside are not damaged then, I'm okay!

Not surprisingly, the items were safe inside, whew! No crushing of boxes here!
 I purchased and extra clear tube, 3 pairs of shoes as well!
 Sweet Green Ara inside above, along with stickers and instructions. She is so cute. I most especially love her dress! I've been drooling for one of them for some time!
 The 3 pairs of shoes above, one brown boots, white tennis shoes, and a pair of brown maryjanes! Now, if only I can get a pair of pink one's!! Next time!
 Ara with her sis Heukdan! They are truly unique dolls and so sweet and cute too!

Such an adorable girl!
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Monday, July 21, 2014

New Creations Available Soon and New Figma!!

I started working right away on the acrylic pendants I had gotten from etsy! So, here are the results! I am truly happy with them and I hope that maybe they will find their way into loving homes...
 There are actually more that I made, and they will be listed in the shop Today! Just click on my shop at the left side of my blog!
 I enjoyed choosing the cute tiny star flowers and blue "Baby's Breath" flowers to put inside! There are "Star" Pendants, and "Oval" one's as well!!

Then, I also opened up my new Figma Idolmaster: Cinderella Girls, Kanzaki Ranko! She is so cute! Many accessories and faces to use. She also has extra hand parts!

 I love her style and the umbrella too!
 Her ponytails can move as well and I decided to try her on an MMS small bod!! Too cute!
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Saturday, July 19, 2014

Home Sweet Home!

We made it in safely last night from Narita, Japan at 9:45pm (Guam time), and I was surprised that I slept by 12 midnight!

Then, I was up by 6am!! I'm sure I will feel the jetlag soon...

While I was away, at least my husband did check the mail a few times and these two items came in!
 More lovely dried flowers from the same shop I got my other dried flowers from! I wanted to see what these interesting, "Baby's Breath" flowers looked like in person and also to use them in a project of mine!! I was also able to snag a cute pair of navy blue Momoko sneakers. I wish I had enough to get the pink and light blue as well...maybe next time!?

Then, I made sure to pick up the mail today. Because I knew that there were a few items in for me and for Taby as well. While I was away, I paid for two of Taby's anime figures to be mailed since they were released. I also received a figma I preordered! I'll share in a later post!! But below are the items I got today!
 A book I found thru Amazon Japan called, "Toy Picture Book of Glico: Takuro Morinaga Collections." I was able to get my friend to order it for me!! Yippee! Also, more acrylic pendants from etsy, a mini ipad case from ebay, and cute newly designed pillows by Minimodernistas!

 Just a few pics of the inside of the Glico toy collection book! So many Glico pieces I've seen and some I have in my collection!! So awesome! I believe this is my fave Glico book so far!

I was able to get three newly designed pillows in 1/12 scale for my dollhouse or room decor. Can't wait to use them in a scene soon!

 These amazing acrylic pendants I found thru etsy, that I will use to create more vintage looking pendants with dried flowers! Can't wait to start on them!!
 The seller even gave me these three extras, one in a rocking horse!! Wow! So sweet!

A photo I took of Mirai before I left for the states, when I was deciding if I could take her with me or not. Along with a tiny duck from the Takara Showa Era house!! Can't believe I didn't post this pic before I left!! LOL!

It's good to be back home!!
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Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Time to go again!

We've been mostly shopping and getting things we need. But now it's time to head back home to Guam... I'm actually leaving earlier than I'd like only because my father wants to be present for our Islands Liberation Day festivities...

Sara above and below, engaged in her favorite past time, gaming... Lol

I found this cute nerdy wash rag at the Dollar Tree, and a cool foldable ruler for the girls!

My sister's balcony over looking the back...

In her living room...

The hallway.

While here I was able to get some prints done and I gave my sister a few!

She decorated her hallway, and bathroom with the photos. I told her that I hope they helped her remember our island home!

Another fortune... Lol!
We head home tonight!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls