Friday, October 25, 2019

Mermaid Diorama...

If you recall, I got this cute soft vinyl mermaid from Etsy, here in this post. I had previously gotten a few of those clear acrylic cubes from our local 100yen store and decided to create a little underwater scene with her...
 I used some blue sea glass in two colors, real sea shells, pearl like beads in light blue, aqua and purple. Then, little starfish beads I got from Michaels a few years ago.

 I added some aquarium sea grass, and a large party favor plastic sea shell. It is not stationary, but rather movable, by intention.

 So, if you decide to change things around, you can. I used sticky putty for frames to keep her in place, without the act of her being set in one spot forever. The rest is loose.
You can reaarange her and her surroundings, as you desire. Then, display her on your desk or table. It's actually quite meditative and creatively fun too!  I will package her up safely and she will come with all you see, that is inside the cube with her. I hope to add her to my shop soon! She is one of a kind and vintage, but the items that are with her are not vintage.

Thank you for looking at my creation! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Goodies for My Shop!!

I received a few boxes today that will be added to my Etsy shop in just a few minutes!
 I found this rare cutie via an online Japan shop, a Tan Sun Chan doll, mint with her fashion and sandals. She is often hard to find and generally can go up to $300 US Dollars!! She will be added to my shop and at a reasonable price. Her sandals are just too cute! I washed her hair and replaced her bows and rubber bands.

 I won this lot of three vintage unopened puzzles. Lily and Marry as it was spelled or Mary and a Chiko Chan one. I might keep the Chiko Chan puzzle... Both the Lily and Mary puzzles will be added to my shop.

 I also found these two hangers by Ado Mizumori vintage Twiggy style. They are in lovely condition with some wear, but still nice for display and light use. I will add both to my shop also. I believe the one above is a boy and the other a girl. I'm so tempted to keep them. Noooo, must resist! LOL

 Last, my purchase from the famous Yatabazah on Ebay. He has a few goodies up for grabs and I couldn't resist this one. A loose German Tadie doll head with wig! She arrived safely today... now to find a body or stand for her! Thank you dear Thanos!! You know me too well dear! Ha!

 I hope to list most of the items shown in today's post in a few minutes or so... after I help Sara with homework first! LOL

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, October 22, 2019

VTG Online Goodies...

I've been slowly buying a few things here and there to add to my shop via Japan. So, here is what came in and a few have been already added to my Etsy shop! Be sure to check it out!
 I bought these gals through and online app and got them pretty fast. I shampooed and condition their hair and re-sewn a few of the snaps that were loose. Both are about 1970s tan type Poppo-chan dolls similar to Sekiguchi. Each sold separately on my Etsy shop.

 Girl in red dot dress has tie straps, while pink stripe just has snaps on the back side. Both about 5 inches tall.

 Next, I bought these cute pastel colored poodle shakers via Etsy. I've always wanted a set and to find them was awesome. They will be added to my collection for now. They both have their original cork stoppers and in lovely condition too. Sticker with "Japan" on them.

 I also won this cutie via Yahoo Japan, vintage ceramic bear in pastel coloring coin bank. He was just too cute to pass up. In excellent condition too and still has his original stopper. I will be adding him to my Etsy shop soon. Lovely addition to any bear or flower ceramic collection! Last, I adopted this cutie from Thailand on Etsy. She arrived safely to me and I had to do a few touch ups on her. I added a bit more white to her eyes, since the blue was off a bit, and some blush too! Now, she is ready to an underwater scene! She will be a part of my collection for a bit. I had one in my collection a few years back, shown here. There are different poses, and I must admit, I miss my last one, but it's okay. These were probably cake topper decor.

 She's just the cutest! Have a great week fellow collectors!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, October 18, 2019

Items Listed from My Collection!

I decided to let go of a few more items from my collection. I will list them after I post. So be sure to stop by my Etsy shop for some of my vintage treasures now available to you!
 I recently fell in love with fabric pumpkins thanks to IG, and found these two handmade creations by ShariStudio on Etsy! There were other shops selling em' too, but I fell in love with her pink dots and velvety blue pumpkin. They arrived fast and safely to me. I may need to get more for my little display! Just adorable!! I also, got these plastic angel head ornaments from Etsy. They remind me of posedolls with their quirky look. One was missing her face, so I made her one. I love the felt eyes and lips, and also added some blush to them! They're pastel coloring matches my display too!

 Next, I got this cute ceramic puppy couple from Japan. I sold a cat set a few years back. I will be adding this one to my Etsy shop also! So check my Etsy shop in a few... Then, I won this cute deer coin bank. She has a few issues, but, I fixed them. Hairline crack on her backside, sealed with glue now, and I added some pink fur for her hair. Now, she's a bit more stylish and fuzzy to love. I also replaced her rubber stopper. I will also be adding her to my shop.

 Last, I got this lovely head planter from Ebay. No markings, but I've seen her before. She is lovely, but I noticed, that her eyes were repainted and then sealed with a gloss. Sad part is that the gloss is only on the parts that are repainted. I will try to spray a gloss to make the face even. I'm also deciding if she will stay with me or not... LOL

Last night, at the Guam Museum, an event held for my mother in-law, Dr. Judy Flores, a Retrospective of her life's work. I am very humble by her and what she has done for our community and our island's people. She inspired so many people through out the years, and honestly it was bittersweet to see her receive the recognition, she deserves for all she does and continues to do for Guam and her people. Very blessed to be able to witness this! Last photo, taken by the awesome Ronald Castro. If you are on island be sure to stop by at the Guam Museum. Her Retrospective will be up until, February 2020. More information here, and on her website GUAM BATIK GALLERY.

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls