Thursday, June 28, 2018

I'm Going on an Adventure!!

(I know it's been almost a month since I've posted! LOL Sorry, I've been on an amazing family summer vacation that has been full of so many memorable adventures... So, you will notice, that I will back post so this stays true to the time frame. Thank you for your patience and for reading them!)
 Leaving Guam, early morning for Osaka, Japan.

Oh my its been quite a journey. We left Guam and arrived into San Diego by afternoon, and believe it or not we got into the Airport ahead of my sister in-law, Sandy! LOL Bob picked us up and we headed to their new place. A drive, but beautiful once we got there.
 Waiting for our next leg from Osaka to San Francisco. I got a chocolate, chocolate shake, and saw my favorite game at the gate, Yesss! Got a few gachas there too!
 Good bye Osaka from the plane!

Del Mar is a very fancy community and lots of things close by, mainly the beach. So many people walking and exercising. Lots of healthy people. Our first night was well rested. We stayed up to try to get with the time stateside. Not too bad. Though we did take naps.
 Sandy and Bob's place in Del Mar, along with sweet Lily and Taby.
 Over the weekend, we mostly stayed close by to get our bearings. We visited, Old Town San Diego, Balboa Park and the United Nation Houses.
 One of the restaurants we had lunch at in Old Town. The burrito was huge! But oh so delicious! Yum!
 Then, we walked around Old Town...

 We went into a candy shop, that was making Salt Water Taffy! So cool!

  This is from Balboa Park, and all the Nations Houses there. Basically, houses that feature many countries and in each house, representatives of that culture, sharing what they love about their country. We hope to have Guam featured there soon!!

 England above, Israel below, Germany, and Norway...

 Afterwards, we took Levi to a place that had "Dragon's Breath" for him to try! He loved it!
 As we were leaving, I saw a Bubble Tea place next door, and what do I spy, Woodland dolls!!

 By Monday, Sam was ready to take the girls and I to The San Diego Zoo. It was really good and so many things were updated, from the last time I was there, 1992! Levi went with us. It was good, because it gave him time to bond with Sara and Taby too. He was a trouper even though, he may have been bored or his feet in pain. He didn't complain. We spent the whole day there. We looked at all the animals we could get too by scooter. Those that we couldn't get too, well, Sam and the kids went into to look at while I stayed outside. The trip was mainly for the kids and for Sam. By the end of the day, we decided to take the gondola up and back, because of where we parked the scooter. We did do the shop thing and got shirts to remember our trip. Then we went back to Sandy's.
 Just some quick pics of Sunday's BBQ and a vintage car!

 It was hot that day, and we put on sunscreen twice! I had a scooter to get around. It was great and we saw many animals, not shown.

At night, we got hooked on "Stranger Things", thanks to Levi. A sci-fi TV show on Netflix. There's like 2 seasons and season one has like 9 episodes, I believe. ugh. We watched 8 so far. We did have a BBQ on Sunday. Lots of great food and company.

By Tuesday, Sandy showed us the Westfield Mall close by, and left with Levi cause she had work and Levi had practice. We left the mall after some time and went to a little shop area close to Sandy's to check out. Not much mostly food places. So, we decided to drive around Sandy's old place, La Jolla. Visited the cross at Mt. Soledad, and then, got lost around La Jolla again, before heading home.
 At the mall, there were many relaxing places to sit and enjoy the day!

 We ate at "Seasons52" a fancy place for the 4th of July and then walked to the harbor where the fireworks were. It was so crowded too!

 So far, its been a leisurely trip. Nice and planned pace actually. Nothing too crazy and mostly free stuff, if we can help it. LOL

Next post Las Vegas!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls