Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Happy Mail Day and Another Trade with My Best Toy Friend!

Today, I received some cuties that I just couldn't resist getting!

 This cute little bunny coin bank. I found through an online shop in Japan. I have seen a larger one wearing a jumper, but this one reading a book was just too adorable. It's quite small and I'm surprised it could hold coins?! LOL
 Usagi-chan reading, for Happiness Mutual Bank, is what the listing said. She will be added to my soft vinyl collection.
 Then, I also found these cuties up for auction through ebay! Whaaaat?! Yup, they were up for auction together in a lot. Kobe Bank Mitsui Sumitomo Monkey Coin Banks.
 Sadly, the blue hat monkey has a lot of issues. I may repaint him? The red hat is in good condition. I've been wanting to get one for some time, and generally, they go fast or for high prices even on Yahoo Japan auctions. So, it was very nice to find these two for a lot less on the bay! Yay.
 I will add one to my collection and sell one in my shop...

I recently, traded with my Best Toy Friend again! This time for my yellow bear with the blue bow and my cute girl with the blue bow on her head. I know, what you are thinking, whaaat?! Trust me, it was hard, but, She gave me choices I could not refuse... I definitely love the items I got and there is a bit more, but I may or may not show later...
 Very rare plush pink bunny baby bag. I say Bag, because she has a zipper at the back to put treasures into for safe keeping. I was very thrilled my Toy Bestie offered this cutie. Like I said, I couldn't refuse. I think, in trade for the yellow plush bear, is very good and we are both happy.
 She is so sweet and adorable!

These two ceramic deer were a gift! Thank you dear Toy Bestie! I only own the gold deer couple, so getting these was awesome! They have nice big eyes!

The other item I won't share at this time... another amazing trade my dear Bestie Toy Friend! Thank you sweetie!

Thank you also for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Vintage Shinto Shaggy Dog!

Here is a hard to resist vintage ceramic yellow shaggy dog by Shinto Pottery. Still has her original sticker and gold tone chain. I will be adding her to my shop later today!

 Her eyes were calling to me to get her so that someone may adopt her and love her!

 Then, I won this cute vintage duck seal. Nice metal plate decor seal, reminds me of the cute vintage decor from the old days. It is a part of my collection.

 Just need to decide where I want to place it...
Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, November 28, 2016

1950s Gayware Harlequin Kitchen Canisters!

Holey-moley, I can just about scream! In my hands are the most amazing kitchen canisters one can ever own... I'm literally shaking here. Vintage Gayware Harlequin Kitchen Canisters!! Read more about the history of Gayware here, thanks to, "The Vintage Post" and also here by, "Urban Rustic".

I was asked by a famous Kitsch Queen collector via IG, if I wanted to trade for my vintage ceramic made in Japan with something they had. I won't say too many details, but, they, basically made it irresistible.

These amazing canisters arrived to me safely today! So excited. I was thrilled beyond belief... Then, as I checked to see if they were original Gayware, Noooo! Oh well, they are a similar style, also sold around the same time. Dang it. I guess it was not meant to be. But, at least it was a nice, complete set though. One has got to find a silver lining. LOL
 Nice, complete and with some ware on certain spots, but, amazing to finally have. I love the retro look they give.
 Sadly, can't fit all of them atop my wall cabinet. But, that's okay. Thank you, dear friend, for an great trade. I will treasure these for sure! I know one fact, I would not have found even here in the US. Another good point made.

 I was also able to snag this cutie. Yup, he was still inside his netting! Yay! I was surprised no one had else did?!
 Now, I have a new boy to add to my growing Ninohira collection.

Last, I found this adorable vintage aluminum thermos also with the "Cherry Blossom" design as my pink one.
A smaller version too.
It's nice with my other two thermoses, and a good thing to have a variety of sizes.
My growing vintage thermos collection...

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, November 25, 2016

The Next Best Thing!

These highly sought after vintage ceramic figurines amongst collectors...

Photo is not mine, but Sofia from flickr.

... are very hard to find, and if you are fortunate enough to get your hands on them. Lucky you! I only got into vintage ceramics earlier this year and since then, these cuties are just that hard to find. I did however come across, these cheesy vintage flocked plastic ones on etsy. If you look closely, their stance is similar to these ceramic deer. So, I decided to try something out...

 Seller's photo. Purchased from etsy.

I took off the mistletoe and googly eyes, and bells.
 I tried painting over the flocking, but that did not work out so well. So, I removed the flocking altogether...
 Spray painted them white, and the past day or so, worked on painting details on them. In the end, this is what I was able to create. Though, now that I think on it a bit more, I should've painted the Doe's eyes closed. That would've been better. Darn.
 But, still they turned out nice. The Buck looks a bit more like the original ceramic ones.

 It was fun to try to re-create them. For now, these will be the closest to owning a set.
While working on the fawns, I received this amazing Macoto Takahashi tin filled with chocolate krispies. Inside, you also get a postcard too. Cool!

 I will definitely be using the tin for vintage or doll related items... Very nostalgic.

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Finds from Japan, Are in!

Here's what arrived to me today!

 Some Yahoo Japan goodies, like a Mitsuwa soap tin, retro tulip forks, rement Asian set, "Goodwill" Door curtain, and ceramic Lamb couple...
 I saw this cute Mitsuwa laundry detergent tin. I just had to see if I could win it and did?! LOL
 Love the vintage pose doll children graphics on it. Very retro.

This lovely Rement Asian Shop set, I wanted for, of course the miniature thermos! Ha.
 Now, I have it in miniature too...
 These cute tulip forks or Fondue forks are so cute. I will keep a set and sell a set in my shop.
 So dreamy and vintage!
 I may keep this door curtain... still deciding, if not, it will be listed in the shop!

Oh my goodness, how cute are they?!
 I love their eyes. Cute lamby couple with chain. Sadly, the chain needs to be changed out, rusted, and maybe the floral decals on the girl lamby's head...
They are keepers, but. I will have to make a lot of decisions... LOL

Thanks for checking my blog out! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, November 20, 2016

Painting the Miniature Twiggy Heads...

I got the amazing miniature Twiggy heads here. So, I of course wanted to paint them! I decided to paint two of them and keep the other two original.

My first attempt was terrible-_-; So, I cleaned them up and tried again the other day. We had a scheduled power outage, so the girls and I decided to draw and myself paint. I started on the head that still had some dark paint on the eyelashes. I finished one head and Taby wanted to do the other! So I had her work on it. We both finished just before the power came back on.

Here are the end results...
 We used acrylic paint. The one I painted above and below.

 Taby painted this one, and she did a way better job, than I did! Nice!
 I wanted this one to look more like my Twiggy bank.

A photo of the three together.

Then, I received this cute vintage anime girl case. I will be adding to the shop today!

Then, the girls and I decided to go to the 37th Annual Japanese Autumn Festival at Ypao Beach Park. It was really nice. We had a blast. I hope to go again next year!
 There was food booths, performances, and game booths to enjoy!

We sat by the main stage to enjoy some dance performances.

My souvenir from the event, an Ultraman mask. So many people were wearing their masks. Sara got two goldfishes she won playing the "Goldfish" game, and we all got masks too remember the day! So much fun!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls