Saturday, June 28, 2014

Stateside Here We Come!!

I'll be off on another adventure to visit family stateside!! Hope you all have an awesome summer as well!!
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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Rainy Dayz...

It's been a lot more rainy than usual these days... So, I finally decided to do some umbrella shots with a new friend, Lily!!
 She is actually a Lugzygirl figure... But yup, you guessed it! I modified her!!
 Lily loves muddy puddles!
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Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Matilda Pink Retro Dress!!

Oh my goodness! I finally was able to snag a beautiful retro dress by Matilda Pink on etsy! I have been in love with Diana's works since seeing them on my dear friend David's flickr stream...

I woke up and started doing my usual searches via the internet and happened to check into my etsy shop and sure enough via my news feed, I just happened to see one of Matilda's fashions listed! I was in shock, because usually they're already sold out quickly!? I clicked on it and saw a few dresses and a cute capri set still available. I wish I had the funds to buy them all!? So instead, I settled for this lovely red retro dress!!
 I was deciding between this dress and another, but this one caught my eye the most! Also, because the pockets are real pockets too! So awesome!! Above, Diana also sent a lovely card, and beautiful words that touched my heart inside!!
 Since, I don't own any Kiraz or Mam'zelle dolls at the moment, my Heukdan will showcase it in my cabinet for me to admire!
 Beautiful work and gorgeous retro design...I need to save up to get more!!

I also wanted to include that I got this cute retro tv viewer from ebay to use in one of my retro doll room or house scenes!!
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Monday, June 23, 2014

"Fault in Our Stars", So Awesome!

Today, Taby, Sara and I went for some girl time and we watched the movie, "Fault in Our Stars"!! We decided to take an early matinee and it was amazing!

Many parts of the book were not featured in the film-_-; But still we enjoyed it, and I would definitely watch it again!! So, if you just want to get away and watch a movie that takes you into the lives and loves of someone else, watch it!! I was smitten... we left the theaters with swollen red eyes too! LOL

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Sunday, June 22, 2014

Small Packet from Japan and Dried Star Flowers!

Its been a busy weekend! We had visiting family from the States, and I only had time to pick up the mail, then left it on my desk til' after the family barbecue! By then, of course, it was already evening. So, I took these quick pics of what came in...
 Small packet from Yahoo Japan, MMS busou shinki head, Megahouse kinder class 2nd period desk and red bag.
 These lovely dried star flowers from Hong Kong, a seller on etsy had all kinds of colors available here!! Awesome! Now, I can replenish the missing red flowers for my Miner's Rooms in Miniature!! So excited!!
 I took out the head set to make sure of what I had and didn't have. I've been trying for so long to get Arnval complete 3rd version figure set, for some time, but the secondary market prices are just insane! Ugh, so I opted to just getting her head parts, even the blonde version is way too expensive. -_-;

 By morning, I opened up the packaging for the Megahouse backpack in red. Now, above and below, I have both the boys and girls backpack! Yippee, and in 1/12 scale size too!

 These amazing dried star flowers, I took out next. Sadly, the box came unsealed and crushed on one side. But the flowers inside the bubble wrap and packaging were fine!! Whew!
 I ordered a set of mixed colors, red, and blue... Nicely, priced too!

I was looking closely at them, and decided to put some inside some see thru pendants and a heart ring I had for some time... The results below!!
 This heart ring above, I got to hold tiny things, was perfect to fit a few colored flowers... So cute! They remind me of the 1970s when dried flowers were the rage and put in many things back then!!

 Above, I decided to do a shabby chic pastel combo with one beautiful white flower and a pastel blue and pink!!
 Of course, I also did one with many colors above/left and still lovely. It was fun to choose colors and sizes, then put together!
My fave, the shabby chic one above...dreamy! I may need to buy more flowers and clear pendants now?! LOL

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Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Mail and Beach Shots!

Today's mail was just a few items I found through ebay. I was able to get in a good offer to the seller and got these extras, only because I thought I didn't own the original bed by Miner's?! But sadly, while I was organizing my Miner's collection, I did have one! Ugh! Oh well... The good thing is I did get a set of original lamps for the bedroom! That's the important part! LOL!
 Below, the bedroom lamps to complete my Miner's Bedrm set! Yay!

 By the afternoon, after lots of rain, Taby and I decided to go do a dolly shoot at the beach! I took Mako chan and here are the end shots below!! It was low tide, which exposed a lot of the rocks and coral. But the ocean was nice and calm with the tide just starting to come in. Not too bright and sunny, but overcast. Lovely conditions for beautiful photos!
Above, non-altered shot.
 I photo-shopped this one above, I love using edge blur.

 Above left I photo-shopped, and must admit I find it dreamy!

 Another angle of Mako chan. She was a good sport and enjoyed the ocean...
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Saturday, June 14, 2014

Tiny Glico Dresser and Retro Girl Rement...

I was playing around with my tiny dresser and case today, and decided to make a new shop banner for my shop here on etsy!
 I've always had the tiny girl toys from Rement Retro Girl set, but never opened it til' now! I used it above to accessorize the dresser above and the case below...
 My muse, Lunlun below posing with the cute accessories!

 It's fun to be able to visualize and come up with random scene shots you can create with tiny anime figures!!
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Friday, June 13, 2014

Ara Dolls and Azone Fashions!

An awesome Friday the 13th! I received some goodies from Ami Ami, and Etsy!!
 Finally, the second part of my order from Ami Ami. I got these cute Azone Piconeemo dresses, socks, and shoes for Ewnoe!!
 and from Austria, envelope above from a cute shop of Ara vintage dollies and pocket pets, here!
 I ordered these two cute Marie Antoinette and Mozart? Style dollies! They are just too cute and great for my 1/6 size dolls! Tiny dolls for my dolls!! LOL!

Below, Ewnoe, tries out the 2nd part of my order of Piconeemo dresses and jumpers. She looks so cute! I think the stripe dress suits her well! I want to try the dresses on Shiori or Charlotte?!

The cute cherries jumper and sweater combo. One of my fave of the three jumper sets! I also ordered these cute red Maryjane shoes to go with it! Cuteness overload!!
I then, took the jumper from PNS and put it together with a licca headband and Ewnoe is just waiting for a summer adventure ready to happen!!
How can one resist such cuteness!! Maybe we will go outside in the heat and take some pics!?
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Thursday, June 12, 2014

My Glico Collections!

Just wanted to showcase my Glico/Lotte Girl Gum Toy Collections so far...
 I'm finding that I have a bit of an obsession with Lotte Licca-chan dolly dressers!! Above, my collection so far! and after I took the photo, I realize I am missing two in the shot, ugh! LOL!
 The two dressers above, I believe are from Lotte Licca-chan Gum. They are matching and both have little blue brush or comb that I found inside the drawers! My faves of the dresser collection!
 My Closet Glico Girl Gum toy collection above. I thought I had more, but I guess just the three for now^_~
One of the newest one's above. I opened it and found a tiny rod and hanger inside! Whoa, how awesome is that! So Awesome!
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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Glico Toys, Etc.!!

Today's mail had a lot of goodies that have been added to my shop, here!
 Above, mail from Yahoo Japan, yielding a large lot of Glico girl toys, Megahouse school items, and summer festival set too!
 Out of the packaging, I will keep some of the small cute things and Sara claimed the desks already, sorry!-_-; LOL!
 Summer Festival set, I wanted for the mask and candy apple! I have the smaller mask version. This one is a nice size for Heukdan! Can't wait to use it in a scene!
 I also received part of my pre-order from Azone thru Ami Ami! Can't to try it on one of my girls!!
 Then, I also found some loose accessories for my Miner's Rooms in Miniature! Yay, these will make up for the missing pieces, I don't have for the rooms! Yippee! I also did some summer cleaning and there are some lots of Miner's furniture and accessories available in my shop as well!! For all the extra pieces I have!
I didn't realize I had a bed and some extra shelves as well, along with a dining set too! So, go to my shop and check it out before its gone!!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls