Monday, March 30, 2015

Wataru, Etc.!!

I finally took Wataru out of his box and did a few shots of the two I have...
 My first Wataru, had a hat glued to his head, sadly, I had a hard time removing the hat and the glue residue. So, I repainted his head to hide the glue and all the paint of his hair that also got removed by the glue. Both Watarus are different, my first one is much lighter in complexion and his eyes are softer, while the second Wataru has darker eye paint, and even his skin color is a darker or more flesh in color.
 They are both very handsome with their current fashions. I will need to get more clothing for them, and I need to decide if I will keep them both or just one?
 Here is a pic above of the Nanoblock house I made using the blocks from my new set. I remember my Lego's being put together this way with windows and doors...

 Then, I received in the mail, this cute Woodland Doll Monday Box! I saw these sitting versions through google, and just had to get one for my collection! Too cute!

He will be displayed in my cabinet as soon as I am able to make room for him!! See photo at the bottom of the post!

 I found this cute dolly head from a Lot of 6 doll heads sold through etsy. I fell in love with her eyes and face. So, I've decided to try her out on this cute body! She is just too cute!
  I am hoping to find more bodies to put the rest of the 5 heads on to add to the shop later on... My cabinet below, with all the cutesy things!
 I forgot to mention, while we were uptown, we did a quick stop at Tokyo Mart and look at these strawberries!! I spied Licca Chan!! Just couldn't resist taking a quick snap of the label!
Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Friday, March 27, 2015

Some Goodies for the shop Arrive!

Part of the reason I post so much about what comes in, is also to share with you all, what I find for my shop as well! So, please understand that though, it seems like I'm made of moolah, the truth is far from it... I collect, I sell, I spread the dolly and toy joy to others, when I can! I try to go thru all of my collection monthly to see what needs thinning out? Good for all, so enjoy!

So, some of Today's goodies will definitely be added to the shop!
 From Yahoo Japan, I found another amazing Apollo Cube puzzle, a Wataru key chain, Doraemon Nobita by Glico, and a Lot of Ayumi Uyama bento Lot pcs.!!
 I've actually been searching for these for a looong time. Ayumi Uyama gashapon toy sets. They often show up on Yahoo Japan, but sadly, they can go for so much... Ugh! So, I was in shock to get this set, for less than usual! Seriously, if they are a complete set of her gashapons, it goes as high as $80!
 I already have the notebooks and pencil case, so they will be added to the shop! But the three items above, are what I covet!! I've always wanted this bento set! About 1/6 in scale. They are truly amazing remakes of the originals. Even the Miyako Maki bento in human-size, can cost $35 and up! Depending on condition.
 Inside the bento...
 Nobita is one of the characters from the 3D movie animation "Stand by Me." Released sometime last year. I am sure it will be available to us internationally later on... I have the girl, but wanted this cute sitting Nobita for scenes! He is too cute with his nerdy glasses!
 Yes, I was able to find another Wataru key chain, more affordable to me. Now, I have this one. I will share more on him soon!

I was able to find another amazing Apollo Cube puzzle to be added to the shop too! This one is similar to mine here! Amazing puzzle you can put together into six different lovely Kishida Harumi art! Great for your coffee table for friends and family to enjoy!!

I was able to get my friend in Japan to help me get these!! Fueki Kun glue paste!
 Cute Fueki Kun box and mascot above.
 Inside, I got these other colors! These are the smaller pastes, but in orange, green blue, and yellow. Even the paste inside match! Wild.

 It was a good month! I also found Nenderoid Showa Retro Japanese Living set A. I already had set B, but was on the look out for this set. Finally, too! These sets can go as high as $100 in the secondary market-_-;
 More on this set soon!

 Then, I unexpectedly found this lovely vintage acrylic pencil case! I love the artwork on it, and the fact that you can remove it and place another artwork inside. How cool is that?!
 Very ingenious, you can interchange the look. A plus in my book especially if I want to show off my other Miyako Maki post cards or Macoto too!

Above, since I went uptown to pick up the mail you see, we also stopped by The Goody Store! Some cute things I couldn't help but pick up. Construction papers, a small storage container, and a cute set of blue, pink and green storage baskets.

Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls

Thursday, March 26, 2015

In the Chalet...

You know I had to take more photos of the Marx Mountain Chalet!! So, onto the photos... Enjoy!

 Chi moved into the Chalet...
 In the loft above.

 Thanks for looking! ~ ggsdolls

Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Today's Goodies!

My Mother in-law left off-island, so Sam and I had to go uptown to pick up the car and do other errands. Mine was to pick up 3 boxes that were in the mail!

Here's what came in!!
 So happy, I was able to find this rement cake set, that I've been wanting since last year! I'm so glad I waited for a good price. Awesome rement goodies from Jane's shop, Harapeko Doggy Baggy Shop!
 I wanted this set for the cute teeny tiny ballerinas, of course!!

Thru ebay, I found this Kato HO scale Modern House. 

 It comes already complete with trees and bushes too. Very nice and I love the brick driveway. Sadly, the trees fray easily. But, if you like already-made train houses, then this set is for you!

I've always been drawn to Nanoblocks since last May when my husband and I were in the Philippines and we found these cute animal or insect Nanoblocks there! I bought them for Sara and Tabytha. The girls never did opened them up or put them together!? Then, during Christmas break last year, Taby found a "Mario" character from Mario Brother's Nanoblock set.

So, I decided I was going to get myself a set and here's what I found thru ebay below!
 Nanoblock Studio Apartment set with teeny tiny people!! Yippee! It arrived to me in less than ten days from Japan! I couldn't wait to put it together...

It took me about 3 hours to complete. The instructions are in Japanese with some English subtitles and as long as you use the diagram for each step, you won't have any problems putting it together!

 Such fun! I used to own Legos as a child. So, I can't wait to take this apart and make the houses I remember as a kid... a bit different of course, but still, these teeny tiny blocks are so awesome and they don't take up a lot of space, even better!! Yay!

Finally, my ultimate find, of the loot that came in!! A Vintage Marx Mountain House, Chalet!! I had been doing my usual searches for "A" Frame houses and this one came up on google!! How did I not ever see or read about this house, until now?!! Shocking!

Found thru etsy, from an awesome seller named, Amy, and her shop is called, MiniMobel! She was great to deal with and allowed me to make an offer. The house was mine, and she shipped quickly, from Canada!
 From the 1970s, this style "A" Frame house is quite different. It has an open floor plan, as compared to my other houses, along with a deck that is made as a river house or lake house. It is about 1:16 to 1:18 in scale.

The set includes, the deck, roof frame, with piping for fireplace, second floor deck, for cots, a stove n sink, sofa, dining table with 3 chairs, 2 cots, ladder, area rug, a stack of firewood, a boat, 2 fishing poles, a fish, and there are suppose to be two dolls. One blonde, and one brunette. But sadly, missing the brunette...
 My set came with extras too! Two canoes, an extra upper deck, and rug. Amy was so kind she even sent me a gift! How sweet was she?! Too kind!
 Instructions above.
 Put together above and below. A nice outdoor Chalet. I can't wait to try other furniture pieces and or dolls inside!!? Definitely, an amazing acquisition, and a keeper!
Thanks for reading! ~ ggsdolls