Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Sankei Paper Kits!

Yesterday, I received in the mail from Japan two sets of Sankei Paper Kits. Both with the Studio Ghibli themed series, "Kiki's Deliver Service", and "Ponyo". I started on "Kiki's House" kit and it said it would take about 12 hrs and 10mins. to complete. Boy, were they right. I began and had to stop, Yesterday, and did the rest today to finish it!
My daughter and I worked on it. All these small pieces and eek! It was hard, but I didn't realize it got harder later, with the truck, and tiny table and chairs! I was able to finish today, and sadly, I found out I forgot one of the windows, and broke one chair. The laser cute pieces where good, but the really small parts, was just too hard to take out with my tweezers and a pin-_-; Still, the house turned out amazing and I truly enjoyed putting it together!

 Day 01 Below:

 Day 02 Below:

Now, I'm gonna take a break before I work on the Ponyo kit...whew!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

More rain and other things...

It's been raining hard and a lot more lately. The skies are overcast and though it's great for taking photos, there's wet things everywhere. Over the weekend I received some items thru the mail and for the first time I forgot to document my latest package from YJA. Oh well, it was very large box, but with only 3 items inside it! LOL!

I found a larger retro plush dog and for real cheap. I was surprise that no one else tried to get her. She's blonde and cute and so different from my only other retro plushie. Here's a quick peek at her!
 She still has her brush attached to her. I am not sure the maker, but because of the good quality I am assuming she is made by Bandai. I will try to take a better shot of her later on!
 In the box I also got a vintage snoopy Nakajima movie viewer cartridge. Sadly, this one does not fit into my current movie viewer by bandai. Also, I've been wanting those cute sailor dresses for Odeco. I was able to get one thru YJA for a lot less than buying the whole doll! Now, if only I could get the
white version too!!

Baekdan in odeco sailor dress and socks. Shoes from World of Love fashion set, and bag from Yes/No minny. I made the red ball ponytail ties!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Monday, August 20, 2012

Redressing the girls and finding some things stashed away...

I decided to change the girls outfits up today! Heukdan looks better in the mod geometric dress for Odeco, and Baekdan looks lovely in this teal dress I had her in before. I just added a few more things to the outfits...
On Baekdan, I added a white belt, and tied her hair. On Heukdan, I bought these cute red tights made for blythe by coolcat on ebay! and a bow!

Then, I remember to look for this mini movie viewer I had from the 90's. It plays one of my fave shows from back then called, "Saba's Adventures of The Little Mermaid." So, I also took a pic of the viewer and took video too! I love to document stuff, I'm such a nerd O.o

Below, my quote on flickr:
I found this in my stash of tiny things, and decided to take a pic. I think I bought it at a Toysrus store when I lived in Ohio, back in 1994! I didn't realize that there was more than one part of the movie to each colored viewer. I thought all were showing off the same part...sadly, I only got this one-_-; a part 3! But it's one of my fave parts, where she kisses the prince!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, August 18, 2012

More lovely pics of Doran Doran...

It's been raining on again and off. So, with the overcast skies, I've been taking pics of my Aram dolls! Here are a few to see!
 The girls decided to have a picnic.
 Heukdan wearing a cute ensemble in dots!
 Baekdan wearing Odeco dress and mod dot stockings!
In our yard we have these lovely bright pink wild flowers! When I was a child I used to pick them all the time. I just had to take a photo of Baekdan next to them!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Items in Today!

I've turned my focus onto my cute little dolls Heukdan and Baekdan. So, this latest shipment from Japan had some items I found before buying stuff for my Atomaru dolls! LOL!
I received a long time wish list item, this lovely vintage pose doll record! I saw it first from a friend's flickr stream. Gretchen is the ultimate pose doll collector before posies got really popular. I found out that my record is part 3, whereas her's, is a part 2!
2 lovely fashion coloring books, similar to another set I had one a few months ago. This lot was unused, Yay!
Then, I can't forget to mention the lovely plaid overlay with art work by Masako Watanabe. I've never seen them in plaid and had to make sure I won it!! I also notice that the artwork was in one of my older pencil cases with two girls! Sadly, I sold it long ago. Still amazing.
I also won a set of 12 Glico Kitahara collection first release. I plan to keep some and some send off to a friend!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, August 10, 2012

Aram Photoshoot at the Beach!

Today, we finally got a chance to get out to our family beach to do a shoot with Heukdan and Baekdan! I've been wanting to do this since Monday, but we've had such rainy weather the past few days it's been crazy to even think of going out there. Our family beach is just down the street from our home. So, with my two daughters in hand, we took a stroll and while they sat and enjoyed the breeze and watched the waves, I took photos...
 The girls at the beach soaking in some sun...
 One of my fave shots of the waves and the beach!
 More sun bathing...
 Someone wants to explore...
 Writing in the sand...
 Time for some shade...

Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Hello there...

Well, not much going on. But I did get a lot of wee packages in the mail today. I've been trying to find clothing that will fit my lovely aram girls and finally a nice match for them! Clothing for Odeco-chan fits nicely. I also found that Mattel tutti items, well some can fit them too! So, here's what came in the mail!
My loot from YJA. I got a Candy Candy movie cartridge for my movie maker. I've been wanting this cute "Kawaii Japan" culture book. I also, like this lovely Nana chan case, but my daughters ended up wanting it more than I did-_-; and a new addition to my mini posey, this blonde one. Now, I have two cute mini posey friends!
Amazing Odeco-chan dress fits. Sadly, the tights do not. But still this is a nice fit for Heukdan! I love the style of the dress too!

I was able to video the movie as I cranked it. Now, you can see what I see in the movie maker! Ugh, been having migraines lately...not fun at all. Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls