Wednesday, September 26, 2018

My 3rd Happy Sachiyo Adoption, Yippee!!

I my goodness, its been awhile since I was able to adopt another Happy Sachiyo creation... My previous Happy Sachiyo babies are seen here... I still own my blue bunbun, and he was the last to be adopted, back in April of 2017. It's just very hard to be able to win them through Yahoo Japan, and many other collectors just outbid you for them. And, I don't blame em', there just so darn cute!! LOL

So, while doing my usual browsing of IG, Sachiyo, posted these cute baby bunnies in a pram. I click translate and sure enough, it stated she was listing them for sale on her blog. I immediately went to the blog and checked. She hadn't listed them just yet, but was going too. I messaged her via IG and asked about them. She said they'd be available soon. I carefully waited, during that time, I figured out how to create an account and was able to order them, when they were listed. Yesss! I also noticed that she had a listing for a preorder of her bunnies, and you could choose a color between pink, blue, cream, etc. Oh my gosh, seriously!? Yup. So, I put in an order for a pink bunbun. Sachiyo said it would take about a month to complete. Oh my, a dream of having another came true along with adopting the small baby bunnies! Not long after I purchased the baby bunnies, Sachiyo notified me they were shipped. Truly excited! That was last week... These cute little bunnies arrived to me safe and sound from Okinawa!!

I had to make a Box Opening video of it, enjoy!

Inside the box, was the pram for the baby bunnies, a cute bag made to look like a gumball machine, holding two tiny prams, and gummy bear pins, in blue and pink. A large pram in pink, flowers, two heart pillows, and two little baby bunnies, also in blue and pink. On top of the box, Sachiyo added the tag, and postcards along with a photo of the babies, I adopted. So cute! Upon inspection of the baby bunnies, the blue bunny is made by needle felting, so his body is not movable. Same face as my large blue bunny. The pink bunny is a bit bigger, and her body is more articulate. You can move her arms and legs up and down. So, she is able to sit or stand to pose like my large blue bunny. Just too cute. They each stand about less than 4 inches tall, the blue bun about 3 inches, and the pink bun about 3.5 inches taller.

 Now, onto the photos....

 I have them displayed with my large blue bunny in the dome. Now, I can gaze at them whenever I want too. Like a cute bunny family. I may take out the pink wee bunny to play with or take with me on travels... Teehee!

 Last, my cute business cards came in from I order another set, but with cute nursery decals. Love em' and they match the Happy Sachiyo bunnies too!

 Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, September 21, 2018

Mini Party Hats and More!

I was looking for some inexpensive party hats for dolls on Etsy. While searching for some, I found a really well made mini party hats for pets. Literally, party hats for your pet Chicken, Hamster, Lizard, etc. I read up on the shop and found them to look well made and just simply adorable. I bought two for my dolls or as props in my photos. They arrived to me so fast today, and just look at them!!
 I ordered the Chicken size, or what the seller says, is quarter size. One in blue gingham, and one in pink gingham. This version has stretch ties that are adjustable to the size of your pet, well in this case my doll. You can order them as a clip, maybe even a child can wear it?! Beautifully made, with strong cardboard so they last. I placed it atop my Happy Sachiyo blue bunbun and look how cute she is!!

 The name of the shop is, "Handmade AmErika". These cute mini party hats are great for your pet and your dolls too! Haha. Also, while searching Etsy, I came across this cute vintage 1992, Reader's Digest Miniature Flower Shop House Spice Box. For cheap too! I bought it and it arrived so quickly. It's plastic and will be great as a prop or I could use it to hold trinkets maybe. I searched online to see if there are other houses. Sadly, I know of only one other, the "Ice Cream Shop" house. I may get that one too. Still I love the purple roof and the little details painted onto the house.

 Last, I got this cake topper carousel on Ebay. I've been on the look out for a carousel prop for my photos, but most are quite pricey. So, this was a nice alternative and I loved the pastel pink color. They had it in blue also, but I chose pink, of course! The horses can twist, and it can be hung like an ornament too. It will be great as a prop in my photos or with my dolls.

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Tadie Muz Coat Found and More!!

I recently won on Ebay a Lot of clothing listed as Tadie Muz's by Ide France. I was trying to win the other lot as well and maybe another Tadie doll, but not in the cards. Oh well. Still this find was something I had been hoping to find one day, and that one day came true! Yay!
 Quick, back story, Tadie Muz is a vintage doll made in the late 1960s by Ide France. She has a house and Cottage too! If you search via my blog you will find my posts on her. It's actually been awhile since I took her out to play. So, naturally when the Lot arrived. I did. In the Lot was a yellow raincoat, not shown, the orange coat dress, a pair of green shorts, and two pairs of shoes, one in dark blue and one in white. Upon inspecting everything, the raincoat must belong to another doll. Just have to figure out who? The orange coat had a snap loose, sadly, I don't have the tool to put it back on. So, instead I replace it with a button. The coat was in excellent condition, just a bit of fraying of the fabric.

 The coat dress is just that, a coat dress and reminds me of the 60s fashions. As I inspected the shoes, I was very pleased to find out, that the dark blue pair is original to Tadie. Yesss! I've always gotten Tadie and her shoes were always missing, so to have a pair, is a dream come true! The white pair is not original, but made for Penny Brite. I have other pairs. I also took a scan of the coat dress from Tadie's doll booklet and placed it side by side the actual coat dress on my Tadie. Sure enough it is that very coat dress! Yay! I had planned on having a fellow collector and friend make one for me. But, now I have the actual fashion!

I also won this cute Edward Mobley Squeak Toy Bear copycat by Tacoplast made in El Salvador, in pink! He was up for grabs on Ebay and I loved his color. I often find them in green, yellow or blue. But, I always lose out, because sellers will not ship outside the States. Ugh. I cleaned him up and used baby oil to try to wipe off the grime on his eyes, as they were cloudy. It helped. I'm deciding to keep or not too...

 Then, I ordered more 7mm fur fabric from Russia, they came in too. So, I decided to redo my mini plush duck. Here's what she looked like before! She's now, so soft and furry! I used a template I bought from Etsy for her wings, and feet. The very same pattern came with a bonnet and collar pattern. Yesss! Now, I can make more bonnets, and even collars. It was fun to watch her come together. Her head and body is made by using the same bear pattern. She's about 4 inches and sits. Feet are better in felt, as I tried to make her feet plushy, but it was too large as she sat. Her bonnet is made of pink rik rak and felt in aqua. I also added some white flowers, not shown.

 Last, I was able to catch the sale of this lonely alien kitty figurine on IG. She arrived fast and safely. She stands about 2.5 inches tall and has eyes that are black like those vintage alien toys from the movie, "Close Encounters of the 3rd Kind." Quite unique don't you think? She will be added to my collection of oddities. Sadly, you can see she is supposed to be with her Mommy, one of those chained ceramic Mommy and baby kitsch figurines. LOL

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, September 16, 2018

New TShirt Design and More!!

On Friday, mail was back to normal. So, I was able to pick up these items that came in!!
 I decided to take these cute kitsch ceramics to the next level and had these cotton tee's made. I've already listed them in my Etsy shop. So be sure to check em' out. I have them in Adult sizes M, L, and XL. Sara is modeling them for me!

Nice bright coloring! They look so cute! I may come out with others soon!? What do you think? While the power was all most of the week. I did work on making a cute bonnet for my Happy Sachiyo Bunbun... I used felt, vintage flowers, along with some rik rak in purple.

 I also worked on the cute bear and duck you see hanging on the clothes line. I restuffed the vintage pink and white bear, because she had too much stuffing and also she smelled really bad of cigarettes, Yuck. Sadly, no tags and I used Buy it Now on ebay a few months ago and just didn't work on her, until now. I'm guessing it is a copy cat, since there is no way of finding out if it is an original Rushton bear. But, I did notice when I opened her up to remove old stuffing, she had wires inside along with her extra fur tossed in as filling. My theory is that maybe she was a Rushton, but the previous owner did something to trim her fur to make her smaller perhaps? Who knows? LOL

 The baby duck or chick is about 7 inches tall. He came flat and worn and needing a good wash. He also had a plaid beret on. But, I removed it. His tag says, "Columbia Toy Products". Then, I  remembered I got this Lenci bonnet from ebay, and thought it would look cute on! Now, he's a her! LOL

 I also bought this Lot of two smocks for 13 inch to 18 inch dolls. I love the colors! They might work on my plush babies? I will have to try em' out!! I got these lovely vintage Japan cat figurines, that look to be Rune Naito from Yahoo Japan. They have unusually long bodies, but I love their eyes most! I need to decide if I will keep them or add them to the shop? Ugh, decisions. Haha.

 I bought a Lot of 3 vintage Meyercord decals, one duck, large one, and two lambs, not shown. The lambs I have on my doll cabinet, you can see them in many of my photos. But the duck I don't and will frame it. Just too cute for words! Bought these Christmas satin ball ornaments, mostly to replace a hanger on my Angel cuties, that is missing one hanger. I may still use them for Christmas this year. They are for a small tree. I got them on Etsy for cheap! I don't think they are vintage. I put them into this clear container, and they look like candies!
 Last, I caved and got this vintage Rushton Easter Bunny on ebay. Yup, I know he was expensive, but I'm smitten! Just like my first Rushton Boy Bunny, this one is a girl. She is about 10 inches tall, comes with her original hat, pink vest with purple ribbon and a flower in her paw! Just too adorable!

 Side by side the boy Bunny, aren't they just adorable. I need to take some outside photos of them. Sadly, she doesn't stand up on her own, I may need to fix her feet... But those eyes just make you wanna hug her!!

Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls