Tuesday, February 22, 2011

NRFP Fashion Teener Coreen!

Today, I checked the mail and my NRFP Fashion Teener Coreen arrived! This is the only FT I didn't have. Now, I have all 4 gals and they are all so lovely. Tiny and easy to take with you! When I first started collecting dolls again, I was in love with Francie, and discovered so many other dolls by Mattel and this was one of them!
Released back in 1971, my birth year, I don't remember seeing them on toy shelves, but my sister said she used to own them, and dawn dolls too! Wild!
Still, I am glad to have them and that they are a part of my small collection of barbies! - ggsdolls

Friday, February 18, 2011

Some New Jewelry Items for the shop!

New cell charm of pink plumerias, will be added to the shop soon! Below a "Latte Stone" cell phone charm, and a few necklaces were completed and will be added to the shop soon!
I've been so busy trying to redo the shop and add some of Sam's photographs as well. So far, things are working nicely, I sold two necklaces already, and have a few on order! Funny how, my lovely dolls or anime collection jewelry, only sells to a small few of my fellow collector friends, but all my island jewelry, is much more so popular with my family and friends on facebook...its all good though!
Above, a lovely Guam hybiscus flower in red cameo. I love the colors here! And below, I found some medium sized black cameos that I can use for smaller sizes, cause not too many people are into the larger cameos as jewelry to wear. Instead, I am told, many of them will hang these necklaces in their cars to remind them of Guam! It's all good for me. I am happy that my babies will go out into the world...LOL! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

In the Mail Today...

As if I wasn't busy enough...LOL! I received Today's mail from Japan. Most of the items will be added to the shop and a few will be kept for my collection...Above a bunch of lovely Shoua Era totes, cases, purses, etc. Most will be added to the shop!
Then, I also got many coloring books, sketch book, puzzles and coloring sheets. My fave is the sketch book with the girl in braids. She is so Macoto cute!

The lot of Wedding Set toys, above, my fave is the colorful chest of drawers, debating on whether I will keep all, or just the chest of drawers?

Another fave from the shipment, this lovely Miyako Maki popup notebook. I have the living room popup book in blue and now this one with a pink cover. So realistic and cute! Make sure you check out my shop soon, most of the items are already listed! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

More items I've made...and other stuff!

I really needed to update photos of my Kiraz doll above and finally with some time this morning I was able to accomplish that. This rare doll is just amazing, and seeing my friend Marc's girls, just made me want to collect a few more...but because of their rarity that'll only be a dream!

Then on Saturday, my daughter's book finally came home, and it turned out beautifully! She owns a DZ Ani and created a story for her, and all I basically did was take photographs. The way she set up the doll and the scenes were amazing! She's already started on her second book! If you'd like to purchase a copy just find it here!

Then of course, my latest jewelry made, mostly, showcasing Bear Rock 3. Many love the blue and orange coloring of the sunrise in this one, and I made a necklace above, earrings below,
and don't forget the cell charms too! Some have already been sold, but because I found out that the name Bear Rock has already been claimed, I will have to change the shop's name and will update you all when that is finalized too!
Still, I am glad that these beautiful items are loved! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Collaboration Project with Sam!

This past Sunday, I took some projects that I had been working on for the past week to our family Sunday Dinner, since we were celebrating 2 relative's, plus my bday. I wanted to bring along these items to see what kind of reaction I would get from them.

For some time, I had been working on new jewelry items and noticed that most of the doll or anime cameo's I had been selling in the store well, were selling very slowly... So I took my mother in-laws advice, and decided to use some of my husband's scenic photos of Guam, instead of the usual vintage stuff. I came up with these, a scenic photo of our village landmark called, "Bear Rock" placed on a gold tone setting and into a white resin cameo. The response along with
a cell charm was overwhelming! The family loved it and said it would be a great souvenir item for tourists! I was soo happy and thrilled that it has taken hold!

I've placed some photos of one's completed on my facebook and even family abroad are now taking orders! So, since Sunday, I've opened a second shop on etsy and it will feature works of my husband's and mine! We'll see how well this one turns out, the key here is that it is made in Guam, and its customizable! - ggsdolls

PS 02/14/2011 - Shop will have to be renamed, will update soon!

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

YJA items arrive on my Bday!

While we headed up for my bday lunch at Tony Roma's, we checked the mail and I found that a Lot of items I had won from YJA arrived. I mean literally, all these items were in one lot, and I don't have enough time to even show all of the items on this post...all for just 140yen!
Of course s/h made up for it though...still so many amazing things, and most will be added to the shop. The lot included two kokeshi beaded dolls, a vintage telephone bank, a stuffed bunny, Adochan keychains, a soap case, etc... The swimmer bag above was holding a panda post card by Rune Naito. I just love the bag with the cute deer on it too!
One of my faves above, a vintage topperware, kinda small, but I love the floral details. Most have already been added to the shop, but the only reason I got the lot was for a cute girly pendant that was in it!! I know wild huh?!! - ggsdolls