Saturday, December 15, 2018

Vintage Gund Bunny Etc.

I've been trying my best to save, and basically limit buying new products for the shop or myself. Funny thing is, when you stop searching to buy, that's when all the good stuff shows up and you wanna kick yourself for being good and then reminding yourself that you must refuse the temptation... Haha, yeah, right?!

Ugh. Oh well, but these two items I just couldn't say no too...
 On ebay, I found this lovely girl Gund up for grabs and at a really decent price compared to most! Sure she has some issues, but I figured I could clean her up and well, we will see... Basically, seller stated she was a vintage rubber face plush, with stains to her body and a small tear on one foot, about 19 inches tall. I knew she was either a Rushton or Gund. Seller didn't mention whether there was a tag or not. So,when she arrived quickly to me I was a bit disappointed, because there was a lot more problems then stated. First, the box she arrives in was crushed, and wet, even soaked, that the box was literally falling apart as I opened it. Perhaps snow and it melted along the way? She was not covered in plastic to protect her, so her feet was damp too. Second, it was more then her foot that had a tear, there was a small tear on the back of her neck. Her skirt had more than fraying, the front had a hole where the lace and fabric meet on the left side. As you can see from the photo above, there were pins put in to keep the strap and skirt in place, and not sewn. She did have a lot of stains on her legs back side, and arm, though that was mentioned. Her mohair was missing around her forehead, after washing her, it became nappy. I may have to fix that later if I can remove the old mohair with no issues...

 She didn't smell, which was a good thing, but I decided to wash her anyways. I took off the skirt and worked on that first. While she was in the wash, on small cycle. After about 30 minutes, she was done. I place her in the dryer for a few minutes, maybe about 4. Then, took her out to air dry. While she was air drying, I had sewn the tears on her body and sewn fabric on the underside of her feet, since the fabric was very delicate there an easily ripped. By the next day she was pretty much dried. I work on brushing her mohair, and added a blue sheer bow. Which I may change later. Her ears are floppy. The wire in them bunched up, at the tip of her ears. I may have to go in there and replace them or take them out altogether. After the washing, her fabric turned out nice, and clean, with most of the spotting gone too. I may need to touch up her nose, but otherwise, she is gorgeous and her face so unique, compared to my Rushtons. From the tag on her skirt, she is not a Rushton, but a Gund Bunny. I've seen the boy version mostly, so to find this girl bunbun, was nice. Yay me! Love her bright eyes and smiling face too.

 Also, I decided to take out my blue deer, since many collectors were taking theirs out for Christmas photos. He's just a cutie, and rare, I'm told. Definitely the Christmas season for him! But, I may keep him out longer than just Christmas... Ha! I also found this lovely "Creepy Doll Costume" on Hot Topic's website, on sale too! I couldn't resist and they had my size! Yay me! I will alter it a bit to look more cute and less 'costumey'. Teehee. I already started, the bow was with a rose and on the waist, I removed it and added it to the collar. I may get larger bows instead... We'll see...
I also wanted to share, that a few fellow collectors and friends, have shared, that I should do commissions to fix vintage dolls and toys. So, I'm considering the idea. If you would like me to help restore your vintage plush or dolly, comment and let me know what you think also? Thank you to everyone who reads and enjoys my blog! Sending you all much love and hugs, Gigi
 Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Few Finds Arrive...

It's been a good week. So far, a lot of wind and not too much rain, except the past day or so. It's actually been dry and nice. Thank goodness. I hope you all are having a good week too! Christmas is almost here!! I can't believe how fast this year has gone!!
 I went to ROSS on Saturday and found this lovely retro kitsch looking teal tin 2-tiered shelf. I immediately fell in love with it. Reminds me of those metal shelves a lot of my fellow kitsch collectors got to hold all their ceramic kitsch cuties. I don't have that much wall space, so a shelf that I can place on my dresser is simpler for me, then me having to find a spot on the wall. What do you think? I was able to get it at a steal of a deal too, $7.99 minus my daughter's discount! Yay! I also took a pic of the two yawning bears by Rushton. I'm keeping the yellow cat, and the red bear is already listed in my shop for adoption. I even created a comparison pic of the cute 1958 catalog for you to see of the ad by Rushton for them!!

 Aren't they both adorbs! I decided to take a quick outdoor photo of my color me doll and yellow bunbun. They just look so creepy cute together! I also found this cutie on Ebay, a vintage made in Korea, Easter duck toy with fur. I've had her on my watch list for a month, and finally decided to get her. Who could resits a furry duck in blue? Not me, LOL!

 One of my favorite finds, are these cute vintage Tomy Tinkle Chan dolls. I was able to adopt them from IG, a seller had them up for adoption, and as soon as I saw them, I made sure to PM her. You see, these are very rare small kiddle type dolls, but made in Japan. Every time, they are up for auction on Yahoo Japan, they go for some ridiculous amount. So, it was truly a blessing to find them and at a really nice price too. Both were needing TLC. The dress of one doll, basically needed to be recreated. So, I took apart the old one and made a new dress for her. Made by Tomy in Japan, these dolls stand about just under 1.5 inches tall. Similar to perhaps the Jewelry Kiddle dolls. But, look at their faces and eyes. Just too cute aren't they? They came in green, pink, yellow, and orange hair. I'm not sure what other colors, but I'm guessing a rainbow. Haha.

 After Ross and getting that shelf, I made my way to the Goody Store once again, and found a few things I needed for Christmas, like name tags, and this cute white and blue ornament, I thought would be great at first for the pink Christmas tree I got. But later, I realized it would be too big for it and when I took it out of the packaging, I found out it was an LED light up ornament! What?!! LOL Yup, look at the colorful lights... It became a great light decor underneath the pink tree you'll read about next.

 Last, I did get this lovely 18 inch pink Christmas tree from Ebay. I was thinking about a table top tree and searching for a nice pink one, this was it, and at a reasonable price too. It came in a large padded envelope, which kind of shocked me a bit!! But, all was well with the tree. I set it up and was adding decorations to it most of the day. What do you think?  I'm missing something to it though... So, I may add a white ribbon or tinsel? Hhm. The decor you see are some polka dotted baby blue and pink bows from the Daiso shop from a past trip to Japan, a few mini white satin xmas ornaments I got over the summer through Etsy, along with silver large beads I made into ornaments, using pierced earring hoops. The pink bow on the top, I made from ribbon I bought, from the Goody Store. With words in gold saying, "Merry and Bright". The tree skirt is actually, that cute shiny vintage wrapping paper from one of my packages, if you recall? I simply love it and it looks nice on top of the teal tiered shelf. Now, It's starting to feel a lot like Christmas for me now.

Have a beautiful and safe week everyone. I do hope your holiday decor makes you feel the incredible love, peace, and joy that Christmas brings...

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Happy December Finds!!

Oh my, this whole year has come and gone so quickly... Many amazing and wondrous things I've found, new experiences, and lots of learning along the way! Gosh, when I look back at all the amazing finds, I think this year has been quite unique compared to others. I've come a long way, and must admit, that, I find myself letting go of many of my treasures sooner rather then later. It's a good cleansing and a nice treat for those who have adopted them.

Sigh, here's my happy finds for the past weekend up until today!
 This awesome Bittersqueaks Planet toy gun in pink!! I decided to visit Bittersqueaks shop on etsy and found that these cute toy guns were available! Yessss, I thought for sure she sold out already, nope. There was pink, gold and blue. I wish I could get them all. But my ultimate fave, is pink! It arrived safely and it's so hard not to want to open and play with it. Haha. You see, as a kid, I used to play with my brothers "Army", we called it. We'd get our toy guns and go to the family ranch, and pretend we were in the army and had war with an invisible enemy. My brothers had their toy guns and I wanted to yield a gun too, but my older brother Matt, said, I had to be the nurse instead. Ugh. Not happy with that role. But, it did give me a chance to play along or be told I had to go home. Seeing this made me say, "Yes, I can be a badass Army girl still!" LOL The toy gun also reminds me of "Barbarella" the movie. I'm gonna be a badass Alien fighting girl too!" Haha.
 Kate Hart and Mab Graves are the awesome women behind this creation. I love the cute postcard Kate sent with the gun. A treasure to keep also, with Mab's lovely artwork on both the postcard and the gun's packaging. Both these ladies create some awesome things and for me, this gun is just one of my dream items from them! Thank you Kate and Mab for this awesome creation!!

 Here are the finds from Yahoo Japan and Ebay, that came in... A lot of two plush bears from Japan, a Rune Naito Clown coin bank, a ceramic blue kewpie trinket box, and a yellow Rushton bear from ebay. First, this lovely vintage ceramic clown coin bank, I found on a separate site from Yahoo Japan. In lovely condition, and still has its original rubber stopper. Measures about 9" tall. I will add this to my shop soon. Next, this lovely lot of two vintage plush bears, that are like purses, or perhaps, they hide secret things? Both are in good to great condition for their age, and have zippers at the back to hide or place things inside. I will have both of them added to my shop too.

 One, is a tan colored and has his original ribbon. They also have a chain on them. Measuring about 12" each. The orange or light brown colored bear needs a bit of cleaning. Both have such sweet yawning faces too! Their hands are sewn together so you can also have them hold something too.

 Last, from Yahoo Japan, this amazing K and K Original ceramic Kewpie blue trinket or vanity box. I was so thrilled to see I won via auction. Just like the yellow kewpie style vase I got here in this post. This is also by the same maker. He reminds me of the cat figurines I got last year, here in this post. He will be added to my collection for now...

 I also took a photo of the three kewpie face ceramics I have left. I sold the cat figurines to a friend on IG. I will miss them, but these cuties have the sweetest faces though, and they fit and don't take up too much space, whew. I also won this lovely vintage yellow Rushton Star Creation bear from ebay. He didn't need as much cleaning as the red plush bear. Also, in nicer condition. I did however have to hand pick out the hairs that were all over him, ugh. I believe they were animal fur? Not sure. He smelled nice, but there was a lot of hair on him, that I painstakingly removed. You see I'm allergic to cat hairs, and some dog hairs, I would say mostly short haired one's. Long hair, I seem to be okay with. I love animals, but sadly, for this reason I can't keep a pet in our home, they have to be outdoor pets. This bear is about 11" tall, and I don't feel any peanut type shells in his body, or pellets, like the red one. He is stuffed and only had one small flaw, a hole on his side. Even his tag is nice and not frayed.  I'll try to take a photo of this bear and the red bear together. He is my newest fave of my plushies!

  I even stopped by the Goody store and found these cute stocking stuffers, tea lighted animals, a bear, and a bunny! Just cute. When I got back home, I took out my bottle brush trees and added a few to my dresser display, along with this cute deer Taby bought for me on discount from ROSS. I also took a few pics of our Christmas tree in the living room and some of the decor by the entertainment center...

 Thanks for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls