Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Japan Loot Arrives...

I just couldn't wait to get this Lot from YJA! You'll see why...!

Between December and January, I found some items, I've been searching for and others I just happened upon!

This lovely Venice Margaret Case with Mirror, is about the size of a soap compact. But is probably used for keeping hair accessories, makeup, or maybe even jewelry! I just happened upon this item with no bidders and got it for the shop!

This Lovely Angel case also with Masako W.'s art, was, honestly, a shock not to be outbidded. This item too, I just happened upon as well. When it arrived, I assumed it was like my two other angel book cases, but this one was very different, in size! It is much smaller than the past two I acquired. Same styling, along with mirror and chain that holds case open. A smaller version. I may keep this one in my collection?!

This lovely pose dolly jewelry accessory case, was something I have tried to win for some item. I've seen them up for auction at least 3 other times and was always outbidded. But this time I actually won it. A lovely, small sitting pose doll in the front cover along with a doggy, dollhouse, and floral decor...how could one not resist. Inside it holds lovely minty jewelry accessories, like a brooch, clips, necklace, etc.! I may add this to the shop...

These two items above, I've been excited to receive! First, the soft baby doll on the left, I was hoping would be similar to the cover of the Little Friends doll book(see below), but when I photographed it side by side, sadly, they were not the same doll. Still this one is lovely, minty and has a mechanism that makes it say "Mama" instead of the squeaks most of my soft doll collection has! Then, on the right, is a Takara Magnemo Pinocchio. I've been trying to search for one, since having my Mig. Pino. This poor pinocchio is missing one leg. But I got him for like less than 600yen! He is also missing his red hat and plastic outfit. Still he is such a cutie I didn't want to leave him. So, I bidded on him and won! These two items will be added to my collection.

The doll on the cover of the book, I am still searching for. My latest soft doll on the right! Almost similar...

I also wanted to share these yummy sugar candy/Konpeito from Japan. They've been seen in "Spirited Away" and most probably remember them as a child. I know I do. My youngest daughter loves to eat them! They taste just like rock candy to me!

Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Maetel's Hat...

I've had this lovely Large Toei Animation Character doll since the early 2000's. I am guessing about 2003/4. Not sure cause, not like my other dolls I didn't take photos of her or document her right away. I think it was because I wasn't sure if I wanted to keep her. When I won her she was considered cheap because she was missing her furry hat. But the price was about the same as buying a ball jointed doll! So, I kept her safely packed away for some time. Til' recently, during this past Christmas, I found another up for auction via YJA. She had her hat and was similar in condition to mine. I watched the auction and it ended in a whopping 2K! I was in shock! About 4 times the price I paid for her, and this was just because she had her hat!

Well, anyhow, since then, I decided I needed to take her out and make that hat! Since I don't have any furry black fabric, only in felt, I decided to make her this hat, til' I can get the short black fur fabric to make a better one... results below!

Maetel, has quite a charm all her own. Her lovely long hair and eyes, remind me of the anime cartoon she is from. Toei Animation toys, did a exellent job of reproducing her character in dolly form. I do not believe there are others made like her in this series...but you never know?

She is dreamy and reminds me of vintage anime I grew up with! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

More Outside Fun Shoots with Pinocchio...

Pinocchio tries to find a shady tree...

"This is a good spot!" he says.

Pinocchio sits to take a rest before moving on...

As he looks to the sky, he dreams about being home...

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Are you lost little one?

"Could you help me? I've lost my way home!"

Having fun with Pinocchio today...Sadly, I could not take more pics outdoors, it was rainy and wet today-_-; - ggsdolls

Monday, January 23, 2012

I made Pinocchio a Disney Outfit!

I decided Pinocchio looked better in his Disney outfit. I'm glad he came in his original fashion and shoes, but I would rather have him in the Disney Pinocchio style outfit. So, I found myself some felt in my container of stuff from when I worked at an elem. school, and on Saturday thru today I worked on a similar outfit for him!

The end result above. I didn't have enough red felt, but I was still able to make the red shorts. I decided to attach it to the yellow shirt top. Added buttons and a blue ribbon tie. It turned out nicely. I was even able to make him some shoes! Now, he looks sweet and just like Disney's Pinocchio, sorta! I kept the hat, as I still have to figure out how I am going to remove it without more of the felt sticking to his head-_-; I must say he is a sweetheart! Thanks for reading...
- ggsdolls

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Selling Photograph Prints!

I decided to get some opinions from my flickr friends about my latest dolly photographs. I've been wanting to do a board book using these pics, but it's been hard trying to find the right company and format to use. So, instead I've made some into postcards that are already selling in my shop. But from the amazing opinions of my friends, I've decided also to do photograph prints of my works!

These are a few below of what has been a favorite so far. I hope you all check it out and see if you'd like to purchase a copy too!

This one above of my perfekta Wee Whimsie doll and her friend a sekiguchi bear! Great for Valentine's Day gift too!

My sweet Italian made doll with her balloons. I was able to find a set of colored balloons for this pic! Great for birthdays or just for a baby or child's room!

This one above says it all, "I'm Yours" just in time for Valentine's Day too! He's a sweet wee whimsie doll.

Please check out my ggsdolls shop for details! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, January 20, 2012

Finally, Migliorati Pinocchio and Mini Moo Cards!

Back in Oct. 2011, while I was searching for La Birinchina dolls, I came across a Pinocchio doll also made by Migliorati. This doll led me to seeing an ended etsy purchase of a handsome Pinocchio with jointed arms, and legs. He was nude and was in great condition. I messaged the seller and just asked a few questions. I must say I was smitten and wanted one for my collection, should I find him.

I even asked a person I knew from Italy if she could help me find one, but sadly, he was rare and most Italian sellers wanted a lot of money for them. So, I decided the search was off. Til' earlier this month! I came across a Pinocchio auction on ebay, and the starting bid was not as expensive as most would charge. So, I decided to bid on him. The seller was only willing to send within the USA, so I was lucky, I didn't have any other bidders but myself. It ended I won and he arrived to me today!

On the left you can see his body and the jointed areas. He is able to sit and stand. On the right, he is wearing his original outfit, with a lot of age and wear to it. His hat is glued on, and I have to somehow fix the rips, and take off the glue adhesive. His shoes sadly, are missing its ties. But overall he is in great condition for his age and stands about 23inches tall!

My goal is to have him redressed in the Disney type fashion with the shorts and find him some cute red shoes. I like the hat, just needs fixing. He's definitely a treasure and a great addition to my collection!

Also, I received in the mail today. My order of Mini Moo business cards. I love Moo.com, their service is great and the cards come in fast too! I just had to make a set of these mini cards!

I chose 20 of my favorite pics, it was hard but fun to do. Now, to make nice big postcards with some of my new pics... later on! Moo.com rocks! Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Dollfie Dream Head Arrived!

I found via DOA and really cheap Volks Dollfie Dream Head for a lot less than I would have gotten it buying via Volks USA. I was sad to read that Volks USA only sends via UPS. Which is nice, but its just so expensive compared to sending USPS.

So, while searching the for sale thread. I cam across this seller selling a DD head with faceup and eyes too! I sent a PM and sure enough bought and she mailed out the head fast. I just received it and tried her out on my Leeke Ariana's artistic body. The resin match is not too bad. As the head was a snow white and the body was normal skin.

Here is the head pic of the seller, not mine:

Lovely anime faceup and eye are animetic eyes too!

I had a hard time putting in the animetic eyes and will try them later. So, I used Ariana's eyes in the pic above. I love her turned up nose and anime face. I really want to try to get myself a Mini DD body and more eyes...I may have to use Volks Japan? We'll see. I don't know why I didn't get myself into Dollfie Dream dolls before. I love the vinyl quality, it makes me not worry that if I drop her she'll break! A plus for me! - ggsdolls

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Knickerbocker Doll...

Recently, I've been wanting to find a Knickerbocker doll to add to my collection. I was able to find one on ebay with a BIN. She is really simple nothing fancy and has the rattle sound. I received her today and just wanted to share her little story...

These dolls are quite different from my usual collections. She has googly eyes and a section at the top of her head like a loop so that you can place a ribbon or clip on her head. I usually see a boy and girl set together. Made of hard plastic or celluloid, these dolls have an interesting look to them. Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

New ABJD, Leeke Ariana Arrives...

I've been wanting a Leeke Mikhaila since seeing her on DOA, only because of her curvy body! So, for Christmas my husband kept asking me what I wanted, and in my own subtle way...I told him, a doll. He said, "Yes" I was so happy. So, I did some research and looked often via DOA and Flickr and ended up getting myself a Leeke Ariana instead. These are the one's released with a big head like Blythe, but without the big eyes-_-; Still, I was able to get one and that's all that mattered and I love the pear-shaped body the most! I may change the head, but the bod, I would use!

So, here she is, Leeke Ariana...It's been some time since I owned an ABJD...my daughter owns two! The one's she adopted from me!

I was able to get the same eyes as in the listing for faceup type B. I also bought the same wig, but in a golden rod color since the eve cream was sold out. I thought she'd take 20 to 30 days til' she was sent out. But to my surprise she was ready to ship just after the New Year's weekend...and arrived to me a few days later...

I don't own much clothing or wigs in her size, not even shoes...So, here I go having to find new stuff...but this time I am taking my time...to see if I bond with her or not first... Still she is a lovely gal! She is wearing a top for a mini build a bear toy, and bottoms formerly owned by my dollmore model dolls... - ggsdolls

Thursday, January 5, 2012

New Arrivals from Yahoo Japan!

During Christmas break, I acquired some funds and was able to make a few purchases thru Yahoo Japan, that I normally wouldn't have. So, just today the loot arrived and I must say they were all worth the money!

Items above that came in today!

This guy was a cute plush I found and sold fairly cheap. It will be added to the shop!

This lovely retro dresser mint in box. I was surprise, cause I figured someone would outbid me on this one, but no one did. So, I got it fairly cheap too! This will be added to the shop as well!

This cute vinyl face tan baby! The photo on the left he was missing his stuffing and was probably used as a puppet? On the right, I added some stuffing and sewed the backside to keep it all in! He is my fave of the whole lot and will be keeping him for now!! I also received a cute "Up" Mr. Ferguson cell charm, to give to my daughter, and the doll ad below!

This lovely two ads one of Tan Rokotan doll on the left, and Yukkochan and friends on the right! A double ad if you will. Lovely and in great condition too! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

New Addition to my Wu & Wu Collection...

I received in the mail today, a lovely jewelry box also made by Wu & Wu but from the Tokyo Belle line. I fell in love with the cute blonde girl on the tin. I was definitely able to get this one thru an online website called DollyDagger.com It was nice to know I would be able to find these lovely treasures online if I couldn't find them on Island!!

Lovely graphics and dreamy cute girl and her cat! I must say, this reminds me a bit of the margaret or macoto items I find vintage! But way cheaper!

The even nicer part is the little treasures the tins hold inside! This one comes with a cutesy charm bracelet, a ring, and a brooch/pendant! Fiona Hewitt is now, my fave artist along side Macoto Takahashi, Miyako Maki, and Masako Watanabe!!

Now, I have two in my collection. These two tins are the one's I told myself are a must have's!! I am sorta leaning towards getting the cotton candy themed tins??? We'll see...
- ggsdolls