Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween 2018!

Wishing you all a Safe
and Great Halloween!!

Love, ggsdolls

Monday, October 29, 2018

Instagram Find and More!

Today, I got an instagram purchase in, and one from Ebay and Etsy too. Here they are...

 This cute Deforest Piggy Divided platter is just too cute! I saw it on instagram being sold by "gotta have it" with a few other items and asked to be tagged for the sale. I immediately figured, Nah, I probably won't make it in time and someone else would claim it. To my surprise, it was posted and I was the only one who claimed, but a few minutes later, others followed. A bit in shock, I dmed the seller and made my purchase. I honestly thought it was a bear at first?! But if you look at the nose its a snout, whoa wait, that's a pig! LOL, still a cute dish nonetheless. It even has its own holder to be hung and displayed. Awesome! It proudly says, "Go ahead make a pig of yourself!" Haha, fitting! Then, while doing my usual searches through Ebay UK, I found this lot of two girls with flowers framed. I'm assuming original, I have the one on the right, but never seen the one on the left. I will sell my first copy. I love both of these retro frames and got them at a really nice price too! Yay me! Haha.

 Last, I got this Lot of cute vintage tiny things. First, I fell in love with these paper Easter basket ornaments. So, I looked to see what else I could buy, so that my purchase wouldn't be so small coming from UK. So, I added a baby rattle. All could be used as props in my photos. I love the cute gifts they added, stickers of a lamb squeak, bunny figurine, and even two miniature figurines of a mouse and bear too! I will definitely be back for more! The name of the shop, "TheRetroEdit", on Etsy.

Thanks for Reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, October 28, 2018

Latest Happy Sachiyo, ETC

As I mentioned, I was able to adopt another Happy Sachiyo creation. It's been one month since my pre-order and Sachiyo emailed me to say that she was sent out. I was so thrilled and couldn't wait to receive my new bunbun!

I chose pink this time, since I already have a blue bunny. When I went to check the mail, the postal person, Jen was still putting out the mail. I was surprised to see she was still there, at 11am. She mentioned that there was a lot of mail to put out, because the sorting machine is finally working again. Now, I know why mail was so slow even from Japan. Gosh!

Two mail pieces she had me sign for, and one was from Sachiyo, Yessss!

 Inside, this lovely medium size Pink Bunny, she is about 15cm or 6 inches tall. Is articulate in her arms and legs, so you can have her sit or stand. Sadly, she can't stand by herself, I have to lean her on something. She comes with two baby chicks, a yellow and pink chick, and her vintage floral headband. I even love the heart shaped popcorn foam in pastel colors! Just adorable. This time my pink bunny has dark blue eyes. My blue bun has brown eyes, and the baby bunnies have black eyes. You can't really tell from the photos, but if you look at the one with the Meyercord side by side pic, it shows better in that filter.

 My bunny family by Happy Sachiyo. I may rehome the baby one's, so be looking out for a post on that!

 Then, I also got these two ceramic shakers on Etsy, green peppers with polka dot ties. I love their faces. Still have their stoppers too. Last, I also got this lovely mermaid meyercord decals!! I've seen them before, but never found them up for sale. So, when I saw them on Etsy I snagged them right away! I love the way the seller wrapped them nicely and she even added a gift!

 They are modeled after Bradley pose dolls. So cute. I may have to frame these! A great addition to my collection.

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, October 26, 2018

Finally, Some Happy Mail!!

Yup, it's been really slow with the mail lately... probably because of the holidays coming up and weather, duh! I really needed some happy mail to arrive, thank goodness today it did! Oh well, here's what came in...
 I was able to snag this lovely blue pixie sitting posedoll from KitschandKawaii on Etsy. Then, a box from Japan, with a Lot of Ephemera items, and another musical wine glass!
 First the Lot of ephemera... includes a childrens record, mint in package fishing pole, two sewing kits, an autograph book, post card, used memo pad, sun star word cards, and two wrapping paper. The record has lovely graphics on the front and back side. Sadly, its all scratched up, I'm assuming it plays nursery rhymes, maybe something about a goat and a Japanese nursery? I'll need to search up on this one to find out more. I will keep it for its lovely graphics. Then, there is a used memo pad with a famous Japanese actress on the cover. Still has some unused sheets and a ballerina postcard unused.

 Also, this Ado Mizumori schedule booklet. Unused, I will add it to my shop. This unused autograph notebook with a handsome soldier posedoll. It has some lovely embellished corner pages with flowers. The two sheets of wrapping paper in orange and blue. Nice retro designs. Kids birthday wrappers perhaps? An unopened package of a fish and rod for kids?

 I see a bouy, some fishing line and a rod. Neat! The last two items are just cute. This vinyl wallet holds a portable sewing kit. It comes with a threader, small scissors, colored thread, buttons, needles, and safety pins! Whoa! Lovely pink with quilted design and roses. I will add this to the shop soon.

 This lovely Mirano sewing kit, I will keep. One of the reasons I decided on getting the Lot. Last, in the lot is the Sun Star Colleen word notes. Nice and minty, I will add this to my shop also. I also purchase this lovely sitting pixie pose doll from KitschandKawaii on Etsy. I saw on IG that Chris was selling some of her pose dolls to help their foster kitty. So, I figure why not buy this cutie and help the kitty too. I will list her in my Etsy shop later on. She is lovely and does have some issues, like the stain on her face and her boots needed a good wipe down. Her chair is a bit wobbly so I'll try to fix that too. I hope to list her later today...

 Last, I found another Musical wine glass with ballerina. She is lovely and still works! I will add her to my shop also. I'm not sure the name of the song it plays. My other wine glasses are here and here.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls