Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year's To All of You!!

Just wanted to wish you all an amazing 2015!! It's the Eve of New Year's, here on Guam! May 2015 bring you joy, hope, love, peace, and wealth!! always, ggsdolls

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Bunka Baby Ornament and Mod Girl!!

Here are two cute items I found through ebay!! While doing my usual searches, which hasn't been much, because of the busy season, I found these two items with no bids!! A bit shocked? Yes, I was! Generally, they get snatched up fast, but I guess not too many saw them up for auction?!

 I've seen the twin baby bunka doll ornament above twice. Once in a friends collection of bunkas, and the other time via etsy. If you love pose dolls or even bunka dolls these cuties are awesome to have in your collection! They sit inside a red hat with cute flower accents and colored rope to hang them on a door or cabinet. I will be adding them to my shop soon!

 Above, before her cleaning... This Mod retro rubber girl is just too cute! Often found via Yahoo Japan, she was up for auction through ebay, and with no bidders. She is missing her hat, but still, she is just too cute to pass up!
 After her cleaning, she still has her eyelashes and a beautiful face. Same look you would see on the Island Mascot dolls by Takara or Forsum! She wears a cute orange and yellow mod fashion from the 1960s!
 She will be added to the shop soon as well!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, December 26, 2014

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

May all your wishes come true for the Christmas Holiday and New Year! A huge thank you to all of you, for keeping up with me, and being a part of my life! much love, Cynthia/ggsdolls

Monday, December 22, 2014

Working on Something New!

Loving anything with mermaids as usual, I decided to make some miniature books and necklace related items!! These will be gifts to a lovely Japanese family, The Nakamura's, that have become close friends of ours, and visiting Tonggan Guest House soon!! Yippee! We are so excited to be seeing them!
 I made two versions. Above, with one scene of the book from inside, of Marina drinking the potion and then the Prince finding her... Below, the Prince and Marina, and Marina's sisters giving her the dagger to kill the Prince.

 Above, is one of my favorite drawings in the book!
 Below, the front and back cover of the book.

 Then, I decided to make them into necklaces and added some cute starfish beads, and other accents!
 I know they'd be cute as key chains or cell charms too! But I like wearing em'!!

 My packaged necklaces!

Thanks for looking! - ggsdolls

Friday, December 19, 2014

What's in from Japan!!

Just a few items I won thru Yahoo Japan! These items are amazing and rare too!!
 Here's what came in... A retro girl basket with accessories, a Lina doll dress by commission, Biblia Techu figure #1, and a retro rubber girl figure!
 Before her clean up above... Below, afterwards! This is a vintage rubber doll probably from the late 1960s early 1970s. They were called Ye Ye/イェ イェ! I've seen them come in either green or pink haired, and they can go as high as $150! Eeek!
 But this one, I found for a lot less, whew! She will be added to the shop soon!

This amazing rare retro girl basket with accessories. I've often seen the basket alone, but to find it with the original accessories... Unheard of!
 A beautiful piece and I'm so tempted to keep it...hmmm!?
 The accessories include, a pot with lid, a strainer, two bowls, a pan, cabbage, grapes, and a tomato. Fun play for girls along with the cute basket to take your play toys along!

 The basket inside above. Below, I won another Biblia Techu figure #1. I have plans for this one...

 Above and below, the actual basket and the miniature rement version!!
Thanks for looking! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, December 17, 2014

Vintage Rubber Mermaid Toy!

While doing my usual researches via online... I happened upon a lovely vintage rubber mermaid toy on etsy! Its unique look drew me to her, and I decided to ask the seller to reserve her for me, because I knew she'd sell rather quickly. The seller responded back and allowed me the reserve! Yippee! I just had to wait a bit for a payment to clear thru, I paid, and she arrived to me on Monday!
 She arrived in a small box, and I immediately took her out to look at her! Her head is attached to her body, so she can't look left or right and her arms are not movable. She had the markings, "made in Hong Kong". Her hair was a bit stiff and messy, and parts of her tail was missing paint in some areas...
 I worked on her this morning. I was able to wash her hair, touch up the paint on her tail, and add some blush to her face!

Very cute little mermaid! Her face reminds me of a liddle kiddle too!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Sunday, December 14, 2014

What Came in This Weekend...

It's been pretty busy with other things going on in my life, but I managed to take pics of the latest mail goodies for you...
 A Pre-order of Azone Pure Neemo ties and skirt. Below a new 1/12 scale miniature set of throw pillows and a mod rug from Minimodernistas!

 This lovely set called, "Tsumu Tsumu Series: Kiki's Delivery Service" Characters Jiji and his family. These cute plastic figures can be placed in different ways to balance and showcase them in play! So much fun! Sara loves playing with them now!! LOL

 A quick shot, of a beautiful sunset of Merizo Pier!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, December 12, 2014

More Photos of My Beautiful Island!

I've been obsessed lately, with taking photos around Guam. I guess mostly because, I want my relatives who live Stateside to see how much Guam has changed or hasn't... So, just to share some of the latest photos I took while driving!! Yup, driving... But I always make sure its done safely! Enjoy!
 Using my cell phone, I took this one this early morning while waiting for Sara's bus. Beautiful morning!
I took these shots above and below on our way to Sara's Christmas Program at school on Tuesday. This is the lovely scenic route 4, between Umatac and Agat villages. You can see Cetti Bay from up here! That's on the left side of the photo to those who've never been.

 This shot above is overlooking Hagatna and Tamuning village, from Nimitz Hill area. It was a gorgeous afternoon, that day and clear too.
 Above, and early morning shot, as the moon sets and the sun is rising, just right outside my house. My cell phone camera is not great for night time shots, but still I was able to capture something!

 After dropping off Taby to school, I took the Cross - Island road back home, route 17. It was definitely a bright morning! Sheesh, shades where are you? My eyes!
My husband says, "I'm like a tourist!" I said, no, I'm just sharing what Guam looks like! LOL
Thanks for looking! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, December 9, 2014

What Came in Today!

Just a few goodies in the mail today! So, here is what came in...
Only three items, but it took so long to get it packed and then to come in the mail! I am very disappointed by the service lately... Anywho, I found another Masako Watanabe Castle Case, a cute retro girl similar to Miyako Maki's work in red pencil case, and a loose Lina doll for a regular commissioned ggsdolls Finder's Service user!
 Castle case above will be added to the shop today! I have yet to find a castle case with another style artwork on it?!
 A beautiful Retro girl red pencil case. Sadly it doesn't have the name of the artist on it, but very similar to Miyako Maki's works, maybe its by Akira? Not sure...
 Backside of the case. Lovely, and will also be added to the shop!
 Inside, it will come with a book mark!
 Lovely High Fashion Lina doll loose in her cute fashion FL - 1802! She has bangs which is rare, because Lina's generally come in side parted hair. So, I wonder if the Original owner gave her bangs?... hmmm! Still she is lovely!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls