Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Vintage Art Prints by Mojer!

I am in vintage heaven!! Today a dream came true for me... Since April, I was on the hunt for some vintage art prints by Mojer. Since, I've been using Instagram more for my photos and items in my shop. I fell in love with some of my new/old friends on IG's lovely vintage home decor...Mel of Vinnieboyvintage, Nat or Bunnyism, and Shevie or Pastelbelle.

I fell in love with their lovely vintage art prints on the walls of their homes... Gorgeous. Mel had a cute girl holding a cat, and the colors were pink, purple, magenta, and white. I tried searching for the print, but, I needed the name of the art work to find it. (not my photo below.)
 Then, I saw Nat's lovely vintage art of a lady or young woman with a white fuzzy shawl. Her eyes were stunning and had a lot of depth to them. I felt like she was looking into my soul. Beautiful... Dreamy... Gorgeous... (not my photo below.)
 That day, I searched, I was able to find the name of the print for Nat's lady art. It was by a British artist named, Mojer in the 1960s/70s. If you try to find any information on this artist, let me know? I couldn't get anything other than, that this artist made "Prints for Pleasure". The art of the beautiful young lady is called, "Vanessa". I was able to find some ended auctions on her and now, at least I knew her name. It did take some time to find one up for auction, and most of the prints I found were through UK ebay or AU ebay. Sadly, rarely on US ebay. I did find one a day later, but the seller in Australia only allowed 'pick up' of the item and not mailing anywhere outside of Australia-_-; I tried and the print sold really cheap too, around $25. So, I continued to search and in the process I also found the name of the girl holding her kitty! It was named, "Innocence", also by Mojer. I was finding out I definitely loved Mojer's work!!

Another showed up just a day after the first one... This time bidding, but, sadly, the seller again didn't want to send out of country. I finally, one via UK ebay appeared. The seller would not send to me, but, I had another trick up my sleeve, check one of my friends in UK that might be able to help me... Sure enough, dear Shevie, answered my call. At the same moment, that I found a "Vanessa", an "Innocence" showed up too, Yay! I had her bid on both and we won them! She won them at a good price too, as compared to the average prices, I was seeing on ended auctions. Thank you sweet dear Shevie for making my dreams come true dear!! May you and your lovely family, continue to be blessed!

My prints arrived the day before, but, because I didn't have a car to use to pick them up, I had to wait. Then, when I did picked them up, I had to wait until we got home to see their beauty... ugh. Patience is definitely a virtue... LOL.
I looked at "Innocence" first, it had some nicks on the frame at the top, and maybe water stains on the art? Nothing too major that I could see. She looked beautiful to and I was very happy to have her.

 The first look at the art above, and on the back its reference #.
 She fits nicely above my end table and dresser...

 And with "Vanessa" sadly she needed more help...

Photo from the auction above and below. Her right eye had missing paint or a rip on the print. Below, she had other scuffs in the lower half of the print. Along with fading of the entire print itself, and lastly, the frame was cracked at the bottom right corner.

Backside of the print.
But, I was determined to make her better, so I worked on her before bed time last night... I reglued the frame with wood glue, and while it dried, I work on the art itself. I took out my colored pencils and acrylic paint...

Before/ After pics...
 I tried my best not to add to much paint, I just used a colored pencil to outline the areas that were missing and then, I used acrylic paint. I had to mix the colors to get the closest possible match to the aged color that the art already had.  Very carefully I lightly dabbed my brush on the art. In hopes, that I would just add to Vanessa's eye...
 Above, I then, touched up some areas of the art that were also scuff marks, around her fingers, the scratch along the bottom. I left the other areas alone, only because, I knew it would show.
 Vanessa also fits nicely above my end table. I will have to figure a way to have both side by side. Surprisingly, my husband loves both prints as well. Wow.

I may add a bit of white on Vanessa's eye. She turned out beautifully. I may change her frame later on. There are other prints by Mojer that I love. Maybe in the future? For now, these two are the one's I've dreamed about owning, and I am content. ^_^

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls


  1. my mum bought a house with her inheritance and it came with this “vanessa” print on the wall. (im only learning of its name now). i was always captivated by it. my dad bought the house off her when they split up and the painting was lost (probably melting in the attic). my mum chanced upon it in a local vintage store one day and bought it for me! it was only half the size of the one from dad’s house but i didn’t mind. i was so happy to have it. if it’s meant to be it’s mesnt to be. i only found out the artist’s name tonight. i’ve been searching the wrong name as it has “big eyes” written on the back and i couldn’t quite figure out the artist signature. funnily enough a week later in the same vintage store they had another print of it.

    1. Hi Gypsy Spirit, awe, that's an amazing story dear. Thank you so much for sharing it. I'm glad to hear you did find one and now another. She is amazing. Vanessa is my favorite. Many hugs, Gigi