Friday, July 31, 2020

Interesting Finds In!

Here are some interesting finds I got today...

I found this lovely vintage Mojer "Innocense" plaque lithograph art print. I have a larger lithograph version already on my wall, but it's starting to fade. I thought it would be good to get this wood plaque version. Just in case. No, tag, with some age wear, but still lovely. I will put this one in storage for now.

Next, I found some cute Finger Puppets, I've already added to my shop. Just adorable and with their original box too. I had to fix the mouse and the red dog. One was missing his nose and the other one eye. Still lovely. I also finally caved and bought this cute Pink and blue pastel satin Momoko jacket for Lilith. It reminds me of Andie's/Molly R.'s character's jacket in "Pretty in Pink". Yes, I realize hers was green, but that's what this one reminded me of. Can't wait to try it on Lilith!! More on the jacket later...

From Yahoo Japan, I picked up this lovely blue dotted fabric with cute Rushton plushies on it. I will be adding this fabric to my shop soon too. A bit different, it doesn't have the baby chick in this version. On Etsy, I found this lovely vintage wood with paper nesting blocks made in Japan. Just look at their bright colors and all the cute images on each side. The wood is super thin, and just light weight. I am surprised that a child played with these. They feel very delicate now and might break. A cute addition to my collection.

Next, I was commissioned by a fellow collector to find this cutie, a vintage rubber mermaid doll made in Hong Kong. This is similar to the one's I found here and exactly here! To my surprise, while doing my usual searches, I did! I was a bit in shock. But so happy that I was able to bid and wing this one for her! Yay! She is now on her way to her forever home... I truly enjoy finding things for others, I do! Last, are these lovely vintage ceramic ballerina legs bookends, made in Taiwan. When, they showed up on my feed, I was smitten! I couldn't wait to get them! Sadly, when they arrived from the UK, one was in pieces!! Ugh! The box was crushed, and I could hear rattling inside. I was hoping it didn't, but you know the drill. Darn it!! I immediately took pics and sent them to the seller. Then, I decided, that I could probably fix it. So, I started to get to work on it. After a few hours, I was able to salvage most of it and put it together... See last photo after reading.

The one that is not broken is on the right, in the photo above. Still, the one that is broken, is not too bad to look at. I just love them, they remind me of burlesque style or Neoclassical style like Marie Antoinette. Have you ever seen anything like this? I haven't! Haha...

Happy Friday all!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, July 28, 2020


...finds in this week...
I recently found this lovely vintage possibly, Sankyo or Ladymate music box via a Japan online shop. I think the cute puffy decal of a Princess holding onto her Prince was just dreamy. Especially with a silhouette of their castle in the distance. The seller mentioned it wasn't working. But when I took a look, it was working and just a bit slow, but still played beautifully. Unfortunately, I don't know the song, but it is definitely a Japanese ballad. I cleaned up the lid as best I could with soap and water, ever so carefully, not to wipe away the image of the castle. I have already added this beauty to my Etsy shop.

In the same box, I also received these loose vintage finger puppets. I have always wanted the bunny and dog. So, it was amazing to find them, even if they are loose. They will be added to my growing collection of finger puppets. I was also able to find these vintage cuties to add to my shop, another Jill The Wonder Foam Paper Doll set in a 12 inch version, a vintage Valentine Novelty Pixie ornament, still MIP, and a loose cute little Bisque German doll. Which I added a little fashion jumper on her. These goodies are listed now in my Etsy shop.

From my usual searches, I found this adorable Kitty in a boot squeak toy! He is just like the ceramic version of the same style. This is also made in Japan. It doesn't say whether it is by Iwai or Ninohira, just the words, "Made in Japan". He is just too freakin' cute. I may add some fur to him. I will be keeping him. Next, I also found this lovely vintage gold plated new/old stock fish brooches on card. I actually had it as a favorite for 2 months, and decided I'd get them. I love their shiny pastel colors. There is even rose gold, before rose gold was even a color!! Haha! I love the underwater art on the card too.

Then, I also found these lovely pastel plastic coasters or bridge containers. I was thinking of using them like stands for some of my ceramics, needing a boost to showcase them in my cabinet or maybe to hold some beads? They were unique and I like their colors. I found this Spartus Black Cat Clock, it works, but is missing its tail and one of its hands. The seller did add a set of hands, that you could replace with the old one with. I may add it to the shop, since I don't have the wall space.

Next, I found this lovely vintage wooden stroller. I really loved the blue and pink color combo, and knew that when I received it, I could add a cute animal decal to it to make it look like those super cute nursery Meyercord decaled toys! And, it was perfect with my little "Herohero" baby doll too! What do you think? Last, I finally found this lovely Rushton plush crazy eyed Bunny Girl in a pink sheer dress. Yay! She is about 24 inches tall from tips of her toes to her ears. I am just in love with her! Though Sara thinks, she looks crazy. Haha! I wipes her down, and brushed her plush. She didn't have to be washed, which was perfect, Yay! Even the satin on her ears are in lovely condition. I added some satin pink ribbons to her shoes, and a blue satin ribbon to her dress. Along with some paper flowers to her ears, in the last photo. Be safe and well!!

Thanks for reading my blog post! ~ ggsdolls