Wednesday, August 25, 2021

Time to Prepare!


I got the call today for my actual surgery date. Almost 2 months since my biopsy.  I've been keeping busy, and just trying not to think about what is going to happen and all that the surgery entails. LOL Sometimes my mind likes it that way, so I am not stressing or overthinking. Maybe a good thing. I've been trying to sell some items to help with the upcoming hospital bill. Mostly rare cherished items I have sold, and it will help a lot. At the same time, I've also found some items in hopes of reselling, to make a little as well.

I'm not going into too much detail as to date, time, place etc. for my surgery. But, I will do a post-op update, if I am able to, later on. So, before stuff gets hectic here. Let me share some of the finds I recently got in the mail...


Found this adorable Valentine's Furry Poodle, with sadly no markings. But, I think she may be Herman Pecker? Cleaned her up and I will add her to my shop after the surgery. She has, "Be My Valentine" foil heart on front and a cute felt heart on her tail. furry ears and body. Quite unique and fun! Next, via Instagram, I was able to snag a few goodies!! This lovely, Wood House box for recipes, and includes recipe cards inside too! My friend VintageUnicorn also added this adorable bottle brush tree!!

This lovely minty Striped Gund plush bunny, and Frosty Boy pillow, both finds from vintagethisorthat! I just simply fell in love with. She also had another Gund bunny up for grabs, but this one just stole my heart! Ears have wire in them for posing, and he also has the same buttons on him pants like my Rushton bear with tiny bear! "Frosty Boy" has been an iso for sometime. In Japan, he is called, "Nikkun" for Nissei Ice Cream Co., and sadly very expensive for their vtg pillows. So, to find him stateside, was nice and for a decent price too! Yay me!!

I took my little mamekobo bunny outside for some outdoor pics. Now, to just focus on this surgery. I truly appreciate all the prayers and kindness. I will be back to let you all know, how it went. I will close my Etsy shop for the duration of the surgery and healing process. Thank you for your kind understanding.

Stay safe and well!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, August 21, 2021

American Girl Barbie!

 I recently found a lovely 1958 Mattel Japan American Girl Barbie with blonde hair. I don't generally collect Barbies, well at least not since the early 2000s when I first collected Francie. But, I was searching to find an American Girl, and too my surprise, there was one, at a reasonable price. I bought her and when she arrived. She just needed some cleaning up!

When she arrived, the seller had included a Peewee doll, and a Knickerbocker Kewpie Bunny plush in the box. I was very surprised! I immediately took the pajamas Barbie had on and washed her hair and cleaned up her face. She had no green ear, just a little lipstick rub. I was very happy. I thought about keeping her, but, I have decided not to collect dolls if I can help it. I told myself, if I did find dolls, I would get them to resell. Haha! She originally came with an original Barbie fashion called, "Slumber Party". I was able to find an original American Girl swimsuit via Ebay. She turned out lovely after her shower. I then, relisted her via my Etsy shop and she sold about a week later.

It was nice to see her adopted. I then, took the Knickerbocker Bunny and washed him next...   I restuffed him. Sewn the areas that had holes, and added a bow along with a working wind up music box inside his zipper compartment. It plays, "Easter Parade". A fitting song for him. He turned out quite lovely and is listed in my Etsy shop. I also received this lovely artist wall decor of Rushton's Omar Octopus made by KewtKitsch on IG. I love her packaging!! She made me laugh so much, as I opened up the box!

KQ made him to look just like the original Omar. I love the style of lace and ribbon combo! Quite unique and he will be a great addition to my wall decorations. I was able to find some dolly fashions made for Kikipop, that could fit my little Japan Bisque doll, Betty! I just need to find the jumper I have. I know it is some where in my storage containers... LOL

I also received from Japan, via DHL, these lovely Nesting Bento boxes by Chocoholic. I got three sets. One with a poodle, one with cute animals and the last, with adorable girls. I will list two and keep the animal set for myself. So check my Etsy shop soon! These will be great for lunch boxes or just to use as storage for your cute things!!

I also received this lovely blue My Toy plush bunny. She just needed a bit of cleaning up. She looks so cute with the red one as well. I just sold the red bunny this past week. The blue one is listed in my shop! I forgot to mention also in my box from DHL, are these ceramic teal puppy figurines. I have been wanting a set since seeing them a few years back. To my surprise, there was a set up for grabs recently. So, I was very happy!! They are quite unique and adorable too! Just look at those chubby puffy cheeks!!

Sara and I had decided we'd spend last night at our family friend's condo. She is off island. So we've been checking in at her place to make sure her mail is picked up and other things. Our initial plan was to go swimming in the pool. But sadly, we had to make a change of plans. So, instead we just relaxed and lounged around. It was very meditative. I took some friends with me, and this morning we left early for the Post Office, and I picked up new ones. It was a busy Saturday!!

We left the condo by 11:30am and headed home. I hope you are all staying safe and enjoying your weekend!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, August 14, 2021

Making a Rushton Wish Come True!!

 A dear fellow collector James via instagram, gave me the task of making his adorable Happy Bear with really thinning fur into a Happy bear of his dreams!! I must admit I was afraid, I would not accomplish the job. You see, restoring a plush is easy when it's just adding stuffing or repainting their rubber faces. But to, take a plush, and give it a different color fur and refur the whole body, well, honestly, can be very daunting. But, this sweet person, believed in me, and trusted me to do the job. Even though I wasn't sure I could accomplish it. So with that, he sent me his sweet bear and even allowed me all the time I needed to do what I could.

 For that James, I truly appreciate you trusting in me dear... I began on July 31st. You see I actually got the bear back on July 15th. I had to wait for the fur to come in from the states. I had bought the wrong fur the first time, as it was a bit too short. So I opted for my usual shop for these types of fur that are very similar to what Rushton plushies are made of. So, I started to work on the bear. I took his body, section by section. I worked on him every few days or so. Stopped took a break from him, took my time. Then after a few days began working on him again. As this process was very intricate and time consuming to do. You see, I even kept the original Rushton tag and made sure it shows even with the new fur. By August 12th, I was done. I had his fur trimmed and ready for photos by the morning of August 13th. I was sure he wouldn't be done until September! But, he was done!! I was surprised myself! Haha.

I had even added a thicker pink satin bow and took some photos with my sweet Happy bear!! James's Happy bear turned out beautifully! I was very proud of what I had done and the work I had put in to help create someone's dream plush! Mind you, I didn't have to do his face, it was already beautifully done by someone else. All I had to do was give her a new body to be admired in!! James's Happy Bear went from a dingy colored white thinning plush bear, to this lovely, amazingly thick furry white with pastel pink fur Happy Bear!!

My job was complete. Whew, and I immediately sent her on her way home to her Daddy!! It was definitely a fun challenge and to know that I could create something like that for James, made this commission well worth it!! Again thank you sweet friend for believing in me, when I didn't believe in myself, at the time!! You can see more of James's cute pics via instagram under seafoodpasta! Just sharing a few finds that came in below. I actually received this lovely Rushton Mouse from another collector friend named, Ashtomaton! She even added some of her very own adorable art prints!! I felt so blessed to get a few of her works!! Thank you Ashley! I love them! Believe it or not, I also worked on this adorable mouse, while doing the Happy Bear! LOL

This adorable mouse, just needed his felt ears, hands and feet redone!! I touched up his face as well and made him a little vest similar to Peter Rabbit's vest, but in pink! He turned out lovely and I am so thrilled to own him now, in my collection!! Next, a Vinnieboyvintage floor mat with lovely pink fawn!! So cute and Mel even gave me a few added gifts!! Thank you Mel!!

I found this lovely vintage Japanese futon cover or "Kakebuton". It is a type of comforter with retro vintage animals on soft pastel pink fabric. It feels lovely and so soft. There is even little gold threads running the length of the futon. It is quite beautiful, and a masterpiece to me! New/Old stock as well, because the futon still had its original tags on it!! Best find of this year for sure!! Then, some pixie tag ties below, for gifts or Christmas decor. I may used them for something else. Not sure yet?!

It has been a great month and it's going fast. Sara has started school the past week and I am still awaiting that appointment date for surgery...

Have a great weekend all! Be safe!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, August 8, 2021

Recent Online Finds...

      It has been one week into August and busy with so many projects... LOL  But, that is okay. I like keeping busy. No appointment date set as to my Breast Cancer removal, and that's okay too. Here's what finds came in the mail the past week...

I found via Yahoo Japan, these lovely vintage DX accessory purse case and box with hankie set. The clear purse case above came with lovely multi colored beaded necklace, 2 hair clips, 2 rings, and 2 clip on earrings. I've already listed it in my Etsy shop last week and it sold. The boxed jewelry set below, I will keep for now. I love the Licca purse case. I need to replace the gold tone chain, because it is rusting. ugh. But I've already washed the hankie. Just unique and I love vintage toy jewelry!

I bought these fake cotton candy and lollipops to use as props with my plushies and dolls! And, I am so glad I did! Just look at Happy and Chubby with their yummies!! They definitely make great props!!

I never knew this existed, Knickerbocker wind up music box. No, its not from a plush, but sold exactly this way. You turn the crank and it plays a song. In this case, it's "Three Blind Mice." A bit off tune, but that's probably because its like over 50 years old. I think about 1950s. I found out there are other color combinations. This one is pink with gray. I've seen pink with blue and pink with black. So far, songs like "Rockabye Baby." In the box from Japan, I also got these amazing Pose doll ornaments!! These are hard to find. They make great Christmas Tree ornaments as a friend once shared on flickr. Just love them and they are a great addition to my collection.

Next, this lot of vintage Japan wallets, memo book, origami and mirror cases! I've already listed a few in my shop and kept a few. My fave is the origami case in pink below, the mini pencil case, and the rose quilted mirror and case. Just look at that pencil case, it is so small and opens just like a life sized one!! OMG! Then, I found a miniature bone China girl sitting figurine. She was too cute to pass up. Quite unique and looks like a little fairy.

Then, two lovely Rushton plush bunny and puppy. I love that the puppy still had his original Rushton tag!! Their colors are quite unique. The hot pink bunny is just adorable. She will be added to my collection. The orange puppy, is smaller than he actually looks about 6 inches across. He sits a top my record player for now...

On Instagram a friend shared a Snapchat photo of herself and she looked exactly like an ad from the 1950s!! I literally downloaded Snapchat just for this filter. I love it!! It was so much fun to do! Next, I was able to find some pink vtg Valentine's Chocolate boxes on Ebay. I sold the first one, and decided to keep the other in dots. They are great for props!! The flocked bear with blue hair is also a recent find. He is just adorable and also listed in my shop!!

Can you believe, I found this lovely vintage Japan baby hooded blanket off of Ebay!! When I was searching for baby blankets, it popped up and it took me a month to decide if I was really going to buy it. I"m so glad I did. This blanket is rare, even in Japan. It has vtg bunny and bird nostalgic puffy decals on it. Many fabrics have the very same characters on it. But this one is a puffy applique. Even the drawstrings for the hoodie, had pompoms!! I love the way the seams of the blanket has like chiffon pink fabric sewn into the edging. This style reminds me of the 1960s style of sewing the edging on blankets. So cute!!

Next, this lovely vintage nursery Mother Goose record. Sadly, it has a scratch on one side, but I am hoping to follow some of the directions on google to see if I can fix it. I have yet to play it on my record player. Soon!! Below, a commission for a dear friend. I have his bear and am working on replacing his fur. I can't wait to see how it all turns out!! More on this, soon!
Have a great week all!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls