Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Two New Postcard Additions to My Kruger Collection!

A few weeks ago, I noticed that Sylvia had listed some new doll postcards in her shop and there were actually 3 other postcards I didn't buy from her, in my last purchase. Luckily, she reserved two of them for me! I received them in the mail today and here they are...

The second one from top is a lovely Hot Air Balloon romantic get away, just without showing the balloon. Still I think it's cute! The one on above that, I would've gotten in the first batch, but I didn't have enough money then. Though I must say I am still glad that I was able to get these two. I did however miss out on the wedding postcard which was also listed, and purchased right away afterwards! It showcased the blonde boy doll and girl in wedding garb sitting inside a nest?! Oh well, I will have to find it next time!

Then, I finally received some abjd stockings for my girls to go with their mod fashions!

This lovely pair of green stockings above top photo, and yellow below... - ggsdolls

Sunday, November 20, 2011

New Addition to my Pefekta Wee Whimsie Collection!

She actually arrived to me earlier this past week. But lately, I've been just out of sorts and haven't really been taking doll photos or documenting my collections of items that come in the mail...ugh. Must be that time of the month-_-;

Anyhow, here she is a lovely Wee Whimsie named, "Love Me" or Luvver Duvver. She came with her original outfit, but sadly missing her shoes that glow and say, "Love Me". Still she is a great addition to my growing Wee Whimsies collection!

Missing a button on her coat and her shoes. Her hair is a bit nappy. But at least she still had her bow on her hair!
My 3 Wee Whimsies, ready for a shoot for my next postcard set!! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Latest Lot of Items from Japan!

It's been quite some time since I've bought anything from Japan these days-_-; The yen to the dollar is just so bad for us here in the USA...but I did manage to snag a few items to be added to the shop and some keepers too! Yay me!
I found this cute purse case and will add it to the shop. Very Macoto stylishly cute, with mirror and lovely silver with plastic vinyl handles.
Also this Lot of 5 cute dime store dolls. They look a lot like Sunchan by Oike a clone maybe?? 4 blondes and 1 brunette in the Lot. Added to the shop!
I also found a new addition to this set of vintage licca doll necklaces. The one above center in the photo is the new one! All items will be added to the shop. I will also include a necklace for the new one!
I also won this poor wee whimsie "Altar Walter" in his original fashion. He was dingy, dirty, thank goodness he didn't smell. He might have been thru the tsunami?? photo above is not mine but from the auction. Unfortunately, his shoes were mixed with his bride and he has the wrong pair on-_-; I soaked him, cleaned him up and sadly, his whole outfit minus the shoes and collar, disintegrated in my hands! I am trying to see if I can fix it, but I doubt it. Still he is a great addition to my two doll collection now! See pic below... - ggsdolls

Sunday, November 6, 2011

My Latest Lot of Kruger Postcards...

I was able to buy from Sillyshopping her Lot of vintage dolly postcards! She was such a sweetie and said I could buy them!! They were a bit more expensive then usual, but so worth every penny! So here they are...
Above, the cute boy and girl being asked to be proposed too. I love her blue pokadot dress, same dress as on the skater doll!
The card above is a fave. I love the seductive look of the redhead. Minus the smoking part...LOL!

Another sailor boy and girl love card. I especially like her dress and basket purse above.

Then my other ultimate fave is this swing with girl and boy being romantic. I'd love to find the swing in this card! Yes, I am obsessed with these dolls and cards...but it's all good!! - ggsdolls

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Some Posing Fun Today!

I decided to redress the girls and have a bit of a photo shoot with them!
Here is my blonde girl, wearing Mattel's Sister Small Talk pj fashion. Her slippers are actually the brunette's original sandals! I noticed while redressing them, that this doll is more solid of the two dolls. I am guessing she is more original to the Italian brand than the brunette.

Above I redressed the brunette doll in the same line of Mattel Sister Small Talk doll fashions. This dress is one of my faves. Very groovy and psychedelic 60's to me. Her body is much more thin and rubbery compared to the blonde, maybe a copycat mold? Still I am happy to have them! More pics to come with these cuties...I need to name them! - ggsdolls

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Replacing Doll Eyes and Lashes...

I decided to replace the doll eyes and lashes on the girl doll with black hair. Her pupil was coming out of one of the eyes. Poor thing. Then, I also decided to give her a bit of color and tried to redo her face. it took me some time, as I had the eyes, but not the lashes. I finally, picked up some on Wednesday and that nite into this morning I was able to work on her and get her done. If you'd like to read more about these dolls I did an earlier post about them here! I must admit I am smitten and I hope I am able to find more of them! With my latest searches I did find out that there were other companies that use the same if not similar body mold for these dolls. I found two via ebay with the same bodies!

Both girls above. Below left doll, you can see the replaced eyes and eyelashes. I just love their chubby faces, hands, and long legs! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Happy Halloween to all!

I took the kids out "Trick or Treating" in a popular neighborhood. They had a blast! Hope everyone's Halloween was a blast too! - ggsdolls