Friday, June 24, 2022

Interview with Marcelowyellow!!


 Interview with a Collector - ggsdolls blog Series 

      Here's my monthly series on my blog where I share some of the most amazing collectors, sellers, and creatives, that have become friends of mine and what they collect and why?

    For the month of June, my blog interview is with the handsome, marcelowyellow on Instagram or commonly known as Marcelo.

    Marcelo was born in Brazil and am currently living in Rio de Janeiro. Though he has lived in the United States for twenty plus years too. He has worked as a store manager for an Italian high-end fashion brand. Now on to the questions!

    What began your journey to collecting rubber face plushies, etc?     

     I'm a collector at heart, and have gone through several different phases during my 25 plus years of collecting vintage toys, kitsch and ephemera. My interests are quite vast as far as toys go, but I'll try to keep my focus between the decades of the 1950s to the early 1980s. Though, I do own several rubber-faced plushies I do not actively hunt them down. But will buy them on occasion if I fall in love with the character and the price is right. The bulk of my collection these days consists of vintage rubber and vinyl toys (squeaks) and vintage fashion dolls, such as Brazilian Susi (1966-1975), pre-80s Barbies and celebrity dolls. Besides those, I also collect Japanese toys/dolls, 70s action figures, vintage Happy Meal toys, rollie pollie dolls, 80s Playmobil, space-themed toys and the list keeps on going...

    How do you describe your relationship with your collection? What attracts you to these items and what keeps you interested?

    Vintage toys remind me of the happy carefree days of childhood. Though I did not come from a “wealthy” family, I pretty much got the toys I coveted as a kid, as far as I recall. So, no, I wasn't this toy-deprived child who compensates for it as an adult or has a bout of Peter Pan Syndrome.

    Looking at my collection, displayed on shelves and cases in my home, does transport me back to those joyful times and I still do get starry eyed about it. Toys musn't be expensive to be cherished either as I value the dirt cheap broken toys from the flea market as much as the break-the-bank highly coveted collectibles you've overbid from Ebay.

    What is it about the vintage kitsch era that makes it different from other eras?

    The eyes! I'm a total sucker for those big round eyes combined with that mid-century aesthetic. I'm such an old soul and if something is vintage, combined with cute, with a touch of kitsch and a dash of weird I'm in! Let's also mention the quality and care put into manufacturing them, with all those amazing hand done details we don't find on contemporary toys at all anymore. Vintage packaging graphics & illustrations are also amazing!

     Tell me a bit more about your collection.

    I've been a collector since I was a kid and I've collected stuff like match boxes, key chains, candy wrappers soda cans and whatever else I thought was cool at the time. As a teenager, I was into new wave records and foreign magazines. When I moved into my first apartment, I started buying 50s/60s furniture and kitschy atomic-age objects to decorate my place. Along with that I was already adding vintage toys to my own childhood ones that my mom never had the heart to give away. Moving to the US a couple of years later opened the horizon to having access to many more vintage toys that weren't available back in Brazil. I recall making my first truly vintage (to me) purchase in Miami in the mid 90's: a Farrah Fawcett doll, a Buck Rogers doll and a Brooke Shields doll, all mint in box and I was in heaven! The next milestone was when I opened my first Ebay account in 1999 and was only downhill from there! I went through a couple of years of really heavy Ebay buying and I don ́t regret it a bit! I actually only regret the toys I sold on eBay at times I thought I needed to scale down my hoarding.

Though toys are my main focus, I must confess I do bring the oddest stuff home from the flea markets, such as old medical school props, taxidermy and whatever else strikes my fancy. My home can be a tad creepy for first-timers. But I love that surprise aspect too. Nowadays, I m mainly on the lookout for vintage rubber squeaks and 70's. Susi doll fashions as example, but I search for a dozen other things too, depending on the day's mood.

    What has been the reaction to your collection from family and friends?

    It's usually a surprise when new people I meet learn that I collect vintage toys, specially work- related folk. Some people find it quite interesting and some are unfazed, and that's OK too. To my family it ́s no big deal as I ́ve been a collector of stuff since I was a kid. To be a collector you must not care too much about what people say or think about your hobbies, as it's your passion and we cannot live our lives to please others, right?

    Do you have a favorite item and why is it so special to you?

    I don't have a favorite item, really, and couldn't pick just one. But, usually my latest purchase is usually my favorite one for the time being.

    If any item could just fall on your lap free of charge? What item would that be, and why?

    Just one? That's a hard one! There is a Viceroy panda version of a Sunny bear that has been on my wish list for a few years. But haven't seen one for sale yet. I'd be very happy to own one of those for sure!! Pandas are the best and Sunny is just the cutest bear, so combining both is just perfection!

    Have you noticed an increase in the popularity of vintage kitsch, why do you think this is so?

    Pop singer, Melanie Martinez is certainly the main artist who introduced that kitschy-creepy- cute aesthetic to her young fanbase, who are voraciously gobbling up Rushtons & rubber faces from Ebay. Prices have also skyrocketed since, that is a bummer. Some young collectors can be a bit too eager to build a collection overnight. So that also reflects on the inflated prices we see now regarding 50 ́s/60 ́s era nursery-style toys and kitsch. But, I'm also glad that a new generation of collectors are appreciating and preserving these amazing toys. 

    Finally, is there anything else you would like to add?

    Building a collection, be it toys, stamps, lunchboxes or baseball cards, requires discipline, research, patience and perseverance. It could takes years to build a focused collection and some grail items might seem impossible to attain or take forever to show up at a decent price, but they always do! Collections are often changing hands for a variety of reasons. So, be patient and try not to overpay unnecessarily. Treasures can be found pretty much anywhere so be open minded to expand where you search for them too. Keep it in mind that we are just the current guardians of our collections, which one day will move on to the next guardian. In the meantime, enjoy and have fun with it! Don't hog information, share with it your peers. There is so much out there to be learned about toy collecting still and it's the network we build with other collectors that will keep on widening our horizons.

    Also, be kind to other collectors, be it newbies or old timers and keep out of the gossip mill, as we do not need that negative energy.

Perfectly said my dear friend! Thank you so much to Marcelo for allowing me to interview him, share his amazing collection and give us some wise words to part with!

Until next month for another installment of an interview with a collector! Kindness Matters...

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Latest Finds Abound...

 June has gone so fast! Here are some lovely kitschy cute things I've acquired...

Found this vintage tingaling ball toy and fell in love with the hand painted bear on it. Just too cute. I will definitely be using this as a prop. Quite unique, no markings sadly. Probably about 1950s. Then, I also found this lovely rattle doll, missing most of her face paint and her arms too. I was able to restore her by using vintage beads I had extra of and repainted her face from what parts were left behind. She turned out lovely and so cute. A keeper for sure!

Another VTG rattle with bonnet above, by Plakie. Love her colors and the 4 rings. I have a yellow one listed in my Etsy shop! One of my ISOs below, over 6 years ago, I found a lot for a fellow friend and collector and always wanted to get one for myself, and I finally did. Stewardess Posedoll made in Japan. She was quite pricey too. ugh. But she will live with me for a bit...

So many cuties!! I found a lot of adorable rattles up for grabs in a shop via Etsy. I adopted them as soon as they were listed. These three rattle toys with suction cups, I'm keeping one and the other 2 are listed in my shop. Just too cute! These Humpty Dumpties I will keep as well. They are quite unique and in such pristine condition for their age! The shop owner even added a gift, the rattle toy on the far right! Just precious and I was so touched by her kindness! Marcee you are awesome dear!! Check out her shop on Etsy, here! She has lots of vintage goodies!

I was able to adopt this adorable Ideal plush kitty above for restoration and resell. She had stuffing that turned into clay, sadly, often found in vtg plushies by Ideal. I am trying to figure out what type of stuffing they were using? Almost always turns into a brown gunk or clay. I have to use gloves to remove it and even after washing once, the residue is still inside, so I have to wash the plushy again. Afterwards, she got a touched up face paint and new satin bow. I didn't fill her stuffing too much, so that it would allow her to stand upright or sit. She still has her original tag present. I love her adorable face. Wish I could keep her, but I need to let another collector enjoy her. She is already sold. Vintage Meyercord decals from Canada below. New additions to my collection. I've always loved the bears in house slippers, and to find the baby bear with toy rattle ribbon, YES Please!! Haha.

I finally received this adorable Rushton Clown plush from a seller in Japan, Potbelly Antiques. It took a month to get to me, but worth it. I've always wanted one. He needed his hands, feet and hat restored. So now he lives with me. Definitely hard to find these days... I was also able to acquire this cutie below, a Rushton sleepy kitty. No not like the much sought after one. This one was supposed to have a musical device inside him. But sadly, he didn't come with it. He was stuffed haphazardly and a bit over stuffed. His fur wasn't even washed. yuck. So, I restored him and even with some missing fur, he is still just too cute to resist. Yes, I'm keep him for now. LOL Vtg ad I found on him below.


 This adorable guy below, I adopted from a fellow collector and was able to restore him. Sadly, he had some dark dirt stuffing inside him. I was definitely surprised by that. He's been restuffed and I had to fix his forehead. The fur was glued to the top of his head and stained by the paint that was used on him. I was able to fix that and added a pink satin bow. He's ready to be loved and has already been adopted. I also finally found another ISO below. She is a Mertens wooden girl wall hook. I've seen her before but in a Caucasian version. This one is tan, and that's okay too. Now, to find a spot to hang her up on!

Last item is this lovely Thumbelina posedoll on flower, made by the extremely talented doll artist, Okappa Ribon Shop in Japan. I have seen her listed on another site, but sadly, she had sold out. So I was able to locate the doll artist via IG and asked her how I could order one. She gave me all the details and finally my little Princess Thumbelina is here!! She makes them look so much like the Showa Era style posedolls, and culture dolls of that day in Japan. Just too cute! I am in awe of her... 

That's all for today. Please check back for my next interview with a collector on June 25th!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, June 7, 2022

Rushton Wall Mount!

 Late May, I was doing my usual searches and I came across a plush wall mount, that looked familiar. As I searched my scans of an old Rushton catalog, here's what I discovered...

This lovely vintage plush wall mount of a tiger, is actually a Rushton Plush Trophy mount!! In the scan of the catalog, it only showcases a black bear, a polar bear, and a tiger. But looking closely of the jawline and mouth of this tiger I found on ebay. It is exactly the same. The stamp on the backside unfortunately is unreadable. But, I am definitely convinced it is a Rushton.

You can see below, the scan, same type shape of the wood for the mound, and use of glass eyes along with rubber mouth. Because I shared it on Tiktok and IG, a few fellow collectors learned that they own a black panther, and tiger trophy as well!! LOL Glad I could be of help guys! They do show up often, one just has to keep a look out! Mine is displayed on my bedroom wall. He's definitely unique!

I've also been obsessed lately with finding vintage rattle dolls and the like... I just love their hand painted features, cuteness, and that they still exist! I found a lot below and started to fix them. The clown large rattle doll is already listed in my shop. The little small ones too and one has already sold. I finished restringing the kitty one. Which was quite a challenge, but I figured a way to do it. I touched up his face and now he's just adorable!

I also repainted this Plakie rattle and added a blue satin bow. The rattle doll below that had some nail polish on him, and he needed restringing as well. Here he is before and after. He is a lot smaller than the ones I generally find and so cute too! I will be keeping him.

I hope June is going well for you! Take care and happy collecting!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, May 29, 2022

Summer has Begun!

 Sara started summer since this past Monday. She has had a great online school year and her grades are even better than they were in 7th grade when the pandemic began. The island is slowly opening up and I see tourists coming back to our little island. So much is going on, some good and some not so good. I pray for the family affected by gun violence. I hope our elected leaders find better solutions...

May is on its way out, and life has been blessed to be busy. I recently found some adorable vintage goodies and have been blessed to work on some commissions as well. This vintage Jr Elf book titled, "Bunny Blue" is a fave. I finally had an opportunity to buy one. It arrived safely to me and talks about this little blue bunny and his adventures. You see he lives in a toy box with other toys that belong to Hope Ann. At night when she is asleep they come to life. Sound familiar? Yup, like "Toy Story". Haha. But this particular bunny lost his big satin bow. He goes on a quest to find it.

You will have to read the book to find out more. But, mostly I love the graphics. There is just something about vintage art for children back then. Just like the toys, more details, more simple, yet endearing. It's one of Jr Elf books lovely editions for sure! I've also become a bit obsessed with 1940s and 50s toy rattles. I found this adorable blue one in the best condition, that I've seen. He will be a part of my collection. The one after it, came from a lot of rattles I found on ebay. I've restored the others and they have sold already, but this one I am still deciding to keep or not. Haha!

Next, I found these mint in package blue craft leaves made in Japan. They will be great to make a wreath with or use in some crafting project. I have a few listed for sale in my Etsy shop. I don't need them all. I've also fallen in love with these French Victorian ring caskets made with glass. Basically, jewelry box for your rings. Inside it has lovely satin lined pillows and the top has a building lined with flags and the words, "Exposition 1900" on it. They also make them without the famous French building or landmarks. But this was one of the cheapest ones I've found thus far. They can be very expensive. But definitely a unique piece of French History. Reminds me of Bridgerton the Netflix series. Or at least that era.

This lovely 80s Victorian wood doll pull toy, I got for my collection, and look at this adorable set of Green Arnart kitties! They were all at a decent price, so I figured why not! Haha! Than, I found this lot of American Greetings card books from the 60s and 70s. Do you recall them? I do. Back in the early 70s, I was probably about 4 years old, my sister had a few of these books and I remember reading one. I thought it was about Adam and Eve. I remember looking at the book and thinking, "Aww, it's about God and bible stories." I recall reading it thinking it was a story or something. Now as an adult, I was searching for this book for the last 3 years since recalling it. But, never found it under Children's religious books, and that's only because it wasn't...

Instead it was a card book about a couple's anniversary!!! Oh my goodness, in my mind as a little kid, I thought it was the story about Adam and Eve. I must've been a lot younger, cause, I don't even think I could read it. I was only guessing what it said!! LOL In this lot above, I found it again and I'm so happy. Mostly because it was a book from my childhood. Probably something my parents got as a gift and my sister kept it. It was an Anniversary card for a married couple, and not about Adam and Eve. Though it was drawn like the couple are Adam and Eve. Too cute!

I've kept a few and listed a few of the card books in my Etsy shop. This groovy Radio Shack Genie Lamp was an awesome find online. I never knew one existed. It's similar to the Magic Eight ball toy. But this lamp, used batteries. Sadly, it doesn't work. Still it is a lovely piece of toy history. I also adopted this adorable Rushton vintage sleepy bunny from a dear friend in Germany. She even added a little cute duckling. So adorable and Sara claimed it too! Haha! The bunny is the 3rd one in my Rushton collection of its style.

This amazing groovy ceramic wall art is made by Ron Chereskin. I was drawn to it for its grooviness. Love the colors and the lady looks a lot like High Fashion Lina! Definitely a keeper. Now to find a spot on my wall for it. Also an update to my little sleepy Rushton kitty...

I was able to get him done in pink fur with blue felt paws and feet. He turned out lovely. I will cherish him. I still have his original fur and will keep it for now. In case I decide to put him back together. He had blue ears at first, but that did not turn out the way I liked so I made it all pink instead. He is such a cutie and I love him very much!

My little babies all napping... I have two other items I will share in my next post. One is a commission, that is so far quite interesting to say the least! More on that one soon and also a rare find for a Rushton!

More next time!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls