Monday, September 26, 2011

Keeping Busy, Redoing 'House of Moritz'...

I finally decided to put the 'House of Vero' up on a shelf stored away, and took out the 'House of Moritz'. The dollhouse sat on my dresser all week, reminding me that it was there and needed something done-_-; As much as I dislike changing anything from the original, I decided the poor bungalow needed a rehaul. The wallpaper was cracked and torn in several places, and the floor is even worse with rips and tears as well. So, I thought most of the week, what could I do with the two rooms in this house? hmmm...

As I awaited for some flooring, and tiles to come in the mail, it dawned on me. I love the look of wood walls, it reminded me of the 60's and 70's as well as the lovely living room set that 'call-small' had on her blog about "Rooms in Miniature" So, I did some researching and looked closely at the walls she had in that particular room and the carpeting...and that was it! I decided on a wood wall look with green or cream carpeting!

When the wall paper arrived Friday, I started to work on the room Saturday! The wall paper which was originally bought as flooring, was more useful on the wall than on the floor. It's actually printed out wood planks on matte thick paper and it was cheap versus the actual tiny wood planks set on paper backing that i had used on the Vero. As for the carpet, I used what was left over from my daughter's dollhouse garden! Yup, green grass...though in the room it just looks like green carpet! I think?! LOL!

Here is the before and after shots! I am very pleased at how the room turned out! Now, to work on the other room!

Cracks on some sections of the floors and the wall paper at the right corner buckling.

The new wallpaper is glued down and carpet is temporary.

The other side of the room. - ggsdolls

Monday, September 19, 2011

A New Miniature Retro Dog again by Violetpi!

After receiving my last order from Jen N. of Violetpi on etsy. I just had to ask her to do another commission...this time I just said, light blue with a pokadot ribbon? Jen did the rest, and boy did she amaze me! My new little retro dog is just as gorgeous as my first one! Thanks so much Jen! I am just loving these little creatures that are moving into my dollhouses!! - ggsdolls

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Two Items from YJA!

I couldn't help but treat myself to these two lovely items from Japan! First, I won this very simple remake of another sekiguchi celluloid toy. Which I thought was similar in size to the first gashapon toy I won, but in fact, this bear with box is a bit larger in scale. Still a lovely addition to my vintage sekiguchi celluloid toy collection! Secondly, this amazing princess doll similar to my first French style posedoll I won back in 2009. This one has a slimmer face and body along with a beautiful unfaded flowing gown. I thought I would be outbidded for this beauty, but thank goodness I wasn' to the photos!

The vintage remake of a celluloid seki bear with box. Sadly, the toy is not jointed so you are not able to move the arms and legs. Still he is cute and a reminder of the expensive original version! LOL.

The amazing princess french style pose doll. Her dress is in lovely condition. Her face and hands need a bit more pigment, but otherwise she is gorgeous! Same size as my first version back in 2009 about 24inches tall.

She is a more pale blonde. Slimmer face and hands. See comparison photo below!

They are like sisters! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Old Toy Candy Suit Case from My Childhood!

Stored away for so many years! I finally remember i still had the suitcase and took it out of a container holding mostly old albums and books! This candy/toy suitcase, I am not sure where I found, other than in a Mom and Pop store. The suitcase used to hold some chocolates. I of course ate them, and kept the case. Left some stickers on and added some as time passed. Like Licca, and other manga stickers along the way. I remember using it for my Jenny doll as a vacation suitcase for trips or when she decided to run away from her parents for not allowing her to stay with the man she loved! LOL!

Boy, the stories I used to come up with back then! Anyhow, it's amazing how this survived many typhoons, a son, a daughter, and not be given away! I had little books, magazines, a diary, some barbie cash, passport, and plastic barbie size watches inside too! I even found tiny size Coke cans! It's nice to see something from that long ago, survive thru the if only I could find all my dolls from back then -_-;

The front of the suit case. I kept the travel logo, and added the puffy sticker rose, and anime girl. I later added the plastic tab you see with gold tie string, to look like a name tag on the bag!

Inside, I added a Glico Licca sticker, a sticker of a house, and other tiny stationary stickers...

The back side of the case. Licca sticker, and various tiny stickers...too funny! - ggsdolls

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Obsession with Mid Century Modern Living Rm Sets Part II!

Today, in the mail. I received my latest mid century modern living room set. Similar to my last set, this one has square metal feet with white rubber stoppers. It's in a lovely orange and red plaid fabric, and seems a bit larger than my last set, but maybe it's just the print that makes it look that way?

Anyways, I ended up changing out the curtains, and a few other items to make the set look more interesting. But just like the second set I got, this one only came with the sofa, and matching chair. Still a lovely addition to my ever growing sofa sets! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Vintage Caco DollHouse Miniature Dolls, and Lamps!

I have been wanting to find a vintage Caco miniature dollhouse girl doll for some time now, especially since seeing this cute gal on a friend's blog here, It's on her banner photo! I knew a little about the vintage Caco dolls made in Germany for the 1:12 scale and smaller scale dollhouses. I even bought a set of family Caco dolls sometime back. See below.
 But I didn't know that there were girl dolls with hair! I've seen the later issues of 70's Moms with hair, but the children with hair! I think they are much cuter than the one's with molded on hair. Though I still like molded on hair as well, but to own one of the girls with hair, would be a joy...

Finally, while doing my usual searches via ebay, I found this little girl with a buy it now, and she was just in the states! I love her dress and she has lovely brown braided hair! What I didn't realize is how small she is! She's much smaller than my first Caco girl doll! So, she might have been made for the 1:18 scale dollhouses?
Still she is a great addition to my dollhouse dolls collection, and a wee visitor to her cousin Sandy!
Then, I also wanted to update  and take pics of the vintage dollhouse lamps I have so far. The last two on the right are made in the USA and the others are made in Germany. A girl can't have too many lamps to decorate her house...LOL!- ggsdolls

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Miniature Retro Dog by Violet Pi on Etsy!!

I've recently commissioned Violetpi on etsy to do a retro plush dog like my large one! See pic, below. My plush Shih Tzu from Japan...

Jen, finished the job so quickly and shipped her out as soon as I sent payment. She also showed me photos of my miniature retro dog, and she looked gorgeous! But what's even more so amazing, is actually having the tiny super cute dog in person!! I am just flabbergasted! She looks so much like my large version, and the cute gold trim collar and bow, is just too kawaii for words!

Jen, you rock dear! An amazing job, and I am so pleased with the end results. I want to commission her for another retro doggie soon!!

My tiny retro dog in the Vero. She a lovely scale size for the 1:12 Dollhouse! Yay! These little dogs can also be a great size friend for blythe, or other dolls! - ggsdolls