Saturday, November 25, 2017

Vintage Finds Arrive during Thanksgiving Break...

It was another wonderful family gathering for Thanksgiving at our family beach. I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving too.

Friday, I had planned to take the girls back to Japan for another day trip, but sadly, after set up and break down of the beach gathering. We were too exhausted to get up early enough to catch the first flight out. Oh well, another time.

So, instead here is what came in the mail!
 I found this cutie with huge eyes and head, via etsy. Missing his stopper, he does have some issues. The top of his head has a hairline crack from the coin opening and down one side. I will use the plastic cement to secure it and maybe even add fur to him. I will also need to get him a new stopper.

 I couldn't resist that face! LOL

Then, I also found through ebay two pixie figurines similar to my pink one. This lot included a lavender and blonde haired pixie in blue and purple. They had some paint loss issues, but otherwise in lovely condition.

 All three pixies together. Such a sweet pose for each of them. Definitely keepers at the moment.

Last, I found this cute plush vintage baby in pink. Her face looks a lot like the Hong Kong versions of these plush baby dolls. No squeak sound that I can tell. She is similar to the size of a Shevie doll.
 I decided to add a blue ribbon to her. She will also be added to my collection.

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Thursday, November 23, 2017

What Are You Thankful For?

To all my dear friends, followers, customers...

May you all be blessed this Thanksgiving!

Much love, ggsdolls

Sunday, November 19, 2017

38th Japanese Festival and More...

We made sure to attend the 38th Annual Japanese Autumn Festival this year, since last year was awesome!
 This year, the difference was parking, was a bit farther and more people came to the event than last year. It was crowded pack, seriously! I told my family members to go and they all did. Yay! As we made our way to the masks booth, etc. I made sure to get a mask and told Sara she needed to get more gold fish friends for George. Poor guy he has been alone for a year.

 After getting the things we wanted, we decided to head out, and on the way, we got two Blue Hawaii Shaved Ice cups. Yum!

 It was a quick trip and we knew we would just quickly go through and that was fine. Still a beautiful festival and a lot of amazing things going on. It felt good to know, I got my two brothers and their wives to make it out there. It will be a good family event for them to enjoy from now on. Yippee!

 My mask I got as a memory of the festival. I have to take a photo of the Ultraman mask from last year and this sweet Sanrio character, I just learned about her, called, "My Sweet Piano". Also, what was nice was that they handed out floor plan maps when we got tickets to know what was featured. Good on the Japanese Club of Guam for doing that!
 In Saturday's mail, I received in the mail this cute yellow version of the Miss Cutie Pie egg cup. I only have one another Miss Cutie Pie and that was a pink cup. So, this one was a cute addition.
 A few knicks, otherwise she was perfect. I found her through Etsy.

 I also, got a Lot of vintage retro girl hair clips from Yahoo Japan. I will keep a few and put a few in my etsy shop later.

 There will be cute retro girls flowers... These are my faves...
 Flowers with tennis designs in them...
 Colorful bunnies...
 ... and flowers with tulip flowers in them. They will be listed in my shop later today.
Then, I took a quick pic of my cute blue bunny by Happy Sachiyo and the meyercord bunny shrink plastic charm... to advertise! They are also available in my etsy shop!
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Friday, November 17, 2017

Japan Goods and My Dolls

Since that quick trip, I finally had time to work on my collection and much more. First, here's what came in earlier this week...
 I received a set of Vinyl Artist Gatcha Morris the Cat with Antlers by Hinatique. I had several people via IG asking if I could bring some in. So, I did. They sold very quickly too. I will try my best to bring more in. But, after checking most places, have sold out!!
 They are all so adorable! Then, Sara asked me to make her a charm to hang off her school bag. She wanted her favorite game character, "Bendy". Here's the end result. Not too bad, too. I also used the last sheet in the packet to make a cute pink bunny!
 What do you think?
 These below are listed in my shop already. If you buy two charms you get a third one free!
 I saw a fellow collector post on this set, so I quickly went to Amiami and bought it. Sanrio Little Twin Stars cosmetic Rement. I fell in love with the mirror and dresser!
 So many cute little pieces, great for scenic shots with the dolls too! Lots of stickers to put on and cut outs too. It was work!
 I also won this vintage Tomy Co. Mitty dollhouse case, "Restaurant." I have seen these sets before, but they often sell for a lot more. So, I was quite surprised to win this one so cheap... But, I'm not complaining. Hehe.
 It even comes with the doll that is a part of the set. I'm assuming it is about 1960s or earlier. The doll is named, "Mitty" and she is about the same size as "Dolly Darlings" or "Tiny Teens."
Poor thing, she's faded and her shoes had melted into the stand. Her dress is mint though. Needs cleaning for sure. The back side of the box, has four illustrations of Mitty's other house cases, besides the "Restaurant", is a "Bed Room", "Shop Store", "Hair Salon", and "Grocery Store".
 Inside the restaurant, there are plates, utensils, a pitcher, cups, tea cups, plates and ice cream cones, and a vase. It has the background scene of a restaurant and an area rug for the floor.

 Restaurant Signage too. Sadly, no register, counter or a table with chair set. I may try to find one that will fit inside...
 More on this house later, when I get some other furniture pieces for it. Then, I also got my replaced Afrocat Iphone 6s case. Yay! It fits too. I have it on my phone right now. Sadly, can't take a photo of it on my phone. LOL I was very pleased with how, Afrocat fixed the situation without any fuss. Awesome!

 I redressed Francine in this lovely pink dotted Susie Sad Eyes dress, that I altered and added a black velvet belt. Underneath she is wearing a tutu.

 I just need some ballerina flats or slippers. She has such unusual feet, that it can be hard to find her something to wear, unless it is boots, or tennis shoes! I just love her long slender legs the most!
 I also was able to find this lovely commissioned Kiraz fashion by the famous "Poupee Mechanique"! Leo had done this fashion for me when I used to own an original Kiraz doll. I knew keeping the fashion would be useful one day! One of my fave designs too, down to the little buttons on the coat. Leo has always been very intricate with details on his fashions.
 My 2nd Mamzell de Paris is no longer nude! LOL

My two girls side by side...
Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls