Monday, April 29, 2019

Last Rare Find In!!

Remember I said, I was waiting for the third item to come in. It finally arrived today from Canada!! Yay! From that week of rare finds, I discovered a set of Rare Unicorn shakers via Etsy. I was like NO WAY!!! But, sure enough, no buyers, it wasn't on reserve. I was like oh my, and snatched them up right away. They arrived and I'm just thrilled. Blonde, I've had a blonde unicorn planter and it's nice to find the shaker set now. I immediately looked them over and it is amazing how nice and minty they are...

 They still have their stoppers and the "Japan" stamp on each of them. Lovely coloring and no chips or fading of their colors. I may trade or sell them soon. I'm still trying to dig out my collection and slowly go over them and place them up for grabs on Instagram or Etsy. So, be sure to keep an eye on my shop or on my IG account. A few items have sold, and there's always a chance to make me an offer on items still listed.

 Last, I got this cute vintage Kamar Mouse from Ebay. Just like my other two furries, a chick, duck, and now a mouse. Though the mouse is the only one made by Kamar. Still they are adorable together and will be a little family in my cabinet for now...

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, April 27, 2019

What's in Today!

I'm patiently awaiting the last item that I found. But, it is still not in the mail. So, instead here is what did come in...

 I've been wanting a few of these gum machine toys, I recall from those dime coin machines. The Beadman necklace, is one on my list of random wants. So, I got one. Then, I also found this lovely deer pendant, with Bambi on it. Sadly, the one's you see in seller photos are nice, but when you get the actual item, its blurry, ugh. I also got these canned goods for my dolls. Though, at first, I thought they were play scale size, like child size. Nope, they were miniatures like 1/12 scale. Haha. Oh well, I can use them for my dollhouses. The seller even gave me a tiny bread, I believe that is suppose to be a carrot or radish, and wine bottle.
 Next, these handmade fake candles from a seller in Japan. I was able to get my friend to order three for me. I've seen them in a few of my collector friends photos in Japan. So, these will make great props in my photos, don't you think so?! Worth it too and I love the colors!! They are made of wood, and glue gun wax, I believe? The next item, is also handmade, from a fellow collector Ninonina on IG, in Japan. I fell in love with her cute retro plush doggy wallet, and I was also able to get my friend to order one from her since she didn't ship outside Japan. I'm so glad I did. It so soft and just too cute. I will have to sew the ears a bit more, to keep them strong. I'm afraid, they might rip off later.

 I also found this lot of two flocked tulip stands in pink and blue. Now, I have pink, blue and red in my collection! I can't wait to display them inside my cabinet. I also happened to see, these two bunnies by Rune, up for purchase. I got them to trade with a fellow collector via IG. They are just too cute and I love the girl's look most, with her little blue bow and flower! I know they will be loved.

 Last, I completed Angie's flower kit, in violet. Instead of using the original Angie girl stickers, I added these cute adorable Afrocat animals stickers instead. Just adorable too! A fun kit to create too!

I've decided to scale down my collection a lot. So, I need to move my Etsy shop stock. Please convo me there if you'd like to make an offer for something listed. Just message me! I need to make way for the rest of my collection to be added as stock in my shop!! Many are asking am I closing shop or not collecting anymore... Let's just say, I'm selling many of my rare faves, and I'm thinking about taking a break...Perhaps?!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, April 22, 2019

Two Recent Finds for This Monday!

As I mentioned in my last post, I was on a roll last week. I found a Rushton Bear for a good price, and two other seemingly hard to find items listed in Etsy!! I was literally floored, and now broke too! Haha. The 2nd of the 3 finds came in today!
 This lovely vintage arnart ceramic poodle in blue with chained baby. I saw it as I was searching, and was honestly shocked. Generally, these type of cuties, get snatched up pretty quickly, anything with bowties, generally do. No problems with the ceramic that I can see, and their coloring is just nice and bright and I just love the blushing on them too. I guess she was meant for me?!
 They just needed a washing and that was it. I may keep them for a bit... I also received this lovely Miss Cutie Pie blue tea pot from Ebay. Missing her lid, I got her at a really nice price also. I've always wanted a tea pot in this series. So, it was nice to find one. The seller messaged me saying she found a chip on her. But, she was still lovely to me and I asked her for a bit of a discount, instead.

 She is just so adorable, I can't wait to display her with my other Miss Cutie Pie ceramics! The last of the 3 items I hope shows up soon. More when it does come in. Have a great week everyone!

 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, April 20, 2019

Angie Girl Flower Kits N More...

I recently received a find online from Yahoo Japan, called, "Angie Girl Flower Kits". I've actually seen these kits from time to time up for auction. But, I almost always end up me losing out on getting them. Usually, because my max bid is too low, oh well. But, this time I won! They arrived safely to me, and you have got to check these out...

 I was able to acquire two kits. One kit, is a Lavender Flower kit, and the other is an Orange Poppy kit. Inside the kits are the pieces to make a vase, styrofoam, stickers, parts to the artificial flower, a cute rubber bunny, and instructions. I showed all the part to make the lavender flower kit, but not the orange poppy. I did however, open and complete the orange poppy kit and you can see that below.

 The kit is very easy to complete even with the instruction all in Japanese. Just so adorable. It was a bit hard getting the puzzle pieces for the vase together. I was worried that the stickers would not stick anymore, but they stayed. Love anime art of Angie Girl on each sticker. The cute bunny has an opening on her bottom to have her sit atop the vase. Her head can twist too! She's just too adorable and small! Great flower decor for your desk or dresser for display, and the orange poppies look so real!!

 Next, I received this vintage Rushton pink and white bear from ebay. The seller was just so kind, she even added a little pillow and blanket for the bear to sleep in while he made his trip all the way to Guam from Florida! When I opened the box, that is the first photo of him you see! He was nicely tucked inside his blanket and pillow. I love the vintage patchwork blanket and the white pillow. Michelle was so kind to give to me as a gift with my purchase. I messaged her to thank her and also left her great feedback. I truly enjoy when a seller, takes the extra effort, and adds little touches to their items to say thank you! The bear was well loved and soft, just as Michelle mentioned in her description. But, I decided to wash him again. Afterwards, I touched up his nose and replaced his ribbon with a blue sheer one. I also had to sew a part of his neck, since there was a hole there. Because he is missing his tag, I checked his chin...

 ...and in very tiny lettering I could make out Rushton, Co. and the number 2... Yup, he is definitely a Rushton. Yay! I was worried, he might be the clone from Mexico. Haha, nope! Sadly, he is thinning in some areas of his palms, and backside. Still he is the sweetest ever and I've been wanting a true Rushton bear, since I have a bear, that I've created. I will have to take photos of those two together and show you... I'll update this post on them later on...

 Last, I made this lovely Furry Panda bear tissue box cover! It was actually quite fun and easy. I didn't have a pattern for the tissue box, so I made my own. I used the same pattern for his face from my Fuzbear pattern and TaDa! He turned out beautifully. I hope to list him in my Etsy shop later today. He'll be great in your bedroom, bathroom or any where. His rubber face is vintage, and only one of 3. First, one I made into a bear plush and he currently lives with a very dear friend/sister. Now, this second one, made into a tissue box cover. I have only one rubber face left... I may keep him in my collection a bit longer. Yes, I made him more with black instead of the white, because I ran out of white fur, but he still looks cute!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

UPDATE: Here are my two Rushton bears, one is handmade by me and the other I just got.