Friday, April 29, 2011

Family Emergency, Leaving Stateside!

Things have been kinda hard lately...My mother was admitted to the ICU early Easter Sunday, she died in the ambulance ride up to the hospital. She was revived and was placed on a ventilator. By Tuesday, she was taken off the ventilator and is in stable condition, but still at the ICU. She's responsive and doing as well as can be expected, but I fear she is just waiting for the rest of my Sibs and myself to get to her. I will be leaving on Monday(Guam time) and arrive there on Monday(WA time).

We hope to do what we can to keep her as comfortable as we can. She has gone thru so much since my last visit with her in Oct. last year. Back then, she wasn't eating well, and in Dec. she injured her foot and by March had to get a toe amputated, then in early April more toes had to be removed. When my sister moved out there, she told me that Mom got worse and wasn't eating much at all, and because of this her foot was not healing. She became weak and that's what ended up causing her to have the massive heart attack on Sunday. I know my mother, and for now she wants us all to be there with her...

A few days prior to her heart attack, my youngest daughter couldn't sleep well for 2 nights, during the time I saw shadows by my bedside and around her. I know it is my mother's spirit visiting her. I am trying to stay strong, and she is still with us, but I can't help that it is her way of saying 'good bye' to the grandchildren. When I spoke with my sister on the phone, she said my mother keeps asking for the grandchildren...

- shops will be closed for now, but I will still answer convo's or messages!
- last post for now... - ggsdolls

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Little Things that Matter...

I recently, received some beads and tiny extras to add to the bungalow. While still waiting for kitchen furniture and other items to arrive. It's been really fun just getting this lovely dollhouse together...keeps my mind off of everything else that's been happening...more on this later! I received the bodo hennig mirror in the mail today and now, my dressing table is complete. It isn't original but works. and looks just divine in the bedroom!

Then, I also received the fluted beads from UK that I bought online, now the living room has a touch of Jonathan Adler style! I had to glue them onto a clear acrylic base to keep them from rolling away! LOL! Doesn't show too much and keeps the beads organized!

Finally, I also received a lovely set of keys on a keyring, Too cute, but I've always remembered while watching "Bewitched" or any good ole' TV shows of the same period, they had a bowl on a similar type of table just next to or close by the door to place your keys in as you walked into the house...ahhhh! The memories of the good old days! - ggsdolls

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Mid-Century Starburst Clock 1:12 Scale!

I was looking at many starburst decor and clocks, and found a few on flickr that were dollhouse size! Many were nice enough to give some ideas as to how they made theirs and some didn't but it was okay, cause then I was able to make this one below myself for the House of Moritz. I am very please with the end result and especially wanted to thank these amazing flickr streams like mawphotos for his, Austin's, and Mini Modernistas for their examples! - ggsdolls

Friday, April 22, 2011

Amazing Miniatures Bookshelf/Divider

I wanted to find something to be able to separate the living room from the soon to become kitchen side of the house. I've been having so much fun with this bungalow, I just had to show off this new addition for now!! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Amazing Vintage Postcard from Germany!

Above: My lovely postcard from Ellen! Thank you for being my angel!

My day was made better by this lovely card I received in the mail today! Thank you dear Ellen of! This lovely lady has become my penpal by chance, since I helped her find a lovely vintage tea set from Japan. I was very happy to help her find the set. But I did not realize how amazing our friendship has become until she sent me a gift package of so many lovely goodies from Germany.

Mind you I did not charge her a finders fee or asked her for anything in return, but this amazing person, took the opportunity out of pure kindness to make me a package with so much attention and care put into it. I just feel so touched by her generousity, in a time when money is hard to come by. So, often I have been taught by some of our doll friends in the community that there is so much kindness we have for one another and for the world, but at the same time I can also be reminded that there are many who, we so easily trust and would sell or give our dearest dolls to, that would rather just keep taking from us and could care less if we got anything back in return.

Sad I know but often true. I truly am so blessed to know, and have such an amazing friend in Ellen! She reminds me that their are angels out there...not because she sends me things, but because she is so giving, makes me wanna grow up just to be like her!

Thanks for reading and listening, many of you who are followers have a common love just like Ellen, by just reading my posts, or commenting on something I've written, you too are special people in more ways than you know!! much love, ggsdolls

"Happy Easter to you all and may you all have a special angel to remind you of the gift of giving!"

Monday, April 18, 2011

Lovely Skipper Dresses for my Kiraz Gals!

I've been going on a skipper dress hunt these days and found a site that had many lovely skipper items for a lot less than getting them on feebay! All I wanted was a few dress items and not all of the fashion, here they are all lovely in almost every dress I put on! Above is, Long N Short of it dress, and cookie time dress. Cookie time is one of my faves!
This one above is Sunny Pastels, and the dress wasn't really a choice I was going to get, but at less than $10 you can't beat trying it on! LOL!

This one above, I've seen on feebay, just the dress was so cute. A bit short, but very mod indeed!

This last one above, is my fave of all, came with the dress at the top left, Long N Short of it dress coat. I added the black belt and Francie heels and she looks so 1950's stylishly cute! Many of skipper's other fashions could probably fit...but I am glad to find these simple pieces, and at less than $30 dollars, you can't go wrong! - ggsdolls

Friday, April 15, 2011

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

More Fun with the Bungalow of Moritz...

I decided to move out the living room set from the other room into this room and place the bedroom set into this room. It actually turned out nicely, and everything was able to fit.

Then, later when it got too dark to take pics, I went ahead and rearranged again and this time I moved the bed set around and took out one of the end tables and now the room looks a bit more decent! Still I had to wait til' it was morning to take better low light photos!

A close up of the television set. See the "Mitsuwa" commercial! LOL!

Then, I decided to add my little resin family to the shoot! Dad looks reluctant to go anywhere, while Mom is ready to leave...

Someone would rather not go, in the photo above. I guess below Mom changed her mind about leaving? - ggsdolls

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Vintage Dollhouse Bedroom Arrives...

I just had to add another pic of the Living room set from outside of the house! Continuing... Just like the lovely bungalow, I had to wait a bit longer for this lovely Crailsheimer bedroom set also to arrive from Germany! I was thinking that maybe I would not want to keep it, but seeing the set in my possession now, I wish my bungalow had another room to it!
Above, I found out here in the second photo down, is the same set I have above! My set includes two twin beds, when put together becomes a large king size bed, two end tables, a closet, a vanity, and stool. And here you can see that this is truly a Crailsheimer bedroom set from 1963 in the second to the last photo below. But notice that the set there shows one king size bed only and the closet has three doors on it instead of two. Still the set is very close to the one I have with slight differences.
Sadly, the vanity was missing its mirror, and the stool, well, it was just a sponge atop legs-_-; So, I added some felt material, and decided to take away one bed, and sure enough the set looked lovely in this one area as long as you did not see the main door, but as you can see in above pic that the room is more for a kitchen set. Still it is nice to imagine it as a bedroom for now, til' I can find myself a kitchen set to put in. All the extras are from rement, and the lamp is unknown. Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Long Anticipated Dollhouse from Germany!

Then, finally almost over a month in the Bungalow of Moritz Gottschalk from 1970 Germany arrives! Sadly, damaged a bit, but it arrived...Now, I can see if the Crailsheimer set fits into it!? and sure enough the furniture is perfect in it!! I found the bungalow thru ebay, and the seller was nice and was able to send it to me outside of Germany. Sadly, it took forever and we had a hard time tracking it-_-; The acrylic window was cracked in two places, and the wood that holds the curtain rod, fell off. Not too major, but the acrylic window, was perfect before shipment-_-; Well, here are some pics for now...

The acrylic window above cracked in two areas. and two sets of flowers came out. Still lovely and I just used my tacky glue to keep the pieces from coming out more...

The Crailsheimer set in the living room. I was able to fix the flowers, and clean up the house a bit. Still the set looks nice inside, I didn't have time to put extras in yet, just seeing what it could look like.
The house is amazing still, despite all its flaws. Reminds me of a time gone past, and I wish I could have a house like this in life size scale! LOL!
The front side of the bungalow, you might be able to see the cracks in the windows, I love the doorway and the wall paper in the entrance way. Inside though, the flooring, needs to be redone, and the walls, but still lovely and as my dear friend Nav said, at least I got this house for a lot cheaper than most! So, I can't complain...I am just glad to have this lovely house home... - ggsdolls

Skipper dress, Fashions made for Lina, and other things to come!

I decided to get more vintage skipper dresses to see if they will fit Kiraz, and sure enough, this is the second dress I've gotten that fits perfectly on them! I am trying to choose the sheik dresses that look like kiraz could been seen in, I can't wait for the others I found to come in the mail too!

Then, I commissioned a good friend on flickr here to make me this lovely licca style fashion above for my Lina or Adorn dolls! The licca style fashion turned out lovely and looks much better on Lina, and a bit big on the adorn. Still a beautiful fashion made by Jorge. He even made the pattern stripes on the pants above!

He also made this lovely vintage style bathing suit, I showed him a tiny photo of that was in Lina's booklet. I of course have never seen the actual fashion, but for him to make it just like the original was amazing in itself! Jorge you are a miracle worker dear! Continued in the next posting... - ggsdolls

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Some New Jewelry Items for the shop!

I made this lovely retro girl cameo bracelet using many of my favorite vintage anime shoujo manga characters! Already in the shop!

Then, for some time, I've been wanting to make this Lady Amalthea of "The Last Unicorn" necklace. She is so lovely, who would not want to have this pretty lady around their neck! Also in the shop! - ggsdolls