Sunday, July 30, 2017

Busy Days...

It the last week of summer for my girls, before school starts again. So, I've been busy with getting uniforms, making appointments for physicals, etc.

Here are somethings to share...

 We were at Ross, and Taby found some amazing 3D lenticular prints, like this Millenium Falcon. I loved the "Be Kind" frame myself... LOL I didn't buy it. But, I did get a wall shelf set for like $5.49!

 We then, stopped by Tokyo Mart just before leaving the Tamuning area. Here are the goodies I picked below:
 Taiyaki sweet red bean cakes. Just like the one's I've seen from my friends posts. Yum! I also picked up this Coolish vanilla flavored ice cream. Sara loved it most. It not messy and fun to eat.
 The girls wanted this snack making set. They had fun putting it together too!
 I got this Dessert Caramel Corn and Pure Gummies to snack on.

I did get this new old doll fashion for Gigi. I added a bow to it. She's just adorable.

Then on Sunday it was Taby's birthday. My how time flies. This will be her last year in High School!

One of the times I sat in the back seat of the car as we headed home from a long day of being uptown, ugh. The sun was setting, and I saw, this above. A feather like cloud, and the crescent moon... darn power lines in the way though. Ha.

My husband also got in the mail, a gimble. A sort of selfie stick, with stabilizers and he took some amazing footage for our private beach, to show our guests. I was able to take the footage and make mini trailers for our guest house ad!

It was fun, but very time consuming too! LOL

 Thank you so much for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Monday, July 24, 2017

Upcycling Latest Finds!

Monday's mail was a lot of items, I wanted and needed to see if I could upcycle?! I received some fabric fur for a project, I've been wanting to try... I also got two vintage pin cushion chairs made in Japan.

They arrived to me below, with rust, faded fabric, and dirty, faded flowers...
 Before and after, I basically, took out the pin cushion, sanded the chairs, and spray painted them. I wasn't sure at first, what to do with the pin cushion part? Whether to replace the fabric, or just paint it, etc.

 So, I decided to try felt material for one, and painted the cushion of the other...
I replaced the flowers with paper flowers I bought some time ago. I had some rik rak in red and pink and replaced the old ones. I think they turned out okay. I may add them to my shop?

I received this lovely hot pink faux fur fabric from this lovely shop on etsy! A project that had been on hold, was making my own furry figurine! Now, I finally could! Yippee!
 To explain, similar furry figurines are very sought after, and every time I try to find a particular one, they are long gone. So, why not make my own... and now, I have!
 I had a cute puppy figurine from a trade, and since he was a loner, I decided, to use him to make into my very own furry figurine pet. He's not a coin bank, so he will be smaller and that's okay too.
I've seen a fellow collector make one herself, and figure it wouldn't hurt to try... It was long, and tedious, you have to get all the swatches to match up, and that can be hard. I also added, a blue polka dotted bow, to bring out her eye shadow. But, afterwards, see her finished and being able to play with her furry hair, is actually quite therapeutic. Ha.

Then, I also receive a long anticipated cutie. I had seen her on a fellow collector's photo, though IG. I asked her about her doll, but she never told me the doll's name. The excuse was, that the doll was in storage and it would be awhile before she could tell me anything. That was a few months ago. So, while searching for other dolls, the very same doll popped up, and mint in box too. Sadly, the doll had markings all over her. So, I searched for a loose one, and found gal on etsy. The seller was really sweet and shipped her asap. Vintage 1964, Eppy Toys, Color Me Carol Doll. She is supposed to some with special type of crayons you can use to color her with. You can change her eyes, dress, hair color, etc. I like the plain dolls, a bit creepy, but in a cool way. She stands about 13 inches tall, and her head, and arms are movable.

  As for the collector I spoke of earlier, I can understand, why she didn't want to share the doll's name. There is a stigma, that some collectors out there have... a fear, that other collectors will go and find the very same dolls, and cause the prices of these dolls to sky rocket or buy up all the dolls and keep them for themselves, leaving the rest of us without one.

But, from all of my years of collecting, others will find a doll either way, and eventually the cost will go up, because of the popularity of a doll. So, I may as well share, what I find, and hope that I'm able to help a fellow collector get their dream doll. The feeling of doing good, out weighs being selfish.

This cutie, has such a sweet face, I had to adopt her. She is a vintage Hong Kong Yes/No doll. I found also through etsy.

 For now, she will live with my other dolls...

 Carol is fitting in nicely...

Last, I got these lovely nursery animal pennants from etsy shop here. I just need to figure out where to put it up now... Haha.

Thank you for stopping by! ~ ggsdolls

Saturday, July 22, 2017

Rocket Camera Japan!

This week, I found and won a very interesting piece...

Here is a vintage 1950s Rocket Camera, Rocket Camera Co., made in Japan Pat. #359573. It uses 16 exposures on a 120 film. I've seen some info. on it from other collectors, but not on how to use it etc. I guess I will have to play with it to find out.

 I'm thinking it's more of a toy camera... not sure how it was marketed in Japan.
 The body is made of metal and tin. Very simple features and the front left handle is for the shutter, not exactly, the the right handle is for?
 It was listed for a nice price. Definitely, caught my interest and I will let you know if I get some film, and try it out... In the mean time, here is a collector's camera/Crafty Dogma and the flickr group showing film using the camera here.

I also had Taby help me to model the cute doll bag, I got. Now, I can take Gigi with me everywhere! Yippee!
 I also used one of the cute gift fabric stickers from my last post. Doesn't it look so cute on this jumper that Gigi is wearing?
 I also, stopped by the Goody Store and picked up some new fabrics. Now, I have these in blue! They will be nice as background props for my photos.

Finally, this quite unique, and mint in package squeak toy set from Japan. Adorable otters, I believe holding shells and they squeak too. Along with a small floaty. 

 They have the cutest faces. Nice and minty too.
Their heads can turn. Now, the hard decision... to keep or not too?! LOL
 Thank you for visiting! ~ ggsdolls

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

ISO Found!

I recently found one of my ISO's on ebay up for auction. I bidded and surprisingly won! What?! I was sure I would be outbidded... I guess not. Sorry, if I outbidded you fellow collectors.

For the past 2 years or so, I've been wanting the very hard to find the dotted deer couple ceramic figurine set. They often are snatched up very quickly or traded amongst fellow collectors.

 Mine arrived from Kitschandkawaii on ebay. They have a few issues, but at the price I got them, they were practically a steal!. Missing some of the rabbit fur on both their tails and the ribbon on top of the doe's head. Still they have their original chain and cardboard heart.
 Christine was so sweet to add these cute fabric stickers! Thank you dear Christines. I want to buy more from her!
 I worked on them last night and here is the end result!
 I added some faux fur in white on their tails, and I had a mint ribbon from Japan that I used on the doe. They look awesome!

 Then, I got this amazing vintage scary dolly candy tin, through etsy. I have the very same photo in one of my Froebel Kan books. If I recall right, the one titled, "Fun for Baby". You can see a photo in that post.
 Love seeing these on tins too. This will be a part of my collection.

 I found another dolly fashion made for "Playmates" toddler dolls and wanted to see if Gigi fits it?!
 She does, a bit big on her, but, she looks cute!
 I added one of the fabric stickers from KitschandKawaii! Just perfect one her!

I had to get myself one of those cute Blythe doll carrier bags. I really wanted the Space Girl case by Fairy Town handmade on etsy! But, I just couldn't afford her bag at the time -_-;  So, I opted for the cheapo one from ebay. This one is in the shape of a bunny, and it's so nice and fuzzy and soft. There are other versions you can buy too.
 It comes with the strap, and unzips fully, with a ribbon tie string to secure your dolly too. Along with a clear face window for your doll too look out of.

 Gigi may be short, but she fits perfectly! Now, she can go easily with me on trips, shopping, etc. Yippee!

 On ebay, I found this cutie, which was listed as made in Japan. I took a second look, and noticed she is the very same doll I've seen featured in a Frobel-Kan book!
 Yup, I was right, it was called, "Happy Friends".
 The Frobel Kan book page...

Last, I couldn't resist and got another Mamzelle de Paris Maya doll. She arrived quickly to me, and then I noticed, she has two right hands -_-; I wrote M. and they immediately gave me a partial refund. They offered a return, but I figured I can still keep her. Now, to find a fashion for her.

Thank you so much for reading! ~ ggsdolls