Sunday, July 28, 2013

The Tiny Details!

Some things I didn't show in the last post that was in the mail...

 In the Lot of rement storage sets that I won, there were some cute small items I wanted to see would fit into Mirai's loft? I also, got these tiny little HO scale flower pots too!!

 Above Glico items I won for the loft. The biscuit chair and table will look nice in the living area along with the TV!!
 I didn't know Ho scale had flower pots?! Now, I can use them to decorate Mirai's Loft too!!

 I did take a side by side shot of the pink small case and the red. Same artist for both. Both a nice addition to my small collection... and great for carrying tiny things too!!

 Updated shots of Mirai's loft in the living area above and her bed room below...

I added the flower pots to the outside of the loft and they look so realistic and tiny, OMG!!

 more shots...

 In the door way to the balcony area...

 I need to get more!!
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Friday, July 26, 2013

Home Sweet Home...

We are safely back home and trying to get back to normal... On my dresser, was a few boxes waiting for me!!

 Above my latest box from Yahoo Japan. Some items I had won from June and early July! In it, was a Lot that included a boxed makeup box, with an underlay, and a pencil case all by Sunstar with artwork by Yukiko Tani. I also won a Lot of Rement storage items, more Glico miniatures, and Peko-chan memo pads, etc..

 Above, one of the boxes from a Lot of Koeda-chan treehouse sets.

 I also won this lovely small retro girl anime case. Yes, it is similar to the red one I have, just a different anime girl art on it! I will try to take a side by side photo to show...?

 This lovely, Sunstar cloth type pencil case. I will add to the shop later on...

 My seemingly new make up box/case. Sadly, even though I have the box with it and the extra shelf inside, the top left hand side of the artwork is warped and coming out...Still, I am glad to have found another!

 The instructions or ad to show what you can use this make up box for... above and below!

 Lovely, now if only we can find other styles!!?

Even the box is too cute to toss out!! There are a few more items I got and will try to post more pics of...I'm just trying to get back into the swing of things again...

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Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Our Last Days in Manila!

After my husband's surgery, we spent most of his recovery days, either walking around all the Malls, shops, stores, etc.. Mostly, window shopping and seeing what was around our area. We found an SM store, another mall connected to the Greenbelt Mall called, "Glorietta Mall". Then, we finally went to a department store called, "Landmark", which our guide kept asking if we had visited yet? LOL. So, just a few more pics...

 Yes, we went back to Bubba Gump found this and my husband wanted a pic. We were going to see a movie at the nearest theater but sadly, the movie we wanted to watch was not playing-_-;

 Then, while doing our stroll through we found a kiosk for Krispy Kreme donuts! We got some and brought it back to our hotel room...

 Just like stateside!! Nom, nom!

 We also got some Papa John's pizza too. My husband was getting tired of the sweet meat in Manila, so we opted for some American food!

 Below, is the department store Landmark right across from our hotel. The malls are all interconnected by walkways...

I never took a pic of the pool for my daughters to see. You have to let someone know if you are going to use it. Generally, its locked, and seems inviting, but it being in the penthouse of the hotel, gets me nervous...

We will leave by Thursday and be back home! Yay, can't wait...

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Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Back at our Hotel Room and What we did!!

When we got back to our hotel room, it was such a relief! Still it would be even nicer to be back home...oh well, not yet!

We decided to make sure to do laundry and then take a leisurely walk around Greenbelt Mall to have dinner at Bubba Gump!
 I've never been to one, so this was going to be an adventure. I love their choices of drinks, lemonades, etc. My husband got an iced tea and I bought this lovely strawberry lemonade with strawberry bits. The cool thing was that the glass lighted up and I was able to keep it too!

 Our appetizer, battered string onions...

 We both ordered the "Mom's battered shrimp, fries, and coleslaw". Yummy!

 LOL, trying to be positive, even though he was in pain!

Then, for dessert we ordered Forest Gump Smores' Pie! It was oh so delicious!! Below a bit of video...We hope to get home soon!

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Hospital Stay and Surgery...

Well, we ended up being admitted by Monday and my husband having the surgery by Tuesday. It's been hectic, but less worrisome now that my husband is recovering nicely. They really took good care of him at MMC! Now, we just have to wait for one more follow up before going back home...

 My bed during the hospital stay. Not quite comfortable, but it is better than a chair...

 My husband's bed. We spent Monday, Tuesday nite, and left by Wednesday early evening.

 They not only fed by husband, but me too! Most of the dishes where Filipino style and not bad for hospital food too! They also did thorough testing on my husband, health-wise, which was nice too.

The arthroscopic surgery on his shoulder muscle. Six stitches, and is healing nicely. Now, we just have to stay at least 7 more days to take the stitches off and check to make sure there is no infection before heading back home...

Whew, the worst is over...

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Saturday, July 13, 2013

Back in the Philippines!

Yup, we are back here and if you don't know why here is an update on this page!! We arrived in the PI last week Thursday evening and instead of Global City we are in Makati and my husband will be having surgery at Makati Medical Center.

 We are actually in another area of Metro Manila. Our hotel is the Prince Plaza II right next door to the Greenbelt Mall and about a 10minute drive to Makati Med. Center. His initial appt. wasn't until Saturday, so, we decided to do a walking tour thru Greenbelt Mall.

 From our 9th floor Hotel rm. Very busy here! Below are some pics of our hotel room.

 Yes, that is a painting or photo of Maryjane, above the bed. The room was a lot smaller than our last one, but at least we have a kitchenette and we were within walking distance to a mall so we could explore!!
 Not too bad...

 At the Greenbelt Mall there are 5 areas you can check out for shopping, mostly housing upscale clothing, purses, etc. This mall had a lovely park area and artwork throughout the grounds!

 Another shot my husband took from the 2nd floor overlooking the park area. By Saturday evening we decided to eat at a restaurant in the mall. Below Thai style burger and fries, along with vegetable spring rolls.

 Our dessert, a coconut, tapioca, pudding with lychee fruit. Nice, warm and delicious!
Below a young mango cheesecake. The mango was so tart, but delicious! We were told it was a popular dessert!
My husband will have the surgery on Tuesday and we will stay here for a bit longer til' he is able to be cleared of any infections afterwards. I will try to post more pics of our drive we took on Sunday...

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Thursday, July 11, 2013

Ho Scale Train Houses etc....

I've always admired from afar HO scale train houses. Then, I caved and won one thru ebay really cheap!
 This particular train house is gorgeous, it reminds me of many of the dollhouses and bungalows I fell in love with of this era. Mid-Century Modern looks for sure. I found out it is made by Faller a German company that makes small scale homes to display with a train sets. This one is from the 1960's, set #271. Still needs some work, as some parts seem a bit off and maybe some repainting.

 Then, I also found a print-out of Barbie's Dream House by a new flickr friend here! I had fun printing and folding the house parts to create this miniature case! I also, already had some HO scale vintage furniture to put into it!!

 More shots above and below...
 Ho scale is quite interesting and so teeny tiny for sure!! I don't know how others get the tiny people to stay standing and all the pieces to stay up...I'd have to read up on that? LOL!

 Of course, I had to add this shot of Mirai at her new desk! I added books onto the shelf, a lamp that goes perfect on the desk, from the Licca lot of tiny toys, and lastly, the school bag!!

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