Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Tan Poppo Chan Type Little Girl Arrives!

I received two cute items in the mail today! I just had to quickly share...
 Won through Yahoo Japan auctions, she reminds me of Poppo chan dolls from Sekiguchi. She has lovely pale blonde twin ponytails. I especially love her pink PJs. She holds a yellow plastic rose. Same pouty lips and closed eyes, as another tan doll I have. All original too.
 Undressed to see her body, legs and stance just like Poppo chan dolls. Her head and arms are movable.
 "A flower for you", she says. How could one, resist this cute face! Here she is beside her big sister. Now, they are a family!
 Next, this cutie also won through Yahoo Japan, she is a coin bank. No markings, base has felt instead of a rubber stopper. Nice big eyes and lovely period hat. She reminds me of Holly Hobbie or maybe Sekiguchi Gege dolls?

 She has a crochet cover with pom pom ties, very 70s. I may add her to my shop... LOL
 I opened up the Licca chan wonderful rooms, that I don't own and displayed them side by side. If anyone is interested I have two unopened ones that I can let go, since I have doubles. Number three and number six, the bed room and the study room.
 1. Licca's room and 2. Licca's sweets room.
 3. Licca's cosmetics room, and 4. Licca's pet room.
 6. Licca's study room, and 5. Licca's dress room.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

My Angels Have Their Wings!

I acquired these cute angels here from my previous post, and found them replacement instruments here. Today, I received the wings to replace the one's that are missing on them, Yippee!! I actually tried twice before to find them wings. First, I found a bunch at Underground Dungeon's here on Guam, a kind of Party City. Sadly, they were wired ones and I didn't want to glue gun them on, I want to be able to remove them when ever... Ugh. So, I opted to using some plastic one's from a set of Tinker belle fairies... They arrived from China, damaged. Most of the wings broke during transit and the ones that did survive, were to hard to stick into the hole at their backs, because their heads were too big, and it didn't allow the peg to stay in... Double ugh!
I decided to think through, exactly what might work. I chose to go with these cute fabric puffy applique angel wings in small and large sizes, from an Etsy shop called, "WhiteElephantCrafts" from Thailand. After ordering them, all I had to do was figure out, how I was going to put them on the angels... Hhmmm... Then, ding, enter "Light Bulb" over head! I came up with tie straps!
 I figured, that if I could somehow put the wings into the tie strap and then maybe the lock part could easily be pushed into the holes at the back, right? Not the case, when I was ready to put the tie strap lock into the holes, they were a bit too big. Ugh. Okay, now what? Instead, I cut the tie strap, and bent it in onto itself, and made somewhat of a peg, that could be stuck into the holes instead. If that made any sense? And it worked! Yay! I used the shiny white rainbow wings on all of them. Taby thought, that the small wings were cuter on them, as compared to the larger size. I agree they are cuter!
 A closeup of the wings on one of the angels. As you can see the tie straps, are white, but look like they are meant to be there. From the side view, the tie strap part that was cut and bent on itself, is like a peg and pushed into the angels back side, and not visible at all. Nice.
 My brunette angel with her pink instrument. Now, I just need to find one more thing, a replacement holder for one of the angels... My next assignment. Ha.
I also, may want to find music notes to create the mobile that they hung from... Just thinking aloud. LOL
 I also received the complete set of Licca 'Wonderful' Rooms gatcha. Yes, I decided to get the complete set. I will sell two of the sets I already have, that are unopened from this lot.
 1. Licca, 2. Licca (Sweets), 3. Licca (Cosmetics), 4. Licca (Dress), 5. Licca (Pet), and 6. Licca (School), are the titles for each. I have number three and number six, that I will let go.
I will post via IG to sell them. Have a wonderful week everyone!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, March 10, 2018

Gay Ware Canisters Arrive!

I just received an ISO from my wish list. Thanks to my dear friend Anahera from Australia, via Instagram. She had this set for sale! If you read my blog post here, it talks about how I fell in love with a Nally ware set and now, have the original Gay ware set it was created from! Yay!
 This Gay ware set has issues, but still lovely and great for display. I also took out my Nally ware set to compare. The differences, slightly on colors for each and the Nally set has no markings. The Gay ware has the Gay ware markings on them.
 The Nally ware set will be added to my shop on etsy soon. I can't keep both sets, though I wish I could. So, be on the look out for the listing soon.
 Then, I got this re-print vintage mod girl with vintage frame from Poshtottiedesignz. She had it up for grabs via IG and I've always wanted a print. I've seen the original prints twice, but missed out both times. So, it was nice to get one, even though it is a copy. Haha.
 Then, I added a few more touches to the Marina Pearl Hair clips via my etsy shop! I had these white plastic seashells and added blue felt, a black ribbon to tie the hair clips too. You can use it as a display case for the hair clip when not in use!
 I've already updated the listing with them.
 Last, this large handsome fellow, is an etsy find for a friend in Australia. He is huge! I know she will love him when he arrives to her. A great addition to her collection too!
Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls


Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Created a Doll Size Marina Clip!

Yesss, I finally got in all the supplies in to create a doll size 1/6 scale, Marina hair clip... Taby and I worked on it the rest of Monday afternoon, into the early evening... And here's some quick shots!
 I started with gluing the translucent flower sequins I bought from etsy, and added hot pink acrylic pearl flat back beads, also from etsy. Then, I added the jewelry pins to create the two pronged hair pins. While I worked on that, Taby helped me by taking the sea shells I got from the jar at ROSS to be the clip holders. I found some dark blue felt and she glued them down into the shell, after I had sewn on blue thread to hold the clips down, when not on a dolls hair.
 It was tricky for me to create the two prongs pins, but it worked out well and I left them to dry as we ate dinner. Afterwards, I took out the pre-made cards I had and got them completed and ready for purchase!
 I made these ads for IG...
 I took several shots of the Marina hair clips below...
 Here they are when not on the shell. There is a thread that you just put one of the prongs into. The shell is a hair clip holder for Marina's clip. It also looks similar to the one in the movie!
 My Marina above wearing the hair clip.
The packaging for the doll size clips. It was fun to create too. You can find them in my etsy shop!
I also got this cute big eye tan girl via IG. She needed a shower and then I took one of the vintage dolly dresses I got last month and put it on her. It suits her and her tan skin.

 The top button doesn't snap on. But, she's still cute. I will add her into my shop. So, be looking out for her.
 She has huge alien looking eyes too! Reminds me of Poppo-chan dolls too.

"The Many Faces of Cherry Chan." The Motion Portrait app had an update and included facial expressions now! Awesome and so fun to see Cherry chan with facial expressions. LOL

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Nagoya Castle for The Day...

Taby and I decided we'd try to go to Nagoya for a day and this time bring Manny, my nephew. We checked the flights and all looked well too.

So, on Friday, we picked him up from my brother and had him spend the night, so he wouldn't have to stress his parents having to leave the house early. We left early Saturday morning to find parking and picked up breakfast before getting to the airport. Once there, we got our boarding passes and went through TSA. Once through, we headed to our gate after resting where there was wifi. Our flight left about 7am, we all got First Class seats, yay! It was Manny's first time flying to Japan and even better, on First Class! Awesome!
 We landed 3 hours later into Nagoya, Japan. When we arrived, I was picked up via wheel chair and we were whisked away to customs. I had filled out the forms. But, unfortunately, was given a very stern look, and some words from the first customs clerk, because I had not specify where we were going and a telephone number. He must have been in a bad mood, because, I was told to complete the forms properly. I did, but after that, I changed it to "Aeon Mall".  I was trying to make him understand we were there only for the day, and was not staying the night. Oh well. It was definitely not a good experience, and probably one of the reasons we hadn't gone to Nagoya for over 10 years.

But, it was all better when a different customs clerk checked us, he simply stamped our passports and we were on our merry way. Yay! We got out, and I was dropped by the money exchange. We did that and now, onto enjoy Nagoya. The train counter person was so sweet, he gave us tickets that equaled to a one person price on "Reserved Seats" on the same train. Nice! We sat in car 4, and it was open, with very few people sitting.
 Here Taby and Manny are, enjoying a leisurely trip to the next station. After we caught a subway we made into Shiyakusho, where the city hall was. Because, close by was an entrance to Nagoya Castle. We rested our tootsies a bit by the exit where a water fountain was.
 We entered Nagoya Castle grounds, Manny was free, and we paid 1,000yen for Taby and I. I was also able to get wheelchair there, nice. On the way to the castle, Taby spotted some Cherry blossom trees, from a path she saw people walking too.
 The blossoms had just started budding on a few of the trees along this path. I saw many taking closeup shots, shots with their cute toys or trinkets. It was nice to see that, normal and no one making a big fuss about it. So, love Japan for that!

 Sorry, no shots inside the castle. I parked my wheelchair by the huge gold fish, and watched other people taking photos with it. Taby took Manny around, and I told them to make sure to go to the observation deck! He loved it too, most especially the Samurai swords! We left the castle to find a place to eat at. Outside of the entrance way, we walked by a restaurant titled, "Orympia". They had menu's with pictures to choose from. Not too crowded either. After we ordered and waited for our meals, I sat and watched, as mostly Fathers. As they came in with their children to eat a late lunch or get a snack. It was quite interesting to just people watch. "Where were the Moms?", I thought. Working Moms and Dads now at home, caring for the kids. Wow, such a change in the times...
The atmosphere was very nice, and had a cafeteria style setting. I got a pork saopao for us to try as we waited for our meals. Taby ordered a spicy shrimp noodle bowl. Manny got himself a pork cutlet bowl and I got a chicken cutlet meal.
 Taby was saying, she noticed our meals look just like the Japanese ones she's seen before, in other peoples photos. I agreed. It was all delicious too! Yum!
 Afterwards, we headed back to where we exited the subway. Sat and took some more photos with the water fountain there...
 Manny, relaxing... and Taby wanted a pose by the water fountain.
 We left the same way we came, and was back at Nagoya International Airport by 3pm. We had gotten some bread from the subway to snack on, at Vie de France Bakery. But, now to find a place to eat and relax our feet.
 I was sitting across from this shop here, while Taby took Manny around. She had to buy tennis shoes by that time, because her heeled boots were making her feet numb. Ouch! But, they were cute tennis shoes too! She was very happy with that purchase!
 Across from where I was sitting. A "Pokemon' Store", and a "Hello Kitty Store"!! I made sure Manny got some gifts for his little sister and family.
 There was a few Gatcha machines, not many though, like in Narita, darn. I got a Sanrio sleeping Cinnonmon Roll toy from this shop. Then, a Gudetama Sweets keychain for Sara there too. I'll show you later in this post!
 Notice the tennis shoes? Then, we sat in the food court and there was a band playing Pop music. Cool. We got water, and ate our Vie de France treats. I got a croissant with chocolate, almonds, and Taby got a cream cheese danish, Manny got a fruit croissant, and we got a melon cream bun for all of us to try...
 I know it looks like matcha, but it wasn't. It was simply a melon bun with melon cream inside. Taby said, it tasted like the Japanese Marukawa melon gum. LOL
 After waiting for the United counter to open, we bought a lot of treats for family. The two enjoyed shopping. We made it on First Class on the way back to Guam. Yippee, this time it was a really open flight. Manny was with me, but then moved over to sit with Taby. So, I had some alone room. Awe, nice. Me time! hehe.
 We got home about almost 2am. Just showered and went straight to bed... It was definitely a nice experience with a few exceptions. But, I will definitely go back to Nagoya again! Below, what I picked up, from the trip...
The two gatchas, I mentioned earlier, one gatcha Taby got for me from a Licca chan machine. Royce chocolates, and my Nagoya Castle ticket.
 This was a special edition, Sakuraberry Chocolate. I got two, one to give to family. I can't wait to try them.

 This gatcha from the Hello Kitty store, is a Gudetama sweets keychain. I was hoping for the Melon soda dessert. Oh well.
The cute Pompompurin sleeping gatcha. Awe...
 This is the Licca chan gatcha Taby got for me, released in February, called, "Licca Chan Nice Room". Featuring several rooms in cute compacts, similar to Polly pockets. Cute!
 I got the "Bedroom". Inside stickers to put on a Licca Chan doll stand. The compact even has a stand to put at the back to keep the compact from falling over.
 Taby even got herself one! Love this, and it was really sweet of Taby to find it for me!
Taby took a shot of it for me to see!  Haha, thanks my girl for thinking of me.
 Last, I got this Friday, a vintage KK ceramic coin bank with original box. I had an opportunity to get the very same cat, but waited the next day to buy it and someone else had snapped it up. LOL Oh well.
 This time I found it via Yahoo Japan and won it! It arrived to me safely. I was able to take these quick pics before our trip, just didn't have time to share it.

 Hello there little one, nice and minty mint ceramic cat coin bank with stopper. He's just gorgeous! Even his coloring. No, marks crazing or fading in color.

 I'm deciding if I really want to keep him. Just don't have the room. May be listed in my shop? I'll announce it on IG.
Hope you are having a wonderful weekend! Monday is a holiday for us here on Guam, "Chamorro Heritage Day".

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls