Sunday, March 31, 2019

Sunday Creations...

Friday, I received a few items in the mail and had already posted one of them in my shop. Today, I decided I would try to work on some projects that had been set aside. First, I had decided to switch up my decor on my wire chair, I put my cute Smiley plush kitty, in my safe place, and took out the Bunny pillow I had gotten a year ago from Vinnieboyvintage on Etsy. Now, the chair looks festive for Easter!
 Then, I decided to start painting eyes on my vtg ceramic Adochan gals. Suggested by Blaire. I took the girls out and started with the darker gal. I began with touching up her lips with a lovely pale pink color. Next, I thought about what color would show better on her dark skin, for her eyelashes. White seemed the best idea. Last, I added a black satin ribbon. As I began working on my red Adochan, I worked on her lips as well. I ended up using the pale pink color on all of my girls. Those pouty lips look simply lovely with the pale pink color. Then, I decided on black paint for her eyelashes. Last, I just touched up her red skin a bit in some spots that needed it...

 I think adding the eyelashes to my dark and red Adochans made them look a lot more like my blonde and green haired gals. I will admit those lovelies, helped guide my painting the these two! Next, I looked around the room to decide what to work on next... By the afternoon, I decided to make the Swimmer blue plastic bear a hat to coverup the hole in his head! I needed cardboard, yellow felt, scissors, tacky glue, ribbon, and forget me not fabric flowers. I began with taking the plastic bowl that sits inside the bear's head to help me make the top of the hat, on the cardboard. I used the glass dome my cute Sachiyo bunny sits in, because it was the perfect size for the rim of the hat! Ha!
 After cutting the rim and top of the hat on the cardboard, I decided to take the cardboard scraps left, and cut about an 1 1/2 X 4 inches across band, and I needed two. This will make up the sides of the hat. After cutting all the pieces, I began to cut the yellow felt. The felt, would be glued onto the cardboard. It actually worked out well as far as the glue was concerned, and I had to take a lunch break to allow the parts to set. The last part, was adding the striped pink and white ribbon to the rim of the hat. I even made a bow, and added some millinery flowers, Forget Me Nots, and in blue. What do you think? Not fabulous, but still at least it makes the bear a bit more decent without looking like he is missing part of his head. Haha.
 I even tried those LED solar lights inside him to see what that might look like. Not too bad, if I want to have him as a night light. Finally, in the mail Friday, I had gotten this lovely Swimmer blingy Fawn bag or pouch plush. Just adorable, I'm so tempted to keep her. She reminds me a lot of Ayumi Uyama's retro fawns. I also found this lovely Swimmer clock with a bunny riding a pony. The clock works fine and just requires one "AA" battery. Even has a light to check time at night. I've already listed it in my shop.

 During my searches, I found a Lot of vases, made by Swimmer Japan too! I didn't know they sold vases. These pastel colored vases are just lovely too! All in different styles, and in different pastel colors of red, yellow, blue, and pink. My favorite is the pink one, because it reminds me of "I Dream of Jeannie" bottle! Right? These will be a part of my collection. Just lovely, but they are small. That's the only thing I would say, I wished they are a bit larger. Last, while searching for my charger for my retro radio, I found these two sweet bird shakers, and decided to let them go on IG. They sold super fast too! I was in shock. LOL
 Have a wonderful week everyone! Who knows what the future has in store!

Happy Kitsch Hunting! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, March 28, 2019

Bandai Everyone's House Furniture

Early this year, I found a dollhouse made in Japan called, "Everyone's House" by Bandai post is here. I was finally able to acquire the actual furnishings for the dollhouse, starting with the curtains here in this post. Now, here are the furniture pieces I got for the dollhouse. There are two colors that I've seen offered by Bandai, a red set or a pink set. I don't know if there are other colors offered, other than the two I've seen, most often I see them in red. I got a kitchen cupboard, a sofa, a dining set, two chairs with coffee table set, and a bunk bed.

 Here they are out of box, they did need a wipe down from mold. As you can see I got most of the furnishings in pink. I think with the color of the house, pink was the best choice with the inside walls. Of course with the exception of the upstairs room or bedroom. I decided to go with a red bunk bed. The bunk bed comes with a ladder, and you can separate the two beds. Which I thought would be good so that there can be guests. LOL The beds are made of thick cardboard with fabric in hot pink with pokadots style glued on. You can also get the large single bed offered. I may get that one later on. The sofa in pink has a floral design, also made of thick cardboard, and it matches the two chairs with coffee table set.  The dining set comes with two chairs and you can choose a square table or a round one. The kitchen cupboard I love, with it's double pane doors, you can see into the shelves. The cabinets at the bottom, give more storage too. The cupboard came with dishes. Which include 4 plates, 2 saucers, 2 coffee cups, and one Tea pot. The red set of the same style is just as lovely. There is a sink with stove, a closet, a slide, a 2 seat swing, or a one seat swing. I've seen some other accessories, like plants which I do have, and at the time didn't know it was for this dollhouse. Ha. Also, carpets. I'm not sure the colors they come in.

 Above, you can see what the furnishings look like inside the house. The yard just needs that swing or a slide. Still lovely considering there are some little touches missing. I could not get the floors changed. I tried and injured my thumb in the process. So, sadly, they will stay that green tile. Ugh. After an hour, I decided, instead to use some scrap papers I had in my stash, and revamped the bedroom and floors!!

 What I did basically, was add baby blue walls to the ceiling of the bedroom. So, there won't be a pink glow from the plastic roof. I had some brown scrap paper and made them into the floors for now, until I can get wood floors in. I placed that in both the bedroom and main floor. I took out some of my Rement and Megahouse miniatures to add to the purity of the dollhouse.

 There's even a little cutie living there...

 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Third Ichigochan found and More!!

Yup, I found another! Haha, this time this Ichigochan comes with her original box. I was doing my regular searches and came across a photo of an Ichigochan with her box. I thought it was an old photo, but when I dug deeper and found the link... She was still up for auction with no bids! I was like What? No way!! So, I bid and won her. She arrived to me today along with some other goodies, I found. I took more shots of her box for reference. Titled, "Ichigochan Bank" 1997, Create Co. Ltd. and the words, "It is especially necessary for us to have mutual sympathy in such a busy world." OMG, even though that was written back in 1997, it's more so true nowadays and in our society!

 Ichigochan's box has some water mark stains and puffing of the cardboard. Inside, is the foam and wrapping for her. Ichigochan herself is lovely and minty mint, even her rubber stopper is amazingly mint. The only flaw I see is two spots on her left eye that is missing paint, which can easily be touched up with the right color. I have her side by side below, with my plastic version. I love the ceramic version better with her colors being nice and bright, but I can only keep a small sized one to fit inside my display cabinet. I am offering her up on Instagram, and allowing offers or trades. So, direct message me via IG. I will leave that open until maybe Friday.

 I also won this lovely Flocked Bunny with umbrella coin bank from Yahoo Japan. He was just too cute to pass up. I cleaned him up the best I could, and I'm trying to decide if I will add him to my Etsy shop or not. But he is just adorable and in a lovely cream color. He does have dust stains, but otherwise he is just the cutest! He also comes with his original stopper. I love that his umbrella is in tact and bouncy! Then, this lovely vintage ceramic powder or hair pin jar with lovely Mod girl by Ado Mizumori. Similar to my other mod girls, this jar is just cute and the girl has green hair, instead of pink or purple.

 She does have some issues, but she still displays nicely. I will add her to my shop also. She is missing her mirror, and right below her are some areas with cracks, but she is not loose and it looks like the previous owner glued her in place already. Just a sweet kitsch piece. Next, Taby found a pink pillow for my white chair at her work, Ross! She dropped it off after she visited me, and I was able to rearrange the pillows and even a little black kitty decided to take over that spot!! Ha. Then, I was able to added some sheer ribbons to the star jars I got from the Goody Store. I will add stickers to them perhaps? But for now, they hold some lovely colorful beads inside.

 Last, the girls wanted to play outside. Here they are climbing a tree. Be careful dears, your made of ceramic and might fall like Humpty Dumpty... They are back safe and sound in my display cabinet. Sadly, I had them on my pink radio, and the blue gal fell. She was repaired before I got them, and so the same leg broke off when I found her on top of my dresser. I think when Sam went to get his work shorts, him closing the cabinet of our dresser knocked her off the radio. Oh well, casualties are hard to prevent. I did glue her back together and added some suede to both their undersides to keep that from happening again. Well, that is what I hope it does. I'll let you know, if it does work.

 Happy Wednesday! Or Tuesday in your region of the World! ~ ggsdolls