Monday, April 29, 2013

An Almost Complete Find!!

In March, I also found another "Wish List" item complete...or so the seller had written in the description. I was thrilled and used the "buy it now" process. It took a bit over a month for it to arrive to me, and when it did sometime a week or so ago...I checked out the items to be sure it was complete!

Sadly, it was not. You see I bought what was supposed to be, a complete 5 room set by Irwin Interior Decorator sets. The seller thru ebay said it was complete in the description, but upon inspection it was missing, the metal clip holders for the dividers, the lamps, the picture frames, the knick knacks, sculptures, and the television set! I was very disappointed and ended up filing a dispute.

As I await the seller's response for at least a partial refund and I will keep the sets. I decided to go ahead and set up some of the rooms or areas I was so in love with when I saw them in the booklet!

 The kitchen set above was complete, luckily! As it is one of my favorite rooms in the set!

 The tiny pieces are all in orange and look very nice with the yellow color of the larger pieces.

 From what I can tell it's just the planter that hangs in the window that is missing in this set!

 The family set was also complete in this find. Whew, but I wish all the other pieces were in there too. I've always wanted the sculptures, and the lamps that you can interchange-_-; Above, I tried to create one of the entertainment spaces that was shown in the booklet. Sadly, there are no green wall panels and all the cabinetry are in this tan color, not black as shown in the booklet...

 Still, Dad and his daughter are enjoying some classical music from their stereo system...

 All in all, I am still happy to have an almost complete set...These rooms are fun to build and create!
Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Mirai's Tiny Loft...

Well, it wasn't as easy as I thought finding tiny furniture to place into the "Ben Holiday House" from CB2-_-; In fact, it's still hard trying to find just the right scale size!!

So, since receiving the house, I've gone thru trying out vintage Allied furniture pieces, Marx's, vintage Hong Kong, and even vintage Glico Licca toy pieces... But the only type that seem just right to me and fit nicely, are the vintage Licca Glico toys I had in my collection! Even tiny Mirai Suenaga the tiny bjd from the figma doll fits this house nicely too!

 Above, I tried the Allied set I found thru etsy, that came with a living rm sofa, etc... The chairs seem okay, but in another angle they are just a bit to large for this room.

 I started adding some Glico toy pieces above, like the dresser, the desk set and a Licca desk chair from another set, that you see Mirai sitting on.

 I also added the bed from Epoch Sylvanian families miniatures. At least for now, til' I can find a bed that matches the pink and white furniture in this room.

 Mirai, is doing some homework at her desk....

I did add wall paper to the walls in each of the rooms. I just haven't decided to place carpets or flooring. Still it is like each floor could be a separate loft instead one large condo home? We will see...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, April 26, 2013

Amazing Mid Century Modern End Tables by Minisx2!!

Today, I received the most amazing piece of miniature furniture by Patie of minisx2 on etsy!! The craftsmanship and beauty is beyong words!! Oh my freakin' goodness, seriously! I am in love with my new end tables for my rooms in miniature set. I could also used them in 1:12 scale settings too!

In early April I asked Patie, yet again, to help make substitute end tables for my rooms in miniature set. I then, decided to look online for a style I'd like and showed Patie an example of a Strombecker Living rm set end tables(not mine). I've always loved the design and modern look of them!

 I decided to do a quick set up below, just to show how they would look. But later on I hope to show them off better with some tiny accessories etc.

 They are just amazing! Patie is truly amazing and her works are to die for!! So, make sure you check out her shop! I often find so many lovely pieces she sells there!!

I also ordered more miniatures like this one above, a pinocchio figure, more flowers, and tiny babies for 1:12 scale homes!! Been really busy doing other things and hopefully I will have some better shots of the latest things I've been working on...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Vintage Hafner and Krullmann Bungalow from Germany!

"Oh my goodness!", is what I said to myself when I discovered in early March, while doing some random searching thru ebay Germany, a Hafner and Krullmann bungalow! It was up for auction with a "buy it now" feature, but it also had "make an offer" feature too! I noticed the seller was willing to sell worldwide. So, in a few moments after seeing the item, I decided to make an offer, and to my surprise it was accepted! My heart was palpitating and I wanted to scream, because as you now know, it is one of my wishlist items!!

I was so thrilled and ecstatic, since I knew how much these beautiful vintage bungalows really go for, even in the USA! But I tried my hardest to keep my cool and I had to be patient as the long journey of this amazing find would take a month or so, and I knew it would!!

Today, was an amazing day! Especially, now that it is home with me. Of course Taby wanted to open it up for me and I let her and she even helped me put the house together! The seller was so nice she even wrapped the box carefully for the long travel. Nothing was crushed or damaged!

 The box above, tattered and torn from age and storage, but still holds a colored picture of the house when it is complete!

 Inside, everything seems to be in order...

 We slowly took all the items out and started to clean and put the pieces together...

 Of course the instructions were in German, so we had to improvise! LOL!

 There was some steps we were not sure of, so we had to redo some parts of the house when we notice some knotches were not in the right spot... But it was fun and exciting to put it together!

 Still the house came together nicely. Sadly, the set is missing the flower trellis that goes up against the wall next to the water fountain, and the antennae at the top of the house. I only have part of it. Still, the house is in good shape with some light wear, and the windows are all present, but needing minor fixing.

 The house still had the side gate! Generally, it's missing or damaged...

 This version of the bungalow has only the water fountain, not the pool. So, This side above does not have the extra window set, but instead an open wall with a red pole to keep the roof up.

 Below, the large living room space, can probably include a kitchenet or dining area? hmm...

An amazing plastic bungalow dollhouse in 1/12" scale. I can't wait to place some of my vintage German furnishings inside!! Saved for a later post...

Some lovely examples of other collectors bungalows:
puppenhaus museum
call small's

Just to name a few...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Gashapon, Gatcha, Mini Capsule Toy Machines!!

How did I not find these cute little machines sooner!!? While doing some searching for Rement items I came across a flickr stream that had some amazing shots of a convenience store and inside this tiny shop was a few gashapon or capsule machines! I simply fell in love and was determined to find at least any version for myself...

and I did!

I was able to find thru Yahoo Japan a lovely set of "Cinnamaroll" a Sanrio character set. They arrived safely to me Monday and I immediately opened up the packaging and put the kit together. There are actually 6 sets, but I gave some to my daughters and I knew they'd love em' as much as I did too!

 The machine sets come in many styles. I saw some that are Hello Kitty, Mickey, Dragonball Z, just to name a few. I really liked the earlier versions with all the Sanrio characters, but sadly, they are hard to find today-_-; Now, the machine itself has a working mechanism just like the real one's with a turn knob and as you turn it, the tiny gashapon falls into the slot, as seen above. When you take out the tiny ball, you can open it and inside it is a tiny disk toy.

There are five of these tiny gashapon toys in each machines, however, the disks vary from which sticker set is given for that machine. Still it makes a lovely miniature for a tiny shop or store! Truly amazing! I see many of these machines in the Narita, Japan Airport and they are the first things my daughters and I look for to get goodies from!!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Monday, April 15, 2013

Lot of Pacifico Mid Century Modern Style Furniture!

Believe it or not, I won another Lot of Miner's furniture thru ebay!! This time the sets were unused and opened only once for pics to the auction! I was so thrilled to see the set that I couldn't help but bid on them to win!! The seller was quick to mail them and I received them today!

Sadly, the mail box was crushed, but luckily the seller was smart to put a lot of bubble wrap and styro-foam inside the box to keep things from getting damaged. Sadly, the dining chairs never seem to survive-_-; No matter how careful one can be the chairs are the first to get unglued or damaged...oh well. Still the sets were pristine and gorgeous. Also called, "Pacifico" made in Japan, the Miners sets are amazing. Sadly, though in this lot the chaise was not included. I had all other pieces for each of the rooms except for the chaise and the desk/drawer top that goes in the bedrm. But, then again this lot was not sold with the rooms in miniature sets sold thru Sears, but just as furniture sets.

Above complete dining rm set.

Above the living rm set neatly packaged and complete too!

 Now, I have the bed to complete my set. But I am still going to keep the one that Patie made for me, just in case I want an extra bed!

Yup, decided to set up the bedrm set to see all the pieces. I love this room just as much! I will be having lots of fun with this new lot. Now, I can let go of some of my extra furniture in my shop! So check out the listings for it soon!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, April 13, 2013

CB2's Ben Holiday House and more!

Finally, after ordering this lovely house thru CB2's website it finally arrived to me in the mail and I was so thrilled! Gosh, about a month or so, this baby finally came in!! But I can't complain since I was able to snatch it up for like, $19.99!! It was on sale and thanks goodness too! The original price was crazy expensive to me!!

 The lovely Ben Holiday House above. I wish I had purchased the other from the previous year! Even though the glue shows and the house is a bit sloppy from it. It is still a lovely piece and I can't wait to do some painting, etc. to it and add some tiny furniture too! It's so tiny and cool!!

 Yes, more pics of the living rm above and below. I decided to change the walls color and add a few touches to it!! I can never get enough of this play set!!

 Below, I was able to win a doll family set thru ebay! This lovely set, I am told is Marx family from the 60's. Very similar to my previous post about the Mcgroovies family here!

 In this family set, I love the dad, most. He looks so relaxed like the dad's of those days... Their coloring is not as hot pinkish as the Mcgroovies. But I like the natural coloring more that way! I will need to take a pic of them side by side to show more differences!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Thursday, April 4, 2013

German Vintage Flowers & a Typewriter!

I haven't been able to post as of late...So, it's nice to get back on here and share some things that came in!

While doing my usual searches, I found these lovely vintage German dollhouse flowers for sale thru a shop here on etsy. Many lovely designs and at such a nice price too! A lot cheaper than trying to get them thru ebay!

Beautiful vintage vase styles too! In the set you get 3 daisies, and 3 sunflowers. Made of paper of course and wire, but just as lovely as the vintage one's you find through ebay Germany!

 Then, below, I finally added to the living rm a desk from the bedrm set and placed the tiny typewriter in! This yellow one works well with the color scheme!

A cute vintage look with the chair too!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls