Sunday, April 7, 2024

"Despite the Forecast...

...Live like it's Spring!" ~ Lily Pulitzer

Spring is in the air... well on Guam it's always Summer! Haha! Here are some amazing finds of the past 2 weeks...

Found this antique Douglas Cuddle bear in "Hounds tooth" print. He is definitely adorable and so unique in this color combo. He's listed in my shop. Below, I was able to adopt this cutie from a friend, made by Gund a closed eyes sweet floral print bunny. I love her sleepy face and coloring for sure!

Next, this adorable polka dotted puppy plush in yummy confetti colors, is a musical wind up doggy and play, "How Much is That Doggy in The Window." He has already been added to my Etsy shop as well. Below, I finally was able to acquire this lovely Easter Rushton Ad with Granny Bun!! One of my favorite ads too! I hope to frame this and hang it soon!!

Then, this amazing new to me vintage Rushton plush box. Perhaps from the late 50s early 60s era. It doesn't say what type of plush it held, but it is great to display a Rushton plush for sure!!

And my little sleepy kitty is just too cute inside!! Maybe a bit too small, but I can still display her nicely! Bought a lot of rattles and a squeak to list in my shop. I kept 2 not shown yet. But these rattles and squeak are listed in my shop already!

Adorable cat in bed squeak still works and has lovely coloring. She is not Alan Jay or Ruth E, but still adorbs. The elephant rattle toy comes with the heart rattle you see. So visit my shop soon!

Well, that's all for now... Have a lovely April guys!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, March 24, 2024

Kindness in Words Creates Confidence...

...Kindness in Thinking Creates Profoundness, Kindness in Giving Creates Love." ~ Lao Tzu

I wanted to post on this adorable cutie that has arrived to me!

I found him at Goodwill and saw that nobody wanted him. So I took him and just wiped him down. Sewn some snaps, since a few were missing on his pink gingham shirt and blue coat. He came with both and it suits him nicely.
I did remove his growler box, which is really a "Moo" cow sounder, as it was broken and only adding weight and rusting. I added more cotton batting to him and left him as is after sewing him back up.
Some things don't need any touching up and that's okay too. Nothing wrong with doing what you want with the things you own.

He will live with me for now... Welcome home B!!

Happy Thrifting guys!

Thanks for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls


@ggsdolls_vtg Rescued this Boopsy 🧸Growler from Goodwill πŸ₯Ή No body wanted him. I didn’t do any restoration on him. He’s adorable just as he is. 😍 Even came w the shirt and coat!! #vintage #gund #kitsch #rubberface #boopsygrowler #bear ♬ original sound - πŸŽ€

Thursday, March 21, 2024

Make Kindness The Norm

 - a quote by Random Acts of Kindness.

Here are a few vintage items I found recently!

I recently found this adorable set of tall bunny shakers and OMG!! I have seen this set before and many love them. But I didn't find it for myself, only to resell and as soon as I posted them the other day, they sold out fast!! Love when cute things get sold fast. Thank you! Below, a lovely vintage child mirror that I thought was just so cute. It came in a lot and I listed this one in my shop!
Below, an item I found via Japan. Sometimes I search through auction and shop sites for cute anime gal things and this one is just a few of the types I simply just love. NFS. By Glico. I also found the lovely Gund kitty. She is wearing an adorable pink satin jumper.
Her head was a bit wobbly and just needed her stuffing refluffed. So I did that and now she is just an adorable sweetheart and her head sits properly. I will keep her in my collection for now.

My Junichi large posedoll has been so much fun to redress and find vintage doll clothing for. She is wearing a lovely Chatty Cathy dress, and vintage straw bonnet I found off of ebay.

And here she is wearing this adorable 1940s vintage handmade cute animal print dress in blue. A mother made this adorable dress for her daughter's dolly. Love learning of the stories behind the vintage pieces I find. 

Next, this adorable Kkumming Bear from S. Korean doll artist, I found on a Japan website. She is just so cute and unique. Her body is made of a heavy bisque perhaps? not sure. Her limbs are magnetic and stay on through the magnets.

She such a tiny sweet pink bear and there are other colors and even a bunny too! I am trying to resist getting more. Haha! Below this adorable striped 1940s bunny plush is in my shop. I found her on FB seller's shop. Just adorable and a great addition to any kitsch plush decor!

This adorable musical bunny in purple is also in my shop! Her baby at her back twists when you wind her up to play the music "Here's Comes Peter Cottontail". Just adorable and also in my shop. Below this sweet Knickerbocker Chime toy rolypoly bunny was listed in my shop, but also sold fast. I love these types of chime toys if I can find them!

Just a few more vintage Japan items I found. Above a Rune Roman Capsule is so cute and has vintage flowers inside. You can open this up and put something else inside to display. Below some unique round erasers by Sunstar or Venice Japan. Has sweet anime gals on one side and the other sweet flowers. I have these three listed in my shop. Each sold separately.

Lastly, this amazing Rushton plush 70s kitty cat!! She is minty and all original, has her original tag and bow. I am still trying to decide if I will list her or not... Haha!

Just the cutest I've seen and rare for a Rushton plush! 

Well that is all for now... Happy treasure hunting guys!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, March 12, 2024

Another Chubby Tubby in Need of TLC!!

    I bidded and won this poor 50s Rushton Chubby Tubby Bear recently! I knew the moment I saw him who and what he was!! Buddy Bearkins!! He is an earlier version of the famous Chubby Tubby. Mary Rushton must have started off with making him before Wight revamped and advertised the Chubby Tubbies. No one really knows for sure, but hopefully one day we will find the answer...

    Poor Buddy was missing his little brother. But you could tell from his dirty left arm that the child who owned him before must have loved the little bear a lot and now Buddy's arm is just a dirty mess. He was definitely a plush in need of a lot of help. So as soon as he arrived, I began to remove his stuffing and sew at least one hole I found. I washed him 3 times in hopes of getting rid of the dark left arm. Ad below from a Sears Christmas Catalog.

     Sadly, it didn't even turn a gold color. So I did not want to cause any further damage to the fur on that arm and left it alone. After he dried, I restuffed him with his original cotton batting. I refluffed it and put it back in. The stuffing was in great condition and just needed refluffing. I did remove some of the parts that was on the left arm as it was dingy and brown.

    After restuffing him. I worked on his face and cleaned off the grime that was on the rubber. Next, I touched up his face paint. Which didn't need too much, except for his nose and eyes. He was slowly becoming just as he should have, and I was very happy with the results. Instead of a pink satin straps for his jumper, I gave him blue satin straps and vintage pink buttons. His bow tie is a lighter pastel pink and I tried to find him a vintage blue bear, similar to what I have on mine.

    But sadly, I could not find one. I did find a pink one, but it was a bit too large to play his little brother. So this blue bear will have to do. I am particularly happy with how his rubber face turned out as you can see from the before and after photos above. He's such a handsome guy and definitely ready to be loved again!

    I decided not to sew the mini bear onto Buddy's arm. That way the new owner can decide to keep him there or not. Especially if a better version is found. Haha!

    Another look at his backside and right side of his body. He is very cute and now I'm finding it hard to decide whether to let him go or not. Haha! No I must resist keeping him...

    But ultimately, I would rather he be loved, besides I have my minty one. Teehee! Just one of the Mary Rushton's plushies that is a favorite in my collection. I am sure at some point I will let go my minty one. But I doubt it. Haha!

I truly enjoy seeing these poor babies given a new life and ready to be loved again, while not try to overly restore them. A good thing for sure!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, March 9, 2024

Finds of Early March!

 Time sure flies... Here's what I found recently!

This adorable plush sleeping kitty, I found and when I received her. I searched through my Rushton Catalogs and sure enough she is made by Rushton Toy Co. A lovely pajama bag too. She is in almost minty condition.

Next, I found another Clover Fresh Ichigo Chan. This time she wears a jumper dress. I got this one as a commission for a collector. She is already on her way to her new Mom. Below some Retro Ayumi Uyama posedoll miniatures. I have them listed in my shop and sold two already! Yay! I also got the Retro vintage colors Roly Poly dolls by Ken Elephant. There are five styles. All of them are listed in my shop as well.

A few pins I got for myself. The one in the center is by Fiona H. I've always wanted one too. Above that pin are brooches by Junichi N. and Rune N. Lovely cute girls. Below, a unique bonnet My Toy plush bunny! She will be great in someone's Easter basket! Also listed in my shop!

The adorable plush above by my dear friend Anna of Amanitarium. She listed this cutie and I couldn't resist. Late birthday gifts to myself. I also found these adorable vintage vanity sets. I just love the mirrors and they are wearing dresses too! Haha! I may list the blue one in my shop...

Lastly, this adorable clown rattle doll by Waggie Wheels. I have been searching for one for some time now. He was up for auction, and I won. I needed to repaint his eyes a bit. Just so cute and I added a ruffled collar to him as well. Definitely a keeper.

I hope your week has some amazing vintage finds. Happy thrifting!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls