Saturday, March 27, 2021

March is on its way out!

 My how time flies... It's been a busy month. Sam and I got our first dose of the vaccine, been doing some commissions, some decent finds online, and had my annual mammogram done, whew!! Here's what I found online...

This lovely Mizpah vtg Easter bunny plush, I was able to adopt from on Ebay. I don't own any yellow plush bunnies, so this will be a nice one in my Easter bunny collection. Filled with foam, she is a sweet googly eyed cutie. Washed and ready to be displayed. I also found a vtg blue Easter plush, cleaned him up, and added him to my shop last week. He was immediately adopted by a woman, in UK. A sweet nurse who decided to treat herself. I truly appreciated her sharing her story with me. I made sure to add a little gift!

I also, found two items via an online shop in Japan. This lovely plastic pencil case, with an adorable bunka pose doll and her baby dolly. Made by Eagle brand. I have already listed it in my Etsy shop! In lovely used condition. In the same shop, I found this lovely wind up green smoking robot. Though he doesn't let out any smoke, but he does walk towards you and that is just too cute! I don't believe he's that old, probably a repro about early 2000s. I got him for a friend in Germany!!

Next, these lovely items from one shop! I have been searching for these lovely vtg beaded coin purses for years! I had the very same ones as a kid growing up. They are nice and minty too. I don't believe they are vtg, but rather repros perhaps. Still, they look just like the ones I had as a kid. And, I wouldn't have found them if I hadn't been searching for these adorable musical bell crib toys! I have seen them in an ad for a Japanese manga, back in early 2000s, and have never found any similar until now!! They often have Meyercord decal animals on them and are just too cute!! You hang them on a crib or your bed post and pull the ring and they play music. The blue has a fox on it and it plays, "It's a Small World." The pink has a lamb on it and it plays, "Rockabye Baby." I've also added the Japanese manga ad below them so you can see! Almost similar too!

Then, I was able to use Buy It Now, on  Ebay for this lovely Gund plush chick. She is so festive in her bonnet and not a full rubber face plush. So, it's nice to have something different! I also was able to purchase three adorable handmade needle felted creations by the lovely Alvina of Lepetitcherie shop on Etsy. She started making these truly adorable needle felted bunnies, similar to the vtg Easter plush ones with long ears. I just had to snag three in my fave colors. They arrived super fast from Canada too!! Just look at her packaging, with little gifts! I was swooning over everything! Thank you Alvina!! Each bunny came with a tag, miniature sweet treats for their travel to me, and their boxes make great storage for them too! Alvina, even gave me the cutest stand up mirror!! Oh my goodness, it has cute fawns too on it!

Next, these amazing Mamzelle de Paris dresses by the lovely Diane of MatildaPink on Etsy!! I saw her IG post that she was going to list some dresses and I made sure to get some. They sold fast too! But, I was able to snag this lovely Cyan mod dress and a Gingham style dress. I don't own a Mamzelle doll, but that's okay cuz my Francine doll fits them!! Teehee! A bit snug, but I don't care!! LOL Diane's work is simply amazing!! I love them!! Last, is my newly adopted Amanitarium Lamb in blue!! I had Anna custom make me this lamb, similar to one she shared on IG. But, this time I asked her to not add horns. Oh my goodness, her amazing plushies, are just the Bees Knees!! So soft and adorable, I now own three of her creations!! She even added this amazing gift... A pink tote with the lamb I spoke of earlier, with horns!! Oh my gawd, I am so using this tote!! Thank you dearest Anna!

I try to support many of my dear fellow collector friends and their beautiful creations. Supporting a small business makes me happy and I hope that I can help them flourish, just as they've helped me and my small business flourish.

Have a wonderful and safe weekend Y'all!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, March 18, 2021

Almost Like New!!

 I began working on some more plushies etc., I've found in the wild, online! Ha! This lovely 1974 Eegee "Alice in Wonderland" Puppet off of ebay, was a mess! Literally! After her spa treatment, here she is below. I fell in love with her amazing mod huge eyes and eyelashes, and those lips and teeth!! I've seen something similar to her, but didn't know they were puppets, and she is huge! I've seen a "Little Red Riding Hood", and I believe, a "Little Match Girl". I love the way she turned out and will keep her for now...

Next, I found this lovely vintage Rushton lavendar cow! I was honestly surprised she was still available?! She was missing her tail, had a small hole on her hoof, and thigh, and she needed some cleaning on her face from dust. I worked on these areas and didn't need to wash her. She was like new! I am awaiting a cow bell in the mail to complete her look! Her "mooing" mechanism still works too! Yippee! She will live with me for a time.

Than, I was commissioned to fix a fellow collectors Rushton Ballerina Bunny! Her face was dirty and marked on her nose and cheek, as shown below. I was able to clean up the markings and touch up her paint. She was like new and all original too! Oh my Gawd!! Even her satin ears were so beautiful!!

Last, is this lovely vintage pink and white plush Easter bunny. She is designed by Character, according to her tag on her ear. She needed a good wash and brushing of her fur. I was also able to replace her whiskers, which were missing. Now, she is adorable and ready for Easter! I will be adding her to my shop some time soon!

Have a great weekend!

Thank you for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Sunday, March 14, 2021

Four Months!!

 ... is how long it took for this beautiful piece of history to arrive to me!! I first, spotted it on Etsy, I believe! It's been so long I've forgotten. No, wait it must've been Instagram. Yup, because then, I went on Etsy to find it and sure enough it was listed. This gorgeous Mid Century Modern cabinet made in Germany from the 1960s. There was a similar end table, that was in blue and pink, also available. But, the blue and yellow and the look, just drew me in. I had to have it, and so I checked the costs via the Etsy shop and went to their online shop, and found it was way cheaper to buy from them directly. So I did, and that was back in November 2020. December came, and nothing, January had come and gone, still nothing. I wrote them and they assured me that it would arrive... February, still tracking had no updates since November. Ugh. This is where my patience started to run out, I must admit. LOL 

Finally, by early March, I had a confirmation that the box had made it into San Francisco's Port. Yay! At least it was stateside, right!! But, it hadn't change since. Then on Friday, my postal person contacted me saying she had a very large box for me and if I could pick it up? I had to take my father to his appointment that day. So, I had to sadly decline her carrying that with her and I would not be able to pick it up. Oh well, I thought and hoped it was the box I had been waiting for... But, now I had to wait just one more day to find out. Haha! Life has its funny moments, doesn't it?! So, on Saturday, she messaged that she took the box with her and if I could meet her. I did, it was the box from Germany. After dropping my Etsy shop customer packages, getting back home wasn't fast enough!

We got home by the afternoon. Then, early evening came and even Sara was asking if I was going to open the box or not. I guess I had waited so long for it to arrive, I wasn't in a hurry anymore. Ha! Sara and I had the box opened, and had taken out the cabinet, I had to use wood glue on some areas that the wood had separated slightly from travel. By 11pm, the cabinet was unboxed, put together and ready to put in my special place... But, it was so late and I was exhausted. I just went to bed... LOL

This morning, I worked on setting it up. Sadly, it won't be able to fit by my bed. Darn it! So, in front of my display cabinet it goes, for now... Just look at this piece of Mid Century History!!

It has black vinyl siding and legs, a pull open cabinet on the left side, and two colored panel pull drawers. The legs are in that oh so amazing mid century design, even the pull knobs are so unique and just simply gorgeous!! Sara kept saying that the cabinet reminded her of my miniature German dollhouse furniture, and it does!! I told her, yup, just like it!! I will have to rearrange my room to accommodate this piece...  Next, I wanted to share this awesome mint on package "Attack-Chan", "攻撃ちゃん" mascot soft vinyl dolls with googly eyes! The characters are a bunny, monkey, bear, and puppy! So cute and adorable. I was trying to decide if I will sell any of them... But, I'm having a hard time. HA!

I also found this lovely Rune Naito Cowboy memo pad. I love the graphics! It even has the song, "Home on the Range" on the inside!! I will probably add this to my shop! I also bought this lovely Rushton shower curtain! Yup, I did. Crazy, I know. But, I may use it for background art or cut it up and sew it into something else... Just adorable and the seller on Ebay can create a custom shower curtains too!! I may have to take him up on that!! You can find him here!

I found this lovely set of vintage toy rings from Yahoo Japan and also this lovely vintage plush pink bunny!! The rings I've been wanting to get for some time, but they always sell out fast or I'm outbidded. So, it was nice to be able to get a set finally. Just look at that pink poodle ring too. Artwork, has to be Rune Naito!! Great items to add to my collection. The Bunny, will stay with me for a bit...

I hope you all have a great month!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, March 9, 2021

Commissions are Abound!

 It has been a busy beginning of March, and a good thing. I was asked by a friend to get a vintage Rushton Kitty plush from USA for her in Australia. The kitty arrived to me, but sadly, she was filthy. Luckily, since she had to get to me first, she asked if I could give her a spa treatment! Of course, I was happy to oblige! So, my work began... She is a vintage Rushton Valentine's Kitty with red satin bows, etc. But, her fur could use a good wash, and her face was dark and dingy along with a cut or scratch on her cheek.

What she looked like before her wash. I was so glad her red felt hearts didn't bleed or disintegrate. Whew! I had removed her ribbons before her wash. She came out white with some areas that were still brown from years of dust sitting on her fur. But, it had turned a gold tint. LOL Mostly on her back side. I began removing the dirt and caked on dust on her rubber face. At first, I was worried it might be that her rubber face had begun degrading from age, but it was just dirt. Thank goodness! Next, I had to figure out what I could use to glue and help set her cracked vinyl cheek. I used some plastic glue and that worked out nicely. I added some blush and touched up her eyes and TaDa!! She was done.

Here she is beside my kitty! They are like sisters! I added the white n red dotted bow for my friend to keep! Now, she is ready to shine in her collection! I was also asked to help acquire this lovely vtg Rushton Mouse from Japan. He arrived quickly and I mailed him out to a fellow collector in Mexico! I'm very excited to see him get this one! And I also found a few goodies online as well, like this lovely flip book of a ballerina dancing, and a bear brooch. I plan on repainting the eyes. So more on that one later...

I also won this lovely green dressed Pearl doll from Japan. She is lovely and I've seen this doll before. But to finally win one. Yay! I've listed the red dotted dress one. I am trying to tell myself I only need the one! Haha! I also enjoy supporting other fellow creators. like these amazing KewtKitsch Rushton Kitty and Bunny!! I've have been wanting her creations for some time, I just needed to find the cash!! Haha! Now, I do. I will have them displayed on my wall soon!!

A new Kabaya Jewel Box for 2021!! I love the colors and new designs for toy jewelry. I'll share what I got inside next time... I also was able to get this adorable needle felt Rushton style Puppy made by Sui on IG!! She is another fellow collector making amazing creations similar to Rushtons. I love her miniature creations! I bought a bunny, but she is still stuck in transit. I found it odd that this pup made it faster then she did?!! I also found this lovely unique furry bear coin bank! I've seen something similar, but it was so dirty, I guess, I didn't know whether it was original or not. So, now, I know it is. I cleaned her up and she is already adopted!! I love her slightly slanted eyes!! Very, "I dream of Jeannie" to me!!

I also, upcycled these lovely doll perfume bottles in pastels, and ruffles. I've added them to my Etsy shop already! Next, I found this lovely vtg musical Christmas carousel craft kit. But, of course I wanted something different on the carousel. I decided to pick up some flocked fabric in yellow, and bought some pastel sequins... In the end, it became a lovely "I Heart Kitsch" carousel instead!! Definitely fun to put together! It plays, "My Favorite Things." How very fitting!

Last, I found these tin plates, that could fit inside my vtg GE Miss Structo cabinet!! They look lovely in it too! Now, my display it complete...
Stay safe and well my friends!

Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls