Thursday, February 28, 2019

VTG Rushton Chubby Tubby Bear

 "Chubby Tubby" 
No home complete without Chubby!
THOUSANDS clamoring for him...
Now ready to ride from coast to coast...
bringing lovable little "CHUBS" and
"CHERUB CUBS" with him!

 This 1950s vintage Rushton Chubby Tubby, has a story to share. First, I found him via Ebay and was able to snag him for a good price. He took about a month to get to me, ugh. Never fun, but I was very glad to see him in the mail Yesterday. I opened up the package and the seller had him in one of those clear vinyl comforter zipper reusable packaging. Definitely helps it to ship lighter. Never thought of using that type of container to ship with. He was definitely well loved, and inside with him was a hot pink sticky note, with cursive writing on it. I kept it on the dresser, while I looked him over and started to work on him. He definitely needed a wash. So, at first, I decided to try to wash him with his stuffing... Nope. He was too wide and chubby to fit inside. Next, I decided to unstuff him. It was about two and a half loads of stuffing in a 20 gallon trash bags. Oh my, I washed him and he came out all nice and clean. Some areas needed a bit of sewing and definitely a touch up on his face. I could tell that the previous owner painted his eyes.
 He was well loved and while waiting for him to dry, then restuff him, and finally touch up his face paint. I read the pink sticky note...

Written on it was this, "My name is "Teddy". I was born December 4, 1954, in Wichita Falls, Texas. I was given to Betty J. Hays, on her 19th Birthday."

 The seller had added a red double bow ribbon and I just kept it on him. I did have to sew two areas that had openings. He was restuffed with lighter cotton stuffing. I'm so glad that the black on his fur didn't bleed into his ears or tummy. Now, he's ready to be adopted and continue to be loved by his new owner! Find him in my shop soon!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Finds in Today!

We survived the Typhoon over the weekend, but it was definitely touch and go moving only 8 to 10mph. Wutip, came very close, but we were very fortunately that it went further west. Whew. Thank goodness. We only experienced some power outages, a lot of wind, and some rain.
Here's what came in the mail from Japan, Germany and USA!! From Japan, I found another blow mold poodle, to replace the other that I sold. I also found a bear toilet brush holder with brush, a ceramic cat coin bank with anime girl art, 2 swimmer place mats, and 2 Chocoholic dotted shelves. I decided to find a few more Swimmer products to bring to my customers here in the USA.
 This lovely blow mold bear in gray with his closed eyes is a cute way to display or hide your toilet brush. And this time it really is a toilet brush holder, and comes with its brush. Just adorable, I will add this cutie to my Etsy shop soon. Then, this lovely set of yellow and blue half shelves by Chocoholic. I like the black ones I got from the goody store, but this being in blue and yellow will be a nice contrast or pop of color in my display cabinet. I will have to set them up so you can see. More on the shelves soon!

 I also found these Swimmer place mats! I fell in love with the swan, and figured I could use them on my end table. One with Swans in blue, and one with Sparrows in yellow. Interesting thing is that the lettering is in cursive, but the letter they used for the cursive, "S" is actually "C". LOL. If you look closely. A typo, but still cute. I was also able to find another blow mold Poodle container. My first one, sold to a lovely fellow collector that was in love with mine. She really loved mine for her bathroom. It's okay. I'm just glad I found another.

 This lovely vintage ceramic cat coin bank, I will add to my shop. I also saw the same listing via Ebay, but I was able to buy it from the same seller and not through Ebay, and way cheaper too! Whew! She is in lovely condition, and still has her original stopper. The unique thing about this coin bank is that she has a lovely Macoto T. style anime girl on her body. Her yellow lace and organza collar is original too. Next, I found this 8 inch Kamar looking Japan pose doll. I hope to share more about her later on. I have plans to transform her!! Stay tuned!

 The last two items, I found online, one through a world antique shop in Denmark, and the other through ebay. This is one of my ISOs for miniature vintage dollhouse furniture! A lovely Brio Lundby Red Egg Chair from 1958 designed by Arnold Jacobsen. This is 1/18 scale miniature. I was able to find one super cheap compared to what some collectors are selling them for. Whew. I actually thought that my purchase didn't take when I found it. When I checked back on the website, it showed that it was closed or at least my purchase was closed. So, I figured, they meant that it was sold out? But, as I picked up the boxes from Japan, this happened to be in one of the 7 pieces I received! Yay! A beautiful version too, no serious flocking missing, the base is a bit loose, but other than that I can't wait to use it in one of my dollhouses!

 Last, this lovely vintage set of blue arms chairs and table all the way from Germany! Marked, Dregeno lehnsesselgarnitur, it is a mint in package set of two chairs and a table. I will share more about them, when I get the packaging open. Thanks to my dearest friend Uli in Germany for helping me to acquire this set. It was up for auction via ebay and of course, they didn't send to Guam. I finally got it and am so excited to share more later. It is a 1/12 scale miniature set.

 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, February 22, 2019

Gund Find and Tropical Storm!

I received a cute vintage Gund plush bunny in the mail 3 days ago. Which, I had to mail to my sister in Washington, because the Etsy seller refused to send to Guam. Just as quickly as I bought him, she refunded my money, then convoed me as to why she refunded. I was beyond disappointed, she hadn't even given me an option to send the bunny to someone within the States. Ugh. Warning!! Rant ahead....

Not sorry, I understand if it was because because you have no way of getting your customers box to the Post as an issue, but refusing to mail to Guam, because of the mere fact that you don't want to fill out the customs section. This makes no sense to me! When you ship online, its just a few extra lines to fill in... Seriously! I bought the plush again, and used my sister's address this time. Sent, without any further problems.

Okay, Anywho, she received him and then immediately sent him to me. He arrived safely and I'm thrilled. His rubber face is what drew me to him, beside the fact that he's a boy bunny, a great partner for my girl Gund! He was in good condition with no smells. But, he looked a bit more yellow then usual, maybe dust and just needed a refresher. So, I undressed him and placed him in the wash...
 You don't see much of a difference, but he smells oh so nice now. I also washed his pants and top. I didn't wash the vest and coat, because I didn't want it to bleed out the color. I added a button to the vest, a black ribbon tie to the collar, and some forget me not blossoms to his vest. Tada! He was like new again! He's nice and plush, his wires are right where they should be and he's able to bend his ears, arms, and legs if I want too. He stands about 14 inches tall with ears up. His coat has the Gund tag still in place and nice and clear. No sewing on his body needed, Yay! Just sewing on the collar and lace ruffles on his top. Here he is beside his gal. What do you think?

 I also found this lovely ceramic lady via Etsy, made by Irice, she is actually a potpourri holder. I thought she was a lipstick holder, but I found another also on Etsy, that is the very same, but in a different color. Love her face, she reminds me of a character... Hmmm, can't think if her now. Her colors are nice and mod style too. She will sit on my dresser for a bit.

Unfortunately, we are preparing for a storm, and just as I was writing out this post, the power went out. Ugh. It's back on, so I hope to finish it before another outage happens. I went to Payless Supermarket and picked up some necessities to ride out the pending tropical storm, which is called, "Wutip", by the way, and is expected to hit us sometime Saturday evening. I also picked up another Kabaya chocolate with toy. This time I got a ring! How cute! It's heavy in weight, and the in the shape of a crown. I will add it to my jewelry collection. Let's hope this storm passes and quickly...
Stay safe everyone and have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls