Friday, November 29, 2013

Takara Miniature Retro Japanese Style House!

Since the summer I've been on the search to find a miniature set by Takara that was released. I finally was able to acquire the blue set! Whew...they are not so hard to find, but can be very costly depending on where you are looking!!

 My miniature showa period Japanese style home. This house is small and most of the pieces inside it are a part of the walls, flooring, etc. There are only four rooms. The toilet, shower, tv room, and kitchen.
 The backside of the house. With a door, which doesn't open, and a window into the bathroom area.
 It comes with a tiny lady in the tub!
 There is even a teeny tiny little ducky! I love the living room area as well with its tiny retro TV set and a cat too! About 6inches in length. Inside, everything is about HO scale to me or maybe a bit larger?!
 The kitchen area is small and reminds me of the scene in "Kiki's Delivery Service"!!

I just had to add my girl above, looking innocent with her book, and Yes, that's the house behind her! See how small it is!! More info. can be found here!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

A few things to share...

It has been a busy week with Thanksgiving just around the corner...but a few things arrived to me today and yesterday, that I wanted to share...
 Hard to find Azone Neemo loafers from ebay above! I have yet to use them! Below, I borrowed elfdoll, Silf's fairy dress, for a flying fairy scene! LOL
 Minx looked so magical wearing it! I had to take some outdoor shots!!
 She's a fairy...No, wait, a fox?!! LOL. I couldn't wait to get some new hair in... -_-;
 Then, below, I received some items today from YJA! A Hanekawa Tsubasa figma, some rement items( I will show in the next post!), Takara Retro House(next post too!), and a book, called, "Toys of Glico"!
 I needed the figma for her hair!! So, she was sorta sacrificed for my girl below! It was hard to fit the head-_-; So, I had to shave the plastic was hard work, and I decided to use just one of Hanekawa's hair sets...whew!
 My girl's new look! I've always liked black hairstyles and braids are just as cute!

 A closeup above!
 I was able to use "BIN" for this 2002 book called, "Toys of Glico" written by Yuzo Kato. It's written in English too, so you can read it!! Awesome!

So many cute toys from the past to the present! Many I've seen thru Japan Auctions too! I hope to finish reading it soon...So, far it's talks about the history of Glico and the reason they came up with an idea to add toys with their candies!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cute things arrive!

Just a short post of two items that came in this week, that I wanted to share...
 I was able to catch the pre-order of this cute school uniform made for Picco Neemos! Sadly, the other sets pre-order was already sold out!! Yup, a pre-order sold out-_-; Oh well, at least I got one set! I tried it out on my girl below, but sadly, some areas like length, and layers are an issue. Though I know the outfit will be gorgeous on Lien...But I wanted to see if my Shinki below could fit it as well!
I also found more cute Christmas ornaments below. These cuties have seen better days, but they are still cute to add to my growing Christmas collection!
 Two lovely cats, and a really cute panda! From a lot thru ebay.
Sadly, he has a mark...but he is still a cute ornament!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, November 16, 2013

New Items Arrive from Japan!

A small box arrived today with more goodies to add to the Japanese Plastic Dollhouse again!!LOL! As I said in my last post I was searching for tinier things to place into this 1/30 scale dollhouse...
 Here's what I found...Konami MMS Pomock action figure, cheap! Wanda Frog jeans set of two, a lot of glico brooches and pins. Asian Rement set, Glico Retro table with accessories, and Hot Springs set of two for the house. Also, Tiny anime girl gashapons!!
 I've been hunting down some cheap Takara Hot Springs miniatures. So far, I got 3 sets that I added to the house, one already in it and these two above. Below, I also got the Asian Rement room, just to see if they'd be a good size in the house as well?!
 Sadly, the chair and lamp were too big, but the elephant and planter worked out well!! Some pieces not shown.
 Wanda jeans...wanted to see if they'd fit my Aram girls...Sadly, they don't-_-; Oh well...
 This Glico retro table set, was a good find, and fit a lot better than the other table! I've added a few things from this set to the house, but not all of it!
 This lot of glico brooches and pins will be added to my shop later on...I really wanted the mermaid pendant!!
 Madoka Magica cup gashapon toy lot! I actually got six, but my daughters each wanted one!! The three above are the one's I really wanted! They are a bit larger than Mirai, but might be great in other scenes or as they were meant to be playing on your cup of tea!!
 This poor brooch above, sadly, needs some fixing...But she is such a cute anime girl though...
 OMG, this cute anime mermaid above, by glico. I just love anime mermaids best!! Then, below more spammage of my plastic dollhouse with the hot springs miniatures in it...

Thanks for reading and looking at my posts! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Updates on my Vintage Japan Plastic Dollhouse...

Today's mail was much anticipated!! I have been on the hunt for a few things online these days...
 Above, thru ebay, I found some plastic trees really cheap, to place into my Plastic Japanese dollhouse! I just have to share with you what I've done with the house so far...
 Above, we have someone in the shower!! I decided to redo the house and this time I made the house wider and took up most of the floor plan... Now, there's a garden area on the center of the house!!
 Above and below, the garden area. I built the house around it! I won't be using the roof panels and instead just some colored paper for now... It helps make it easier for me to rearrange furniture and place more plants inside.

Here, I just placed some lovely palm trees, small and large, on the entrance way of the house... and Below, is another view!

 From the living room, you can see a bit of the gardens, and an umbrella...
 From this window you can see a door, which leads to the main entrance of the house. On the left side, is a door to the kitchen and dining area. The center garden is looking nice from these angles!
 Below, a peek from the bedroom area into the gardens. The small palms are a lovely addition just off of the sliding doors...

 Just another look at the garden area from above! More things to add later on...
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Monday, November 11, 2013

It feels a lot like Christmas!!

Over the weekend and on Monday, "Veteran's Day", some things I found or arrived that definitely tells me Christmas is just around the corner!! I received on Saturday, two lovely vintage Japan Christmas ornaments!
 Above, from ebay. I got this cute squirrel ornament, not realizing, I had already gotten him...sheeesh! Oh well, and below thru etsy, I found an ornament, that is still MIP!! Whoa, yup another cute bear! He will be a great addition to my growing vintage Christmas ornament collection! I can't wait to put them up this year!!
 Below, a closer shot of his tag, with price too! If only, things were that cheap still!! LOL!
 He is nice and mint!
 Then, on Monday, I took my husband to his physical therapy and while he was at the clinic, I did a quick run to Tokyo Mart and found this below!! mmmmmm....
 Yup, Nestle's Aero Mint Chocolate mini's! Yummy!
 I've always loved Japan-made Nestle's chocolates and to have them in mint flavor too!! Ohhhh Yes!!
So light and fluffy, like a cloud of minty heaven!! You have to try them if you do find em'!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls