Friday, October 31, 2014

Some Goodies From Japan!!

It was a good mail day today!! I received a nice small packet from Japan with goodies that I mostly wanted!
 I got a Desk set, Margaret erasers, Takara fox friend of Pinocchio parts, a lot of retro girly glico toys, and a compact.
 These MIB erasers I will add to the shop by Margaret Venice, with lovely retro anime girls on them. I will keep one set for myself!!
 Unused and still with bright gorgeous anime girly art!!
 This lovely unopened compact. I got for myself. Its also a necklace. I thought might have tiny accessories in it?!
 Above and below gorgeous anime retro girly art!!
 Sadly, it didn't have any accessories inside, but a sponge and mirror...

 Very hard to find diecast Petier Desk Set box art above and below...
 The set is missing the books. But still amazing and so tiny too!

 This fox friend of Pinocchio from a Japan TV series. Only a head and leg, but I figure it will work on the Pinocchio I have that is missing a leg! Maybe I could interchange the parts to play both characters!?
 I love Japan sellers with their creative ideas. Above the baggy had some cute artwork on it! To cute!
 Inside filled with vintage Glico girly toy goodness!!
 Mostly girly treasures... Yay!
 My fave of the lot above and below. I'm obsessed by tiny dressers or desks!! Especially Glico ones! LOL

I also received a trade packet from my dear friend Missy!! Yippee! Can't wait to use the goodies she sent me!
 I love her mail to me, she always decorates the envelopes too!!
 ...and when you open up the envelope inside is a wonder of goodies from her!! I always love the smell of her hangies and prints, like walking thru a sweet smelling candy store!! Hmmmm! I love you Missy thank you soo much for my trade!! I will treasure these goodies!!
 If you like to see more of Missy goodness here is her shop!!
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Happy Halloween from ggsdolls!

Hope you all have a safe and enjoyable Hallows Eve!! - ggsdolls

Monday, October 27, 2014

80's Natsukashi wa ga ie!

I finally received my Petit Sample 80's Retro Style Set!! I pre-ordered it thru Amiami and it took a bit longer than usual to arrive to me, but I must admit it was worth the wait!!
 Along with my Pico D Ghost dress!!
 The 80's Retro Style set comes with many things I remember growing up as a young teen! OMG, the TV is awesome! You can interchange the photos inside to show something else on TV! I can even print out something else and place it in there!!? Oh yeah, it will be amazing for a scene I have in mind!!
 The tea bottle reminds me of a scene in "Whisper of the Heart", when Shizuku drinks some tea from the fridge! The cute anime girly goods, are straight out of Sailormoon!!
 Many of the retro pots and foods will be awesome in any dolly scene! You get like four different colored chopsticks as well!
 There are cut outs too, that you can fold into an album, cook book, posters, and pennants as well!
 Such a fun set! If you haven't gotten it! I recommend that you do!!
 I have yet to try out this ghoulish dress on my Fairy gal!! She'll be festive for the holiday!!
 Finally, I couldn't help but snag this gal from ebay! She was just too cute with her huge eyes, to pass up!! Definitely another weird dolly I fell for! Her name is Esmeralda by Holiday Fair! I've seen a blonde and red head versions, and have been wanting to get one for some time!

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Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Today's Goodies!!

I've been sick the past day or two with the flu and though my body aches, along with a runny nose and sore throat. I was able to have my son pick up the mail for today!!
 From etsy I couldn't help but snag this tiny set of chairs and TV.
 Also from etsy above and below, vintage Space Jams Bugs Bunny, originally for my son, who used to have one when he was about 7 years old, and more miniature magazines for scenic shots...
 Below, Yahoo Japan mail which includes a Funny Tails jar, Petier sink, and a whole set of vintage girl brooches!

 Funnytails, similar to Sylvanian families? I suppose. but this cute jar was too cute to pass up. You'll see a bit further down on this post!!

 Comes with a bed, table, bench, end table, iron, and lamp.

 These cute retro girl brooches will be added to my shop soon!

 Just a few showcasing the retro girly brooches. So very Ayumi Uyama in style!!

 Small diecast Petier sink set. Above and below.

 A tiny little living inside the jar...

Just one of the scenes, I had planned for this jar set!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls