Monday, December 31, 2012

Small Packet from Japan, just in time for New Year's!

My last box for 2012! I received it just before my family and I decided to go see "The Hobbit" in 3D in theaters!

I knew what was in the box, even though Taby kept asking, "Mom what's in the box?!" LOL!
After the film we did a lot of walking around the mall and a bit of shopping too! When we finally got home, I opened the box and here's what was inside!!

 Just before the holiday, I decided to have this box sent out. Inside, I had just the 2 items you see above. A Retro bunny toy. that drums, and another figma figure of Mirai Suenaga. I decided that if any of my girls wanted the bunny, I would keep it instead of adding it to the shop. I won it so cheap, that I didn't mind if we kept it! As for the figma doll, both my daughters wanted mine...ugh. So I was able to win another via Yahoo Japan, and for even less than what I paid for mine! LOL!

Above, I also took some video so you can see what this cute retro bunny can do. I've seen some of these type of toys mostly on TV, but to find one and have it in my hands, was cool. Seeing and hearing it play was a treat all on its on!

We had a wonderful New Year's Eve! I hope you all did too! Life has its ups and downs, but I must say, all the good out-weighs the bad, thank goodness! Many continued blessings to you all and thank you for reading!

- ggsdolls

Saturday, December 29, 2012

Another Herman Pecker dolly Arrives...

I just couldn't help it, while doing my usual searches, I found this lovely Herman Pecker doll still in her original packaging thru ebay...

 Her name is "Boots" as it says on the tag she still has. She is nice and minty. She wears a lovely blue baret held on with pins, a red coat with blue ponchos, and red boots. Looking at her, I thought she was a small doll but she is quite tall. About 11 inches tall!

 Her eyes look a lot like Chiko-chan from Japan and sure enough as you can see in the photo below. The backside of the tag says, made in Japan, for Herman Pecker & Co. Inc.

Chiko-chan and Boots side by side. They have the same face-painted eyes, nose, and lips. Just that Boots is larger than Chiko-chan! I love Boots' red hair too! A nice addition to my unique/cheap doll collection!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Amazing packages After Christmas Arrive!!

I was waiting for all these amazing goodies to arrive to me before Christmas, still, it was like opening presents on Christmas day all over again!! So, I shouldn't complain...LOL!

Here's what came in for me!!

 A new addition to my bear ornament collection. The girl bear on the far right, came from a Lot of ornaments I won thru ebay! She is not quite like the other two as you can see from her feet, but still a lovely addition!
These two ornaments came with the girl bear and I will definitely be keeping them too! My favorite is the cute duck! I have not seen him before!?

 The cute doggie ornaments above, I found thru etsy! I just couldn't resist their look either! Great additions to my growing ornament collection!

Look at these amazing baby bunkas, above and below that I've acquired also thru etsy! These cuties are even more adorable in person!! Yes, as you can see I have gone over the deep end with collecting vintage Japan Christmas ornaments, as of late! 0.0

Below, a quite large, but too adorable to pass up, is a 1960s rubber mod boy figure. Also found thru etsy! His hat can come off to reveal that his hairline is reseeding poor boy!

 Another amazing find, is this Herman Pecker doll is nice and mint and still has her original tag, below! from etsy!

 A sweet gift from a dear friend all the way in Germany! Lovely, "Where the wild things are" accessory set! I loved the movie and to received such a sweet gift makes my heart skip a beat!! Thanks dear Gregg!

Then, I also got my dolly swap from Boopsiedaisy/sweet Missy!

 She wanted a lovely doll I had in my etsy shop and last year or so we decided to do a swap. But we were both so busy, we finally, were able to get our swaps out in the mail this time. I am so thrilled we did!!

 I am not one to do swaps often, but I must say, this is truly one of the best! Missy wrapped my dolly so sweetly, and even gave a lot of extra attention and goodies!

 I've been wanting one of her bunny dolls for some time now, and I must admit the doll is truly amazing! She did an extraordinary job on her! I love her to bits! She even smells of berries or is it lavender... She filled my bedroom with a lovely scent!! I am just amazed by this doll, and now, I want to adopt more of her dollies sometime in the future!!

My poofsie bunny looks just like Missy's brightly colored dollies/toy photos! It's as if Poofsie jumped right out of one of her prints!! Whoa! I hope you had a great Christmas too!

Thanks so much for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, December 22, 2012

Presents from Japan!!

I got a small packet from Japan today, and the 2 contents inside were gifts for myself! An early Merry Christmas to me...LOL!

So, here's what I got!!

 I was able to snag this cute Scarlet Hi-Look Furniture Dresser. No other bidders and usually priced very high...I was able to get it, and the dresser will be a part of my jewelry box collection! I also got this cute mint in box, Glook! Yup, a Glook! Some call them a Gonk. But these were from the 70s made in England as cute monsters/creatures for children and adults. Some say they were as popular as "The Beatles"!! I wouldn't know, I was too young back then!

 This vintage furry monster, I discovered a few weeks ago and believe it or not, found him on Yahoo Japan auctions as well. He was however quite expensive...eeek! But at least I found one...even in Japan today they are sought after!

 His box is well worn, but inside he is a grey fluff monster. I love his red eyes, and yellow nose. I've been wanting to find one since seeing them. But, they are very hard to find. -_-;

However if you want something close enough to him, here is an etsy seller who makes some similar to them, but her's are called, "Coodles" and they are just as cute and small!!

 The lovely Scarlet dresser, had everything well packed for travel to Guam. The furniture set comes with this adorable gingham red and white vinyl stool, and red phone. I am planning to use it as a jewelry box instead of a dolly dresser! All plastic, it is so cute and the mirror is adjustable too! Neat! There are 4 compartments to keep things in!

The red phone above, when I'm ready to store everything away, the phone can be placed inside one of the drawers and the stool fits nicely into the large cabinet section. Definitely a keeper! I was putting the drawers back inside, and the second drawer had a hard time closing, to my surprise what a white glove at the back of the dresser...probably belonged to Scarlet? Who knows! Wild huh?!

Yup, hope your holidays is as bright and lovely as mine! Thanks for reading... - ggsdolls

Friday, December 21, 2012

A little Movie to bring some Holly-day Cheer!

Today, I received some cute bottle-brush Christmas trees from etsy, and decided to create a little movie with my majorette ornament. Had fun putting it together. I even used my husbands tri-pod! I hope you enjoy it!?

Merry Christmas to you all! - ggsdolls

Thursday, December 20, 2012

Finally, a band member arrives!

Since falling in love with the cute little majorette ornament that I found on ebay...I've been searching for more of the same, if not similar types, so she won't be alone... I was able to find a boy ornament thru etsy! He arrived to me today along with another girl majorette I found also on etsy, but she needs some help, poor girl!

 The boy marching band member who plays a trombone arrived to me. I read the listing that he was 7 inches tall, but I didn't realize he'd tower over the girl majorette. Obviously, made from the same design. They both have black beaded eyes, with a red mouth and no nose!

Same style hats, and blonde mohair. Maybe there were two size versions? So far, the 2nd girl majorette I got(not photographed yet), is the same size as my first majorette. The 2nd one needs some re-gluing, her eyes repainted, mohair and baton fixed as well.

I am still looking out for more of these style ornaments. They are just too adorable.  I was also able to find the dolls they look like from Rankin/Bass movie, "Santa Claus is coming to town."

 The same or similar dolls! So cute and tiny too!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Saturday, December 15, 2012

More mail Today! Yay!

Finally, things are somewhat back to normal. I received a larger box from Japan today. This one, I had sent out first, before, Yesterday's box...weird, how this one came a day later?! Oh well, here's what came in! I included some items I got thru ebay too!

 Above I got this Lot of 2 bear ornaments from the bay. I wanted the girl bear of course. So now, I have 2 boys and 1 girl bear! LOL. Yes, my ornament collection is growing fast!

Then, I also got this cute small Snap-eeze toy of Disney's Bambi! I was curious about them, when a fellow flickr friend, had some up for sale thru her etsy shop. I got this one thru ebay! I've never heard of them before and they are just to cute and amazing to pass up!

The backside of the box, shows off the other characters you can find! I didn't realize how small these things were, til' Bambi came in!! He will make a great prop in my photo shoots!?

 Now, for my box from Japan... Above, you see the Licca small toy sets, sadly, only 3 were left in the Lot-_-; still, they are cute and remind me a lot of the small Licca candy toys, you would find at local food stores. I also found another Abu-chan in her tub, she is so cute and has been added to the shop!

I couldn't help but get myself a set of those cute/kawaii rubber babies in yellow and orange. Too hard to resist! Then, to my surprise I found more Asari-chan dolls! These two are a lot different from the first set I got! They look more 70's style to me!

 Kawaii rubber baby dolls or squeak toys. I've been eyeballing them since last year, and only now, got myself a pair!

 My second set of the Asari-chan dolls. The one the the left, has more of a kewpie style face, and the other looks just a bit different from my first set! I can't wait to dress them up and take pics, side by side with the others!!

 And now a closer look at the Licca Glico-style toys sets. This lot came with 3 sets unopened, all the others were sold or missing, I suppose? I just couldn't help but, get them! I remember something similar to them as a child, when I used to go to the local food store, and buy those Glico candy boxes, but these had Licca's face on them. I'd hope I was getting the toys, that you'd see on the front of the box! But usually I didn't, and I'd wish my mother would go back to that store and buy me more boxes! I didn't care for the candies, gum or chocolates in them, I just wanted the tiny toys!!

 A little wine or bar cabinet for Licca!? I thought she was too young to drink!!?LOL!

 These sets measure less than 3 inches tall. This one above is Licca's washer and dryer set with basket, detergent, and fabric softener!
 Finally, this set is Licca's desk set, comes with lamp, chair, and desk with a drawer that actually comes out! They will be nice props for tiny dolls!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls

Friday, December 14, 2012

Mirai's Shoot outdoors!

Yup, as promised better shots of Mirai Suenaga outdoors! It was quite windy today and lots of sun too! The wind kept blowing the dolls off the bush, and deck. Luckily, my daughter Taby was able to reach the tiny Mirai! My youngest daughter Sara(in the last photo below), kept asking me to hold the tiny Mirai! LOL! So, I hope you enjoy the extra pics of this cutie! - ggsdolls

In Today's Mail!

It's really gotten so bad with the mail system this week. I only received some items on Monday, and Now, Friday! Usually, I get my items from Japan within 5 days! But I guess with the holidays and such, it has gotten really slow...I am assuming it is customs, and they are taking a bit longer to scan thru-_-;

Anywho, I got one box today from YJA! So, I just had to rant...

 The box had only 2 items in it. This box actually came before the first one, I had sent, which has more items in it?! Weird...oh well... I got this lovely Cheiko Hosokawa backpack for the shop. It has already been listed! Then, recently, I was smitten by a Mirai Suenaga figma series figure. I've seen her on flickr before, but I wanted her even more so for the tiny doll she holds of herself!! So, I got this one via YJA, and she was a lot less than what you find on ebay-_-; eek!

 Mirai comes with an extra faceplate, her laptop, camera hand, closed hands, hanky holding hand, and tiny dolly! Not to forget to mention her stand.

 I've had the Mirai S. app on my ipad since finding her back in July. She is so cute. I can't wait for the version where she speaks. It's nice to have an anime girl when ever I check the time!

 Above, the small ball-jointed Mirai that Mirai holds! LOL! I just think she is the sweetest little thing!
Now, I can use her in my photo shoots as a prop!

 Mirai figma holding her tiny doll! I need an outdoor shot...later on...LOL!

Thanks for reading! - ggsdolls