Thursday, February 27, 2020

Be My Baby Cherry!!

Last week, I was browsing one of my favorite sites and low and behold, a Miyuki Odani Be My Baby Cherry Doll or I should say two dolls, were listed. I immediately had to make a split decision to get one of them or not too. So, I bought one. The weekend began and I patiently waited to hear from the website, that the doll I had purchased was available for me to pay for... It took a bit longer then usual to get the notification. Because, when I went back to check the site, I noticed that the doll I had purchased the night before, showed it had sold for a lot more then, I recalled purchasing it for. Even the other doll was not there now. I was like ugh, okay, maybe it was not meant to be...

So, I patiently waited til' the next day or two. By the 4th day, I got an email confirming my purchase and to pay the invoice. I was so thrilled, that one, it was the doll I wanted, and two, it was at the cheapest I could get her ever!! The shop didn't charge me one cent more. Yay! So, maybe it was the person's fault who listed her at that lower price. Either way, it was a positive for me! I immediately paid and she shipped this past Sunday and arrived to me today!!

With all that is going on with the coronvirus, she was a welcome positive in my world!! Yess and thank you!
A bit of a box opening above. Back story, I had sold off all my Cherry Chan dolls earlier last year, in a split decision to help my husband pay some bills and also because I decided that I would sell most of my collection, and keep them... But, seeing many of my fellow collector friends share and showcase their lovely Cherry Chans, have made me long for one again. I told myself, that if I ever find the Marshmallow version and for the price that she was given at release date, then, I would buy her. Funny thing was that situation presented itself and I must admit, it was like a sign. Miyuki has created and released many other dolls since the release of the Marshmallow version. But, it's just almost impossible outside of Japan to buy any, even though some websites offer a Cherry Chan, you will still have to win the Lottery they use to sell them. Ugh, not easy to win those either.

Thus why, these dolls are so expensive, I mean in the thousand dollar range, versus the ones that Miyuki sells directly to you, just for a couple hundred. I love Cherry Chan, but not at one thousand dollars a pop. Maybe one day when all the hype dies down. One can hope right?!

Onto this lovely Cherry Chan...

 In the Dolly Bird magazine volume 26 released in September 2017, there was an opportunity for many doll collectors to pre-order your very own Cherry Chan doll named, "Marshmallow" by Miyuki Odani. The pre-orders were larger then Miyuki's original releases, that she sets for general sale. So this version of Cherry chan, were actually sent out later in 2018 or 2019, I believe. Everyone loved the coloring of this doll and her hair too, with the gradual shade of blonde to pinkish, purple. Dubbed a unicorn style looking doll to some. She also boasted to be the first of Miyuki's dolls that had shoes. Prior releases didn't have shoes sold with them. Magazine DollyBird below, that had the postcard you could use to preorder your Cherry with. (not my photo by Hobby Search.)

 I redressed my Cherry Chan in this lovely stripped off the shoulder Spring dress for Barbie. A bit large on the upper half, but I just pulled it back. She is lovely in stripes, and her heels in cream go will with it too! I've missed that face! Welcome home Cherry!

 I tried this blue colored wave looking Chocolate from Narita's Aeon Mall. It was white chocolate with blue food coloring, and the silver sprinkles was salty. So, it was perhaps a sea salt flavoured type. Interesting for sure. Below, I took the lefton mermaid already listed in my shop and my coral decor and created this photo scene. She is available.

Next, I ordered from Japan, more of the Ueki Street gatchas in the set of 5. Yes, I wanted the others since getting the one at the airport. One can't resist their cuteness! Last, I also received this lovely pillow cover by Vinnieboyvintage on Etsy! With one of my favorite Meyercord prints! Can't wait to use this pillow!!

Happy hunting y'all! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Crafting Fun!!

I finally had time to relax and play around with some crafts that have been waiting for me...

Here's what I made!
 An Open/Close sign for your shop! Now, if I had a physical shop space, this would be on my door! I found the open/close wood sign at my local Daiso, and took this rare cute rubber face which once was a furry dog. I had him in my shop for over a year, and decided to remove him from his awkward body and use him for something else! This was it! Added some flowers, bows, and other things... Now, he has a new life!
 The "Close" side... I found only two of this rabbit/sheep rubber faces, one is already a small lamb plush and now a bunny here. Same style of embellishments. It turned out cute, and I'm very please with myself! Now, I wish I had a store front shop to use it in!! Haha!

 It was fun to create! Now, to pick up more of these signs or work on the others I have! LOL
Have a wonderful week my friends!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, February 23, 2020

Weekend Finds Arrive!!

It's been really nice to just relax, not rush anywhere for once and sit back and work on projects that were piling up since my travels. Ahhhh...

Here's the latest finds that came in!
I won a lot through Yahoo Japan with many amazing treasures in it, like Rune Naito British Soldier, policeman, a kewpie doll, furry pups, and much more!! I've already listed most of the lot in my Etsy shop through out the weekend, and I will list one of the rare ones in it too! Of course I will keep a few for now... Teehee!

 I love the dotted trinket box, by Sanrio. it still has its sticker marking. Just goes well with the pink furry pup too! The tan doll below, has a few issues, not sure if it is original to her. I tried wiping off the markings around her mouth, but, maybe she is supposed to be messy from eating chocolates? LOL Not sure! Looks that way too!

 This flocked piggy bank has such cute big eyes. She is already listed in my shop! Sadly, the previous owner used a permanent marker on her flocking around her neck. Though she is still cute to look at! Also listed. This rare pink furry pup has a paw missing, but she is still lovely for display. I haven't listed her as yet, but will by the end of the weekend!!

 The reason I made sure to win the Lot, this lovely furry pink and blue cotton candy long neck puppy!! I've always wanted one in this color. I've had red and yellow or yellow and red, but, to finally own, a pink and blue, Yeesssss!! She will go nicely with the sweater pup I also have! She will live with me for now...

 I added vintage satin to this cute yellow furry bunny's ears, from the 1960s. She still has her original plastic case. Just adorable and already listed in my shop. She looks similar to those large ear bunnies from the 1950s. Adorable with my mint bun, but I can only keep one of them...

This large cutie plush Gund or My toy bear is a wind up music plush. His head moves ever so slightly up and down as the music plays. "Rock-a-bye, Baby." Just adorable too! Sadly, the seller I got him from put scented oil on her and it is too strong for my nose. So, I will ad her to my shop also. Still lovely and works too!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, February 20, 2020

Found a Partner to My Bear Wall Pocket and More!!

Recently, a fellow collector had messaged me about a wall pocket she had and needed some information on. To my surprise it was a similar wall pocket to my yellow bear here in this post!! I gave her the info. And of course immediately asked if I could purchase it. After some time, she allowed me to buy it. While I was away from home, it arrived. Upon inspection, it is very much like my first plaid bear. Thanks to FleaMarketFloozie on Etsy!

 Now, my yellow bear is not alone...

 A closer look at the gatchas I got in Japan. I actually got 3 Moomin tin suitcases. Two are the same. Just so cute. I love the graphics on them too. I also got this cute Panda Hole Ueki Street 2019 Gatcha, of Denmark in a planter, too sweet! Of course, I wish I had gotten more. Darn! Just unique I must say. Then, I also received another set of 2 silly bunny and bear necklaces from my friend Susie, of The World of Susie Wong on IG. She even added some cute things too! Thank you dear friend!!

Next, I won this cutie mint in box. I need to fix his floppy ears. Now, I have a yellow and minty green one, here! Both with their plastic cases too! Then, these cute Match Pack Easter Beanie cuties, chick and bunbun! They are missing their boxes, but that's okay, they are still adorable!! New additions to my little plush stuffed cuties. I love the bunny best! I've added some bows to them too! Only the chick has his tag still. The bunny, I've seen as a large craft head. They are both filled with beans. I did have to sew the chick's collar, because his head would have fallen off. LOL

 Last, I won this vintage ceramic white hat girl with white blazer coin bank from Yahoo Japan. She was missing her rubber stopper, but I had a spare. Just too adorable! Look at those eyes! She kind of looks like Peko Chan, doesn't she?!! A great addition to my collection for now, maybe?!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls