Thursday, December 24, 2020

Before you Invest...

 ...Investigate. Before you criticize, wait..." W.W.

It's Christmas Eve here on Guam!! This is what came in!

I received these two vtg dolls for a commission of a friend, and this unique Kogei Memo holder boy doll from Japan. You can hang him up and place your memo pad, pencils or pens by your desk. So cute and adorable too! I've already added him to my Etsy shop! I also, found this lovely vtg plush My Toy brand bunny. He is so cute and small too! I will add him later today. No tag, washed and cleaned and ready to be adopted!!

This lovely vtg Santa in a pink hat ornament, was a quick find while doing my usual searches. I love his kitsch face, and his beard is so curly and soft. He's already on my display for the Christmas holiday! Just in time too! Sara and I when uptown to drop customers boxes at the Post, and do a quick look at the Goody store, etc. I found these goodies there, well some... The cute pet knitted caps, I will use on plushies, some felt wool pompoms in blues, and pinks, and more felt sheets for my plushies to be made. The ribbons I got from Shop4Less. I was looking for solid yellow and blue, but none. Ugh. Still these striped ribbons will be useful too!

I decided to make a Pompom garland using the felt wool pompoms I got. I've seen these a few years back becoming popular, and they do sell them already made on Etsy. This time, I decided to take the ones I got and make my own. If you want to make them, here is a site that shows you how. Even after the holidays, these pompom garlands can be left up all year through! I basically, took the felt balls, used some floss thread I had from my old teaching days, when my students and I, made "Friendship" bracelets! With a large sewing needle, threaded them thru each felt pompom. They stay securely, once you pull them through and to the part of the thread you want them to stay at. I generally gave about an inch and a half between each pompom. I tied the ends... and TADA! You can hang them where desired!

In this case, I hung them in two areas for now. The pink pompoms were already in a lovely color sequence in the packaging, and I just kept it that way through out the garland. Same for the blue ones. I'll admit I went back there and got more, even in the larger size pompoms they have!! Garland making fun, continues!! I also tweaked the side laying pattern for my plushies, and made another fuzkitty in Aqua!! He is already listed in my Etsy shop.

I used the black dotted Japanese Rushton fabric this time for the underside. He has a squeak in his right paw, and a rattle in his tummy!

I hope you all are being safe and well!! Have a great Christmas Holiday my friends!!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, December 18, 2020

ggsdolls Prototype Side Laying Fuzkitty!!!

I just had to share, this cutie, that I made!!

I decided to take one of the rubber faces I got from the Lot and try to make a side laying kitty. But, I didn't have a pattern. So, I tried searching for free ones online. Sadly, there were none, that I felt was what I needed, for my creation. So, I thought it might be best to buy a downloadable pattern, a vintage pattern too. Sure enough, I found one, paid for it, and downloaded it. Next, I printed it out and this is what I came up with, above and below.
Next, I used the Japanese Rushton fabric for the underside of the cat's body. It was a bit tricky to sew, but it turned out lovely. The cat's so fluffy and adorable. I may tweak the pattern a bit, and make a larger one. I was going to trim the fur, but she looks adorable all fluffy!

Like her face is looking up. Her tail is hiding between her legs though. She has a squeak sounder on her left paw, and a tingaling sounder in her upper torso. She is too cute. I posted her earlier today on my Instagram page. Just to share at first, but then, decided to offer her for sale. In just a few minutes, she was adopted!! I was like, wait, no way, what?!! Haha!!

I am truly happy and feeling so much love, that my cute creations are being adopted and by fellow collectors too! It means a lot to me, that you all like them! I try my best to put a lot of love in everything I do, and these babies are a reflection of that!

Thank you for the love you guys! I truly appreciate each and everyone of you!

I'll be making another new furry cutie soon!!

Thanks for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, December 14, 2020

Before You Spend...

 Earn." - W.W. Quote for today. 

 Believe it or not, I don't ask Sam for money to pay for anything I collect or buy for my shop. What I make, is what I am able to spend. So, this quote is fitting.

Here is what I received last week Friday!

I received several boxes mainly from Japan, above all the loot that came in and a few other items. A large vintage doll/toy puzzle set of 6, a Ado M. tote bag, Sweater Couple of African boy/girl figurines, Happy N Roro Letter Set, mini memo book, retro handmade Japanese artist bear, a Dalmation pup couple, and a huge Rune cat coin bank. All except for the mini memo, puzzle, and retro bear have either sold or is still listed in my Etsy shop, now.
These vintage sweater African boy and girl figurine set, are quite unique. We often see them as animals like a cat or pup, but to see them like this and the girl with hair! quite unique indeed! They are listed. The Happy and Roro letter set comes with a lot of accessories, like origami sheets, pencil sharpener, colored pencils, etc. Already sold too! Next, these lovely Dalmation pups, are actually my second set found. In great condition, with exception of a little nick on her front. Otherwise, gorgeous.

If you recall, I've found a smaller version of the puzzle above, and below. But, this set has six large puzzles in the bag. I have yet to open it and list them. So many cute vintage toys and dolls in each puzzle too! Just too cute. I may want to keep this? Haha! I also found this huge Rune cat coin bank!!! I was surprise too, that it was still available. I listed it the next day in my Etsy shop, and it sold really fast!!

This mini memo book, has coloring sheets and other little teen tidbits, and information? Perhaps, not sure until I translate it. I will have to do a translate photo later. This one is mainly for my collection. This adorable retro mini bear, I found via a Japan site and the Japanese artist, "Kotori". She has made a few others, that sell quickly. So, I was glad to be able to get one of her creations. I love the baggie the bear came in... it has some vintage ribbon too, if you noticed!

I hope to bring more in if I am able to get them. This sweet Redhead little girl is made by Forsum. She has already been added to my shop. In lovely condition too. I also worked on a few creations. I was finally inspired to work on the bunny head from the Lot of rubber faces from Mexico. I decided it would be cute as a Roly Poly Rattle. I even used the retro Japanese fabric I had in my shop. What do you think? It is made of yellow felt and the fabric. I also used the polkadot ruffles in white and pink, a pink pompom, and then, added a sheer bow. I think he will stay with me for a bit....

Finally, I was in the mood to complete the yellow Fuzbear!! After working on the roly poly bunny, I felt inspired to finish the bear. I also used the same retro fabric on this bear's, palms, feet and tummy!! He turned out beautifully!! I've added a blue satin bow, a squeak sound on his left ear, and a bird sounder in his tummy. He still has the hang tie at the top. You can hold and shake him to hear the bird sounds. I will need to do a bit more trimming of his fur, but he is ultimately done! Whew! Now, there are six others in waiting... Haha!
I almost forgot, the red tote below!! So adorable, I believe the artwork is by Ado Mizumori. A lovely tote bag to carry your mini toys or doll with you on the go. I have this lovely tote listed in my Etsy shop. The lining inside is red with floral designs. Quite unique too!

Season's Greetings, from Holly and her bike!! 

Wishing you all a safe and healthy week!!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, December 9, 2020

Before You Speak...

 ...Listen. Before you write, think." is the quote for today. It has been a nice, easy going week. Here are my vintage finds that have arrived to me, safely...

I bought these two adorable nude angel ornaments, because they were unique. Both made in Japan, They have wire with sheer fabric wings at the back, closed eyes, and hands in prayer. Great to hang upon your tree this season. I also received a box from Japan, with two Yahoo Japan items, I won. This lovely ceramic puppy head coin bank. I cleaned him up and added the pink satin bow and rubber stopper. He is already listed in my shop. His eyes are stickers and possibly earlier versions of Rune Naito or Ado Mizumori.

This lovely large posedoll, is similar to others I've found before. But, this one is my 2nd little girl. As the others are a Princess or Southern Belle Lady. This little cutie, has some issues, like her leg is bent in at her calf, and she had a smudge stain on her right cheek. I wiped it a bit, and hopefully it helped. She needed replacing of her bows on her braids. She wears a red dotted satin dress, and red shoes. Quite lovely I think. Now, to decide if I will keep her or not... Haha!

This lovely upcycled Cinderella book, I found through Etsy at, "OstentifieousGoods"! As a little girl, this was my favorite Golden Book. I used to read it over and over, and look dreamily on the illustrations. Not because I wanted a Prince, but because I loved the way the artist drew Cinderella's tiny feet. As I've shared before, I am born with, "Clubfeet". Growing up, I used to wish I had normal feet and be able to wear slippers like hers... Well, one can still dream. The book is made into a journal/sketch book, with extra pages in between the story to write or draw in. How cool is that?! A treasure for sure. The shop has an amazing idea of upcycling old books. I hope they make others!

This lovely ceramic girl with her cat figurine, I had been eyeing for the past 2 weeks. I wasn't sure if I should get her. But now, I am so glad I did. She is made in Japan and has the oddest looking eyes. Haha! As she glares at her kitty. So sweet and her coloring too. I added a ribbon, but may change it to satin instead. Next, I received from Yahoo Japan auctions, a Lot of vintage dolls by Sekiguchi and others. In the lot, is this lovely green jumper Gege doll, similar to the smaller one I shared from last post. They are like sisters. I've already listed the entire lot in my Etsy shop. The taller green Gege is adopted. There is a bonnet girl, not made by Sekiguchi. She is different with her 'Southern Belle' style, and her shoes can come off. Where as the Sekiguchi girls shoes, don't. I love her face too! The three mermaid dolls have color changing hair! From Pink to Purple, Green to Blue, and Yellow to Orange!! Each will be sold separately.

Next, this lovely posedoll with craft hoop. I bought this one from a fellow collector that had it listed on IG. I was so surprised no one else snapped it up. It arrived safely and Katie even added a few treats! How sweet. I love the unique look of the artwork. It is basically, fabric from a white blouse... Then, she printed these cute posedollies on it, and secured it on the hoop. Just adorable and great to hang up too!

Last, my little pink pastel Christmas tree above, I received some blue silk apple ornaments and this lovely pink gingham angel from a lot. Paired the new arrivals with some of last years decor and now, my little tree display is complete! Below, is our living room tree. Taby came down on her day off from work, and helped us to paint the wall to freshen it up. Then, we put up our tree! It looks amazing thanks to her, Sam and Sara!!

Have a safe and blessed week everyone!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls