Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Adorn Doll Collection Grows...

I recently, found a lot of 2 adorn dolls through yahoo Japan auctions. There were no bids, and it was ending within about 30 minutes. I bidded and won! I received them Saturday, and with the dolls cleaned up, I just couldn't wait to take pics and talk more about the unique things I found on them!

The one above is wearing a sheer lavender skirt with ruffles, a beautifully made crochet top, and lovely baby blue sequins on the bodice. Underneath the dress she is wearing a long camisole in silk. I had to add snaps to the camisole, and elastic to the skirt. This doll came with a beaded necklace, and two beaded bracelets.

This one is my fave of the two. Her dress is very similar to our native costume. Underneath this lovely sheer green gown, is a beautiful crochet fitted camisole. I decided to cut the hair of this one and make her hair a long bob, which ended up being a "shag" instead. Both girls have dark brown heels.

The unique thing about the first doll is that she has a part at the back side of her head. Which is why I gave her two ponytails. These two amazing finds are lovely addition to my growing Adorn doll collection! - ggsdolls

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Alice where are you?

Yesterday, I was inspired to take photos of my Alicetear doll outside. The photos turned out amazing...enjoy! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Just Playing Around with a Photo Program...

I wanted to find a photo program that could help me do, create, and or make things happen with my dolly photos...and whilst playing with this particular one...called HP Photosmart I created these lovely album pages as they are called! I love it! - ggsdolls

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Amazing Abeille Head Busts n Wigs...

I've posted more details to this in my live journal, but I just have to share
some more photos of this doll here too!

I am just loving these amazing head busts...

I love this amazing bright orange or hot pink "Beehive" style wig. I am still trying to figure out who or if there is a doll associated with these lovely busts... I have to admit this my fave of the two. The wig's curls are so nice and tight and in excellent condition considering their age...

This lovely bright yellow or is it pineapple colored "Beehive" wig needs resetting of the curls, but still this is an amazing look. Reminds me a bit of the roman times...with the columns and the style all she'll need is a white robe...LOL!

Closeups of their faces. They look somewhat like Supersize Barbie?

Beautiful elegant faces, nice long necks, cute turned up noses, and pastel pink lips. I would love to find out more about these gals... Definitely, an amazing piece of history! - ggsdolls

Thursday, June 3, 2010

More Dolly Ads...

Licca ad from a girls manga...I must admit I'd love to own a vintage first generation licca, but at the same time, not so much because of her high price. Even repros are just as expensive-_- Oh well, at least I can enjoy seeing the advertisements...LOL!

This cute ad above is of a pop up book by Margaret. You can take paper dolls that come with it and create a whole new fantasy world for yourself...maybe even create a new princess story! The artwork is done by one of my faves Masako Watanabe!

I always see these up for auction thru Japan, but quite often they end up really expensive too! Thanks for reading. - ggsdolls