Tuesday, June 26, 2012

So Much to Do, So Little Time-_-;

Today some lovely items arrived, but this will be the last lot of goodies for a bit...as the Yen is much stronger than the Dollar these days...I will have to make more in order to get the other items still awaiting shipment!! Anywho, in today's mail, I was able to find 2 more Margaret totes, a Masako M. underlay, a Lot of 3 coloring books, a Lot of 3 older coloring books, a set of Mitsubishi colored pencils, and lastly, a set of Ayumi Uyama miniature stuffed animals gashapon complete that I've been searching for since ever since!! Yay, me!! Most have been added to the shop already!! check it out!
- ggsdolls

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Items in this week...

Small lot of items in this week. I got two lovely Chieko H. flasks or canteens in. A Lot of tulip colored cups. 2 coloring books, sadly used, but the artwork on them is still lovely. Lastly, this lovely Jostine memorial album unused. Most will be in the shop! So, make sure you check it out!! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Today's Haul....

I love boxes like these!! and getting them almost every week has been like Christmas all over again!!LOL! So, this is what came in today!!
From left to right: Glico Lot of toys with ad and vintage box. a set of 2 Yoko Kitajima mini notebooks. Handmade Licca dress, Lot of 3 Eico Hanamura colored pencils n boxes. I love the artwork on them!! A Lot of keychain and another Himeko girl pendant! Lastly, my fave, Lot of 2 large pencil cases. One with Miyako Maki artwork "Scarlet" and the other similar to Yukiko Tani? not sure. It's my favorite of the two and I adore the inside even more so!! See below!
 Inside the case with lovely art graphics and I also love the plaid print on one of the flaps!
My Himeko pendant n pin collection is growing. The new pendant is on the above right!

Most of the items in today's haul will be or have been added to my shop! Thanks for reading!!
 - ggsdolls

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Amazing things from Taiwan too!

I've been trying to be hush-hush about an amazing shop also on etsy, which is also my competition but in a good way!! This shop also sells amazing vintage anime pencils cases, canteens, etc! I've already purchased two items from her and love them very much!!

Today, I received the second item and even though it may not be made in Japan, But I truly love the artwork on it too!
I was able to snatch this lovely made in Taiwan vintage pencil case. Inside shop owner also added a cute anime girl bookmark! It also came with a cute paperdoll and coloring book. The shop often has amazing items and is the same place I got the Macoto colored pencil tin!

I also received very quickly my brunette magnetic dancing toy!

I love the box and I ended up purchasing 2 more one for each of my daughters!! Now, I have a sister to the blonde one!!

A closer shot of the little dancer! I may want to get another set for mint keeping purposes...LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

What's in this week...

I actually had mostly items for the shop in this lot. A lot of different things I was able to snag from Yahoo Japan! Check it out...

I found a Lot of two art bags and it came with a set of paper flowers, and a puzzle. I also found a canteen with cute anime girls. A Lot of 2 pencil cases, some tiny cases with first aide kit, memo pad accessories, and a cute book type case with paper clips and other things. Two poseys in a Lot and I just adore the brunette one! Also a vintage tulip cup in pink! Most have already been added to the shop and some have sold already...
This cute anime girl case looks like a tiny book and has some cute graphics on it. I may decide to keep this one?? I also started adding some items from previous shipments, that I've decided to let go-_-; I just have too, I am hoping they can bring joy to someone else...So make sure you check the shop! Some of my past goodies I've kept, have been added there!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Vintage Music Box...

One of the items in my recent box from Japan is this lovely jewelry box. But sadly, the seller said it was broken and of course all dirty and needs repainting.
The jewelry box before. I took the music box apart to see what was wrong with it and found a short piece of gold chain caught inside the mechanism. When I took it out, the music box began playing for me. I was so thrilled that there was nothing major wrong with it. I put it back in and screwed it in place. Then I looked carefully at the top section and used a paint brush to clean it out and below is the end result!!
It still needs to be repainted...but I might just keep it the way it is. Sadly, it was also missing the dancing ballerina. But I tried out a cute Dancing Mary magnetic toy I had and it worked out fine! I would still like to find a replacement one.
The inside of the jewelry box. The center part, swirls as it plays and the ballerina dances around...

Below is an example of the ballerina that should be with this jewelry box...

My replacement ballerina...LOL! - ggsdolls

PS This is the doll toy I used as a replacement. I got mine some years back at a store call "Sterlings" for only $5.00. Nowadays it costs more-_-; This lovely online shop has more!! Yay!

Saturday, June 2, 2012

More goodies arrive from Japan for the shop!

Yup, I was able to get these items in for the shop today!! But because I was uptown most of the day...I ended up putting them up later in the day...

Many items. A Lovely coco pencil case, quite unique with a lock mechanism and dial to unlock. Chieko H. flask or canteen nice and minty, I won a lovely lot of Anime memo pads and scrapbook. Then also a lot of teen mode bags and address books. Another anime girl overlay, and a jewelry box that needs fixing...

So, check out my shop for most of the items above listed!! - ggsdolls

PS the underlay to the right is another vintage manga style I think it is called "V is the Sign."