Friday, September 29, 2017

New Old Online Finds Arrive...

Since the mini vacay, etc. mail I was expecting from Japan, took a few days longer to arrive. Come to find out it was because of the earthquake in Mexico? Yeah, not really sure either, but that was the excuse Japan Post gave. Apparently, they stopped all International mail leaving Japan, to find out the status of Mexico's earthquake.

At least that was what I understood, as I read the notice to all customers, that had shipped orders. Oh well. Just glad they did come in. So, here is what I found last week!

 I won this lovely retro Eico Hanamura bag. "Haruko" is a cosmetic brand, using Eico's anime shoujo art. I fell in love with the design. I may have it framed?
 In lovely condition too. I won through Yahoo Japan. Not for sale.

 A Lot of two vintage kewpie colored coin banks! Also from Yahoo Japan. I will list these two cuties in the shop soon.

 Definitely has Rune Naito style closed eyes. Both still have its stoppers. I will list them each separately.
 The orange has a few more nicks in the paint then the red one. But still cute.

 They are adorable together though. A lovely addition to any retro 1970s decor and they are Kewpie's!!
 I was able to acquire two vintage Francine dolls via an online shop. I will list both of them in my shop soon too. I got so many good comments from fellow collectors wanting to know more or where I found her. So, I thought it would be nice to bring some in for others to enjoy her beauty!
 One in red and white stripe top and pants. Mint in package, unopened. She is just adorable with her starry eyes. If you look carefully, she literally has a star drawn as irises. Made by Shiba Co. Japan.
 This one, I was tempted to keep. She is wearing a red dress instead and boots! Same lovely long straight hair. She also will be listed in my shop soon.

I adopted these cuties from a fellow collector on IG. She had decided to sell hers and found out they were one of my ISOs!! OMG I was literally in shock when she DMed me...
 I immediately, bought them straight away! I'm so glad I did. They arrived safely to me, and all the way from Ohio too!
 They are deer shakers, but go so well with the lone large Mommy deer. The nice part is that they have magnets on their sides to keep them from getting lost. Yay!
 The large Mommy deer is my favorite!
 A beautiful deer family. Thank you dear Keri! I love them! You made my month, Yippee!
 While working on these photos, I tried the Glico coffee heart caramels. Yum!
 I had to take a comparison photo of these two. They look like they may be from the same company? What do you think?
 Then, I opened the MIP Junichi N. paper doll book...

 Lovely vintage paper dolls Illustrated by Junichi N.
 It even comes with the fold out doll house and origami paper. Now, to be brave enough to cut them out... LOL
 Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, September 28, 2017

Loot From Mini Vacay!

Here's what I brought back with me from my family's mini vacation!

This time, I made sure to get some gatcha prizes! At Aeon Mall, two of the shops, I had planned to visit was Book Off and Daiso. I really wanted to get more bows, either in the styles I had already or whatever they had for sale... We were pressed for time, so we went to Book Off first. Sadly, not much was there, not like last time. There were a few vintage toys and dolls, but nothing worth getting for me. Sam was like what kind of shop is this? He wouldn't understand and we even tried explaining it to him... Oh well.
 So, Daiso was next. It was very crowded more so than last time, and a lot of Korean tourists too, elderly tourists more so. Above, I got some retro candies, along with newer candies for the girls and I to try!
 I even got some candies for Sara to take to her class and share with her friends and teacher. She wanted to get a few gatcha toys for her best friends as well.
 From the Daiso, I found this pre-sewn dotted ribbon and lace. It might be good for some pin chair decor or a dolly bathing suit? I did find some bows, in baby blue dots and pink dots with lace. Also, these cute pastel colored bows in white, blue, purple, and pink. The Hello Kitty clips I got from the Hello Kitty shop in the airport. They are wire clips in cute colors of gold, rose gold, red, purple, pink, for your hair. I may use some on Jenny.

 The retro candies from the Retro candy shop in the mall. This time I got, more whistle candies, pretend cigarette candies, cookies, sour soda gummies, Fujiya heart candies, and Glico chocolate and coffee heart caramels. Yum!
 I got this mini toy drink vending machine filled with gum at the retro candy shop. Just couldn't resist a small vending machine...
At the airport vending machine in the Hello Kitty shop, a lovely My Melody wooden Kokeshi. One of my wants, was a Sailormoon crescent moon light key chain, and I got exactly that! Yay me!

Sailormoon compact, and a cute teddy bear key chain. I'd have to look up the character for this one.

 The tiniest vending machine ever!! I got this one at the hotel gatcha machine. Tiny little soda is supposed to drop, after you press the black button. At the back side you can put the same soda back into the vending machine.

 This cute stuffed creature key chain. Also from the hotel, they reminded me of sock monkeys, but it says, "Craftholic".
 This cute bear is from "The Bear School" series. I got him from the airport gatcha machine. I fell in love with its big head. The head is the gatcha container, inside are parts to create the big teddy you see.

 Just adorable. I will put some of the gatcha's you see here as giveaways in my next post! So, stay tuned!

Before my trip, I got this lovely vintage Big Eyed art print in the mail. She is a lovely addition to my wall art. Made in Denmark, it says the artists name is Ana? Not sure.

 My first art print of similar design, also by Denmark. I hope to have these two lovelies hanging up on my wall soon.
Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls