Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Adorable Stuff In This Week!!

Last week, there were so many cute items online, I couldn't resist trying to get a few of them... So, here they are...

I was surprise to find this lovely vintage ceramic big eyed pumpkin with no bidders on Ebay. I can't wait to use it during Halloween. I've seen another kitsch collector with this cutie, one of the reasons I searched for him.
 In lovely condition too, a few warts on him, but gives him character I think.
 Still has original sticker at the bottom.

 Then, I found this as well. Lovely large meyercord bunny decal riding on a giraffe. I've seen this decal before and just can't wait to use it on something...
 Just adorable! Then, while searching for toy mirrors, this showed up. It was listed on Ebay as a Holly Hobbie mirror. I believe it is made in Japan and maybe not Holly Hobbie, but Sunbonnet Girls instead? I love the colors too.
 When you lift the mirror up and flip it, you can either have the mirror showing or the Sunbonnet girl. Made of plastic, there are 4 drawers to place cute vintage jewelry into or trinkets. The colors of the drawers are so 70s too. White, to yellow, to orange!

 Now, to decide if I will add this to the shop or keep?! LOL
 Also from ebay, this lovely vintage Lil' Miss Kay makeup set. I fell in love with the mirror, which by the way reminds me of Dawn's hand mirror.

 The side view, is of a lovely 1960s style Twiggy girl with bow. The mirror is not great, but still lovely piece of kitsch dime store toy memories.
 It came with a head band, two rollers, a pink compact, some bobbie pins. Sadly, missing two bow hair clips.

 Last, I won this cute Rushton type plush blue bear. No tag. I believe someone just made him, and tried to pass him off as an original... But, I could be wrong, no tag, no proof, oh well. But, he was cheaper then most, so I can't complain. About 12 inches tall. He has a lovely face. I will have to take out my other rubber bear face, and see if they are the same size?
 Short hair plush, and very stiff too. He had a pink ribbon with some vintage paper flowers. I decided to add a bit of color to him.
 I touched up his eye, where there was some scratches on the paint. Then, added a pale pink large ribbon. Along with sewn some pink floral patches on his hands and feet.

I may add some pink felt to his ears... or perhaps mohair fur? Still deciding, and also whether to keep or not too?! Haha! I like my plushies small, not too large.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, May 28, 2018

Remember and Honor...

Wishing you all a,

Happy Memorial Day!

We must remember 
all of those who serve to protect us!

Much love, ggsdolls

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

APP fun and More!

I was playing around while on messenger for facebook and found a new filter there! I tried it out and could not stop taking selfies! LOL
 Yes, that's me, lookin' awesome in 50's style hair do! A rarity! Haha. Sorry, don't really care to show my face often. It's about the finds, not me. So, I'm just showing two, though I took more... LOL
 Just took a quick shelfie of my growing vintage thermos collection. I posted this one via instagram. Just love the colors. Then, I found another filter via messenger again... Haha!
I call it, "Dreamy" filter. I'm not sure what it's really called though. But I love it. Just place something cute in front, and oh my goodness, it's just dreamy. A fellow collector said, she was hypnotized! Haha!
 You can even just take photos instead of videos. So much fun!

Then, I received a box from Japan, that included this lovely vintage Glico Machiko Satonaka mirror. I love the showa retro anime girl on it. Just look at the 3rd photo...
 Front side, and back side, is a mirror. The mirror has some words on it, "Peace le love". Looks like maybe something in French? Perhaps, I see the word, "Love".
 I will definitely be keeping this cute item. I will add it to my purse or key chain. Last, I found this lovely memo booklet by Sunstar of Charmy!
 Lovely memo, has memo pad, mirror, coin holder...
 Two memo cards, the cover itself is a color sheet...

 A cute flower cut out too!

 I will be adding this to my shop soon! So, be on the look out for it. Hope you all are having a great week?

Thanks for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, May 19, 2018

Vintage Anime Puzzles!

I received two amazing vintage Japanese puzzles in the mail, and more!!

Vintage Hazedon Puzzle featuring Sheila the mermaid singing. Still has its vintage packaging, great for display too. You can read more about the sofubi I found of Sheila here in this post!

 The puzzle is in good to great condition, does have to tape residue on some parts of the puzzle, but still very nice to display. I will add it to my shop later today!
 Backside of the puzzle showcasing different animals.
 Then, I also found this lovely condition, "Girl Friends" puzzle Kodansha 4 Hosono Michiko / Tsuda Yukio puzzle series.
 Backside of puzzle showcases different sea animals.
 This puzzle will also be added to my etsy shop later today!
 Next, I found this lovely vintage Chalkware Leo the Lion coin bank. Missing its rubber stopper. Still in lovely condition and I will be adding him to my collection... 

 I just love his color combination...

Then, I decided to redress Lara. Here she is in a repro licca chan doll fashion, along with white knee socks, and a pair of white Mattle Tutti Maryjane shoes.

Then, earlier this week, I took out my mohair stash and created a poll via Instagram and many of you voted! By the way, thank you so much for your lovely thoughts too! It means a lot to me.
 I know I will eventually choose the final color for my rubber face Rushton bear, but it was fun to see what many fellow collectors thought. Always enjoy reading your comments. Here are the end results...
Most of you thought Yellow was the best! That's probably why, I've seen him mostly in yellow, and pink too. But, I was surprise to see 2nd choice was Orange?! Light pink next, hot pink, and last was in green. I love all of the colors, just wish I had more rubber faces!

In the end, what ever color I do decide on. I will definitely share on here and IG. Now, just to get started on him! Thanks again everyone for your thoughts! Much love & hugs back at you!!

Have a wonderful weekend where ever you are!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls