Sunday, April 18, 2021

Chubby Tubby Cherub Pleeeease!!

 If you recall my post here, about the popular Rushton Co. "Chubby Tubby" Bear!! Well, you know that I've been hoping to find a Cherub Cub... Long story short, I did!!! Well almost, kinda sorta, LOL

About 2 weeks ago, I came across a white Chubby Tubby up for grabs, I made an offer and the seller allowed me to buy him out right. But, the thing was... a silly ZERO bidder, interrupted our dealings and the seller had to wait about a week to see if that ZERO bidder would pay. Nope, just like all the other bidding messes that has been happening dealing with VTG Rushtons, you know where, making all the prices go crazy high for the rest of us. But even though we warn the sellers, this person still does it just to irk the hell out of all of us. Well, I was still able to get this cutie and at the price I had offered too! So, "IN YOUR FACE!!" MR/MRS ZERO Bidder!! Mwwwahhhhahahaha! (insert scary voice here)

 My vtg Rushton Chubby Tubby arrived and the seller was such a sweetheart too!! She added this lovely vtg style Valentine's card and note for me. She wrapped my sweet bear in colorful tissue paper and he was in just amazing condition just as she had him in her listing...

I took off all his bows and flowers to wash him. He was in lovely condition, but I wanted to freshen him up. He is snow white now. I put back his original bows and flowers, and also added some gold angel wings. Yup wings! So, now he is a lovely white Cherub Cub! I love his facial expression, his paws and feet too! I have always wanted a Cherub Chubby, and now I have one!! He will be a lovely addition to my little Rushton family of plushies!!

His wings are vintage craft wings too! I thought of getting a larger pair, but I think these worked out just as lovely! Don't you think? I did add a bit more blush to his face, and in the same peach coloring he originally had. I did a wiped down on all rubber parts and brushed his fur out. Now, to find a spot to keep him free from dust... The wings you see on the advertisement is actually made of felt, similar to the ones on the Rushton Owl plush, and not this type. But, I think these looks way better!!

I also have a few commissions I worked on this weekend... A gift from a fellow collector named seafoodpasta on IG, just look at this awesome drawing of Daisy a lavendar Rushton cow!! Thank you James!! Just too cute! Love his note too! He wanted me to restore his adorable Rushton Panda. I began working on him, and have already finished his paws and feet. I will have to wait to get some fur to come in to patch the areas that are missing fur. This will be a challenge, I don't want to wash him for fear of what could happen with the black fur bleeding... You'll see why later in the post.

This lovely Rushton Molly Cottontail owned by Paula, a fellow collector and friend as well. She sent her Molly for a spa day with me. I was also able to fix her bonnet too!! You can see the before and after shots below that I took showing the restoration. It was a pleasure to see this old bunny get some love and now looking refreshed!!

I was worried I wasn't going to be able to fix her bonnet, but after much thought, I was able to figure out what needed to be done. I'm glad I gave it a try!! Paula was also able to adopt the Peter Cottontail I restored as well. Now, Molly and Peter are on their way home to her!! Enjoy them Paula!!

The Panda above is not James's, but a Panda I was able to adopt. Sadly, I could not get those darn black stains off from the previous owner trying to wash him. Ugh. But, I refreshed his face and added this lovely polka dotted bow and red poppy flower to him. He is ready to be adopted. I announced that I was taking offers for him...

Last, is a Lot that I won above. I am working on restoring them and then will show more next post. It has been fun restoring some of my fellow friends and collectors plushies... It has become a business in itself and I am enjoying every minute of it!! If you'd like your baby restored, just message me via Etsy and tell me what you are wanting to get done?

Have a great weekend and rest of the week friends!

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Lots to Share!!

 I posted earlier a video tutorial of how I restored a vtg Rushton Miss Mary plush. I was asked by another collector if I could do a video tutorial. So, that was my simple way of doing one. I have been busy with a few restoration commissions as of late, that I haven't had time to find other kitsch goodies. LOL But, that is okay too! I must admit I love seeing these damaged or much loved plushies get another chance to be admired and loved by their owners. I do understand, for those who want them to stay the way they are and I respect that too! As the saying goes, "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder." and that rings so true as well...

So, I wanted to share the photos I took of Miss Mary so you can see in more detail her look before and what I was able to accomplish after... The dress you see with her in the first photo was not hers and was way to long. I found a vintage pinafore and also already had a bonnet, that I was able to add a satin bow to. I did paint her hair a bit more.

She turned out lovely and was adopted by a fellow collector already before I had even finished her. I know she will go to a good home with a loving collector. That makes me content. Next, a few goodies, I was able to find prior to working on more restorations... This adorable plastic Humpty Dumpty rattle doll from the lovely TwinVinshop on Etsy. I felt so touched by the lovely postcard Kristi sent me. I truly appreciated that she was inspired by me and my shop. Thank you love!! If you get a chance visit them on Etsy!! A lot of great items too!!

Then, I also adopted a few more JellyBuns from Lepetitecherieshop again! I couldn't help it. I simply love sleepy bunnies too! Just look at how cute they all are!! Alvina even added some cute little keys with each of them and a sweet Lolli too! My favorite is the white bunny with the most adorable pink tutu!! Thank you Alvina!! I also found another Lot of vtg Finger puppets from Japan! This time I have an elephant, and raccoon to add to my bunch!! So happy with these cuties too!

A black sleepy plush puppy I washed and cleaned up for Sara. Now, she lives in Sara's room and I couldn't be more happy. She was an adorable find as well. Next, no, its not another Suiberry mini plush, but the very first one I had adopted from her back in December!! Yup, 4 months ago. She was on a slow boat to Guam, perhaps?! I'm just thrilled she arrived still, as she was the one I fell in love when Sui started creating these cuties! In the last photo, she is side by side with the other that Sui remade for me. I think I love the first bunny more! LOL

This vtg Takemi pose doll or paper doll made of vinyl is already listed in my shop. A cute find via Yahoo Japan. Unopened as well. Inside is a vinyl paper doll you can pose and redress, along with her room I believe that is also vinyl cutouts you can set up. Quite unique too! Below, my Eegee Alice!! Yup, I found her a body too! Now she is not a puppet, but a doll! What do you think? I love hybrid dolls and I am so happy she is now complete and huge!! Dress is for a 50cm doll from Japan, but fits perfectly on Alice. Now to find her some shoes... Haha!

This lovely vtg Hasada doll I found on Ebay and she arrived all the way from Greece! Quite unique, she is so long and thin. I washed her fashion and redid her hair. She kind of reminds me of Leggy dolls by Hasbro or Ashinaga Leggy by Shiba Japan! What do you think? Below, another vtg bunny plush. She is made by Dollcraft. She a lot larger then most, and has thicker eyelashes too! Already listed, so be sure to check it out!

Last two items are this lovely Wakakusa no Charlotte toy ring with case I found in Yahoo Japan, and a lovely vtg corduroy yellow plush bunny, I was able to buy via a Live Sale by vintagebulldog on IG!! I love that its jointed and poseable too! Fun! The ring reminds me of toy rings I had as a kid... ahhh the memories! Welp, back to restorations!!

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls

My Vid Restoration of a Miss Mary Rushton Plush!!

 Enjoy!! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, April 7, 2021

SuiBerry Cuties and More!!

 It has been a busy few days into April, and a welcomed one at that. I just have to share these cute little creations made by the fabulous SuiBerry on IG!!

 Sui, first began with creating a miniature version of her sweet Molly a Rushton bunny plush, and she did an amazing job of it. That's when I knew, I had to have one for myself! Believe it or not, I bought one of her first Molly's, but sadly, she never arrived to me. Probably vacationing in Hawaii and decided to stay there... Who knows?! So, I bought one of her smiley face puppies, also a Rushton miniature. Then, she shared her mini Chick, and then the elusive Rushton sleepy kitty!! I had to have them!! So, I ordered from her the three and since the first Molly was still missing, she added her too! They all arrived safely to me, this time because there was tracking... and I am so thrilled! They are about the size of Licca or Blythe dolls toys. So you can have them as dolls or plushies for your dolls!!

Sui packed them in baggies with some confetti paper, along with adorable vtg inspired animal stickers. I love that she made them so personable with her cute photo card of her collection, and written message!! They are just adorable and so cute in mini too!! If you want to order just contact Suiberry on IG! She's already created the Rushton kitty, and Peter Cottontail versions too in mini!! Oh my!! My wee ones all together in a group shot. Then, I took my sleepy kitty outside and did a photo shoot!! See vid below! He is my fave!!! I love his sweet sleepy face and colors too. Sui is truly talented!! And thank you for the cute stickers and photo card! I love you Sui/Alina!!!

I also received a box from Japan of this lovely Charmed Scarlet mod red dress fashion. I got it for my Large Jenny doll. She has many of C. Scarlet's fashions. This one is similar to another I already have, but it doesn't have the pink and white gingham collar, and instead has the cheerleader style flair in the skirting. So cute. I had to try it on Jenny as soon as it came in. In the same box, I got this lovely vtg Ribon Manga book with paperdoll. I've seen this cover in some of the Ayumi Uyama books. The manga itself is very old and worn, but the artwork is a classic, and the paperdoll is still complete too!

I also did a few restorations in the process. This lovely below, is a vtg My Toy bunny girl with a full rubber head. Her sweet owner wanted a touch up or whatever I could do to salvage her baby. When I began I had to wash her first. Then, I noticed her stuffing was uneven, not just from the wash, but around her neck area, mostly from time. So, I restuffed and she was ready for the next step. She wanted me to repaint her hair, and her face. So, here is what the result was...

I also added a pink with dots satin bow. She is already on her way back to her Mommy! She is a lovely vtg plush ready for more years of love and admiration! Next, I found this lovely vtg My Toy bunny in yellow with pink felt ears. He was such a cutie too! I restored him and he sold to a fellow collector! Love his face mold too! Another rare find, was this SIO Sunny Caravan via an online shop in the Netherlands! It is quite unique and just the right size for Tadie Muz, Licca, Barbie, even KukuClara and similar dolls!! I've already added it to my shop on Etsy!!

This adorable Rushton Peter Cottontail I found too. I cleaned him up and now he looks amazing! I made his vest and added a lovely white daisy. He's looking so dapper and ready for Spring!! He is already adopted by a fellow collector. This lovely Ideal rubber head baby chick had seen better days, from being well loved. I won her, and restored her as well. I couldn't find any photos of her online, but she is lovely to me now. She will be added to my Etsy shop later this morning...

Last, my Peter Cottontail Rushton... I acquired him back in 2017 in my post here. Back then, I wasn't as confident as I am now in restoring him. Just as with the others, I restored him yesterday, and he looks almost like new again!! I can't believe it took me so long to do this for him!! Now, I love him even more!!
I do offer a Restoration Service via my Etsy shop!! Message me if you'd like for me to restore your treasured babies?!

Have a blessed April my friends!!

Thank you for reading! ~ ggsdolls