Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Making a Tree Skirt and More...

      I've been trying to keep busy as of late. No appointments given to me as yet. So, I decided to make a tree skirt for my little pink table tree I decorate during Christmas. I started off with the idea to use some more of my Rushton fabric from Japan and the cute Alice in Wonderland iron-ons I got from my local Goody store...

I couldn't work on it a week after coming up with the idea, because I had to wait for the pompom trim to come in. When it did, it was a bit larger in size than I had hoped, but still lovely. I didn't have a pattern to make it. So, I formed the circle, using the lid from my vintage plastic hamper! LOL Yup, I did! I figured it was just about right size for the circle. I then, cut the baby blue satin fabric and then the Rushton fabric to size. I cut a line towards the center of the circle on the fabric to make the opening of the skirt, where it ties. Then, another smaller circle at the center for the tree trunk. I used satin baby pink ribbons and sewed them into the skirt along with the baby pink pompom trim. Turned it inside out and TADA! I was almost done. It was definitely a little bit rough as you can see, but it will do, since it is only for me...
It took the next day to find out where I had placed my iron. Yup, don't iron much, if rarely at all. Teehee, I'm a wash, dry and wear kinda gal. Found it and added the Alice iron-ons. It was fun to watch everything come together! Now, I have a reversable table tree skirt! I can use one side this year and a different side the next! LOL

From Japan, I received a box with some adorable items, like this Fujiya Peko chan rug and key chain tins. I've always wanted the Peko chan vintage sign, but its very expensive to buy even in Japan. So, this mat is cheaper and more affordable for me. The key chains, I've added to my Etsy shop if any are interested. They are cute to hold little things and you can have them hang off your keys or purse!

The rubber face ladies with adorable hats or bonnets, I shared in my last post here. I made them into roly polies too! These are also with rattles in them. I have added them into my Etsy shop for sale. Next, are these amazing High Fashion Lina by Takara doll fashions made by My Balloon, a Japanese doll artist. I just happened upon her blog while searching up information on Lina dolls. Oh my goodness, she created these lovely mod style fashions for another collector of Lina. I had to ask if it was alright for the very same fashions to be created for me and the other collector said yes! Thank you dear!! Yaya, did an amazing job! I love each of them!!

I chose this lovely peach nighty number with hat, this amazing mod style dress with hat, below, and last, the Liberace style in red with lace ruffles below!!

I also received this lovely vtg plush bear made by Chiltern, England!! I have been searching for one for 2 years!! Now, I finally have one! He is blue and white fur, with pink ears, paws, and feet. Just adorable and a welcome addition to my little plushy collection! Chiltern is a company that made rubber face plushies similar to Rushton Happy Bears, but painted differently. Some say, they are Rushton knock offs? Who knows...
I also found these lovely Love, Love Usagi mint in box Rune bunny couple for a fellow collector. I was surprised no one had snatched these up. In lovely condition and to see their box was a treat for sure! I decided to take my Winkin' Rushton kitty and give him a restoration... He had the orange sponge inerts and they needed to be trashed, some turning hard and most into sand. I replace his stuffing and decided to touch up some of his nose, lips and cheek blush. He is very special and the only cat I own I believe. Haha!

I hope you all are staying safe and well? Until next time!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, July 20, 2021

Updates on Situation and More Finds!

      Hey, its meh! Okay, so I wanted to post sooner, but decided it would be best to wait until have my consultation with the doctor. I had my MRI last week, and was supposed to have my consultation yesterday, Monday, but that was cancelled, because my doctor is a very busy guy. He was meeting with the Governor. 

So, MRI never fun, never had one, and now that I have... it reminded me of that scene in Exorcist! When, Reagan(Linda Blair's character) was in the same situation, but it was her brain they were checking... She looked like she was in pain, so now I know why. Well mine was mah boobs. Yup, had the IV pin in my hand not my neck, whew! Still not fun, and very, very loud even with earphones on. Anywho, fast forward, I did have my consultation today. Doc basically said, I have Stage One Breast Cancer or not even One, more like between zero and one. Because the cancer was just beginning. They basically found it at its earliest stage he said. Whew! Okay, so I will still have surgery as it is the best option to remove it completely and hopefully it hasn't spread anywhere else. The when and where will be planned, etc. So for now, some more waiting. This news is a blessing, honestly, the cancer could've been a lot worse. So, I truly appreciate all the prayers and good vibes, they have helped me out a lot. So please continue, and thank you so very much. My doctor was very personable and made me a lot less afraid about the whole situation.

On a different note, some finds that came in...

I found this lovely vintage ceramic set of deer Mother and babies chained. I actually found this set once before. I added it to my shop earlier today and it sold in like 22 minutes! Whoa, was not expecting that. Definitely happy about that. I also finally bought a few of these adorable rubber face ladies with different hats. I thought they would be a bit larger in size, but they aren't, like less than 2 inches tall. Still I am working on something using them... More soon!

Next, I found my fourth vtg Ninohira puppy brooch, this time with red fur hair! I added him to my Etsy shop and he was snapped up in like 3 minutes!! Yay for the happy buyer! All proceeds will help with my medical bills. I truly appreciate those who have purchased items the past two weeks, you've greatly helped me and my family. I truly appreciate it! Then, this lovely vintage Morinaga cookie tin. I love the posedolls on it! How adorable is that?! I am deciding if I will add it to my shop as well... Sorry, I thought of using it as a container for my ribbons and other bits... It's just too cute for words!!

This vintage celluloid bead doll rattle toy I just could not resist. I found it through Ebay and for a lot cheaper then most that I've come across. So happy too. I will keep for now. Next, this adorable wall pin ups for your nursery of a Hot Air Balloon with a baby angel. It needed a bit of fixing in some areas, but oh my goodness, I love the colors most of all! Add some pompoms, and gold trim, I am hooked!! I've already put it up on my wall too! Haha!

Last, this adorable vintage pink frosted Libbey glass tumbler? So, it says on the seller's listing. But it's quite odd that the print of the cute nursery animals are upside down when you turn the glass right side up?!! Perhaps it is a lamp shade? Any ideas? Still, it is too freakin' adorable! You can drink out of it. But,  it looks so much better as decor with all its atomic kitschy cuteness!!

Well, that is all for now my friends. Stay safe, get vaccinated, get your mammogram done, if you haven't. Because early detection saves lives!  Sending prayers and hugs to my dearest friends in Germany who have suffered from the recent flooding. Until my next update!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

When Life Gives You LEMONS...

 ... make FINA'DENE'(CHamoru word for a spicy dipping sauce)!!

     The past two weeks has been scary, I will admit. I recently had 2 biopsies performed on my right breast, because of an area that caused concern with my Radiologists both from FHP and Guam Radiology Center. They were done and yesterday I had the appointment to find out the results. Of course, it was cancer, but I am told it did not spread, but rather it is in a particular area and can be safely removed. Of course my initial reaction was to freak out, but my doctor gave me the whole song and dance about telling my brain not to freak out, so to speak. LOL, funny how our brains do that no matter what. But he was trying to make the whole situation on a lighter note, if that was any console to me... 

     ...It wasn't. I left the center drove to pick up my middle child. While sitting in the parking lot waiting for her, I cried, and cried, and said in my head, "God this is your will and your will be done." Earlier this year has been quite a roller coaster of emotions, you see I was also diagnosed with Diabetes back in March. My practitioner told me I could reverse it, that it was just up to me, and so I did. I started fasting, no sodas, and didn't tell anyone, not even my husband of my diagnosis. (Well, now he knows.) When I saw my doctor in May, I had beaten that diagnosis, and was told I am no longer diabetic. I was so happy and proud of myself!! I told myself, that I would fight that and I did and won that battle. Now, I guess I just need to tell myself I could fight this one too and I know I will but, still the word "Cancer" can give your brain a play on your emotions. I would not wish any disease on anyone, not even an enemy. Life is far to short to stress over them or any cancer or disease.

     I will have to do an MRI and then meet the next doctor who will do the surgery to remove the cancer and what my options are at this point. Am I scared? Hell yeah! Do I ask myself, why me Lord? Yup. But I have to remind myself of a saying a fellow coworker once shared with me, "God gives us what he believes, we can handle," and I still think that way. I have had many obstacles in life, some easy, some hard, but with all that I have experienced and learned from. I have enjoyed my life and still do. I am proud of who I am as a person, what I've become, and how I continue to live my life trying my best not to stress over any thing if I can help it. Not many of us can say that, and I am content.

Medical bills have been paid and I will need to save up for the new ones. Please check out my shop often I will be adding some items to help pay for my medical bills. My family and I truly appreciate any purchases to help. I will probably do a sale on my Etsy shop to help get more items sold. I will also keep you all posted on the progress of my breast cancer. I truly appreciate your prayers and positive vibes, keep them coming!

Hey, fina'dene' is good with BBQ chicken and red rice!! Just in case you didn't know, LOL

Thank you so much for listening! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, July 11, 2021

Vtg Celluloid Toaster Shaker and More!

 A lovely few decent finds have arrived...

This celluloid vintage toaster shaker is quite unique. At first glance you'd think it was a toy. But it isn't. The bread slices are shakers for salt and pepper. The black top with floral design is what caught my attention as well as the simple cuteness of a toy. I believe its 1940s, and made in the USA.

I was finally able to find this lovely Premier mint in package doll watch. I have seen them often mostly in Japan auctions, but they sell for a lot. This one I found on Ebay and for dirt cheap compared to the others. I love the packaging and it will be a nice little display. The band is made of elastic, the clock face is tin with movable plastic clock arms. Just adorable for your dolly to wear!

I have seen this lovely Marie Cake Kewpie doll made by Lisa Loria, often via many collectors on IG. I've always wanted one and since Lisa mentioned it would be the last time she'd make them. I made sure to get myself one. These adorable Kewpie dolls, she creates to look like Marie Antoinette with pretend cakes underneath the glass dome atop a cake stand. How ingenious!! Mine arrived last week. It took a month for her to work on it and I'm so thrilled to have at least one of her works in my collection! Lisa, you inspire me dear!!
Last to arrive as far as vintage finds, is this 1930s Japan paper mache' jointed Patsy type doll. She stands about 8 inches tall and needed re-stringing. I love her face. She is a welcome sight and a great addition to my collection and so unique. I tried to find any information on her, and nothing has turned up. Just adorable and I can't wait to use her in some of my photos! I was also inspired to work on the vintage rubber face bunnies I got a few months ago and I made them into Roly Poly dolls with rattles in them! I also used the Japan Rushton plush fabric on them as you can see a Happy bear! They are both listed in my Etsy shop, and the blue with pink has already sold.

My plush kitty beside them for scale. The black with pink is still available in my shop! I then worked on a bit larger version of my felt rolypolies, and this Panda came to light! He just adorable and I added a 'tingaling' sounder in him. He is also listed in my shop just today! Loved the way he turned out.

Happy Sunday near and far!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, July 5, 2021

Another Rare Find!!

 I recently received the icing on the cake plushie by Rushton!! This adorable vintage Rushton bear in pastel colors and holding a little blue plush bear of his very own!! I have only seen this type from a Japan shop that sold it long ago... So, of course to my excitement, finding it was truly a blessing in disguise!!

 He arrived safely from a seller in Texas. Upon inspection, he was in pristine condition for its age. A cream and pink rubber face bear with the similar face mold to the Chubby Tubby. Sadly, no tag, and I could not see his stamp under his chin. He wears pink pants with satin pink ribbon as suspenders, and adorable pastel blue buttons. His satin ribbon tie was somewhat wrinkled up, and may just need a good ironing. The little plush blue bear has felt ears, tongue, plastic eyes, and sewn on nose. His bow was also pink and kind of too thin for my taste. So, I added a nicer bow on him. The chubby bear is about 14 inches tall. He is definitely a part of my Rushton Collection now!

A view of his backside. I replaced the small safety pin, as the last one was all rusty. He is simply the cutest Chubby Tubby bear I've seen in this version. The seller was so sweet and wrote me a lovely note and shared with me the story of how this bear was found. "This particular plush I found recently at an estate sale, it was a keepsake item, it was in a cedar chest along with old baby clothes blankets, and a few other toys, but this was the only rubber face" I think that it why he was so stunning. I did have to touch up his blushing a little, and seal his face, which helped a lot. Because sadly, his rubber face was getting oily in feeling and gave off a stickiness to it. Yuck! But, with the sealant I used, that was gone. Yippee!!

The Japanese shop that had him up for sale long ago. Also, here he is side by side with my Chubby Tubby Cherub. Same face mold too. He is just adorable and I love him!! A welcome addition to my little collection for sure!

This lot of vintage dime store vinyl dolls, I also found online and if you look closely, they look just like "Chico-Chan" or "Tiny Terry". The lot included a blonde, a brunette, and a dark brunette doll. They have arms, and heads that can twist, sadly their shoes are painted on, and legs are stationary. Just too cute! I had gotten so many requests for them, that they sold through IG. I'm just glad others will enjoy them! Next, I had gotten a vintage rubber face plush cat, that had a weird combination of colors and his plush and stuffing had cardboard in him. Seriously, very odd indeed. So, I threw away his old body and remade him into this laying kitty with a rattle! He was snatched up in my Etsy shop already!!

Then, I found this lovely vintage mermaid doll mascot made in Hong Kong. She just needed a good washing and touched up her eye shadow and blush. I listed her in my shop and she was adopted as well. They are quite rare and often hard to find too. I finally became inspired after making the purple kitty above, to finish Sara's pink kitty. The first attempt, I did I was trying to create this similar stance for her plush, but had no pattern. Since I remade the body for the plush kitty here, I have her old body as a pattern now, and was able to complete Sara's kitty. She loves her and I'm just so happy that I finally had her completed. She had been sitting in my boxes for several months now. LOL

Last for today, this adorable very small celluloid blue puppy toy. I thought was a rattle but it doesn't work? Not sure, Still so cute. I will use him in some photos. They are available at KitschandKawaii on Etsy! I missed out on the other colors darn, but still this cutie is special.

Last week Friday, I had 2 biopsies. It was a very odd surgery to have done, and quite uncomfortable. The surgery was called a "Stereotactic Biopsy". Just look it up and you will see what I mean. It is something I don't think I want to experience again. So far healing is fine and it wasn't as invasive as it sounds. I hope to find out results in a week or so, as the lab that it goes to is off island and in Hawaii. Thank you for your kind thoughts and prayers, they are very much appreciated.

I hope you all are enjoying your Independence Day weekend! Have a great one!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls