Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Vintage Cuties in the Mail...

Here's what came in Today's mail...

I found this lonesome vintage ceramic Scottish Terrier Japan, missing her partner. She was too cute to pass up and was fairly cheap too. I may add her to the shop...

Then, a dear friend Christin,e of kitschandkawaii on IG, was selling some goodies, and I snatched up this cutie! I'm so glad I did too.
 Cute note from Christine above and a mint in box cutie...
 I have seen this cutie with many collector friends. So to be able to own one, is serendipitous! One of my wishlist items. Yay!
 She is minty gorgeous! She will be added to my growing vintage ceramics.

I had also bidded on this set of vintage lithograph Rico Tomaso "Surf Girl" prints through ebay. In their original vintage frames. I will keep one and add one to my shop.
 Similar to the vintage Litho ballerinas I got last week. This one will hang on my wall.

Lastly, these two cuties from Yahoo Japan, seller called them "Twin-chan" dolls, because they were sold together.

 They both remind me of Junior Margaret a talking doll. But in smaller form. They both came in their original outfits, one missing her panty.

 I cleaned them up and both will be available in the shop.

Cute girls for sure!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Big Eyes Movie 2014

I finally, got a chance last night to watch the movie, "Big Eyes" 2014 by Tim Burton. Taby had been watching movies most of Saturday. So, her and I watched two others, "The Boy", and "The Good Dinosaur".

Back to Big Eyes...
 The movie DVD above(not mine), is based on true events that happened to Margaret Keane, the artist later known for her "Big Eyed" Waif, children paintings. Also a bit of truths behind the scenes of the movie here.

 Photo on left not mine from this site, The Bowery Boys: New York City History. Which talks about Margaret's beautiful painting that was taken down from the 1964-65 World's Fair. On the right, my screen shot of a bit of information on Margaret Keane.

Yes, I was late in watching this one, but now, I will definitely get the DVD, eventually. It was a truly a sad story, but also an empowering one. I have often seen Margaret's paintings up for sale via ebay, etsy, etc. At a time, when Big Eyes are just as popular as they were back in the 60s and 70s, with Blythe dolls etc. Seeing how Margaret's work came to be, and sadly how her husband, took credit for it, makes for great drama. Taby and I enjoyed the paintings and many were shown, some popular one's that collectors today still collect...

I must admit, as of late, I have been searching for a few style paintings that I want for myself. More later... I did however manage to get these two via etsy, and for really cheap too! Though they are not Keane, I am like fairy tale, girlish cute, ballerina art. Lithographs are now my new faves...

Ballerina Lithographs 5 X 7 by Rico Tomaso, 1960s. So cute. I will have these framed and up on my wall soon...

Thanks for reading. ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Iroha Toy Rattle Blocks!

Today, I received a set of Iroha Toy Blocks/ブロックいろは!

An amazing find through Yahoo Japan, I've been wanting to get a few blocks for my collection. Though they are meant to be a complete set, they are also very collectible for those of us who want to use them in toy or doll photos...

 Nice and minty above. These are ABC blocks for children to use and learn from. Toddlers would love them too, as they rattle when you shake them. So cute, and very practical. Each block has colored art on one side and the other is Hiragana Characters to create simple words with.

I will keep a few and place the rest via my etsy shop!
 In sets of six or 4 pieces.
 There are so many retro toys and household items on the art, from the 1960s in Japan! Love seeing the toys most... Connect them and have fun!
 My fave below, the poodle. I will keep this one along with a few others...
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Mail Day!

Here's what came in this weekend... many items added to my shop too!

Since getting the cute teeny tiny pose doll, I decided to find a few more... I found these set of 3 vintage Japan crochet dolls. They are small enough, I believe for the tiny carriage? Hopefully. More on them later.
 I found them through an etsy shop. Their face paint are very similar Bunka dolls. Cute for sure!

I found another cute underlay and this one will be added to my shop. So be on the look out!

May 2016 PINCLUB pin is here! Quite unique I must say...Ha!

A lot of Bento tins below. All will be added to my shop!
 Licca above with chopsticks. Below, a Lot of 3 bento tins.
 The Lot will come with the bottle openers below!

My fave, a set of cute tea cups with Rune Naito art. I will keep two, and one will be added to the shop!
 So cute! I've been wanting a few since seeing them in one of Ayumi Uyama's books!

Cute pie Chi-chan and the tiny carriage!

 She's perfect with the tiny Bunka and carriage!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Chichan New Old Body!

I haven't collected Takara Chi-chan dolls for some time... I do own one other given to me from a dear friend. Then, a few years ago, I saw a flickr friends photo of her lovely Chi-chan head on a Tutti doll body. So, I told myself, I would do that if I ever found a Chi-chan needing a new bod.

Recently, I did and was able to get a donor Tutti body via ebay. She arrived to me today. I will keep the original head, just in case...
 Sacrificial Tutti above and below, Chi-chan on a Tutti body. She is wearing a Remco Heidi doll top and Tutti bottoms, I believe.
 I tied her her in pigtails, added some flower hair ties, and I think she looks better in the sailor outfit below, by Knickerbocker's Annie Doll...

 Shoes by Kukuclara.
 I hope to take more photos of her with my other Chi-chan gal...
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, May 8, 2016

Mother's Day...

It was an amazing Mother's Day weekend! I received some cuties Saturday that I just have to share with you!

I was able to snag this vintage ceramic cat set via an online Japan shop! Now, I finally own one of these cuties. Someday, I will get a bunny version!

 Often seen owned by many of my collector friends via IG! They are so cute. A lovely addition to my small ceramic collection...

 Then, I also found this amazing Baby Bunka doll and carriage through Yahoo Japan. 
 The baby doll and carriage look too minty to be vintage? So, it may have been recently made? I went back to the listing, and it says it was made by "Rattlings". Made with pipe cleaners and the face is cloth material.

 The carriage is too cute and also come with a pose dolly print futon inside. I have been wanting to get myself one of these tiny cuties for the longest time... Sadly, they go for really high prices, and now that I've seen it in person, they are so worth it!
It is so small and adorable! I can't wait to use it in a miniature dolly scene... more soon!

 My Mother's Day gift, a fruit bouquet! Yum!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls