Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Rare Mermaid Pencil Case

I just have to share this with you...

I acquired this lovely vintage "Alpine Mermaid" pencil case with art work by Saeki Kayo, "アルプス マーメイド 佐伯かよの 筆箱". Through an online shop in Japan.
 I actually found the book with the same art work here in this post. I eventually sold the book. But, have been on the hunt for this pencil case. You see, as a pre-teen growing up in the 80s, I had this pencil case. I used it in class for some time, and then, I no idea what happened to it? I don't know whether it broke or what? More than likely, I lost it. I did find it back in 2011, up for auction through Yahoo Japan, but sadly. It went really high in price and I didn't win it.

 So, finding it recently has been truly a blessing. Still lovely and mint. The case itself is a lavender purple with a mermaid on the front cover, and little bubbles around her, with mermaids inside. If you look carefully! At the back, two mermaids swimming playfully along with some angel fish, and yellow fish.
 On the side its marked with more angel fish and maker. You can open the front and back side, to place pencils, erasers, and other things for school. I love the "Butterfly" at the center. I don't even recall that emblem. LOL
 Definitely a treasure to behold.
 Then, I also received my pre-order of the new Azone Pure Neemo Emotion S White skin version in the mail. I've wanted to get an XS bod for some time, but just never got around to it. Then, this new release, looked interesting.
 I'm able to manipulate the legs better, and the body can sit nicely with legs tucked in. The waist is a bit unusual and will need some getting use too.
 Came with heeled feet too. I hope to use it for Francine perhaps...
 Last, I finally received this vintage girl mirror from an IG purchase. I had to send it to my sister's mailing since the seller wouldn't send to Guam. Took so long too. I love the coloring and the cute face with blush. This will be added to my collection.
 Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Some Kitsch Finds...

We are still grieving and the Funeral Mass for my Father in-law is this Thursday. So, I haven't had a chance to post on any vintage goods as of late. But, I've had many items that have been listed for quite some time on my shop sell, the past few days! Yay! Very thankful for that!

Here's some items that arrived...
 Since, finding that cute unique mod girl mirror here. I decided to get a Dawn mirror. Made by Durham Industries, 1970s. This Dawn doll mirror is nice and minty, from an etsy shop. I've always wanted one, so it was just awesome to be able to find one, that was just off of a display box too.
 These cuties, I found via Ebay. listed as Hedaya, Co. rabbit Easter ornaments. They have similar rubber faces to Rushton squirrels, don't they?! LOL. One of the reasons I got them. They are quite large about 9" tall and have gold ties on them, meant to be hung, like ornaments.

 One boy and one girl. I may need to touch them up a bit...

 Then, this lovely Brinnco type Lamb planter. It was listed on etsy for some time. So, I went ahead and purchased him. Not really sure if I want to keep him or not, he doesn't really go with my display decor... There is also a pink one, I saw on ebay. He does have a cute kitsch face, but not the colors of the popular Brinnco lambs, in blue, pink and yellow.
 Last, my ISO for over a year, these lovely Lefton Pink puppy chef shakers. I traded for them, and they were so worth it too!
 1950s Lefton shakers, there is also a tea pot, creamer, sugar, not sure what else. But, I probably won't even get those anytime soon. Still one can wish right?
 Lovely condition, but missing their corks. It's okay, I was just going to display mostly.
 I was given a gift too! Lovely Halloween kitsch post card!
These items made my day, considering all the sadness...

Thank you so much for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, June 14, 2018

Rune Naito Figurines and More!

Last week, while doing my usual searches, I found these cute figurines available for purchase in one of my fave online shops...
This lovely black Rune Naito Cat will be available in my shop soon. In great condition and she is actually larger then I expected her to be, about 6.5 inches tall.

 Then, I also found this lovely white Rune Naito Scottish Terrier, also about 6.5 inches tall, I will add him to my etsy shop also!

 Sadly, I got one in black also, but it got damaged on the way to Guam, so he will also be put up in my etsy shop, but with a discounted price. (Not Shown.)

 I ordered these cute Mary Jane shoes by PetWorks, for Ruruko or Momoko. I know they will fit Cherry chan nicely, and they do! You can see them with the Shiny brite fashion below.
 Also, this miniature gold Momoko Statue. I just couldn't resist!
 This cute Barbie Fashionista pack fashion called, "Shine Bright". I just had to buy, because of the peach tulle skirt, and the top is just cute too.
 Doesn't Cherry Chan look cute!

 Last, this lovely vintage Chalkware style blonde Lego coin bank. She is so adorably mod. I've seen another style in brunette. But I think I like this one best!
 Still has her Lego sticker too. I need to replace her felt cover at the bottom. Otherwise, she is gorgeous!
She will be added to my collection.

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Happy and Rough Couple of Days...

On Tuesday, June 12th, my second child, Tabytha graduated from Southern High School. It was a beautiful ceremony, and an amazing day as well!! I will be forever proud of her and my eldest child, Tevin, who also graduated on June 1st from Air Force boot camp and is now at Tech school. So many beautiful moments the last few weeks. Here are some pics below!

 My son actually went into the Air Force as a second career move from his Assoc. Degree in Graphics Design. So proud of both of them! Now, just have one more child to go, whew! Haha.

Sadly, the day after Taby's graduation, my father in-law passed away. Just Yesterday. It's been hard and reminds me so much of my own mother's passing... We are all doing well and just going through the grieving process. He will be missed...
 Thank you everyone for your heart felt messages and hugs, my family and I truly appreciate it all. God bless you!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls