Saturday, October 29, 2011

More Kruger Doll Postcards arrive!

Finally, the first postcard I fell in love with above arrived! When I first saw it on etsy, I just had to have it. Little did I realize I'd become smitten by the dolls in them and an endless search to find more of them! LOL! Talk about a new obsession...

This lovely postcard above. Is just too cute. Boy and Girl embracing, is what I call it.

Then, on the same mail day, I also received this postcard!

A boy and his dog, obviously, going to a bday party! I've seen the Steiff snobby dogs before, but didn't realize how small they were. Only the one's made for Lillis' but this one is a bit larger and he so sweet looking here! Now, I want one...eek! - ggsdolls

Monday, October 24, 2011

Vintage Doll Postcard by Kruger West Germany!

I have been smitten by these types of postcards. I first found one via etsy with a boy and girl doll. I am still awaiting that postcard to come in. But then, I also won this one via ebay UK and the seller sent it so quickly. There are several in this series of postcards, mostly with a romantic theme to them. Others are in playful themes too! Made by Kruger West Germany probably in the 60's according to most sellers. The dolls in them are not German-made dolls, but Italian! As soon as I saw the first postcard of a boy and girl. I remembered seeing these types of dolls before... but where?

Above is first of the postcards I had purchased, arrived in the mail today. This lovely card features a cute girl skating. The dolls used in these postcards have lovely flirty eyes with eyelashes, chubby hands and feet. But the legs are unusually long and thick! After seeing the cards, I immediately went into search mode and found a doll similar to them or quite possibly a doll just like the one's in the postcard! We shall see? - ggsdolls

Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Perfekta Boy Arrives...

My perfekta doll collection grows...I found this handsome ethnic boy while searching for more information on perfekta's in general. His auction had ended via ebay Australia. With no bidders. So, I messaged the seller and sure enough he was still available! I was so glad and he came to live with me and his sisters... Similar to Little sophisticates, they are much harder to find sadly, but I am glad to have the few that I do!

Jose is looking a bit lost...LOL! - ggsdolls

Thursday, October 20, 2011

1950's Chein & Co. Tin Litho Baby High Chair!

I was looking for a wooden style vintage high chair for my little pouet, and ended up finding this amazing piece! Nice and practically new! This is a 1950's Chein & Co. Tin Litho Baby doll high chair in pink. I love the little bear design on the chair. Reminds me of the old style baby high chairs of the day! The company produced these lovely tin baby furnishings in New Jersey. There is a playpen, crib, and even a closet. All made of tin litho! I really wanted it to see if my pouet was able to fit into it, and she does!

It came to me all the way from Ohio! Stands about 8inches tall, can fit up to 8" tall baby doll. The tray part can be lifted to accommodate the baby doll being placed into it. I love the vintage look of it more so.

Now, to protect it from Guam's salty sea air-_-; Oh boy...
- ggsdolls

Monday, October 17, 2011

New items in the mail today!

I wanted to get a different style table and chair set for the dollhouse. So, I decided to get this lovely buy it now set on ebay Germany. I knew it might be the larger set for 1/6 scale, but I was hoping it was the smaller set. It finally arrived in the mail and sure enough it was the larger scale. A beautiful set though, I just don't have a place for it. So, now, it's available in the shop!

Lovely 1960's styling. This Crailsheimer set was made for a doll named Gabi, who also looks a lot like Skipper to me!

I also received this lovely ubox shelving and drawers. I hope to use them for storage looks in the dollhouses! - ggsdolls

Friday, October 14, 2011

1950's Style Living Room Set Germany...

While doing my regular searches to see what I might fall in love with on ebay Germany. I found this set, which looked a bit tattered. I figured no one would bid on it and decided to see if I'd win...sure enough I did! I just received it the other day and at first I thought I might not like the set, but seeing it in person, I think its a great, to identify it and find out a bit more??

The table and shelves are wood, with small wooden books glued into the shelf system. The chairs are made of wood and plastic arms, I think? I do not care for the checkered design, but its still lovely. I had to reglue one of the legs on the table. I am thinking this set is from the 1950's? not sure...

It's in the House of Moritz for now...unfortunately, the table just doesn't fit with all the chairs in this small living space. Still a lovely set I must say^_~ - ggsdolls

Thursday, October 13, 2011

My Postcards are Here!!

I was inspired by the board books of back in the day. I actually wanted to try to make a board book myself, but the process and using was not making it easier. I tried another site and ended up with some problems with that one too. So, in frustration, i decided to take five of my fave shots and make them into postcards, that was easy right? Well sort of, I decided to use to create these lovely postcards with and in two weeks or less, they came in!! I was so pleased by the whole process and the shipping was actually faster then I had hoped! Yay!

Here they are!
There are five different cards so far, and they are already available in my shop! - ggsdolls

Friday, October 7, 2011

Little Sophisticate Clones!!

I've recently became smitten by these dolls and was able to win them really cheap in a Lot of 2 dolls via ebay UK! They arrived to me today and I cleaned them up and redressed them. I found out they are really perfekta dolls, one called, "Gigi" and the other is a "Lites out, Tiny Whimsies" doll. Both from the 60's. Lovely dolls I must admit!

Auction photo above not mine. Before...

Now, they just need some shoes! Gigi-Left, and Tiny whimsies-right
They are both cute and funny at the same time!! - ggsdolls

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Modella 1960s Dining Room Set?

I won and received in the mall today, a lovely plastic furniture set from ebay UK. I fell in love with it because of the tulip style chairs! I am thinking Modella 1960's or 70's? not sure...

The set came with a carpet, lamp, blue side table, bench, and broom.

It looks great in the newly renovated kitchen!

Now, I also have a good size fridge in the kitchen too! - ggsdolls

Monday, October 3, 2011

Finally Done with Redoing the House of Moritz!

In the mail, the last of the tile flooring arrived and I immediately, began working on the floors in the kitchen side of the Bungalow. I think I did too much of a rush job, cause the doorway looks a bit sloppy-_-; ugh. I may have to redo it??

I was trying to go with a new look to the kitchen side. I found myself gravitating towards striped wallpaper, and tiled floors! I printed the wallpaper out myself in seafoam stripes, then I had purchased green slate tiles via ebay. Maybe I should've stuck with that all the way thru the process of the floor, but I thought a grand entrance way would look nice in white tile...with some green accents...

The curtains were from my daughter's two story house and she didn't like them anymore, so I was able to use them here. I used part of the Crailsheimer kitchen set sink, then also from a Lot of items on ebay Germany, I got this lovely stove cabinet. I broke out my Princess Patti dining table and chairs. Which looked quite well in this color scheme.

The pots and ladles hanging above the sink I found at our local craft store! It was a miracle to find too! They finally decided to bring in more miniatures. Something I am glad about. I was able to find some kitchen items there to add to this scene. Like the red white speckled pots, jars, bottles, a pitcher with glasses set, and cute seahorses wall decor(not shown).

I also received the sunflower vase n flowers from Germany above. The cabinet underneath is from a living rm set I won some time ago and received from my dear friend who kindly was able to receive them for me. I will show them a bit later! That's all for now! - ggsdolls