Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Heukdan playing outside!

I took these shots last week! Sorry, just haven't been in the writing mood these days...So, I just have to share the beauty these dolls have! I am still trying to find clothing styles I like on the dolls and other ways of showing them off...
I found this cute pokkadot top and some jean shorts for her to wear. The Charmtwins umbrella is just fun and whimsical as she holds it! I couldn't resist taking her photo outside!
 She looks so playful and alive here!

 One of my other fave shots of her looking up and the sky behind her!

I have to admit finding cute fashions for her is hard to say the least. But its fun searching too!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

What I did with the Candy Candy Cart!

I just couldn't wait to share this with you, I decided to go outside and take pics of my new shop kiosk! LOL, I love Aram dolls they fit so well with the look of my new ggsdolls shop cart! Now, if only I could get one in human size!!

All the lovely kawaii goodies I would have in my shop! Aram is so nice to take care of the kiosk for me today! - ggsdolls

It's been awhile Eh?! Today's Loot!

I haven't been posting too much since, but today I got a small package from Japan with just 3 items in it. Most which will stay with me! The dollar is still struggling-_-; So, I haven't really been up to much except, trying to sell off some of my precious dolls-_-;
I've been looking for a cart to do a little picture project, I've been thinking of. I found this amazing mint and complete Candy Candy popcorn cart! It wasn't cheap that's for sure-_-; but worth it! I found this lovely Keiko pencil case, seems vintage like some of my other cases, may keep it?? Then, this cute red Shevie doll from Japan?!! I am a bit confused. I usually find my shevie dolls thru France or Italy, rarely do I see them from Japan! So, I had to snatch this one right up! Seems like a reproduction from Hong Kong possibly? She is nice and mint has a sewn on tag and I love her bib and white bows. Her squeaker protrudes a bit more than my vintage one, but sounds nice and clear!

Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

PS I have plans for the cart and hopefully will share what that is soon!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

Last package for a bit-_-;

Today, I received a small package. Just a few last items I won thru Yahoo Japan. It's been rough, but the dollar is not getting any stronger...
A lovely "Aim for the Ace" shoe bag. This one is made differently, with cloth instead of the usual vinyl. Lovely, graphics and comes with a tag. A new addition to my collection, this lovely Yukiko Tani pencil case. Similar in design to my Miyako Maki or Masako Watanabe vintage cases, but this one is so nice and minty. It's hard to believe it is vintage?! I also got momoko red glasses for my Aram dolls, and I won this lot of vintage celluloid dolls, that I later found are called, "Celluya" also "Miko-chan" My fave is the red head with blue eyes, and the brunette with blue eyes! I will add one to the shop...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

For reference from trissytrizzy:
This is a celluya doll made by the Japanese doll artist, Mr Hirai. Mr Hirai is the third generation in his family making celluloid dolls. Miko chan is very very light. You can break it easily with one single hand.

Saturday, July 14, 2012

Today's Loot Whew...

Second to the last of my Yahoo Japan boxes...with the dollar being so weak. I will have to take a hiatus from buying thru Japan. So, not much will be listed, but I will list most if not all that comes in!! Today's haul below!

Left to right, MIP vintage jewelry accessories toy, Lot of two canteens, retro princess puzzle unopened. Lot of 3 Charm Twins accessory paks, Happy & Roro stationary set, Pipechan plush doll and house, Vintage anime cube puzzle and a Jenny set of glasses and headband.

I have listed some of the items you see above in my shop. But a few, like the Charm Twins sets were for my daughters...Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Back home and What came in the Mail!!

We got in since Saturday evening, but of course the PO is closed on Sunday. So, when Monday came I couldn't wait to get up there to pick up the boxes that were waiting for me! I had 3 slips. One shipment from Korea, one from Thailand and one from Japan.
I got my usual shipment from Japan, but this one was large because I had won a retro chair. Inside, I got one lot of 3 pencil tins, which included a Miyako M. one, the other two were by Tombow, but probably more recent. An Eico H. pencil tin, and two kinder bags! This shipment was quite small, but I was glad it was in. Most have already been added to my shop!

Then, my long awaited Aram dolls by Atomaru. These Doran Doran dolls, are the second release called, Baekdan and Heukdan. I had a friend who was able to order thru the Korea realease to get mine earlier. I must admit I couldn't wait any longer...They are truly gorgeous and quite unique I must say. So tiny, they don't fit many of the doll clothes I have and I am still trying to find something for them to wear!! But I love them so much, my fave is the brunette!

It feels good to be home and now, I can focus on playing with my Doran Doran dolls!!LOL!


Friday, July 6, 2012

Strolling thru Beverly Hills and Hollywood...

We had an amazing 4th of July, just spending it with my Sister in-law and her block party! Today, we decided since we had to drive up to LA for our flight the next day, we would stay a nite at the Hacienda near LAX and just relax before taking our flight back to Guam starting early Friday morning. Then, my husband said, wanna drive around LA! We all agreed...we decided to see the coast first, then ended up on a road taking us thru Beverly Hills!!
My goodness, there were so many expensive cars and homes in one place it was crazy for us little people!! We drove thru Hollywood n Vine and saw some many wonderful shops and places that were familiar to what we had seen on TV like, the Capitol Records bldg., a comedy theatre and walk of the stars...
 We finally got close enough to the sign and took some pics. Leaving the area was like a maze though...but we all truly enjoyed it. A beautiful ending to a wonderful trip to CA! We got back to the hotel ate dinner, and tried to sleep...as we had an early flight to catch to Honolulu on the way back home to Guam! Thanks for reading. - ggsdolls

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A day at the County Fair in San Diego!!

Since we had been in San Diego for the rest of the week...we decided to go to the San Diego County Fair, instead of Las Vegas or Disneyland for the girls! I must admit it was an amazing time for all. We got up early and got there about 10:30am. Lined up for about an hour, since we had already gotten our tickets ahead of time, then on our way in we went!!

As we entered the fair grounds, our first look, was this amazing robot, moving and talking! The girls loved him and we took a bit of video too! We decided since it was close to lunch, we'd eat first. There were so many things to eat from the entrance...goodies here and there!
 We decided on some fried battered veggies! It was very filling to say the least! Then, headed into a little area that had farm animals and looked around. Afterwards, we all decided to go to Kiddy Land first for the girls...
The rides on this side was great and game booths too! The girls loved it. We had spent the day walking around this area, then we finished the day on the wilder rides. I had only tried 2 of the rides, the Ferris wheel, and Zip Line! Yup, Zip Lining...I've always wanted to try it, and told myself it was on my bucket list!! The day was amazing and we ended it with sprinkled covered frozen banana's, caramel apples and a hot dog!! An amazing end to an amazing vacation day!! Thanks for reading...

- ggsdolls

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Watching Disney's Brave!

We had been in California since last week Thursday for a family reunion over the weekend. While in Murrieta, CA my daughters and I went to the Promenade Mall there and found a Disney Store. They immediately fell in love with the main character from the movie "Brave". My daughter Taby bought a Merida doll and my youngest a McQueen car pillow. But low and behold we ended up going back to the store a day later, because both girls wanted something else there. Taby wanted to get the queen, and a large childlike version of Merida, and Sara wanted to copy her sister and get the Merida doll because she loved the bow n arrow so much! So, even though the girls hadn't seen the movie just yet, they had already gotten the dolls!!

When we got back to La Jolla, CA we decided after some short sightseeing we'd have our niece take us to the nearest mall. We ended up at Westfield Mall in La Jolla and watched "Brave" there. It was a lovely movie, I loved the story line and the lesson it taught about a mother's love for her daughter and how both can learn from it. My girls loved it as well. In fact, Sara took her doll Merida with her to see the film! A great day of vacationing!! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls