Thursday, May 28, 2020

VTG Bunka Oh My!!

A much anticipated package came in the mail the day before, but when I lined up for pick up at our Hagatna PO. I left the building in shock!! Literally, I was like, Noooo! Because of social distancing, etc., the line for box pick up was literally, to the back side of the building and wrap once over itself. I stood there like so many, and then I decided it will have to be another time. I even went and pick up my box from Japan at DHL (Yes, another one. Tee hee!) and went back an hour later to see if the line had gone down. Nope, it had not. I left for home, disappointed.

Then, low and behold my sister in-law Nichol, texted me, she was at the same PO getting her boxes and she offered to pick mine up, when I told her how crazy that line was. She was super sweet and was able to get my box, because she was getting hers!! What?! Yippee!! I picked it up from her and had a chance to take some pics last night, but this morning, well. The hubby needs to catch up on some zzz's, because he's on the night shift.

So, here is what all the hubbub was about!!
 This is a vintage Japan Bunka doll from the 1940s, she is in amazing condition for her age and even has her squeaker and it works still!! I've always wanted to see one up close and maybe keep for my collection. But, every time I tried to win one via Japan auctions, no dice. They are very sought after. And the only reason I got an opportunity to own one, was because of the kindness of another dear collector, Alvina of LePetitCherieshop on Etsy. She contacted me via IG and told me about the one she had. I was thrilled and for her to allow me to adopt her, I was very excited.
 This cute Bunka came all the way from Canada. She is large about 24 inches long, and made with delicate materials of silk. she has a wire running the length of her bonnet, to keep it upright and full. Lovely cloth rag doll face which is synonymous with the Bunka style or pose doll style faces. I believe she is filled with sawdust or paper? Not sure without opening her. She has mohair threads or yarn for her hair. Alvina also added a sweet note and gifts. Aww, love them too! A macaroon trinket container, and candy highlighter marker! How cool!!

 Definitely a rare find! I will keep her for now! Below, a vid of her squeaker still working. I believe she is suppose to make a "Moo" sound as well, because if you look at the pic of her tummy, the top is the squeaker to make her squeak, and the other item in her tummy, looks like another type of sound maker?!

 Next, this cute vintage doll in a jug coin bank. Made in Hong Kong, sadly you can't take the doll out, darn. Still has its tag of $4.99. Probably 1980s, judging from the type of doll. Just adorable, I added a sheer ribbon, and cherry blossom paper flower. The doll inside reminds me of Sekiguchi Gege dolls.
 I caved and bought this cutie!! She had been on my fave list since March!! I just couldn't justify the price, but, now that she is here, she is sooo worth every penny!! She is a vintage bisque mini doll made in Germany. Sadly, when she arrived her elastic tie for her arms, came undone. Ugh. Then, I thought a piece of her fingers broke off. But the seller reassured me that it was not from her hand. Whew!! I redid the elastic band and now, she is all better. She is jointed only at the arms. She stands perfectly and so tiny, at 2 3/4 inches. Just look at the spool of thread beside her!! I love her worried look, poor baby!

 My last item for today, is a Lot of five soft vinyl rubber and tin wind up bears made by Masudaya, Japan. I won this lot via Yahoo Japan. I just fell in love with how adorable these wind up bears look!! Each of them have a wind up key at their back side. Painted on features of their bibs down to the molded flower on their bib. Sadly, the dark brown bear needs a repaint. Two pink, one brown, one white, and one dark brown bear. Sadly, none of them move on their own, even after you wind them up. Maybe someone good at that can fix em'. I will keep two and sell the other three.

 I've added some handmade bows to each of them! Still awesome to display as well!! Okay, that's all for now...

 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, May 25, 2020

Online Finds That Finally Made It From Japan

I recently received a box from Japan via DHL. Since EMS Japan is on hold due to the pandemic, the only way I can get my boxes to ship, is thru DHL, and darn is it HELLA expensive!! Ugh Well, it will have to trickle down to the merchandise, unfortunately. But, here is what came in, and what I've been working on this past holiday weekend!
 I received a lot with this lovely winking cat incense holder or spoon rest. I listed it in my shop yesterday and it sold fast!! Next, this lovely Bell, with cute pup friends. Sadly, it was missing its bell, so I added one. Still works nicely too!

 This cute child's cup with sunflower decor, and these two Rune Panda's, figurine and key chain. In the lot also came this cute grumpy Ado Mizumori kitty ornament. I've added him along with a blue pup, and sold as a set. Just adorable!!

 Last, in the lot, was this mint in box panda on a flocked boot coin bank! Just adorable, still has its original stopper too. Sadly, there is a drop of glue residue and it has darken from age. I don't want to remove it, only because it will take flocking with it. Still, it displays nicely and bright too! All of the items above are listed in my Etsy shop!!

 Then, I worked on restoring this cute vintage plush bunny. He's been washed, and I've replaced the wires in his ears. So now, they are poseable again. I love his lavender plush with pink dotted ears. Last, I added a pale satin bow. Just too cute. He too is already listed in my shop. No markings, he may be a Gund?

 Last, I made this Fuzbear bag tag, using a vintage rubber face bear, and blue and pink mohair faux fur. I added a gingham pink and white hang tie, and a pink ribbon with bell on his collar. So, when you jiggle him, he jingles! This time I trimmed the fur.

 I have a few more rubber faces, I will try to craft em' into something... So more soon!

I hope you all had a great Memorial Day Weekend?!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, May 19, 2020

Fabric Fun!!

From my last post you saw, that fun retro Purple dotted Rushton Plushie fabric! I decided to take half the fabric and cut out each of the cute plushies and make them into little pillows of awesomeness...
I wanted to create something to make each of the plushies stand out on their own and be loved separately. So, I started off with cutting each of the designs separately, and using some pink and blue satin for the backing. Later, I decided to use some hot pink ribbon for the top loops to hang them with, and some satin ribbon to make bows on each of them. After stuffing them, I was trying to decide what else I could add to them. In hindsight, I realized I had some bells, that I could either place inside them or hang on their loops or key rings.
 I had already completed three before realizing I had the bells. So, I added the bells to their bows instead. But, the last two, I was able to place the bells inside. The chick below, I used leftover blue satin for her backing, from my last project. So, there are a few words that you can see at the bottom, and in French. LOL

 I like how each turned out, and my faves I think are the poodle and baby chick! I will add them to my shop, soon! I hope you all are safe and healthy!!

Thank you to all our Frontliners!! God bless you!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls